Formula E: I ditch fanboost, because people dislike it. Formula 1: My time has come...


F1 has ego boost. The fans vote for the driver of the day and that driver feels pumped up for the next race.


*Very sound Vettel crying noises*


It took Chinese bot farms to convince them that fan boost was an idiotic idea


wait, is that what it sounds like? edit: i looked it up. jesus christ.


When I just saw your comment, I thought how bad can active aero be then I understood.


Have EA bought the FIA as well?


From 2030 onwards, car upgrades throughout a season are handed out with random loot boxes Mfw Haas packs the 99 rated Team of the Year ICE Component and goes on to dominate the season


2004 Ferrari Engine Iconic Card incoming


Everyone gangsta until EA releases the mods pack with the fan from the Brabham bt46


I think BMW actually had the faster engine back then.


Doesn't mean much if it blew up all the time.


I don't seem to remember the BMW engine blowing up very often. That was Mercedes, with honorable mention to Honda.


2019 Ferrari Engine Iconic Card 2009 Brawn Reliability Iconic Card 1994 Benetton Strategy Team Iconic Card 2000 Ferrari Second Driver Iconic Card 2004 Ferrari First Driver Iconic Card **Williams promptly lucks out and dominates the season**


Williams unlocks Max Verstappen and now he has to drive for them.


oh, lawwd. "will Max make it out of Q3 ?"


added a Q4?


*"Will Max pay premium to get limited time access to Q3 tier?"*


TBH, we all want to see this. Is max worth two seconds a lap in a shitbox? Although what we really want to see is if Max could scrape a WDC out of a McLaren or Ferrari.


Verstappen is awarded a 999 second time penalty. Get the unique NFT of this event now, on the official FIA store!


From 2035 to ensure equal chance of winning instead of racing the finishing order will be determined by choosing random balls with driver numbers


So the FIA's bringing this to F1, huh? [https://www.reddit.com/r/baseball/comments/z960vr/day\_19\_of\_predicting\_the\_2023\_mlb\_season\_with\_a/](https://www.reddit.com/r/baseball/comments/z960vr/day_19_of_predicting_the_2023_mlb_season_with_a/)


And somehow Ferrari still won't win a championship


Fucking hell it's a high performance sport, not a fucking game show. How in the actual fuck can someone think of this, take himself seriously and actually consider this without a board of directors laughing their asses off


One word : Sprinklers


This is absolutely laughable.


I don’t mind making the chasing car faster, but to reduce downforce on leaders and making his car more difficult to drive suddenly because someone is behind? That just sounds a recipe for disaster.


I don’t mind DRS because the car ahead being there can slow you down, so even if you do everything right you are at a disadvantage. It levels the playing field a bit. Slowing down the leader is just Mario kart rubber banding.


I absolutely do not like the idea of artifcially slowing down the leader to prevent him winning by "too much" of a margin. Not a good idea.


It's like catch up from GTA online.


Max is grinding Cayo Perico as we speak


Between 50mil € per year contract and spending thousands on fifa cards, I pretty sure he would be the whale Take2 keeps milking.


Completely unrelated, I just want to know if you watch a certain dense mf who definitely can tie his shoes?


My God I never thought I'd see a DarkViper reference in the F1 sub lmao


As much as I’m enjoying this right now, I want to know what the other members who have absolutely no idea about the “snake” are going through lol!


I think that chance would be millions to one.


Although in this case none, because there aren't cougars in F1


Might he even be in the business of calling other people disingenuous?


More often than not, although they deserve it!


He even wrote 14 pages to prove it!




Max the kinda guy to pay $702 for a Big Mac


Makes sense, he does cause accidents :P


Which is horrible. It'd make much more sense to boost those behind instead of hurting the skilled player. Catchup screws the good racer, and also ruins any chance of a decent fight for 1st between matched players.


And that boost is calles DRS. Oh, look. We already have it.


Crazy how stupid F1 is still ahead of even more stupid Rockstar.


i mean.. NFS Underground etc. gave you a disproportionate boost to speed for drafting and also NOS charge right? Which was like 4\~5 years before F1 introduced DRS.


Need for Speed's rubber banding


Any arcade racing game. Games deliberately slow down cars ahead of you so you can catch up making it "fun". Called 'rubber banding'. It's fun if you didn't know that fact, but once you realize all the fun goes away.


Yeah not a fan of this one bit. Active aero is one thing and would be pretty cool but it being used to manipulate races is such a fashion is wrong imo. I get the need to keep the field and races competitive and the financial regs should address teams completely dominating as we have seen over the last 13 years but actively slowing down a leading car while on track does not sit well in the slightest and makes a mockery of F1 being a constructor series. Like, whats the point of making an amazing car if it always gets slowed down the moment it builds a lead?


Whats the point in being the fastest if they actively make you go slower. You'd be better off being #2 all the time until the last lap.


May as well bring out the blue shells if they're going down the Mario kart rubber banding route


Countdown to FIA breaking out the blue shell


It's like catch up from Need For Speed Underground 2


What's next? IRL rubber-banding? Just strapping a bungee cord between the RB and the Williams?


It really is, too. They don't boost the speed of trailers they just nerf the leader.


Yeah I first read this as “cars can increase downforce and drag in corners to race harder” And that I’d be fine with.


What about instead of artificially there was some sort of blue shell that the last place driver could “shoot” to get them? Would that be more appealing for you? Perhaps instead a backmarker could summon a lightning strike on the track?


That's what we call Goatifi.


blue flags? I sleep blue shells? REAL SHIT


FIA stocking up on bananas and blue shells.


Horrible idea


Opposite of FE Fan-boost it sounds like


I have visions of it now. Hamilton in the last race of the season on the brink of world title 8. Stewards: “do not like that” *+10% drag, opens up drs detection zone to 3 seconds*


The whole affecting specifically the car in first place seems like bad speculation by Motorsport.com. "In front" refers to the car that is relatively in front of the car within a second behind, not in front of the field. The actual idea seems to be all cars have a small aerodynamic component that can cut their downforce ever so slightly. When a car behind is within a second of you, this component activates so that you have an equal aerodynamic disadvantage as the car behind suffering from your dirty air.


How would that work in practice? Like what's stopping teams from building areo that directs air away from the component? Even tighter regulations and specifications? Not sure I'd be fully onboard with that. Then I'd much rather like if they'd allow drivers to use the overtake button freely during DRS overtaking. Rather than the "rationing" they have to do over a lap currently


I don't like doomsday statements much, but that would absolutely be the end of Formula 1. Why would a team or sponsor spend tens to hundreds of millions of dollars to create the best car, if they are just going to be slowed down anyway? Why would a designer like Newey bother to make the best car just to have it neutered for being good? If they want consistent close racing line that, the answer is standardized chassis like Indycar does. At least then the racing is still pure.


I wouldn’t mind if you could manufacture the active aero so the car in front experiences an effect similar to the turbulence felt by the chasing car. However, this would need to come with a reduction in the effectiveness of DRS. Race leader being able to manage their tyres much easier than chasing cars is frustrating. It will also prevent the cork-in-the-bottle effect that happens with cars like the Williams having monster straight line speed but keeping overall quicker cars behind them. This ends up neutralising certain positions on track because such a big gap opens up.


You could do this with a change in aerodynamic formula, where you have a maximum downforce calculation related to speed. F1 engineers would then be optimising for who can most efficiently generate that downforce, and you can use the wings changing pitch to make sure you still hit that maximum when following in the wake of another car. Seems awfully complex though when a better solution to improve on track racing would be to make the cars shorter and therefore more nimble and less stable. Couple that to wider tyres (that tend to snap more when pushed to the limit) of a harder compound (less overall grip, more durable) that are thinner (less tyre life, more stops) then you should end up with less metronomic lap times and more mistakes.


I don’t see myself watching F1 with that rule in place tbh


As someone who doesn't want to read today, what the fuck is reverse DRS?


🏃🏾‍♂️💨 🏃🏾‍♂️ > 🔴👈🏾 > 🐢 🏃🏾‍♂️




Get in there, Crofty


That was great thanks lmao


>"“If you have active aerodynamics, then of course you could affect the car in front. You could have a proximity [that] once you get within a certain degree, the car in front loses a little bit of downforce and you gain a little bit of downforce. There’s tricks you can play with that. It becomes an opportunity."


Thay honestly sounds dangerous. If the driver in front suddenly loses downforce when hes not expecting it...


Yeah. I’ve seen many drivers lose control of the car when their drs stayed open.


This some Bernie Eccelstone type shit lmao it sounds so dumb


>You could have a proximity [that] once you get within a certain degree, the car in front loses a little bit of downforce Oh sure lets have a car thats going 150 mph through a high speed corner just magically lose downforce because the car behind is close to him.... impressively fucking stupid from the FIA who claim to want the sport to be safer with the halo, vsc etc and then come up with bs like this


Slow button on, Ferrari have had it for years


Mario Kart


Basically rubberbanding irl. Lmao


Oh for fuck's sake. There's a budget cap for car development. There's a budget cap for engines (coming into play in the new 2026 engine formula). There's a sliding scale for aero development that punishes successful teams by taking away their valuable development time. There are effectively free overtakes through DRS. That's 4 mechanisms to prevent someone from running away with race wins and championships. It's enough. It's more than enough. Any driver and/or team that still manages a dominant runaway win deserves it 100% and does not need to be hindered any further with a gimmick like this.


I wonder at what point they will introduce a blue shell.


I thought they already tested one in Jeddah.


No no that's the *pre-testing session* happened this year.


Very good. Brazil too


Last year Abu Dhabi they tried but it went into the wall instead


And it still worked incredibly well.


We had one, and his name was ✨GOATIFI ✨ it was more like the green shell, but still. Gone but not forgotten


His name is George Russell


Next up, the following season after the team that wins the championship has to do their pit stops with 1 less person in the team.


And if they win both championships two years running, they have to do pit stops with one hand behind their back


Just one additional person removed per year.


Cost cap, safety requirements, efficiency requirements, aerodynamic wake specification. That's all the formula should be. You can build any car you want, as long as it meets those requirements.


At this rate, what is the point of having the rule that teams must be manufacturers? Just give them a spec car, with a Mechachrome / Cosworth standard engine, and let them get on with it. This is just a way more expensive route for basically the same result.


Giving them all Mechachrome would be a fate worse than DRS. Nobody would finish the damn race lol


Isn't that sort of how LMP1 and LMP2 work? One class is bespoke while the other one is mostly spec?


The problem is not enough money, and they're desperately trying to make up for it Most teams aren't even hitting the budget cap And even if the smaller teams do manage to get all the way to the budget cap, they're just not working with facilities as precise and good as some of the bigger teams. It's no coincidence that this year following the massive rule change is the year that front teams have been the furthest ahead of the midfield then we've seen in previous years


My god my will to watch this sport would really be put to the test if they implement such nonsense.


Especially considering its a constructor sport. Doubt teams who build their brand around winning will love seeing their car forced to be worse if its in front


If it’s implemented I’m gone. I don’t say that in a hollow fashion either. I’ll just switch to watching WEC or WRC or Super GT full time.


Artificial overtakes are already bad as it is, imagine Alonso winning in 2010 because he can just push a button to overtake Petrov. And then they come with these "more overtakes than ever" bullshit articles, and how its so much more exciting now. Overtaking by the middle of the straight in a DRS zone, is not the same level of excitement, as a clean overtake.


Word. I despise how the excitement level of races is now seemingly judged by the number of overtakes that happened.


If they want to do that they just need to have tyre selections where both a 1 stopper and a 2 stopper are viable. Abu Dhabi had so many overtakes this year in part because of the tyre strategy overlaps.


Well, it's better than the refueling era, where we had to judge it based on other things because of the overtakes that DIDN'T happen! "oooh a close battle amid the pitstops! they're 30 seconds apart on track but hotlapping, now the 2nd car has come into the pits and he PASSES USING THE PITLANE! WHAT RACING! Now he's pulling away and finishes 40 seconds in front, we have been BLESSED today!"


Seriously, it’s really telling that one of the most frequently cited “legendary battle” from that era was Alonso and Schumi at imola in 05, in which there was exactly 0 overtakes completed.


Yeah, I remember watching that one (and it's semi-sequel the year later with Alonso hunting down Schuey) and not being impressed because I knew there would be no change in position. TBF that may be more to do with track layout, if that had happened with Imola in its current "no final chicane" layout I'm sure M.S could've towed by quite easily.


At least with DRS there are cool mind games you can play with letting someone overtake before the activation zone so you can overtake them right back. This is just lame.




That's why I watch, the mind games. Damn the speed and power.


It’s why they should replace DRS with 3 minutes of Push to Pass per race. Not only would it open up great strategy (do you use it early to make up spots? Hold onto it and wait for a SC? Use it when someone pits?) but it would stop passes only happening in the same spot in the same manner time and time again.


3 minutes of DRS would be excellent. It would open up so many strategies, and force drivers to drive rather than being led through the race by their engineers.


Nah - push to pass (ie engine boost) not DRS. That way you can make great passes around corners, not just another “press the button on the straight and pass into a hairpin”


Pretty much, especially since DRS carries on in some examples even after you pass and it is time for a counter attack from other car. Even the "late breaks after short DRS zones" are boring imo. There is a reason we love a race start when it is all about who reacts fast and finds the gap etc.


Especially when the meta is so strong you have people letting others pass just to dust them in DRS.


Also, DRS has eliminated any kind of big brain, big balls defensive maneuver, since the faster car just needs to calm down until the straight, push a button and fly past the slightly slower car. The Leclerc attempted overtake on Norris who sent him into the wall needs to happen 10 times per race, not just once in a season when all the titles are already decided. That's an exciting overtake, or attempt.


IRL "rubber banding" lmao


This is just absolutely silly :D


Williams getting blue shells 2026 confirmed


This makes Bernie’s sprinklers look like a good idea.


ngl I still love the idea of having a driver of the day style vote if the track is wet or not. Maybe only for tracks that never get rain.


Wow, the ability to vote for a red flag


At least if the sprinkler are then activated at say, exactly 50% of the race, then it could be interesting for tracks like Bahrain (no rain to begin). These aero ideas are so dumb, I can't find a good comparison.


Isn't this kinda dangerous, putting aside how ridiculous this proposition is? Sudden loss of downforce may cause incidents, especially in tricky corners/timings


Imagine going through Maggots and Becketts in Silverstone not knowing how much downforce you're gonna have each lap. This could cause some serious accidents.


Reverse drs would increase the downforce no ?


As it says in the article, the car in the front would lose some downforce and the car activating the reverse DRS would gain some


Wouldn't that also be DRS. Downforce Reduction System. They should make it random. Some get DRS and the others get DRS.


Truly an Aladeen idea


I don't have any awards to give, take this seal emoji instead 🦭


Technically DRS means Drag Reduction System


I’m convinced the FIA gets all their ideas from Mario Kart, and not the good one.


I swear for every good idea in F1 we have to go through 10 completely idiotic ones first, fuck me


So Mario Kart rubber banding then, got it.




I didn't know we were trying to emulate Mario kart


What is this obsession of trying to artificially change the race? Stop it!!!


at this time hearing all this shit I would advocate for the sprinklers solution Ecclestone wanted, fuck it let's try that


I honestly don’t think that is such a terrible idea. As long as they turn it on at a predetermined time and everyone knows when that is. Otherwise people are going to complain about it being unfair or biased to certain drivers


Part of the fun of racing in the rain is not knowing when rain starts to fall or when it stops. That element of surprise should be kept, so I'd be against informing the teams beforehand. To prevent any biases or accusations thereof, race control should determine the times before the race weekend starts and they should either submit a sheet with those times to an independent notary, or send them to the teams in encrypted files that can only be unlocked with a decryption key that is handed to them after the race. So the file is sent on Friday before FP1, the decryption key is sent to them after the checkered flag.


This would be the way to do it, but real rainstorms aren't completely random. Teams track weather, so there is some prediction element to it irl. Faking a rainstorm wouldn't have that and would catch everyone off guard, everyone would immediately pit for wets, and there'dbe no drama gained from it. No one would have any idea if the track will be wet for one lap or 20, so you can't risk not putting on wets... it's a terrible scenario.


Might make Abu Dhabi more interesting than it usually is.


this is the stupidest idea I've seen


I've heard of many ideas over the years but this is up there with the worst.


Is this a Dominicalli Idea? Jesus Christ what is this shit




He cannot retire soon enough.


why does FOM suck so much its actually impressive


Who the f*** is coming with this ideas!? Lets just limit the hp of the championship leader, the backmarkers should get a turbojet, if you have over 10secs advantage you should drive with only one hand and so one should be valid propositions in the eyes of the FIA


Ross Brawn apparently.


This is unbelievable. I thought stage racing in nascar was bad but holy fuck


F1 is doing the same stuff NASCAR did that led to their downfall


I’m a relative newbie, but from everything I’ve read, watched, and listened to, the longer a given set of rules are in place, the greater convergence on performance is. Given the cost cap, and reduced amount of aero development, can’t we just wait and see how the racing is for the next few years? I get you always have to “push the envelope” but pushing for pushing’s sake is just as bad or worse.


At least we used to be pushing the envelope on technology and speed. Now we are in danger of pushing it on gimmicks.


This idea is like joining an arcade game, it's f1, what is this?


Introducing that idea would make FE the legit series and F1 the laughing stock


So in short they're: * Killing setup differences between cars * Introducing rubber banding for the leader so he's artificially slowed down Great. FIA killing racing step by step. By 2050 we'll probably have no qualifying with a reverse championship grid order using spec cars and fan boost with 7 sprint races per weekend and 40 race weekends around street circuits.


2005 size cars with todays safety and aero + active aero is all i want. No damn BOP or reverse DRS


they're bringing rubber banding mechanics from Need for speed lol


When I read the tittle I though “reverse DRS” was something like the Air Brake that the Bugatti Veyron had… but, after reading the article, WTF FIA? That’s the worse ideia I’ve seen in a while!


Everyone higher up who wants to entertain this idea should be fired immediately. What a terrible idea. So many flaws with it. What if someone is on a 1 stop strategy and someone else on a 2-stop? That's just the first thing that comes to my mind. I'm sure there's many other flaws. What about safety?? If someone can run away with the win, let them, they deserve it.


Gta style catch up lol


Might as well take the drivers out and give team principals remote controls.


Well that'll be the way for me to end my 50 odd years of watching this sport. They're slowly going to change it into a non sport. If someone is driving away from the field, then I say, great job! You and your team have done a great job and it's time for the other 9 teams to do a better job. Not oh let's have the governing body manipulate the cars in real time to get the result they want. Fuck that. That ain't a sport.


Why is every sport trying to ruin the thing that made them all their money?


Next thing you'll know they'll introduce banana skins and mushrooms into f1


FIA wants to make it a spec series without saying spec


That's exactly what I thought reading this. What's the purpose of a constructor working on making the best car they can if it's just going to be slowed down by regulations? If going to do this, just give everyone the same car.


I know this isn't what they meant but "reverse DRS" in an "Increase Drag/Downforce in the corners" way is kinda interesting. Allow cars in dirty air active aero to give them extra downforce, make following easier, then decrease the power of normal DRS because cars should be closer leaving corners.


Calm down people, read the article and pay attention to the quote. Kind of need to see the full interview, but I don’t see Brawn saying anything about a “leader handicap” in the quote. All he’s talking about is the possibility of a different form of DRS, where the active aero changes for both cars within a certain gap. Noble is pretty much making the rest of it up from what it can see


Honestly, F1 needs to move away from this 1s gap thing. Instead of DRS every lap if 1s behind, limit the number of times it can be used in a race but allow any gap. Makes it more strategic and has similar impact. Leader can no longer sit pretty if 1.001 ahead on detection zone, no "DRS chicken" and in theory no infinite DRS trains.


They used to have that in GP3 and it didn’t make the racing better, it was a bit worse actually. I doubt it would deal with DRS trains either because they just become trains. DRS absolutely needs balancing far more effectively than it was this season to make it feel like it’s setting up a move rather than completing it. Moving into the new regs in ‘26 you’d hope they’d be able to remove it entirely, but I don’t have a problem with investigating what active aero would do to even out cornering performance in dirty air. Just as long as that’s not the only thing they’re looking at (which it isn’t)


They have push to pass in indycar. Not sure how well it works


Works better than the limited DRS usage did.


Wouldn’t that just give DRS opportunities to the lead car making the whole thing a waste of time?


Literally mid-race BoP


Christ... just make it a spec series already ffs. Why claim to be motorsports most cutting edge and innovative sport when you come up with bs like this


This is some Ecclestone-tier proposal.


For all his terrible political views, the man at least had the good sense to send advance payments to underfunded teams and didn't artifically enact barriers to teams joining. This new ownership has done none of that and has instead introduced more gimmicks than ecclestone ever did


I think that Brawn is a problem for F1. This is a foul idea and honestly there's no advantages here other than the "Spectacle". This is not racing. This is just poor sporting direction. I'm glad that Brawn is leaving. He is a phenomenal force, but sadly his ideas are too outlandish and old-school for F1.


What a fucking gimmick. I get giving trailing cars an advantage through DRS, it helps with dirty air and overtaking, but hindering the leader just because they are doing well is fucking lunacy.


More commonly known as the Mario Kart era


Who comes up with this shit, if a driver is pulling a large lead then drive faster, it's a competitive sport not a TV show.


Seeing proposals like this to force drama at the expense of sporting integrity makes me lean more into the conspiracies that Masi was pressured to create that lap of racing at AD21


They might as well put fucking cannons and rocket launchers in the cars next


They’re just turning this into a show now with all these gimmicks designed to rubber band the field and suppress great drivers and cars. Getting really fucking sick of these stupid proposals.


Is fucking Nintendo in charge of F1 starting in 2026? In no world should there be rubberbanding in a real race.


So they want to introduce the rubber banding you get while being first in NFS. Why not let them use banana peels aswell?


So essentially like the blue shell in Mario-Kart?


Why not have spec cars? Would save a lot of time and money


What if we took the fastest race cars and made them *slower* 🤯🤯🤯🤯


What if, now hear me out, we can create a blue turtle shell that flies through the field and spins the leader?


At what point is this just straight up penalizing the engineering teams for being too good at their jobs? In context, this would be like if the NBA decided that the warriors are doing too well this game so they put in Steve from accounting as power forward.


“FIA testing spiny blue shell concept to increase parity”


I sure this idea has already came up, but why doesn't F1 try a reverse championship standings grid. If you are first in the championship, you start last. If you are last in the championship, you start first. This would surely make races more interesting as the faster cars would eventually make it up to the front. The biggest flaw with this idea is that it makes qualifying useless. They should give points for qualifying instead of grid position.