He just turned into me

I will literally never get over the fact he crashed out Valtteri, smacked him on the head then took his seat a year later


I will literally never get over the fact he crashed out Valtteri, smacked him on the head then took his seat a year later


And the somewhat disrespectful attitude he had towards Bottas. Like I get you're the upcoming Golden boy but Valterri deserved a bit more respect.


Simply put, George is an asshole.


I dont wanna go that far. But it somewhat felt very bad for him to speak about Bottas like that after he got his Mercedes seat confirmed. This is F1, you never know how you will perform in next team with the quality of rivals and teammates you have. He has performed good enough, but in case he didn't, those comments would have come to bite him.


Especially in the first race of 2022 when bottas out qualified Russell in an alfa was 1 of the highlights for me that season


No he's an asshole. Even after seeing and specifically hearing the onboards he was still admant valterri should have just let him pass cause p9 is "worthless" for merc Now here he is in a merc asking for team orders over P7 and P6 2-3 places removed from the same worthless points. I get this are comeptive points for merc now but its very telling when you compare something like the imola incident to present day. Dudes an asshole. Rushing over to zhou like he was senna incarnate really made me aware of this. He didnt do that for zhou, he did it for himself and the crowd at silverstone. I get it plays out like a nice gesture for british media but it dosent feel like that watching it back. Marshalls had that handled, hesitated getting over. Just good PR and GR. Dudes a selfish asshole, its all about him always.


Couldn't agree more with this statement.


Definitely an asshole.


When I saw he was the head of the drivers’ association I was momentarily impressed, and then I realised: of course he is. It’s all politics to Georgie Porgie.


Yeah. I fucking hated in the new DTS season that they framed him as some hero running over there and they made what could’ve been a lethal crash into something about him.


I think (not sure tho) our golden boy drew valtteri with secret santa that year, and this guy proceeded to give valtteri the most cheap ass amazon cup warmer ever. Felt so sorry for valtteri


One Valterri couldn't even use due to it having a UK plug.


For real?? Even more sad... like I assume a PA/manager buys the gift and the fact that he either told them buy a sh*tty gift or told them he already had one (knowing its shitty) is quit evil


I agree it was a stupid gift (similar to his 2022 gift to Zhou), but I think there was a little more thought into it than we give him credit for. He probably chose it cause he knew Valtteri liked coffee, but at the same time it was probably a failed banter about "thanks for keeping the merc seat warm for me."


Given that Valtteri drinks tiny cups of espresso a cup warmer is wholly unnecessary


Yea ok I'll take the L on that one


Same, George doesnt deserve that seat just because of that stupid display of brainlessness


Still can’t believe that his first reaction after his boneheaded overtake attempt was to smack Bottas in the head. Mask off moment.


He was definitely living in an alternate universe in Imola. Trying to bleed the grass to make a pass on Mercedes in the wet, with the slowest cat on the Grid? Sure buddy. Bottas is the prick.


Even without that, smacking someone who's just been in a 200kph+ accident is a serious "I'm the main character" moment. I hope he's matured.


Spoiler alert: he hasn’t




Zhou had his head covered by tires For protection.


After the Bottas incident, I can't see these type of reactions coming from him as genuine. In the situation you've mentioned, it felt like a PR move, especially considering that the marshals were already on the case.


That crash was also Russel's fault so he needed to. Plus George does everything for appearances


Not exactly his fault. In the aerial it’s clear that Gasly clipped his left rear causing him to veer into Zhou. The other point is fair.


It was his fault gasly was almost axel to axel when george tried blocking him out. George forced the collision because he didn't want to watch a second driver immediately pass him. Watching the replay it's almost incredible. George looks like he's a new 15 yo who forgot to check his blind spot. He just crashes into him




Viñales and Pecco laughing while slapping each other in the gravel trap


You should see NASCAR.


I will take it to my grave that bubba deserved a bigger penalty for what he did to Kyle.


100%. One of my good buddies is a diehard, Bubba does no wrong guy and I didn’t even bother. I love the dude like a brother, but he’s so deep into the “if you don’t like Bubba you’re racist” kinda thing. It’s sad.


I think Bubba can win a championship one day, but he needs to be more patient and improve both as a person and a racer to get there. Sucks that he's like that, but yea there needs to be more diversity.


I really think there needs to be a rule that states medical personnel are the only people allowed to touch drivers immediately following a big crash, sans stuff like fire and incidents that require quick extrication. I was all for a race ban for George for smacking Bottas after that crash, for all we know Bottas could've had a serious neck or spinal injury, it's absolutely unacceptable behavior.


LOL, you act like he delivered a haymaker to Bottas, and that it was yesterday. It was a glove slap, big deal.


You do realize that a glove slap combined with a spinal injury can lead to paralysis? Crashes are no joke and I hope we are not reminded how serious they can be any time soon.


>You do realize that a glove slap combined with a spinal injury can lead to paralysis? He doesn't. Obviously crashes can never cause injuries./s


He's the director for the drivers association to boot. That was, for me, a moment of incomprehensible immaturity. How can you represent these people when you yourself drive so dangerously. Guys a douche imo


Vinales says hello




But I do not remember Vinales taking any penalty


Fenati also would like a word. Or McPhee.


No he hasn't. George is an arrogant and snobby wanker. He acts like he's the best in the world, which he clearly is not.


This meme itself is proof that he hasn't, perfect Mercedes material


Yes, I think till that moment most people actually sympathised him since he was driving a shit Williams car while being obviously a very talented driver. Many people changed their minds that day. George admitted it was his fault after watching replays but damage was already done


>George admitted it was his fault after ~~watching replays~~ getting told off by Toto but damage was already done FTFY He initially stood his ground


He probably only changed opinion to try and save his image


And his chances of getting a Merc seat


You're right


Bottas gave him the middle finger before the slap.


So it’s ok to smack someone’s head after they were in a crash and might have had a concussion because they did something rude?


I loved the comment of the dutch TV about this: Botta gave him the international sign of friendship


Have a day off


Lol where did I say that? I added context to “his first reaction”. He slapped his racing helmet. Redditors who don’t play sports are very soft.


Mkay let me send you into the wall at 170(?)+ and then let me smack you in the head. You get the wear a helmet tho. The fuck out of here with that soft bullshit


>smack you in the head If I give you the finger after my crash, I’m good to take a half hearted slap on my racing helmet. Anyone who’s played any competitive sport has seen much worse, for much less.


I think for once he admitted it was his fault over the radio


He also admited in interviews


he even admitted it in instagram and twitter, but this sub would never accept that


He did mention in his post-race interview that he lost concentration because of a yellow flag. He said he wouldn’t have crashed if the yellow flag wasn’t there. He also acted like he got P3 on merit when it’s Monaco and he got it because Ocon and Lewis ended up pitting. He is a great driver, but comes across entitled and insufferable.


I mean he can take credit for that because he was the one to make the call to pit so I don’t see any entitlement there


Still an idiotic move though. Being under pressure is not an excuse for poor decisions just a mitigating factor.


Literally every driver on the grid has made idiotic moves under pressure. Turns out they’re human.


30 years ago.... Niki Lauda told us... Something with monkeys..😁


Pretty hard to argue your way around driving backwards into another person


Well yeah, he couldn't see if the track was clear, what else could he say.


If I had a nickel for all the times Russell lost a 3rd place this season, I would have two nickels...


which isn't a lot, but it's weird that it happened twice.


Is two a lot? Depends on the context Bonk on Bottas' head? No. Occasions to throw podium? Yes.


Osama bin Latte boy at it again




Shou’ou’ to ‘is famleh


I'mma have to put the seat belt on for this one.


“Mickey Mouse would never win a world championship - his car doesn’t even have DRS”




ssssswear down on me nan's grave


Rpm is gonna cream at the Monaco gp for latte boy




Russell is a Karen in disguise. His radio is always either whining or blaming the driver he crashed into for crashing into him.






Or praising himself for an overtake or something


Hahah yeah that too.


Nicely done, nicely done. This is one of the reasons I love the lollipopman video's on YT, they quote this every time. https://youtube.com/@lollipopmancomics


He really is a whiny bitchboy


The irony of anyone on this sub saying that.


Game recognize game


True nonetheless.


He literally admitted fault, but okay


This time he did, doesnt change the overall feel about him and his radio whining


I remember when I used to get downvoted for saying this


I noticed that he has a problem with side-by-side racing. Either he gets overly excited or gets terrified.


Interesting that Bottas was criticized for not being good at wheel to wheel racing because he was too passive and Russell is criticized for being bad at wheel to whee racing because he’s too aggressive All else being equal you’d pick Bottas because he’s more likely to bring the car home.


Two sides of same, bad coin But as you said, at least Bottas is more likely to bring the car home in one piece. And he wasn't bitching about letting him pass all the time so imo from teams perspective he was better


What he threw in Loews yesterday on Albon tends to disagree. That was an awesome move


Honestly it’s not even aggression. It’s just bad race craft. He just doesnt understand that wheel to wheel racing involves two cars and that he can’t warp through the other car


Russell has a bit of a Vettel syndrome as Seb was also not that great at wheel-to-wheel racing. Although he did make that phenomenal outside pass on K-Mag at COTA.


So bad race craft?


you might have a career in driver training


I feel like he hasn’t matured enough to be in a position to have to truly fight side by side. Same was true for Max more than five years ago. I think only time will tell how George turns out to be as he gains experience.


LOL. What a load of shit - say what you will about George but the reason he was on the top of the list for Merc was precisely because he’s a do-or-die racing driver who’s willing to plant his car in whatever gap he can find. Same with Max in 2016-18, people said he had “bad racecraft” only because all the world’s attention was on him precisely because of his exceptionally aggressive racecraft. Proper racing drivers will make mistakes but teams will hire them because if anyone can take a sub-par racecar into a win, it’s them.


As a Valtteri fan, George smacking Bottas after he himself drove into the wet patch and caused them both to crash left an awful taste in my mouth. I never tolerated him since.


I can say the same here


George @ Williams = nice guy. Announce move to Merc George since then = little Narcissistic twat. i like the blimeys and crikeys though..


Bottas incident was during his time at Williams though... Disliked him ever since ngl


The closer he got to Mercedes seat the worse he became


Draco Malfoy moment


I bet he hissed "You're such a disgrace to this team Potte... I mean Bottas" after the slap


Same... it just showed his true colors as that one friend you have that will blame you for anything that's his fault.


21' Imola would like a word with you. He was a cunt before Mercedes.


His programming malfunctioned in Imola and Mercedes Russell was let loose for a few moments.


He was a twat also at Williams


Reddit circle jerked him hard when he was at Williams


It was mostly who wanted to see someone beating Lewis who hyped Russell. Bottas received a lot hatred for the same reason. Now that those ‘give him a Merc seat’ hypes are long gone, and Lewis is not winning races anyway, he lost support from all the Hamilton haters, but Hamilton supporters also have little reason to cheer for him


I think for me it started when he replaced Hamilton in Bahrain


I really don’t like Russell for a tonne of reasons but I hate to admit that one day he’s gonna win a championship if either Merc makes a good car or he stops blindly supporting Merc and joins a better team.


Russel literally admitted that bump with checo was his fault.


If you watch his post-race interview, he blamed it on yellow flag lol.


Still a nice latte bitchboy


If Mercedes sort their shit out and give George a title winning car this sub is going to fucking lose its mind, and it'll be hilarious


Won't matter. Max is inevitable.


Keep coping bro. If they swapped cars right now max would still clap his ass


That's something I think many people wanna see. Give max progressively worse cars to see whether he can still win it. Imagine if he ends up getting a podium in a Williams or something.


Lmao as if. You gotta be extremely naïve to think driver skill makes that much of a difference at the top level of F1. Any of the top 5 drivers would coast to the championship if they were first seat in the RB


Reason why Russia doesn't attack NATO


Can't believe we haven't started calling him Crashsel yet


Georpedo is good enough!


Someone's gotta fill the gap after Kvyat, aka torpedo, was gone


RIP David Brandt. The OG 'farmer' guy


He bleeds mercedes




Russell: admitted it was his fault and apologized to each of them This sub: imma pretend I didn’t see nothing


Ok that was Carlos’s fault, and I’m a Carlos fan




The terror continues,i like how he entered mercedes outperforming hamilton but making the funniest incidents


George and Perez the goats of saying “he pushed me off” after causing an incident that’s their fault


How can you not have Singapore from last year where he drove into the side of Schumacher and then blamed him? It’s probably the most blatant example.


Learning from the Best


"He turned into me!" Is that becuase he was turning around a corner, George?


Jesus the Merc hate around this place is fucking hilarious. They aren’t even winning. Checo drove like he was in bumper cars yesterday but op makes Russell memes.


Russell always seems to end up in some sort of accident that causes significant result IMO. Thinking mainly abott it what he did to Carlos at COTA last year in T1 and gets a 5 second penalty while Carlos is DNF. I really can’t stand him. But Checo was hot 🗑️in Monaco


Because Russell does it every other race


Yet when Max drove like this between 2016- 2020 people called it “ hard racing “ now its the other way round people cry about it because hes in a Mercedes, did Mercedes hurt people that badly 2014 -2020 😂😂


When Max does it, he's a hero in this sub. But when George does it, he's a hero in this sub


ppl shit on max too when he used to crash way more often




Yea people used to make memes about max as well, so it's fine if they make it about russel


My boy Checo getting Russell back for Austria-France and Max in Baku a true lad.


I don't get why Leclerc gets slammed so hard for being reckless and incident prone and then Russell gets his dick sucked despite being worse. OP literally missed a few from just last year in France, Austria, and Singapore. I've seen comparisons to 2021 Max and I find that dumb as hell. Max's incidents were often calculated, but aggressive as seen in Spain and Imola. He would rub tyres and push a driver off the track. Of course in Brazil and Saudi that was clumsy, but that was largely due to desperation at being in an intense championship battle against a much faster car. George just makes clumsy mistakes with no pressure on him. He's not fighting for a title. He just understeers into drivers or misses apexes.


I hate to be that guy but I mean Perez literally turned the corner into him… Edit: WTF do I need to write this, obviously Russell was at fault.


I guess that's why Perez got the penalty


Did he? That don’t sound fair…


No no, George’s side turned into Perez’s front




George Russel blows. It's good karma they're not a contender now after what he / they did to get him


But in Monaco he couldn't see anything, so surely it's OK to just roll onto the track...


It aint honest but its much


I'm a huge Merc fan and I hate Russell's guts. I was so close to making my husband a Merc fan too but he refuses bc we both hate Russell. I got him the team button down shirt and it looks damn good on him but the only reason he'll wear it is bc it's from 2021 before Prickell replaced Bottas


Won't be that surprised if some-fucking-how Russell won't ever win WDC, instead sticking to deathtrap of Mercedes as Charles in Ferrari. Bonus points if Williams pull some miracle surpass him.


I don’t care who wins or have a favorite team. With that being said, I can’t bring myself to like George. I feel mostly people like him because he’s British or they’re Mercedes fans and that’s it. He seems so robotic and emotionless when I see or hear him in an interview. I just don’t understand how people get excited about him.


George to George: Well done George, well done!


Talented driver, weakest psyche on the grid.. sounds like a perfect Mercedes material


Are you saying Lewis has a weak psyche? Don’t get why it’s perfect Merc material.


Anyone remember when the people were saying the same thing about Max?


George "I use cars to brake" Russell I wanted to comment that so I can find this post easily by searching for it like that ![img](emote|t5_3ndbi|9441)


AGAIN this quali