So Drive to Survive is commonly known as DTS, so this Book might get famous as... STD. Great work there.


Just as people say 'Shakespeare's Hamlet' we will now say 'Steiner's STD'


Steiner's *novel* STD


Damn, like a novel virus?


I’ve had enough of those for a lifetime, thanks.


You should write a novel about it!


Sounds like a novel idea!


A novel novel about novel-based novel viruses!


The rising number one of Formula one, Juan…


Sounds like some kind of a bacteria lol


_"I'm terribly sorry, it appears you have Steiner's STD 😭'_


oh shit.


There's a guy in the US who owns a junior league sportscar team. He used sponsorship of the cars to advertise a book he wrote. Here's to the chance of getting a "Steiner's STD" liveried Haas next season.


An STD which will spread is a specific community? I don't know about this Guenther...


His Wife got something special from Mick?


And rightfully I don't think the team has a cure


The most Haas thing to do.


That abbreviation is going to be very popular around these parts in the near future.


Save the Date!




Fock. We look like bunch of focking wankers.


Wankers with STD.




I've heard a picture book is planned showing all the positions Steiner was in that resulted in an STD.


Planning my new podcast “Driving in F1 (DTF)”


Bit premature, I think, considering the team still has a lot to do and he's probably not retiring any time soon. But he's probably willing to cash in on his current Netflix-driven fame. I do hope he talks about his past endeavors with being the TD for Red Bull and running a NASCAR team as well!


"I didn't want to write a book just like I didn't want to be in the Aldi catalogue, y'know? But this sport requires money and I have to do it. Keep an eye out for my swimsuit calendar."


I mean, the sport does cost money. But this book is probably going to earn more money for him than it is for the team, so of couse, there is some vested interest in there.


Oh absolutely. I was making a joke. I doubt the team sees money from this. Geunther and Horner became the unofficial stars of the DTS and I think both are enjoying it quite a lot.


I'd count Toto as quite a star too, with his episodes in Season 5!


Hes so interesting but less of a start id say. He doesn't care for the spotlight nearly as much as Horner and doesn't offer the same color on other teams that Horner does. In fact, his only screen presence is as an antagonist to Horner. Now, in the role, he's brilliant and hilarious, and it keeps Horner somewhat in check, too. But I don't think he captures the full breadth of F1 the way Horner does. Horner would probably be the host if he wasn't a TP. He's just so good at it. Geunther on the other hand, really only talks about his team as well, bit he gives the perspective that Horner and Toto can't: the desperate struggle for money a d the scrappiness required to keep two cars running when he never knows if he has money to even last the season. And his personality being so opposite of Toto yet them clearly being friends makes him just the wackiest possible character. I think he more than anyone is keeping alive the tradition in F1 of underfunded Gearhart doing what they love despite the odds. Anyway, thats just my take. Very happy to hear other perspectives.


Yeah, I'd say that's a fair evaluation. I feel Toto is a bit more measured, since he is quite a reputable businessman who deals with many multibillion-dollar corporations, so he has an image to keep up. Horner is entirely Red Bull oriented, and they have a reputation of being "free and wild" and lives up to that hype.


Not just Horner, Michael in race control also his foe. Who doesn’t love hearing “No Michael no! That’s not right!” 😎


Shite patter & it wasn't funny after about 3 weeks tbf, let alone a whole year later


Do you mean the entire half-season about the Wolfs? Yeah, definitely a star.


The best part about not understanding your comment as a joke is that it makes the swimsuit calendar a real possibility. Give the fans what they really (don't) want.


Let’s be honest if something like that was released 90% of the people here would buy it without thinking


The name makes it clear it's just a cash grab for that DTS money.


Well this is entirely in-character for Haas and Guenther.


The name makes it clear that whoever named this is a genius.


So many F1 fans are getting this for Christmas from someone who “knows you like F1!!”


Or more like using the Netflix derive fame to get more sponsors by constantly staying in media attention


I mean, his role as TP is partially business-oriented as well. I'm sure most other team principals would do the same if they were heading a small team with Haas' financial history.


I mean thats what Horner is constantly doing with his shit-stirring. Works doesn't it?


Horner is doing shit stirrings to gain competitive advantage. Gunther is doing to make sure Haas stays in news


lol you must be naive. RB is basically marketing. if you think its anything else they did a pretty good job of doing it.


We are talking about shit stirring and not what RB the brand is for. Even Haas is for promoting their CNC business to worldwide marketplace but Gunther is not doing marketing or bringing books out for that reason. RB does not need Horner’s shit stirring for marketing their brand. Their results mostly do their job. Horner uses shit stirring to get into competitors head and get decisions with officials. Not the same reason Gunther does it.


They are losing Simone Resta lmao. Have to cash in on the hype now that they have scored some points and looked like a semi competent team. Because they are likely back to the dumps for 2024. Next years car should still have Resta's ideas on it given he's leaving at the end of the year. How they will upgrade it over the next year without him is anyones guess though. Haas is absolutely nothing without Ferrari. Their most successfull cars are Ferrari copys or Ferrari made cars with 1 exception. Case in point. 2016 Haas is a 2015 Ferrari. 2018 ~~Ferrari~~ Haas is a 2017 Ferrari evolved. 2022 Haas is built by Simone Resta and other Ferrari employees. The one good thing they themself have made is the 2017 car. Outside of that they have spent doing questionable driver decisions, majorly questionable sponsor decisions and just poor managment in general.


>2018 Ferrari is a 2017 Ferrari evolved. Yes that is pretty self explanatory ;) I know what you meant to say, but it's pretty funny regardless


I'd like to see where they can go. Yes, I do not like some of their decisions, but we'll have their presence till the current Concorde Agreement lasts, so I do not want a repeat of 2021 Haas either, where a car is just randomly in the middle of nowhere because it's just so slow. So, as you said, this might be cashing on the peak before they go downhill, but I hope that's not the case.


It should be titled "Somehow I Manage".




To be fair kevin had one as well. Though he did believe he had retired lol


Yeah, but I think it's the latter that's important. Guenther doesn't seem to be going anywhere, if his interviews are anything to go off of.


I mean, they did Survive. It’s not Lead A Team To World Championships… So the bar is low.


> But he’s probably willing to cash in on his current Netflix-driven fame. Does seem like a bit of a cash grab. For sure it’s ghost written. I don’t blame him though, he’s at peak DTS fame. If he retires/moves on in a few years, he may not be able to make half as much.


Would love to hear more about Red Bulls NASCAR stuff. From Brian Vickers wife being best friends with Epstein’s right hand woman, to Brian Vickers winning at Michigan 2009, working with AJ Allmendinger and Scott Speed, Kasey Kahne winning at Phoenix 2011 in RBRs last year. Why RBR in Cup failed, wanting instant success and pulling out of NASCAR right when they started to find their footing with Toyota.


> Bit premature, I think, considering the team still has a lot to do and he's probably not retiring any time soon. It’s so that he can continue shiting on Schumacher, saying that he crashes too much. While completely ignoring contra productive strategy and ridiculously long pitstops.


I hope he narrates the Audible version of the book and peppers in some profanity.


I hope he throws in 'Gene' at the end of random sentences, as if the whole book is a horrible update call.


More like profanity audiobook and peppers in few contents from his book


"And then focking Kevin fok smashed my focking office door"


Look, his book might be interesting simply because it gives us an inside look into a team. But I'd much prefer a book from horner, someone who came in young and made a marketing team a powerhouse in f1 and even brought their resurgence after a slump. Or toto who brought an iconic brand back and become 8x consecutive winners. Hell, even brown would be nice because he could show how hes been getting sponsor after sponsor. But this is my opinion.


Horner will need to be 10 years retired to give us a proper juicy book


I wouldn't put it past him that he's constantly writing a book. Each year is its own chapter. So when he retires he can release the book immediately.


He has a wife and kids though, so if they do take up on racing, it'll take a while until we get a proper juicy book. Source: I have been waiting ~3 years for Rubens Barrichello to release his book (which would be amazing and fun of juicy stuff), but due to his kids taking up racing, he can't actually give us a juicy book due to not wanting to shut off opportunities for his kids.


I can’t imagine what the insights are beyond Gunther being stressed beyond belief and spending all of his time trying to fish a few extra coins out of Gene Haas’ couch cushions. At this point I am convinced the only reason Gunther stays in this job is so he has industry contacts for his carbon fiber business. I certainly can’t be because he respects his heart health


Maybe there will be a chapter on how to effectively blame everyone else for issues that you as a leader should be responsible for.


At the end of the day Gene has consistently chosen to underfund his team who has as a result underperformed since late 2019. None of that has anything to do with Mick, Romain Or any other person they’ve had in their car. More than one driver has struggled to find somewhere to go after being blamed and dragged by Haas. I genuinely don’t think it’s their drivers, even the choice to have someone so desperately unprepared as Nikita was wrong for him and disrespectful to the entire grid. Haas fundamentally shift blame onto drivers for choices that are a symptom of their budget woes


I think his heart health is just fine. He cashes in every year, has to do nothing for it and keeps his job. I'd have peace of mind with that situation.


I get that you’re joking but you can’t tell me looking at early seasons of drive to survive that’s not peak stress behavior. Even in his farewell to speech to Mick he said I couldn’t have done it without you as in 2021 was so miserable and stressful with that other driver, he appreciated what Mick was. Gene stays pressuring the team to deliver beyond the capabilities of the budget.


Steiner was with Jaguar and RB at the very beginning.


You won't get honest books from any of them until they're Bernie's age (which must be a four digit number by now?). Until then, best you can hope for is Jenson Button style "I better not talk about the details here" bio.


I'd argue that Brawn brought back Merc to be fair. Like he did with Ferrari, and recently F1 as a whole. Guy is pretty good at bringing things to the top and then leaving afterwards.


Definitely he did, Toto just fell into the job. Brawn even said in his book that Toto and Niki were being little kids fighting over power they didn't have and that's why he left ultimately. It was definitely brawn and Schumacher that got the team to where it is now.


You don't just fall into 8 consecutive WCCs. Sure, Toto had a good starting point, but Brawn doesn't get to just peace out early and then take credit for the whole thing.


This feels like you are VASTLY misrepresenting Toto’s contribution to where Mercedes is today.


What about Binotto‘s daily diary where talks about being overwhelmed with managing a team like ferrari


Was speaking about active tps.


I'd rather read a book by someone that doesn't romanticise the past pain because they now know glory.


I think Horner and Toto will have more interesting stories to experience in the years to come, so I'd rather they write their autobiographies post retirement.


I’ll just plug that if anyone wants a cool book about running an F1 team that’s already available, Ross Brawn and former Williams CEO Adam Parr have a book together called Total Competition. It’s more a book about management than a technical history, but still has some cool insights


Seconded, terrific read!


It looks like a bunch of pages


It looks like a bunch of pages, **Gene** Fify


i get marketing and all but the dude’s head is getting bigger every day


Sometimes I think there was a tiny bit of truth to the idea that Gunther didn’t like anyone who is more popular than him


I really don’t understand the hype around this dude. One Netflix episode made him popular and people think he’s this amazing TP. He treated Mick like absolute shit throughout 2022 and they almost didn’t have a second driver until KMag decided to come back after a last minute offer. Their development absolutely fell off a cliff for the second half of the year when the car is copy of the new Ferrari. If you listen or pay attention to the strategic decisions the team makes throughout a race weekend, it’s quite embarrassing too, but it all gets swept under the rug because it’s Haas and Gunther. I dislike Horner quite strongly but I’d much rather prefer or find a book from his time of building a championship winning F1 team much more interesting and insightful, compared to some dude who says fuck smash with an accent.


horner and toto are people i don’t like but they’re undoubtedly genius and extremely able as leaders and team principles. steiner likes the sound of his own voice too much without having any results to back it.




Very highly doubt he's had much to do with the project at all, he was likely told "we'd like to do this, it'll be ghost written and you just speak to the writer once a week".


Am I the only person that feels like that title doesn’t even make sense, they just wanted to do it because of DTS? 😂




The team had to survive so that they can drive. Not a stretch to imagine..and obviously it's about DTS.


Steiner was accused of being self-promoting before Abu Dhabi but denied it. Since then he has released 4 designs of t-shirts with his face and catchphrase as well as a book. Seems to be a lot of Guenther centric promotion coming from the Haas F1 team


He has or marketing people at Haas have realized they can cash in lol


Honestly, I'm so over mf Guenther.


I reject your reality and substitute my own. Guenther for president!




Why are we mad at him? Mick and the burnout?


Surviving to survive


Maybe Guenther should've focused on managing his team instead of writing books.


Adrian Newey wrote a book, things are going pretty well for him


One is famous for his achievements, the other is a meme.


Given the absurd numbers of responsibilities he has and the shoestring budget he gets every year, I’d say Steiner has done very well as TP of Haas tbh.


Has to be a joke, no? He's borderline the worst tp on the grid.


How exactly? He has a very weak team to work with, and limited funding.


Cuz he was a big meanie to a middling driver with a big name


I read a stat a while ago that pre budget cap Mercedes had more staff on holiday at any given time than Haas had on its entire team. Steiner represents an easy punching bag for people who hate DTS. He’s over focused on and memeable relative to his team’s success and it’s all because of a show some people love to hate. When Netflix showed up they planned on making a show about the championship fight, except the only top team that didn’t refuse to participate was RB, so they were forced to pivot and focus on the rest of the table. What did they find but an emotive team principal who would do anything to earn his team more money to have a chance at competing. They leaned into the memes for the MONEY. They took rookie drivers for the MONEY. They copy Ferrari for the MONEY. They let Mick go for the MONEY. Steiner isn’t a top TP. But he’s had a successful career throughout motorsports, and is trying to run a team at the pinnacle of motorsports without real funding. People hate him either because they hate DTS or are convinced Mick is the next Michael.




Well obviously they don't have the best people working in the pit stop / strategy department. What should Steiner do? His team can't attract top talent. And Mick had a terrible start, which was understandable because he was a rookie. If both drivers scored at the start of the season, it could have been a P6 or P7 in the constructors.




They totally didn't treat Mick right. Although there probably were some internal politics. I doubt MAG hates HUL


And has achieved what exactly with all that?


Yes! They finished 8th in 2022 which is there best result since 2018. Throwing 2021 to develop 2022 car was a great decision and it paid off.


He has been their TP the whole time, he is the man who oversaw them fall to the worst team since the 2010 entrants left the sport. He's an awful team manager and has repeatedly mismanaged his drivers - first with Romain and KMag, then with Mick (and to an extent Nikita, even if I feel no sympathy for him). He seems to think demoralising his drivers will somehow produce results - which has yet to be the case.


Adrian Newy is an airbender, and anything he has to say about being in a team or insights into winning a completely valid because that’s what he is an elemental master and a god of motorsport


Newey didn’t actually write it though. He had some interviews with a ghost writer and they wrote it. I assume Steiner has done the same.


But Haas after first few races just kept down and down. Put simply, Newey is Newey.


But it's exactly that, Newey is doing well, he can afford to do those things. If you're struggling then you probably shouldn't _also_ be trying to do other things. Hamilton won championships whilst designing fashion and making music - if he was crashing and losing every weekend it would be quite reasonable to think 'maybe he should focus more on the work'. Stretch your responsibilities when you're doing well, not when you're near the bottom of the table most of the time.


Maybe Gene should put more money towards the team, oh wait, he can't because HAAS CNC makes only 1bn$ on REVENUE, not profit. Costcap is around 140mln$, that would be 10% of the revenue. No way Gene can cough that up. There is a reason large car manufacturers are still hesitating. Guenther does what he can man, give him a break. Haas has been scoring points every year, except for 2021. HRT, Manor and Caterham did much worse.


Catchy title.


Is this just a really prolonged April fool's joke? Such an unoriginal name as well


The title should be "How to not run an F1 team"


Manor, HRT and Caterham did a far worse job. These teams only wished they were Haas. Let's not forget Spyker/Midland/Early Force India. That was 10x more embarrasing than now. Forget those, talk about Williams now. the team was running into the ground in the last 5 seasons. At least Haas could fight for points 3/5 seasons, Williams could not for all of those seasons. They always had to get lucky to even get to 12th to begin. This is only offset by having Russell being a top talent. Haas with their limited money and resources compared to many backmarkers is doing very well.


Manor/HRT/Caterham entered under the promise of a low budget cap which never materialised. With this their failure is more understandable.


Those teams got hung out to dry.


What? Considering their resources I’d say Haas do a pretty great job every year


>Considering their resources Which is basically ferraris excess staff


Idk if having the excess staff of Ferrari an advantage or not.


⚠️ Trade Offer ⚠️ Clearly, Haas recieved the extremely mediocre 3+ second part of the pit crew, while Ferrari got the excess Haas strategy guys




>Uralkali > >Not make good decisions It was, for them, the best decision, they needed money ASAP or they would have folded. They needed every last cent, pay driver or not. Does it make them pubicly not great? Yes. Did it benefit them? Yes. They could at least run both cars in 2021.


Do they? They gave up two years of having a functional car to deliver the 2022 car who’s pace dropped off after full races maybe? Given the resources they are doing the only thing they can do try to deliver what they can but they consistently have a bunch of small critical failures and a lack of progression. It’s just not up to the same standards as everyone else even down to basic things like the reasons for their pitstop time blowing out it’s just money, money for equipment, money so they have the staff actually having enough time to practice. All of these little tiny things cost The team constantly progression up the ladder.


>They gave up two years of having a functional car to deliver the 2022 car who’s pace dropped off after full races maybe IIRC it was a funding issue. Financially they had repared for the news regs to come in in 2021 and suddenly had to come up with another full years worth of resources to race under the old regs.


It's a light hearted joke.


This guy is such a joke.


He's a meme basically, I like Conor Moore's impressions of him 😆


Tappin Haas would have been a better name


Could you imagine this as an audio book read by Guenther?


100% will read but the title is kind of lazy.


How dreadfully embarrassing.


I could accept that Mick was performing badly. I can accept that they fired him. But how they actually handled him is now clearly unacceptable. I think Mick's doughnuts represent it well, that Haas leaders are a bounch of c\*nts.


How should they have handled it differently?


Have you heard the radio to Mick? He was doing his (possible life last F1) doughnuts, and they have told him to "[Stop it, Mick! Seriously.....](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KepkzKH3xLM)". That was like WTF, you can ask normally, you don't have to be an a-hole. Just because a driver is bad, you can still handle them with respect and normally. Especially if they understand the situation and they know their boundaries. Mick didn't act like Mazespin.


Yeah thats the guy’s second language, he manages the cars and he didn’t want a toastes gearbox for the test


A "seriously...." is meaning the same in all languages. 2nd language (which is the official language of the team) is not a real excuse, because you cannot mistranslate it.


Sure its the same but his way of speaking english is different to a native english speaking person


Your whole actual complaint is that they didn't allow him to do donuts? Nothing else?


Do you understand English? My point wasn't that they didn't allow him to do doughnuts, but how they handled it. Especially the "*Seriously...*" at the end. It's **degrading, toxic, and not how you should treat people**. You can tell your driver before the race, that for whatever reason he cannot do doughnuts, if you didn't, you can ask him normally. But they WAY they ask is degrading, and toxic. Haas handled Mick the same way the entire year as it seems. That's the actual problem. I've written it down above as well. It's ok to fire him. It's ok to tell him not to do doughnuts. And so on. But not in such ways, how Haas has been doing it.


They almost certainly did tell him prior to the race, it's not a secret that doing donuts wrecks the gearbox. Mick did it anyway, despite being told not to. You are using a single radio call as some sort of huge injustice. Grow up...


The way they asked him was perfectly fine - if you think that was bad you should hear the team radio in the lower formula. He probably was told before hand not to do them and was just getting reminded. The team needed to save the engine/gearbox for the test so it was understandable why they wouldn't want him to do them. Plus there's really no reason for him to be doing them in the first place. He had a race where he had a brain dead move on Latifi and then after the race he is celebrating by doing donuts, like why?


>The team needed to save the engine/gearbox for the test so it was understandable why they wouldn't want him to do them. Every team had test runs, and still almost everyone did doughnuts. I'm sure Haas had backup gearboxes prepared for the weekend, because their Constructor position wasn't stable, they had to race both cars for sure. Thus they had to have reserve gearboxes. Only reason was because they might have had to replace them, which is just work... >Plus there's really no reason for him to be doing them in the first place. He had a race where he had a brain dead move on Latifi and then after the race he is celebrating by doing donuts, like why? You do realize that it was his last race as an F1 driver? He wasn't celebrating the race, but that he was racing in F1. Vettel did Doughnuts as well, even though his race was miserable. His strategy was screwed up by his team, and he scored a point only because Hamilton had to retire. Are you saying Vettel shouldn't have done doughnuts either?


Vettel carries 4 WDC's with him and 14.5 years of experience. He deserves it much more. Alonso, when he went on a break after 2018, finished 11th, still did donuts because everyone respected him much more. He also has 2x WDC to back it up (and should have had much more) Mick just doesn't have anything to back that up (crashed the car too harshly and too much, pace did not improve enough to warrant this either). Not to mention, Haas is tight on money, they need every last drop of those gearboxes, which are expensive. No, they do not have spare gearboxes, RB, Mercedes and Ferrari have, but not Haas. F1 is cutthroat, especially for lower teams like Haas. Kevin was told the same when he went out in 2020.


Yes, compare Mick’s 12 points to the four time world champion Sebastian Vettel. He was celebrating a legacy. Mick wanted to do cool donuts. Also, I really think you’re letting your emotions run a bit about that “seriously”. Although I agree that they didn’t treat the rest of the situation as well as they should’ve. But the part you’re talking about is blown way out of proportion. Talking about all of Steiner’s media comments would probably be a better place to attack.


Lol, you were talking about the race. Suddenly it's not only about the race. So maybe he can celebrate that he was part of F1 for 2 years. Wasn't good, but still he was among the best drivers. Because you have to be among the best to get to F1. (apart from the paid drivers, which Mick clearly wasn't) And I mentioned this just as a single example. Günther was terrible all year, and his attitude is visible in the team as well.


This is my first comment on this topic dude. You were talking to someone else previously. But I still think you’re really overreacting, but maybe I just expect people to handle more than you do.


Vettel was retiring from the sport and is a legend, those donuts were more about celebrating his legacy. Mick just doesn't have a seat next season, he could comeback in the future and that may not be his actual last F1 race. There was nothing for him to really celebrate. Also Haas might not have spare gearboxes at the ready this late into the season. They don't compete to the budget cap so every penny they can save is a benefit to them. Keeping reserve gearboxes when they don't need to is just a waste of money.


>may not be his actual last race Or maybe it really was his last F1 race. He didn't have high results, but being part of F1, and racing in F1 is actually already an achievement. That does deserve celebration. Would you not be proud to race alongside the best of motorsport? >They don't compete to the budget cap so every penny they can save is a benefit to them. Keeping reserve gearboxes when they don't need to is just a waste of money. I described it, that it does make sense for them to keep a reserve. Because their Constructor position was only 2 points above AT. If AT would have made 2-3 points in the last race (imagine a crash where half the cars crash, and almost anyone can make points easily), they would have taken Constructor 8th place. 8th vs 9th place is more expensive, than a spare gearbox. Also they could have simply deducted the price from Mick's contract if they are saying Mick was so expensive. I bet it would have been ok for Mick to pay for a gearbox just to have some doughnuts. ​ Oh, and one more nail in Haas' coffin. Their official twitter account was even proud of Mick's doughnuts.


As much as we hate Mazepin, there is no ground on which a boss can tell his employee “This is why people hate you”. Filling unnecessary emotional bullshit in the mind of your driver in the middle of a race. Guenther is terrible TP will ass people management skills.


Mazepin didn't hear that until he watched DTS. It wasn't said on the radio.


doughnuts are for winners


Then why was Vettel allowed to do Doughnuts in the green tractor? He did his doughnuts when he was a winner. (Do not misunderstand me, I think Vettel deserved the doughnuts as well)


Because he's a winner. Mick was an under-performing junior that has come and gone. I don't recall any mediocre driver thinking not being signed by your team again, and having lost interest from the other teams for a drive = burnouts!


Vettel WAS a winner. He was a winner at RB and at Ferrari. Never at AM. Mick was a winner at F2 (a champion there to be precise) as well. He wasn't a paid driver like mazespin, he did work and win to be in F1.


The crutch of your argument about Haas being terrible is that Mick was not allowed to do donuts in his last race. Something that would have risked the gearbox on a team that is constantly low on funds. Think about that for a second.


Already explained to others: * My problem isn't about not allowing him to do doughnuts, but about HOW they told him off in a degrading way. * If the gearbox is so expensive, Haas can just deduct the price of it from Mick's paycheck. They kept complaining about how expensive Mick is.


So your problem is with the tone of voice used? You are getting offended over nothing here. Obviously they couldn't do that unless it was stipulated in the contract. Besides the mountains of bad publicity it would lead to, it would also probably just be illegal and would give Mick a good reason to sue the team.


I dunno, given Mick's track record for crashing I don't entirely blame them. If you tallied up what he made the team in endorsements and advertising vs how much he cost them with his lack of performance and fairly frequent brain cramps, they probably lost a shitload of money on him. Good drivers don't get replaced by guys like Hulkenberg. Just seems like a team that had finally had enough of an over rated driver.


Id so much prefer this if it came from someone competent


Audiobook narrated by Guenther, please. With outtakes.


coming April? the name of the book is "Surviving to drive"? it's gonna be april fools folks


Like he would know how to run a formula 1 team. He is running a circus by swearing a lot


subtitle: Dashing For Fok-Smashing


Suggested sub-titles: 1-Proving that not constructing your own car as a constructor is a 💩 idea. 2-Shifting Blame. 3-At any other team, I would be sacked. 4-Bankrupting a Billionaire. 5-Leading an "American" Team. 6-How to humble and ruin a Schumacher. 7-💩ing the bed.


Step one to being a success: Have everything given to you by Ferrari Step two: publicly humiliate your drivers for no reason


Oh this sounds nice


Good title, leveraging the recognition of DTS and aptly named considering the situation Haas consistently find themselves in.


I wonder what % of this book he actually wrote....I'm gonna guess 1%.


All the Steiner hate here lmao. Give the man some rest, having more F1 books is always commendable.


He should instead be reading books on how to manage F1 team. Even after considering that Gene underfunds the team, it’s not an excuse to get shady sponsors who just ruin the reputation to the point that no one wants to sponsor you. Also, his Netflix claim to fame constantly broadcasts his dysfunctional team management to the whole world, further destroying the reputation. Take Williams for example, they’re also failing but at least they are not a joke.


Yes because I would love to hear how to run a Formula one team from a team principal who unsuccessfully ran two Formula one teams


He should just start a new show called Hells Pitwall


I will only listen to the audio version of Gunther reads it himself.


I just want the audio book that's read by Gunther himself, otherwise no thanks!


Lol I'm not giving a single dollar to this knob. Even the title is clear ripoff and attempt to cash in on DTS. So cheap - fitting of him. What is it going to be about? How to base your entire personality on swearing with accent while being completely incompetent team boss otherwise? Pass.


I look forward to learning how to finish near the back of the grid every race and season!


If Gunther spent less time writing about STDs and more time running Haas they may actually improve.


I hope the first page of the book calls you a f'ing Rockstar and the very last page calls you a w*nker!


Survive to focking drive


Every day I get more and more tired of Guenther and Haas. For a group of underdogs they don't know how to play the part


Replacing doors 101