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Ironic since he broke up the holy trinity of Todt/Brawn/the Michael lmao.


"Am I that out of touch with my own actions? No, no... it's the shareholders who are wrong!"


While the todt brawn Michael combo is amazing, the entire team had so much talent it’s obscene. Some years that team could have made almost anyone a champion




Well McLaren Mercedes and Mika were trying hard to throw that championship…but Irvine was so average that even that wasn’t enough for him to win.


Yeah. By God Mika was absolutely dogshit that year. The amount of stupid mistakes he kept making again and again


Pretty sure Irvine still has PTSD from that pitstop in Germany


Germany 1999 pitstop disagrees


Was there something in that race as well? He still won the race so I didn't pay any attention to it


I'm guessing u/OldWiseMann actually meant the 1999 European Grand Prix at the Nurburgring where they botched one of Irvine's stops as they didn't have a right rear tyre giving him a 28 second stop as they tried to find it then had a committee meeting over whether or not to stick it on.


Oh yeah my bad, I mistakenly assumed it was the German GP


Blaming culture at it's finest


Dude, it’s been like that for a while…


And he caused it, if you weren't aware.


Luca fucked up the good thing they had going with their 2000's dynasty... I think under Marchionne was the last time Ferrari had a hope of getting back to that level of form. After he passed it's just been a mess.


Maybe, but it also would have went violent had Marchionne not passed away. Marchionne and Arrivabene were known as extremly unforgiving and created extreme fear within the team. The drivers both couldn't care less, because Kimi couldn't care less with his one WDC and Vettel just lost all his hair because of it and also gave no fuck after 2018. Compare that to Mercedes, who created discipline, but a correct no blame culture, where team goes first of your own. And Red Bull, who just seem to just have pure ICE in their veins: Christian Horner, Hannah Schmitz, Gianpiero Lambiase and Max Verstappen all on race day just stay calm all the way until the finish line. They also have Adrian Newey, nuff said. Compared to these two modern teams who look like the future of top teams, then look at Ferrari, where the strategist doesn't know the difference between wets and softs at this point. He also has never heard of ''being on a different strategy".


There's also the fact that Ferrari are constantly chopping and changing their team principal due to whatever reason. Wolff has been a high-ranking member of Mercedes F1 for almost 10 years now. Horner has been RBR's team principal for 18 whole seasons. Even since 2013, when Wolff joined Mercedes, Ferrari have had 4 (now going to be 5) team principals: Domenicali, Mattiaci, Arrivabene, and Binotto. That's a new team principal every 2.5 seasons on average.


>There's also the fact that Ferrari are constantly chopping and changing their team principal due to whatever reason. Wolff has been a high-ranking member of Mercedes F1 for almost 10 years now. Horner has been RBR's team principal for 18 whole seasons. This is why RB and Mercedes work, they have one good TP and never changed or are going to change for the next few decades at this point: Toto owns 30% of AMG Mercedes F1, Horner is so good, no one WANTS to replace him. He also has been there since 2005, Toto since 2013, but Toto literally owns the team. Of the other teams in the last decade: \-Mclaren had a lot of TP changes: Martin Whitmarsh, then one year of Ron Dennis, followed by Eric Boullier and now Andreas Seidl. \-Aston Martin had Otmar and went now for Mike Crack. \-At Alpha Tauri, Franz Tost has been there since 2007, Berger had the team for their first year. \-Williams had Frank until 2020, then Jost Capito took over. \-Sauber had mainly their owners (Peter Sauber himself and later Monisha Kaltenborn) and now Vasseur. \-Alpine had a whopping 5 TP's in the last decade : Boullier, Vasseur, Cyril, Brivio, Otmar. \-Haas only has had Steiner (team exists less than 10 years) and will keep him since he is the one who pitched the entire operation to Gene. Of these (+Ferrari with it's 4 principals), Alpha Tauri and Aston Martin had fairly decent success, and Williams before they screwed up the regs and financial problems, Alpine was at a decent trend under Cyril, then had a violent spiral of politics. Sauber was nearly bankrupt but did decent with enough money. Haas for their resources, are doing awesomely. Mclaren had a violent downwards spiral with McHonda and their GP2 engine which is like modern Mechachrome F2. All in all: the less TP's, the better the team (more or less).


A bit rich coming from a guy who destabilized the team in the first and left it leaderless. Though Montezemelo actually has an experience likes this from his time at Ferrari. Jean Todt offered a resignation to him in 1996 after a double DNF at Hungary. Montezemelo declined and Todt stayed at the team for another 13 years.


> Jean Todt offered a resignation to him in 1996 after a double DNF at Hungary. Montezemelo declined and Todt stayed at the team for another 13 years. What's the context? And how in the world such a scenario work out lol


IIRC Michael got involved and went "if Jean goes, I go as well" which led to Montezemelo rejecting the resignation.


Translation The resignation of Mattia Binotto leaves a power vacuum at Ferrari and it will not be known until 2023 who will succeed him at the head of the team. A situation that for Luca Di Montezemolo, former president of Ferrari, is worrying and shows a lack of leadership. Following a difficult 2022 season, Mattia Binotto has resigned as Ferrari team principal . He thus leaves the Scuderia after 28 years in it and four as team manager. The departure of the Swiss worries Luca Di Montezemolo. The one who was the head of Ferrari until 2014 assures that he is concerned about the team and points out that this situation shows a lack of leadership. "I regret the situation with Ferrari and I am worried ," Di Montezemolo said in statements published by the Italian outlet FormulaPassion. "At the moment, as Ferrari is very important to me, I prefer not to comment," he said. "It seems to me a company without a leader ," he said. Ferrari will not make its new team boss public until 2023. The Scuderia is carrying out a selection process for the best candidate that will end next year. So, we will have to wait to find out who will replace Binotto and what direction the team is taking.


Always has been since 2008, you Montezemolo muppet.


Maybe the grandson of the fiat founder is not the right person to lead ferrari.


he is great-great-grandson of Fiat founder


Lack of leadership was already there with Binotto.


It started with Montezemolo breaking up Jean Todt, Ross Brawn and Michael Schumacher ...


[Montezmolo commenting on the state of Ferrari like](https://wompampsupport.azureedge.net/fetchimage?siteId=7575&v=2&jpgQuality=100&width=700&url=https%3A%2F%2Fi.kym-cdn.com%2Fentries%2Ficons%2Ffacebook%2F000%2F037%2F873%2FWe%27re_All_Trying_To_Find_The_Guy_Who_Did_This_banner_1.jpg)


Well he wanted to help the sport at that time. Led to rise of Red Bull and Mercedes.


He wanted more power for himself.


I know. He had been trying it since 1999 and eventually succeeded in 05


99? Look at the photos from the 70s, he's always there near the old man. He was always aiming for the top spot. Piero lacked willpower and was only acknowledged (he was an illegitimate sob) as Enzo's son in 1978


Honestly, I feel like things were most focused when Sergio had control over all. He’s the guy that fired Montezemolo, and I bet he would agree


\>prefers not to comment \>comments


Like a horse without a head, some would say.


they had one, and he (and second place) wasn't good enough for you guys, so good luck!


Dumping Montezemolo might soon solve that...


Since 1978.