Thats a shame but at least its seems ACI Sport who run the Italian F4 will organize some kind of a replacement. This though strikes a new low for Motorsport in Germany. To quote a comment made by r/Julien_F1 at the feederseries subreddit. >Vettel and Schumacher out of F1 >No F1 Grand Prix >No DTM >No ADAC F4 >Not a big up and coming talent


No WEC race either, the only top international racing next year in Germany will be what, Formula E Berlin, one day of that new 3 country WRC round, and the Nurburgring 24?


MotoGP still has its round at Sachsenring. And in terms of FIA series there is still the European Truck Racing Championship and I assume World RallyCross. But yeah it is slim pickings.


WEC hasn't been here in a while though. And a return of WRC, even if just as a part of the Central Europe-Rallye, is pretty good IMO. I think it's sad to see F4 go, but the German series has been on a decline for a while now. Same with TCR Germany. GT Masters and GT4 Germany have, so far, still been strong at least.




That is not strictly true. Gerhard Berger has dissolved ITR which was the parent organisation of DTM and ADAC have come to an agreement to take over brand rights to DTM. The name won't disappear.


What happened to the plans to go electric with DTM. Hadn't they a Prototype ready and presented it with Sophia Flörsch behind thr wheel?


Originally that was meant to be a support series for "normal" DTM. If the whole project will get continued or not, I don't think there's official info on that yet. There will be a press conference next week about DTM, I assume the ADAC will also make clear what will happen with the other series then.


To be honest I have no idea what happens to the rest of the DTM family which includes DTM Electric (The electric prototype doing demo runs), DTM Trophy (The support series) or DTM Classic (Historic series).


Some small selfish part in me wants the German interest in formula 1 to tumble further, so that sky loses interest in having exclusive broadcasting rights....


I really really hope motorsport in Germany revives itself one day. Audi joining F1 in 2026 should help meaning 2 German manufactures, along with Porsche doing the LMH programme in WEC. Maybe they can put a German round in the new ACCR Formula 4 Championship. For now German motorsport looks to be dying unfortunately


I am convinced ACCR F4 will never run properly.


Yeah I can't really believe that Autoclub of the Czech Republic can run anything properly.


Italian F4 buried it


It's ADAC. These guys had the biggest national TCR series in the world between 2016-2018 with huge grids and high quality of drivers and turned it into a joke within 3 years.


Motorsport in Germany is kinda dying


What did ADAC do wrong though? Tbh I always thought that the fact that there are so *many* TCR series was a big factor.


That's really sad. Motorsport is now dead in Germany, once it was the home of it.


It's not like F4 is the only series here. DTM, DTM Trophy, GT Masters and GT4 Germany have been pretty strong even in recent years.


DTM's parent company ITR has been recently dissolved, so a deal with ADAC or another buyer is required for the series to continue (fortunately, this is looking likely).


It's already official that the ADAC is taking over! Next week on the 8th there's supposed to be a press conference about what the future plans are.


And another German seriously tried to convince me that Germany isn't at all neglecting Motorsport. Just look at this shit, we're done as a Motorsport nation lmao




I think there are too many but clearly a loss is t good when thinking to the future of drivers