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Didn’t Vettel also had a agreement of sort in 2017 before deciding to stay ?


Yes. The story goes he had signed a precontract to join Lewis at Mercedes, but changed his mind after he saw the performance of the 18 car.


Think it was 2017. When Rosberg resigned and its not a surprise the SF-70H was one of the most innovative car. Only if they had the engine they had in 2019 or 2022


"Does Ferrari feel it has already lost Leclerc long term (there are rumours of a pre-agreement with Mercedes)?" Hmm that's interesting


How would that agreement work even, would Merc drop Russell? Because Lewis and Merc are inseparable and I don't think he's leaving anytime soon, and Russell is their multi-year project that they've already invested so heavily on


Maybe Lewis will retire.


I don't think he is planning on retiring just yet. He has said so himself and I believe he is very motivated for that elusive 8th WDC. Furthermore if you watch is interview with Channel 4 sport in Abu Dhabi he mentions that he does not care for the records ( wins in each season etc.) since he wouldn't remember them in 20 years. But he adds that he would remember his championships which I think is a dead giveaway to the fact that he is still hungry and given a championship contending car he would give his everything to win his 8th WDC. Now, if Mercedes don't have a championship contending car in 2023 as well, that might be another story.


Lewis said this year that he's not planning on retiring any time soon


Very doubtful, even throughout this year he seemed hungrier than ever


It’s been really funny seeing the media take a two year old quote and run with it. Toto made the comment about Charles back in 2020 and hasn’t said anything about it since. Not saying Toto wouldn’t still be interested but there’s nothing more to it than that. In fact, Charles was surprised about the quote when the question was asked about whether he’d go to Merc


Hmm, considering the team ~~clowns~~ strategists are still around, no. In all seriousness, Ferrari will never win a WDC unless: 1. They get a car with 2.0s pace advantage in race trim (not just quali) and have the best degradation with the most reliable engine, and even then there is a 50% chance they will bottle it on strategy alone. 2. They hire someone outside Ferrari as TP (that also needs to get full control) and hire external engineers and designers for the car, to replicate Jean Todt and Schumacher. This approach may take 5 years to even work, since building a team takes a long time (1996-1999 went without a single WDC, but one WCC even with Schumacher and Todt).