Vettel suggests changes for F1 after leaving the sport





Lighter more transparent cars you say?


See through bodywork with tron-esque luminescent stripes you say? Under the lights at Singapore and Bahrain you say? Take my energy: ~(つˆ0ˆ)つ。☆


This makes me think some team should just not paint their cars. Place the advertisements etc but yeah, no paint.


Ah yes, the early 22 season Williams and McLaren look.


to shreds you say?


To shreds…


Like road cars, weight is a losing battle unfortunately. It’s only going to go in one direction.


Newey was saying this months ago, too, that the manufacturers have pulled a number on everyone because it's all: electric, hybrid or not. Noone questions the fundamental size, shape and weight of cars, and they're very happy with that indeed.


Yeah, the fundamental drawback of electric cars is the weight you need to get range. But! If you add even more weight you can make enough power to go fast anyway. It’s like the rocket equation. So we get 2.5 tonne 600 hp electric SUVs because that’s where the profit is. And in fairness to the manufacturers, they’re only headed where economics leads them, and that’s driven by legislation.


They're all gonna be driving 2000 BHP SUVs in a decade the way its going


>Lighter cars Something I've been wanting ever since the extensive hybridization in 2014. I'm pretty sure that even Vettel, someone who is a big proponent of climate action, knows that F1 going increasingly EV is more marketing and image than actual, significant impact. We went from having 605 kg cars with 50 kg of ballast in 2009, to drivers starving themselves to meet a 702 kg weight limit in 2015. And now teams are struggling to meet 798 kg. I get that we've had some safety improvement, but that much weight is the opposite of "the pinnacle of engineering." The mid-2000s cars were so agile, I miss that. Rant over. *bring back the fucking V12s*


Verstappen was saying the other day the heavy cars is dumb because any opposite lock and you're definitely spinning, son.


What? But we all love Seb. He's in such a perfect position to ask for some really crazy stuff and get people behind it. Carbon negative cars by 2024 Drivers get top 10 grid placement for their birthdays 5x Red Bull's 2021 spending put toward developing a cure for male pattern baldness


I don’t think vettel is too worried about male pattern baldness with that beautiful head of hair he has


Lighter cars? Please make them also a lot smaller! These new cars are humongous beasts compared to the cars I grew up with. They only seem to get bigger and bigger.


That would likely cause a need for refueling... and since we don't want extra crispy pit crew members it's unlikely.


Down force probably too. These long wide cars stick like crazy


And exactly the huge amounts of downforce is what makes it look boring. Watching races from the early 2000s and even early 2010s with cars sliding a lot more is way more interesting.


Idk if you watch other racing series but refuelling is used in IMSA, WEC, NASCAR and Indycar (just to name a few) with little to no problems. Since I started watching WEC in 2017 I don’t think I’ve seen one incident with refuelling.


It was the pressurized high-flow system that caused issues. Do they use that in other series? I realize they don't have to use that, but I doubt they will want to quadruple the length of pit stops.


I’m not sure of the system other series use, but I’d imagine the technology has advanced significantly since F1 last used refuelling in 2009, not to mention safety precautions.


The cars are not big because they have to be able to carry 105kg of fuel. The cars were shorter in 2014-2016 with almost the same amount of fuel. The cars were smaller in 2010-2013 and they carried around 150kg of fuel. In the 80s they carried over 200 litres and look how much smaller they were! The cars are mainly bigger because of safety requirements and aerodynamic benefits!


They can 100% design a safe refueling system in 2022.


Tons and tons of racing throughout the world have safe refueling during pitstops.


Nascar can do refueling


Actually, taking off 15-30cms in length would be the right way to start along this path, mainly off the front and back of the car and the wheel base, while keeping everything from the footbox to the strong tubs and monocoque intact. Yes I know other changes would happen to the fuel tanks and such as a result. But one of the biggest problems they have on some tracks for passing, like say Monaco, is due to the very long wheelbase and long nose. Shorten that, you might open up more passing zones on tracks that you currently might not have.


Might make tilkedromes interesting?


Maybe even them, but we'd have to see. Maybe a project for racing simulators to see if it works?


A man of the people, he knows what we want.


I was waiting for this. Basically like an exit interview and vettel, no doubt in my mind, is the best person for this


Oh I see he wants more transparency in the sport about the direction its going, hopefully the FIA listen to him and do something in that regard but I donno if it will happen or not, but his point is valid there is too much murky goings on in back rooms and stuff in F1, sometimes we need a bit of transparency to see how the sport will go


Well, Inspector Seb must have gathered a fair amount of information post-race, so I would trust him with any recommendation he makes.


Inspector Seb still doing his job even after retirement, kudos


I get that weight is a thing for fans but it may also lead to better racing, more weight leads to longer braking zones which makes out braking easier. That was one of the big debates in the 90's between Indycars and F1, Indycars had more weight and steel discs Vs F1 carrying 200 kg's less with carbon discs and the Indy drivers that came across all said those factors made the racing better n America.


Everyone’s got an opinion apparently


Well he’s a 4x F1 world champion, seems like maybe he deserves to have an opinion if anyone does..


Downvoting myself even tho I know I’m right


“People have opinions” is such a radically new idea, I’m amazed that no one has come up with that before you


Thanks for being right again