I saw the title and laughed out loud


Yeah, but what does formula1b.uno have to say?


Nuts to them, can somebody please find Ja Rule so I can make sense of all this.


"We have Ja Rule on the phone with us..."


The last part seems to suggest that Leclerc (and/or his entourage) wanted Rueda's head, and Binotto at some point promised it would come at the end of the year.


If the last part is true. Looks like Leclerc and Binotto maintained a strong relationship, but the problem was actually from upper management instead. If Vigna becomes head, even for a few months, this team is doomed for sure.


Man how the fuck is this guy so goddamn slippery, what kind of saint was he in his previous life that fucking gave him the world's greatest luck in this life


These people exist in most (all?) organisations. Everyone knows they are incompetent but for some reason they survive by convincing certain people of their value.


Maybe not the best post to ask, but anyone knows what sort of exit clause (or if any) Charles has in the contract? Seems unreasonable to not have one given the length of the contract, despite his love towards Ferrari.


It's if Ferrari aren't in top 3, which is why some fans think Charles isn't loyal, top 3 constructors not drivers


Why does that mean he is loyal? I guess he would had plenty of occasions that he can trigger that in 2020 and 2021 but he did not?


No the trigger only came into effect this year, so for the new regulations, it was especially of Ferrari fuck up new regs I'm gone type deal


Thanks for the explanation!


Which is very lenient. I’m pretty sure Max’s contract was a specific pace off 1st, and a specific standing. Being 3rd in constructors for Ferrari is basically a given. The only thing hurting Charles is that Merc and Rb don’t have a seat for him


Which part of Binotto did he ask for then?😂


All of him, frozen in carbonite


Carlos: Lando, look. Mattia Binotto. And he’s still frozen in carbonite.


And the wookie??


He asked binotto for head 🫣🫣🫣


Shit must be immaculate


Crazy shit happen in the backroom at Maranello.


hello police? Yes, this one here






I very much hope he didn’t


I get the strong impression that he had some part in it, but I’m going to treat it as nothing more than a hunch on my part. It’s weird that since the Binotto out stuff popped up, it coincided with murmurs of this as well.


"A finger will suffice."


Leclerc is the god father now or something ? Lol


When in Rome?


So, if Binotto stayed there was a chance of yeeting Rueda? No, Vigna what did you do!


**Leclerc did not ask for Binotto's head** 05/12/2022 Inside the GeS of Maranello, in the words of Benedetto Vigna, " \[Panta rei\], everything flows" . It would seem like a December not so different from the ordinary, with Binotto still busy in meetings and who will respect his commitments in the factory until almost Christmas, even if his last day as a Ferrarista will officially be 12/31, as communicated by the Italian team itself in farewell press release. If it weren't for the team principal's resignation accepted by Elkann , who knows what would not seem to have happened. **Sources close to the management: "Binotto's succession has already been defined for some time."** In reality, a strong agitation and curiosity hovers among the men of GeS and some names circulate. Contrary to what many sources, usually well-informed, affirm, others closer to the Management report that the succession of Binotto has already been defined for some time . It is clear that the management has every interest in filtering out certain information, to at least reduce the rumors, very insistent and from many quarters (not only in Italy), which would like some difficulty in finding a replacement for the now former Italian-Swiss TP . It's the party game. From what transpires, in addition to the now known Vasseur solution which however continues not to fully convince, even if it still remains the most probable today,there is talk of a shortlist of 5 other names . Two of whom are managers completely outside motorsport, which would somewhat recall what Benetton did with Briatore, while others are not strictly linked to the world of F1. After all, neither was a certain Jean Todt, even though he came from very important titles as director of Peugeot Sport. It is interesting to note that it is not at all clear whether these 5 names are in the running for that position or whether all or more than one will enter. The latter hypothesis would be more traumatic but in some respects it would confirm a planning and a project that had been decided for some time. Just as it is not yet clear, even to high-level sources, which team reorganization philosophy will be used. The first, more classic option would be to have the team work with a classic team principal , such as Frédéric Vasseur, who would inevitably produce profound changes, not immediately but in the medium term. The other option is the one Benedetto Vigna is pushing hard towards, in favor of Binotto's removal as he would like Elkann to hand over direct responsibility for GeS to which all the factory department heads would answer: engine engineers, design and chassis, aerodynamics, sports management, communication and so on. This second configuration would not cancel the possible arrival of Vasseur in the workforce, even if not as a real TP but part of the Race Management to take care of the activities on the track. A solution, the latter, perhaps less attractive for the external environment but more reassuring for those currently working in GeS as it could lead to fewer jolts even in the medium term. **Leclerc has nothing to do with Binotto's farewell and last month's leak** Nonetheless, as far as we concretely know today, two things can happen: either Binotto's departure will free up new energies or it will bring to the surface dormant fears and uncertainties, well known by those who have moved to Maranello in the last decade. Because, even if it is now known that the relationship with Elkann has been very problematic, once John assumed more powers after Camilleri's farewell in the autumn of last year, Binotto acted as a lightning rod even for an often absent property . An absence, intentional or not, which certainly didn't help the Italian-Swiss engineer in beating his fists on various fronts 'external' to the track, but no less important in an increasingly politicized F1. Jean Todt's help was precisely aimed at this.Regardless of Binotto's figure and thickness, a single person, however good, cannot do it if he doesn't have the authority and above all his back covered by ownership. Only time will tell what Ferrari will gain from this cut and what it will lose, but it is clear that in the short term it will be necessary to clearly recognize an authoritative and stable structure at the helm of a GeS , currently built in the image and likeness of Mattia Binotto. For one thing, those who have grown a lot in recent years would not be happy with the decision to bring back an ex like Resta to the role of Technical Director. Someone has alluded that Leclerc pushed hard to put pressure on Binotto from the management. It is not true. Although he has not hidden his discontent over the mistakes on the track, he was not and is not in a position to ask for the head of a team principal . Who, moreover, has always bet on him by putting him under contract for 5 years. Recalling that, if it had been for Arrivabene, Leclerc would have stayed another year in Alfa Romeo, with Kimi Raikkonen reconfirmed in Ferrari. Leclerc asked Binotto - not the management - to find a way to improve on some fronts such as strategies , receiving reassurances about a process that would take place at the end of the season. In short, Leclerc has notnever by passed the figure of the Team Principal or pushed for a change. He spoke to Binotto and not about Binotto. Just as the Monegasque and his entourage have little to do with the leak of news concerning the former TP of the Scuderia; both those relating to his removal and replacement (Vasseur hypothesis), and those relating to his resignation. Author: Giuliano Duchess Co Author: Piergiuseppe Donadoni


I don't think Charles is in a position to ask for a team principle's head tbh.


Most wouldn't, but I believe Leclerc's camp has significant support within Ferrari, so I'd say it's not outside the realm of possibility that Charles being unhappy with Binotto could have been a factor, even if he didn't explicitly say he wanted him gone. His manager, for one, is Jean Todt's son, so I'd imagine there's a not-insignificant level of influence there.


Elkann also holds leclerc in fairly great esteem - has since he was a junior


Maybe just a pinky finger


I don’t think drivers, especially Leclerc, have the authority to demand a TP gone in Ferrari.


They may not have "authority," but they certainly have bargaining power.


Head for a ride. It’s just common courtesy


Head from binotto




I believe it. That would have been awkward to put on the shelf next to his race trophies.


Obviously. Continued disaster is the only way to get out of his contract.


Gotta love those Italian headlines lol


Did he however make an offer Binotto couldn’t refuse?..


After the dinner in Monaco between LeClerc and Binotto, LeClerc asked his intimate friend John Elkann to kick him. LeClerc wants to be undisputed number1 driver at Ferrari. Remember that Binotto brought Sainz and until this season was given almost equal treatment. Next year will be hell for Carlos. You heard it here first.


Damn bro if u got a source or sth become a journalist and make money of articles such as this. Instead, this looks like a conspiracy theory


Tbh he's going to get the blame cuz the F1 media will make it that way. He's going to have to Max out his performance next year.


He's not exactly going to admit it if ge did. Bad PR


Leclerc isn’t in the position to make demands like that


Binotto must not give some pretty good head then


Leclerc's team were sending in the Binotto sacked pieces before even Abu Dhabi but Binotto recieved favourable responses in the announcement of the actual departure and now they're doubling back lmao


So there is hope? Leclerc is gay? Wait ... ehh ... AHH. NVM


Leclerc did not have to ask for it. Nico Todt asked for that to keep Charles happy. Big difference.


That’s because I did


He dod jot asked, he demanded it


A driver can't ask for the principal's head when they can't consistently finish first if there are no issues.


Bar one or two errors, Leclerc has consistently maximised his finishing position within the limits of the car. He is completely in his right to ask for changes.


*says the man with the bloody axe*


My brain translated that as a Horses Head (in the bed) Must be going senile.


He can't even ask for strategies, how could he decide the team principal hahahah


Better call saul


He did not ask for it but binotto did it anyway? Sexual harassment lawsuit on the way.


Just his balls… in a silver platter


He demanded it…