The word "Breaking" really has lost all of its meaning. It can go on the big meaningless pile together with "Blasts" and "Slams".


BREAKING: Zandvoort circuit SLAMS rumours that it won't be on the calendar until 2025!


I'm more "You wouldn't believe what Zandvoort told about its place in the calendar..." type of a guy, but this looks good too.


Why not, "people betting against Zandvoort *hate this one trick!"*


The 2023 F1 schedule has been released… #14 will amaze you!


"Zandvoort at the risk of leaving the calendar" says FIA - The Race


They have to keep generating clicks dont they


Now that would be a blast!




That’s sooo legendary epic.


Yeah, I mean what more news could come from this? It’s already broken!


Its not breaking like it ‘breaks’ the news cycle. The news ‘breaks’ through.




Breaking news, a man forgot to flush his toilet, you wouldn’t guess what happens next. Oh the page: The man was scolded by his wife….


Breaking news: the sky is blue, experts say




and welcome to Japan


My youtube keyword ban list includes "breaking","blasts","slams","owns","reacts","never believe","quick and easy","funniest"


Agreed. Not every announcement is breaking.


The word "Breaking" refers to news that has just been made public and may have info added later. It means exactly what it has meant for years.


Really? I thought breaking meant “this is a big news that needs to “break” the news cycle and be announced immediately”, as in it jumped the queue so to speak. If it just meant the latest news with more updates to come, then isn’t all news technically breaking news?


Literally shaking.


And "Soars"


Big if true!


How? All news "breaks" at some point.


Yeah, but breaking news is supposed to be so be so pertinent that it warrants interruption of something. Dutch GP organizers pay big money to big money incorporated to make money by selling tickets to event until 2025 is not "breaking" news.


No, that's literally not what breaking news means. It is "breaking" in the same sense that a wave will break. It is developing at the leading edge, and hasn't yet hit the shore. Breaking news is just new news, and is being reported from primary sources, not just a rebroadcast of something initially reported elsewhere.


No it isn't lol. Breaking news just means it's the first announcement


It’s meant to also explain that the story is still developing and therefore might have limited information (as it’s only just breaking). These announcements are releases. There’s nothing breaking about them.


Your ignorance is proof of OP's point: breaking news really has lost its original meaning. "BREAKING" is used to imply urgency and importance, hence the BIG BOLD CAPITAL LETTERS to grab your attention. I.e. the following information is a priority over all other news. Here it's being used as an exaggeration for the sake of clicks. No news in the world of sport should ever really be labelled "BREAKING" unless the content is tragic in nature.


You think that because you only remember the news stories that are important enough for us to remember. There are plenty of stories like this that break every day, a lot of them just don't stick out because they aren't historical pieces of news.


Go to the bbc, you’ll only ever see ‘BREAKING’ under stories which are somewhat unexpected and affect people, zandvoort getting a new contract is not breaking news lmao


I came to write the same comment. It is really annoying.


Gonna get axed the moment Max retires. Probably after 2028, it will be gone from the calendar.


During Schumacher and Alonso mania, their countries had two races! Now Germany has none.


I'm a new fan, so I'm sad there's no Nürburgring on the horizon, I heard so much about that track on Top Gear.


Different layout tho the one they are refering to in top gear is open to the public and f1 has never raced there. Its the Nordschleife.


Well, they have raced there but it's been many decades. It would be far too unsafe with the current cars. In fact, I believe the last race the was the one with Lauda's near fatal crash.


ADAC has a 24 hour on the full circuit. ;)


True, but the cars are quite different, especially with the ground effects they use now. Much of it is quite bumpy, for example. I think a while back Nick Heidfeld ran a BMW (or maybe Williams?) there and they had to max out the ride height and he still couldn't go all out.


Ahhh, I see. Makes sense. The more ya know!


Well, in '76 F1 raced on the Nordschleife. Ask Lauda. Oh....




De Vries is older than max so no, you can't


do you only root for drivers 25 and below or?


Is that you, Leonardo?


Didn't know DaVinci was such a player!


He meant the ninja turtle...duh.


No no, he means the ninja turtle.




Da vinky?


Seems unlikely he will be a wdc or in the sport until after max retires was the point I think.


It's unlikely, but there is a glaring route for him to WDC now. If he does great for AT, he may get a chance in an RB seat, and from there who knows what will happen, especially depending on the circumstances in which the RB seat becomes available.


That feels like a very unlikely scenario to me. I hope he does well but I don't see him thrashing tsunoda personally.


Albon getting appendicitis resulting in Nyck getting a seat at AT was also pretty unlikely


If nyck was wdc quality he wouldn't scratching about in his mid 20s waiting for someone to get appendicitis to get a drive.


It’s not like Yuki did great this year The AT was a big steamy pile of dogshit, but yeah, could have done better


Let’s not get ahead of ourselves. The guy that for years couldn’t find a seat and didn’t have an amazing junior careers like some on the grid is highly unlikely to make it to Red Bull.


They already said it was unlikely, how are they getting ahead of themselves? We already know that he is competitive in an F1 car, so his junior career is irrelevant. The majority of people who have a great junior career quickly become irrelevant in F1.


No I'm saying devries will be gone way before verstappen




But today de Vries doesn't look like a hot prospect who could be the reason to host the race. And that's the whole point.


But Max is already tired of F1 so maybe he won't stick around for long


Not really


Who knows. I'm still not 100% sure Max will retire after 2028. It's possible of course but he may well change his mind by then. Also, that's six years away. There may be some new Dutch superstar driver by then


Look at the German GPs. There were two during the Schumacher years, but even with Vettel, Rosberg all being competitive the GPS still fell away.


Might just be saying it because it gives him a better position to negotiate from once/if he leaves Red Bull.


No way Max thinks that far ahead lol


Max isn’t retiring in 2028 unless he falls off massively. He generates so much money and publicity for Red Bull they’ll probably give him 60-70M a year before letting him walk. I’m sure Alonso, Hamilton, and Vettel all considered retirement at various stages of their career before getting offered insane contracts.


I honestly dont think Alonso considered retirement.


He literally “retired” after McLaren two years ago. He changed his mind obviously, but he seemed rather done with F1.


Yes to drive somewhere else, I dont think Hamilton or Vettel would consider this.


Depends on whether we get new talent in that is able to turn some heads. I don't think there's anybody that can take over, but lets just wait and see. I have no doubt there will still be interest but it does need to perform in order to retain it. Nyck isn't going to be it and I think Verschoor is also not going to do it, but I don't know if there's a karting champ that is able to push through. But yeah, if there isn't somebody to continue on, it will be difficult. Though I think this has been a point where enough people got interested that it can go on for a while. As long as the prices don't go up by much, I think its doable.


from what I know it has huge opposers due to environmental issues. max being hugely popular sort of overcomes the problem, but it does not seem doable in long term.


Why would a generational talent like Max retire at 31?


He signed a *very* long term contract extension, and it’s impossible to know how he’ll feel about being a Formula 1 driver at 31. We know that 49% of Red Bull ownership just changed hands when Dietrich Mateschitz just died, so the team will have a different power structure and will likely make decisions in a different way than the team that Max knows today. For perspective, if Hamilton had committed to the next 7 years after his first Mercedes AMG championship in 2014, his contract would be ending *this month*. Think about how different Formula 1 is today from where it was in 2014. In the same years Alonso, another generational talent, spent four bad years at McLaren, left the sport for two years, came back, and changed teams once more. Think about how 2010-13 champion Seb Vettel left the sport after *one* year of regression at AM. Think about how ~~Nico beat~~ just kidding. Think about how much a person can change between the ages of 24 and 31. Nobody doubts that Verstappen and Red Bull remain the championship favorites in the short term. But there are so many reasons he might have a change of heart between 2021 and 2028.


He's said before that he has other interests including Le Mans and that he has achieved his goal in formula 1 by winning a world championship.


Nah, it's too good of a track to get axed.


Well as long as Emilian races, Zandvoort will stay on the calendar.


This is the first time I've seen this part of his name referenced lmao


The audacity


The nerve






We should just call him that from now on


Along with Imola


it's part of Max's first name. Max Emilian


Which is such a stupid name lol, because in Dutch Maximiliaan is already a regular semi-common name. It's like naming your kid John Athan.


Since Emilian is also a name, I think a more apt comparison is John Nathan.


Echt hè!


BREAKING: I had eggs and avocado for breakfast


Millennials and your damn avocados, this is why you can't afford anything D:


avocados > house


/u/MickeyZvornik absolutely DESTROYS his breakfast!


It's absolutely sickening that races like Zandvoort and Spa get such tiny extensions while the Middle Eastern and US venues get handed ten-year contracts on a whim.


São Paulo had to work it's ass off to get a contract up to 2025. In comes Catar and before the first race was even held, *bam*, 2036 contract.


It's a 10 year contract so 2023-2032 as of now. The 2021 race was a standalone deal.


That happened for the same reason they are hosting the world cup - piles and piles of money. They're trying to make themselves relevant before their oil money runs out.


But zandvoort will probably only be around for as long as max is around.


In fairness, Max is still younger than most of the grid. He'll be around for a while


Don't be surprised if he just retires at 30


Not at this rate, he is winning everything right now. Winning is addictive. Ask Alonso and his eternal hunger. Kmag as well just had a year off, but the pull of F1 was too great. Lewis as well said once he'd retire before his 40's, but at this rate, he will only retire the moment he gets his 8th WDC.


>Not at this rate, he is winning everything right now. Winning is addictive. Ask Alonso and his eternal hunger. Max has already mentioned a couple of times that people shouldn't be surprised after his contract with RB ends, to explore other championships and explore endurance racing.


No no, Max doesn’t know what he’s talking about. This reddit psychologist knows Max better than Max knows himself.


So did Lewis, though I could be wrong. Lots of F1 drivers saying it but then ending up actually driving for very long.


All Lewis said is he didn’t think he wanted to race into his 40s. He’s 37 and is willing to go at least a couple years but hasn’t said anything beyond that.


Max has more aspirations than just F1


F0 is next


Nintendo starts rubbing its palms together. They’ve been waiting for this moment.




To add to this, I don’t have an issue with these tracks getting three-year deals. It’s more that other venues that don’t add anywhere near as much in terms of spectacle to the calendar are tied down well into the 2030s while most of the historic venues struggle to get extensions beyond 3-4 years.


To be fair Zandvoort isn't all that great either, 3 years is a fair amount of time for it.


Money talks. The only reason Zandvoort is even on the calender is Verstappen. The moment he retires, the Zandvoort Contract wont be renewed.


Spa deserves better but Zandvoort is too narrow for racing anyway


Yep - Zandvoort is one of the most boring tracks on the calendar


As I understand it, unless your government directly donates humongous amounts of sweet $$$ directly into FOM's bank account, you need to beg on your knees to remain on the calendar every few years.


That's why Zandvoort and Spa struggle, no government backing, so they can't pay humongous amounts of money to FOM


Unless it is an American track, then FOM will bankroll it


Unless you're Miami/Vegas, let's not lump COTA in there


Lol. I think COTA would like to know where that money is.


It's pretty logical why middle eastern venues get long contracts if you think about it without the emotions you have attached to legacy tracks. -Middle eastern governments are not going to complain about environmental issues (where the track is situated for example. Big issue in The Netherlands). - The race is backed by the government usually in the middle east. In NL for example the gov is explicitly not doing that. Spa has had to be bailed out multiple times already iirc. - There's pretty much a financial guarantee that middle eastern countries will be able to bankroll a race for the next decade. No such guarantee for tracks like Spa and Zandvoort. - The point of the middle eastern races in general is not profit driven. Spa and Zandvoort need to make money to be able to keep organizing races. As for the US venues, those are a new market for F1 (at least, they need to try again there to get something going). Companies willing to take the risk need some guarantee that they'll have time to recoup their investments and make some money. Never forget that this is a show first and foremost.


Those countries are willing to commit to paying it all at above market rate. Let's face it without max in a winning car zandvoort isn't going to be a huge draw for fans, so they do t want to commit to a massive long term deal.


> Let's face it without max in a winning car zandvoort isn't going to be a huge draw for fans That's nonsense, it is Formula 1 and that draws a huge amount of spectators to Zandfoort with or without Verstappen.


By that logic you could just host a Formula 1 race in whatever country with over 15 million inhabitants and argue "It's F1 it will draw spectators with or without a local star". At the end of the day it's a business and signing a 10 year deal that wouldn't guarantee profit probably isn't considered a good idea. Sure it sucks that countries like Qatar get the benefits, but at the end of the day it's a guaranteed payday.


I agree with @Mokumer, you're logic isn't sound at all. The Dutch had this GP decades ago and the passion never left the country. The Dutch have been asking for a come-back of F1 for years on end. Just bc F1 asked ridiculous amounts of money, and there werent any investors to innovate the track, doesn't mean the Dutch didn't want to show up.take the TT in Assen...its ALWAYS sold out even though we dont have a local star riding a bike.


Yes and the Qataris are paying this "ridiculous money" guaranteed for 10 years. That's why they get the contract, and why F1 can be greedy towards the dutch. How is my logic not sound? I agree that it's worse for the fans, but financially you can't argue that a 10 year deal with Zandvoort would make more sense. There is literally no single thing a business is going to value than getting above market rates for 10 years guaranteed. Especially if at the end of the day the fans still consume the product. If people started boycotting in large numbers maybe that would change, but that doesn't really happen. As evidenced by the Qatar football world cup aswell.


> By that logic you could just host a Formula 1 race in whatever country with over 15 million inhabitants and argue "It's F1 it will draw spectators with or without a local star" Yes indeed. The Netherlands is part of Europe and European fans travel to Spa in Belgium or any other European country with a small local population to see the races, Travel distances are relativly small to hop to another country down here. Besides, do you know any Quatar or Saudi drivers? Formula 1 started in Europe, it has a huge fan base here, drivers can draw more fans from their homeland but F1 has always been popular everywhere in Europe.


Although fans can generate money surely you must understand that simply getting an even higher income in pure cash guaranteed over 10 years is more lucrative? I agree that it's less fun for spectators, but if it was more profitable to have the races in countries fans loved instead of Qatar, don't you think they would do that?


As long as there is a Dutch competing they'll come. I have come to realise this about the Dutch, they're loyal as fuck, in every sport or event they will show up and show out 😭


Money (Middle East) and Market opportunity (USA) talks here I guess.


Zandvoort doesn't belong in the same sentence as Spa.... It's a terrible track for actual racing.


But Zandvoort sucks…


It's a good layout, but damn it's way too small. Apart from that 1 insanely long DRS straight I don't remember a single overtake in any other part of the track. I thought the race this year was pretty entertaining, though I think that the TV directors did the heavy lifting.


Zandvoort and Spa shouldn't be mentioned in the same sentence. Zandvoort isn't a great track and offers very few overtaking opportunities. Spa is a classic.


My point wasn't about Zandvoort per se. It was about the fact that historic circuits of any kind are struggling to get extensions beyond 3-4 years while races that contribute nowhere near as much to the sport are being extended well beyond 2030. The priorities are all wrong.


I take Bahreïn any day over Zandvoort.


Apparently there is an issue with the locals (what was said to me by travel agents who are selling travel packages when asked why there were so few tickets, and why they were so expensive), where a lot of the ones living in the area around Zandvoort are opposing the GP due to tourism and costs etc(and thus, locals are offered the cheaper tickets first, leading to only the expensive ones being left), so a short extension could maybe be what they want? Whereas the middle-east and us gladly pay the $$$ to host, and have little to no local opposition.(not supporting any of these countries btw)


Local home- and business owners who are demonstrably hampered/impeded by the grand prix get free Thursday tickets and, afaik, an option to buy weekend tickets before everyone else. But also, Zandvoort is kind of tiny. I don't think there's enough people being hindered by the race to clean out all the cheapo tickets, especially as most people who *want* to go will just get the more expensive grandstand tickets anyway.


It's also travel to the venue, there's basically 1 road that leads to the track, which is why there's trains every 5 minutes directly to Amsterdam Central Station. But with so many trains running it disrupts service in other parts of the country. A more logical choice for a Dutch GP would've been the TT circuit in Assen, as covered by many news outlets back in the day. This circuit is already used for Moto GP, and thus would've required minor modifications to host F1. Furthermore, this circuit is in a better location, as there's less congestion to the circuit on race weekends due to more available roads. But alas, Zandvoort was chosen due to historical reasons, heavily modified and millions invested to host F1.


And at the same time, 4 time world champion Max will announce his retirement and we will never have a Dutch grand prix again.


That’s fine, we’ll wait another 30 years. 2055 is marked on my calendar.


for Penelope Kvyat-Verstappen-Piquet the First?


Managed to get my tickets for 2024. Failed to get tickets for this year so they offered a pre-order this morning.. counting down the days already. Not even Dutch but I really like this circuit and the atmosphere it seems to have.


I went this year. Fantastic atmosphere and unique setting for the circuit. Literally climbing sand dunes for different viewpoints.


I was skeptical when they first announced that Zandvoort would return but I absolutely love this circuit. It feels a lot like the Hungaroring but much faster. Overtaking isn't easy but it's also not impossible, and as such it adds a sense of tension to wheel to wheel battles. Judging from what drivers have said, this feels like one of the few circuits where they can push pretty hard for most of the race instead of having to conserve tyres / fuel.


Zandvoort is something I as a kid would have thought up for super fast cars that look like fighter planes. And I fucking love it.


Yup I mentioned something like that in the other thread about the extension of the contract. We also had nice strategy battles in both editions so far. Will be interesting to see if it happens again next year and is something Zandvoort will be known for.


The circuit is cool to watch but makes for very very boring races.


I like the banked turns


The drivers like the track so its nice it got extended




I'm a Dutch Ferrari supporter who went to Zandvoort this year. The people respected me for doing my own thing but I will not be going back there. It was basically a big party where cars happened to come by every now and then. Greay for the people who enjoy that, but I go to races to see, well, racing, not some DJ trying to hype up the crowd. I'm not mad it's staying for now, the last two races were surprisingly enjoyable.


My favourite track in the video game tbh. Feels like a rollercoaster


Yes man. I raced that track not too long ago for the first time, and all the elevation changes, curves and banks were a literal roller coaster


Super fun in games but definitely boring racing in real life.


A.k.a. the Max Verstappen Grand Prix


Great, maybe I can get tickets this time then. I can literally hear the GP from my back yard. But I can’t get tickets.


As long as the environmentalists don't succeed in convincing the regional judge. I have a feeling they'll try again for 23, 24 and 25 as they did in 21 and 22.


Well, Zandvoort will probably be one of the more environmently friendly events. There is almost no possibility to arrive by car, everyone gets there by train or by bike. Also F1 keeps getting greener. With the 100% sustainable fuels goals etc. Still environmentalists don't really care about that do they? So yeah, maybe it still gets cancelled.


It’s not about pollution or traffic, there are several endangered species living in the area around the track. They think the race weekends will make these animals migrate to unsafe areas or disrupt their life and mating seasons, iirc.


While that is true, I think the circuit is used all year round with other events. So skipping 1 race weekend wouldn't affect the species too much I guess.


Fair point. I think it has to with sound mostly. F1 cars make more noise, as do the couple 100k supporters and the parties going on around the track. A closed circuit session or Sunday race is different then a full on f1 weekend. Also I think there is already a limit on how many days Zandvoort is allowed to host races.


F1 cars definitely don't make more noise than a field of GT3s, so I think it's mostly the spectators.


your argument stands on a reality, in which these activists actually care about the cause, and not just about fucking up everybody's day as much as possible


Uh might be worth it to actually read into their motivations instead of your gut feeling


Considering they use oil-based products to vandalize buildings and artwork in protests against oil, they’re not the brightest bunch out there.


Lol. Them using oil based paints to criticize giant oil companies that are destroying our climate for profit is not this massive hypocrisy..


“Stop using oil!” They then proceed to damage entirely unrelated pieces of cultural heritage (artwork) using oil products. If you can’t see the hypocrisy then you’re intentionally blind.


anyone who can't see the statement they are making is intentionally blind ok that's not fair, I take it back, maybe that would make a person just extremely naive, ignorant of facts, and incapable of critical thinking skills not all environmentalists through shit on paintings either, the overwhelming majority use peaceful and legal means to advance their causes.


the track is amazing, quali laps are ohhh, beautiful overtaking is hard, but not impossible and tbh I think it's fine


Not really a huge fan of this track. Since Max is champ though I doubt they'll move it.


Drivers likes it for the qualifications, hopefully we will see more overtakes next year.


Poor racing but the atmosphere created by fans makes it a worthwhile addition to the calender. Plus love a more old school circuit with gravel.


orange smoke everywhere = "atmosphere"


I was expecting more than this. It takes away the meaning of breaking news in this day and age


Not really related, but if this were Mario Kart, that awning thing would be a later part of the track, and I think that would be cool


Home gps got to continue ,boost they morale and gives fans a chance to see their big guy live


Good time to invest in the company that makes the orange smoke bombs


Track is such a snoozer we're really only here for MV1 if we're being honest


Now do spa


TBH I dont think Zandvoort is an interesting track to watch. The race was fairly boring IIRC and would rather have something else in its place.


I'm a Max fan but let's face it, Zandvoort kinda sucks as a circuit. For sure they do everything to make it less sucky (amazing atmosphere, advanced crowd logistics, curved corners) but in the end, it feels like putting lipstick on an outdated pig. But then again, there are more circuits on the calendar that lack a layout for good modern F1 racing and I definitely wouldn't rate Zandvoort as the worst.


Dutch GP should circle between Assen and Zandvoort imo. In fact I think most countries that have multiple tracks should try to circulate GP between circuits. Variety is always great.


Assen isn't a grade one track, and to make it one would ruin the track for Motogp. On the Motogp calender it's one of the classic races so that should take priority


The Dutch royal family is heavily involved in the Zandvoort track, financially and as ambassadors. So Assen is not going to happen any time soon.


Assen isn't grade one and would ruin TT Assen for MotoGP instead. Why should we circulate between Assen and Zandvoort, when we just could circulate between Abu Dhabi, Losail (Qatar) and Jeddah? 3 mediocre tracks (or at least dangerous). I'm more concerned with 3 tracks for the USA, of which 2 are horrendous. Miami is a street circuit with S3 killing all momentum, Las Vegas looks boring AF and is only done for money. USA should have just 2 GP's, with one of them being locked (COTA) and Las Vegas and Miami rotating then.


The track with the best atmosphere on the calendar. They have outdone the Italians in the last 2 years tbh.


Arguably the most entertaining GP out there when it comes to fan interaction, visual display. I'm happy to see it continue!


Another on the very poor circuit list that needs binning sooner rather than later


They really love extending shitty tracks. Let’s be honest, we’re only back because of Max.


Not my favourite track


And the crowd goes mild


Haven't the races there been garbage so far?


Tiny bit more overtakes than Monaco. Track isn't that big or wide enough for more/better overtakes.


It's a really cool track and over 1 lap it's great. But the Sunday is only cool to watch due to the cult following of Verstappen in the background.


Nobody cares about zandvoort except dutch people.


Salty much?