Honestly I can see that. But to be fair, in racepace he cannot keep up with either of them at all. So does it even matter? At circuits like Suzuka not at least.


I mean he just was 1 second off his teammates race pace in Singapore. The quali was close that time too but still, he has been slower than Charles probably in 90% of races I don't think the unlucky card works


in every race bar canada he has been slower, and in canada charles was in a drs train


Spa as well but it's always been when Charles had an engine penalty.


In Canada ferrari trolled Leclercs race giving him the trimmed rear wing. Good idea on paper buy he had 0 traction so he had difficulties to overtake even the alpine


Alpine is fine on a straight, he struggled overtaking even the Alfa who is one of the slowest on the straights


He was rapid in France to be fair


Still slower than Charles when Charles was still in the running. Then faster overall of course, as Carlos ran with a much lower fuel load on average (Charles' average lap time vs. Carlos is skewed in France since Charles binned it mid-race - his fault, yes, but the point of their pace differential still stands).


Probably a stupid question but how does one car run a lower fuel load than the other if they are both completing the same race distance? Did Carlos just have to coast through corners more using less fuel? Wouldn't that also negated the benefit of any weight advantage from having less fuel?


Both cars start with the same amount of fuel. Charles crashed lap 18. Sainz completed the race. The car gets lighter and lighter and is basically empty towards end of the race. Therefore the average fuel load is higher for Charles than Sainz. Less weight = faster car. That’s why average lap times are not comparable between the two. You have to look at lap times during which both of them were running. As I said, Sainz had a better race in France, but it’s inaccurate to claim his pace was better.


That makes sense but didn't Carlos start from the back and also have to deal with slower cars at the back whereas Charles had clear air? I think Carlos was probably faster but we'll never really know as Charles DNF the race


Carlos was a monster in France tbf


Not quite if you mean in terms of pace. Until Charles binned it, Charles was faster. And you cannot compare average times as the fuel weight is much higher at the beginning of the grand prix vs. the end (by then, Charles was no longer running).


and even then he was slower than Charles until Charles decided to bin it


Driving thru the slower cars?


Carlos seems to have really solid race craft, and is really quick in quali with him being constantly in that fight for pole, but when he is just out in the open in a race he tends to fall behind leclerc and Verstappen. At least he is (in the second half) consistent.


"Just" one second? You realize that's almost a full minute or around two full pit stops over the course of a race, right? Being 1-2 *tenths* off is a huge deal; a full second is embarrassingly bad.


I think the OC meant it as “he just was (last race) a full second off Charles’ pace, so even if he doesn’t have luck fall his way in quali, he’s significantly far behind in the race”.


Ooh that makes a lot more sense. I probably misread what they meant. I think you're right - no one who watches the sport would think a one second gap in pace isn't a huge deal haha


The language is pretty misleading. I interpreted it the exact same way.


1 second in racing is *A LOT* of time.


"Just 1 second slower" means one minute behind at the end of the race assuming no safety cars. That's quite a lot


He just was 1s slower - in the last race. You're reading it as if it's written "he was just 1s slower".


Sometimes he even struggles to pull away from or catch up to Checo who is usually 3 tenths slower than them in quali, don't think his issue is his quali form but the lack of consistency in a lot of races.


Yeah Charles just has the power to bring out something special in the last moment. Carlos was faster for nearly the entire weekend, but then Charles pulls out a great lap.


Just drive faster


Skill related issue


Stop inventing. 🤭


noooo you can't make fun of smoooooth operator chili pride of spain (betterthanalonso😎😎😎) he is the main protogonist of DTS S1 🌶🌶🌶


Nah but really his fans really do sound like that.


Wot? We all know he isn't quicker than Charles and that his only win was kinda lucky. Highly doubt most of us think he's better than Alonso lol


I don’t think so, Spanish media tends to say Carlos is better than Charles, which is simply not true


Mate, in Spain everyone knows our media is complete shit and fully blind to everyone's talent other than Sainz's and Alonso's.


Like that's the whole point of the "Really 3D" highlights and it's weird that it flies so oftenly over the head of foreigners: the obsession of Spanish media on Spanish drivers even if they have shit performances.


The commentators avatar is Lobato, the main Spanish commentator that absolutely loathes Alonso (understandably, and he was commentating when Alonso started winning)


Carlos is Spanish for Charles they are translating both to confuse you.


Hate the generalisation of fanbase tbh, every fanbase has it’s bad apples dosen’t mean everyone in the fanbase is like that.


The saviour we needed. Preach fellow redditor, preach!




This strategy worked for Perez last week


Thanks I’m cured


It I was Carlos Sainz I would simply drive faster


Is this Sainz asking Leclerc and Verstappen to slow down a bit next Quali?


Guy let me one, just one I am not asking for much, you are going to win anyways so what does it matter?


Ideal #2 driver right there. Close in qualifying but not ahead, and no threat in the race to the #1 driver but still able to hold up the cars behind. Now it's up to Ferrari to do something with that... I'm still frustrated by the fact they won't double down on Leclerc as their #1 driver.


I disagree. There is nothing worse than a clear second driver who still act like he could be number one. The ideal second driver is someone like Perez this year.


Perez is great when it comes to sabotaging the race strategy of your rivals but someone like Bottas is gold when you want the WCC since he's a great qualifier. I think Perez is having a better season because Ferrari can't challenge


Perez is ideal, when he's actually on pace. Which he sometimes is, to be fair, but not consistently.


He needs a season of just street tracks.


Well, that's where we're going anyway it seems...


Sergio "That's very unfair, but OK" Perez


That's because age-gap. Perez is coming to end of his career. When Perez was a rookie, Max was like a baby tbh. RBR saved his F1 career at the end.


he would be ideal if he didnt think he could challenge charles


What’s wrong with him thinking that way?


These people really think ANY driver can think "I was born to be the second best" lmao


That's reddit for you


That's not an ideal second driver


dudes here acting like the drivers don't want to win


You're never reaching the top of a sport without ambition, and an ambitious athlete will never settle for 2nd. This should not be surprising to anyone.


probably for the next year. they gave him equal footing with Charles because he beat him last year and he's got solid backing via sponsors and his family. I'm not sure Ferrari will be as willing next year.


His cousin shouldn't be allowed in garage you can always see his dissapointment and hate towards Charles when he cleans out Carlos


Strange type of nepotism when you consistently see ‘the cousin’ of a sports person on tv


His cousin is his manager iirc.


Where is Leclerc’s manager? That’s right, not on tv


And Nicholas not being around really hurt Charles' position in the team this year, cost him two wins alone. Sainz family is known for being very good at F1 politics, Marko repeatedly said that's why they let go of him.


If your family is a reason you get let go it doesn’t sound like the family is all that good at the politics


That family is also the reason you get a Ferrari seat in the first place so it's not as straight cut as you think it is.


My point is the manager doesn’t need to be on tv every time the driver does something of note. They may be indulging in politics, but it only delays the inevitable. Everyone can see Lec is the lead driver.


That politicking earned him this year to prove himself -which he failed miserably- but that's more than what Ferrari usually gives to it's drivers. Also they tend to show important family members and girlfriends on TV a lot which is something I also hate as well.


last week leclercs gf got more screentime than massa😭


His cousin is his manager no?


His right wing and animals hunter cousin and his faces give me the ick


That’s Carlos too, at least the right wing part.


still remember carlos’ instagram stories about the cats at the chinese restaurant. it was a “joke” but a very stereotypical and weird one at that.


Also very handsome but not quite as handsome as the #1.


It still baffles me that the time distance between them in quali is literally a near immeasurable time of a human act. Like me between whacking between letters to type this comment


Yeah. People only see him in 3rd but don’t stop a bit to realize how much is half a tenth. Of course you win by 1ms and lose by 1 but come on, sainz has a fair point here


Just be faster mate, lol


love that he thinks it just happens they get pole and he doesn’t😭 when they disappear 20 seconds ahead of him on sunday im sure he’ll have something equally funny to say


They all think they are the best. So when they're getting beaten they're in denial. Happened with Gasly, Bottas and now Sainz


sainz specifically has been making weird statements all month about how people aren’t happy when he wins (only once) and always that it’s luck he won’t get pole. it may be an ego thing but it’s still funny asf.


Tbh his win looked like a funeral in Ferrari but yeah, it's not luck the pole position thing


the win came at the expense of their wdc contender so id say that’s to be expected


They potentially lost WDC that day because they couldn't maximize the results and his win was lame as fuck, that's why nobody was happy about it.


His one win came from holding up Charles for multiple laps, ignoring the strategy to help benefit Charles, who was faster that day, and effectively ruining their chances at WDC. But he did it! The next couple races he actually looked quite quick, I’d have been fine with him taking one of those instead of his engine blowing up then him starting from the back


I don’t remember where but in an interview with a magazine he acknowledged Charles’ greatness and what aspects he is better in. So not an ego issue. Other than that every formula 1 driver has to have that mindset if not then why be in formula 1 in the first place.


he still antagonises charles in a way that’s not representative of their results so in my opinion yes its an ego issue


That’s the teams fault imo, Binotto needs to set the expectation. Carlos is a great number 2 at a top team, he should just swallow his pride and get over it.


agreed the inter team dynamics look very wonky bc sainz family politics obviously apply pressure to give him chance after chance to prove hes no number 2


And yet they maintain a great personal relationship, which given all this I think is amazing. Somehow Carlos keeps whatever ego or jealousy in check.


Oh yea, he seems like he’s able to compartmentalize work and personal life. I want to party with Sainz with so bad.


Carlos has previously said that Charles is one of the greatest in F1 today and you still think he antagonises him?








Sure. Can’t change your mind if you don’t want to change it.


Him defending Ferrari strategy in both Silverstone and Hungary is just one example. Embarrassing and far too apparent that he will defend any strategy that helps him finish ahead of Leclerc.


You know how things at Ferrari work. You don’t call them out for their shit like you can in RB or Merc. Of course it’s not the right thing to do, but it comes with being a ferrari driver


Try to read the complete articles and understand where a driver is coming from instead of forming your opinions on headlines. No driver publicly admits this stuff. Every driver believes in the fact that they are the best. That’s why they are in formula 1.


There’s having self confidence and then there’s constantly avoiding accountability and feeding your own self delusions. Based on full articles, Carlos is firmly in the latter camp. But I guess that means he fits in quite well with Ferrari.


What he says in this article just shows his frustration. And yeah not the right thing to say from his side. But wouldn’t say all of the statements have been this way.


you’re obviously biased and it’s not a bad thing necessarily but do try to understand that the car is being developed in carlos’ direction to help him and he’s still not delivering with the understeer he wants. obviously he can’t admit he’s the second driver but he also says weird things like the “no one wants me to win :(((((“ thing.


I’m not biased. Charles is my second favourite driver very close with Carlos. And stop with the car is being developed in carlos’ direction to help him that’s bs. Every driver works with the engineers to find changes that can help them go faster. If that would be the case carlos wouldn’t be fighting with car like he said he did in Singapore fp sessions.


laurent mekies says they’re doing that so take it up with him not me. you can hear charles radio complain about the understeer ever since the summer break.


“At first it comes from Carlos’ ability to analyse what the car does and what he needs from it,” said Mekies. “And then not only is he able to feel it, but he’s able to communicate it to the engineers and slowly we have been able to transform that into actions in terms of the way we set up the car, and in terms of the way that perhaps we tweak some of the developments and that’s how it happened. This is what you’re talking about. This is how engineers work with drivers at every team. You’re making it sound like he’s getting some special treatment.


Do we have reliable source saying that the car is developped toward Sainz’s driving. I read that a few times here and I’m curious to read more about this.


Binotto talked about it somewhere and Mekies said that they were tweaking upgrades to help Carlos in the Hungary press conference. Here is the [transcript.](https://www.fia.com/news/f1-2022-hungarian-grand-prix-saturday-press-conference-transcript) It's not straight up developing for Carlos but they are tweaking things Edit: and it's interesting that since then there has been more understeer which Carlos likes.


They aren’t overjoyed, the vibe post Silverstone was odd. Sainz had more people from his old teams than he had from Ferrari. The media around Charles is odd, like the Gq article was simping for Charles and described him strangely. It’s like looking back on media with Mclaren and not knowing Lewis would become Lewis Hamilton, it was so Jenson and Alonso focused and Lewis was the side guy. There’s a clear favoritism that Sainz isn’t ready to hear because if be shocked if Sainz, no matter how strong he is ever got a WDC


In Silverstone the problem wasn't that Sainz won but that Leclerc got fucked over. If Sainz had won without that everyone would've been happy. Had he won in Canada everyone would be happy. But seeing Leclerc who thanks to Max issues had the chance to make up loads of points get fucked over soured it. And re GQ I think that the author really just picked up on the vibe at Ferrari wrt their drivers. Because if you listen to anyone in a position of power at Ferrari they have a clear favourite. Both Elkanns but especially John recently saying that Leclerc is the one who they think will win a title. Piero Ferrari saying Leclerc is super talented and Sainz is there. And even Mekies and Binotto. I think the vibe at Ferrari is just very much that Charles is the one who'll win it for them. And he's from their academy and has all these other ties to the team and how he talks about the team. He is seriously loved by the team (even if on track it doesn't always look like that) and the fans.


Lol. When JB was joining McLaren, as a reigning WDC, most of the articles were how he's entering lion's den and how Hamilton will destroy him. He wasn't a side guy. With Alonso there might've been bit different, but how's that weird? Hamilton was a rookie, exceptional in junior categories, but still a rookie, against 2 times WDC, who was said by the media to dominate F1 after Schumi's retirement alongside Kimi. Post Silverstone vibe was due to team fucking up easy 1-2 with stupid strategy for Leclerc+no2 driver winning. See Ferrari garage post quali in Monza 2018 to witness similar stuff. That's how Ferrari is, and whilst it's quite fucked up, it's not surprising.


Lol right? He says "somehow" it tends to "fall to Max or Charles" like bro???? It's not a mystery, they are better drivers than you


>It was a good lap. Clean all the way until the last chicane. There, probably I overcooked a bit the tyres going in and it cost me quite a bit of lap time. Quote from the article, so no, he doesn't think it "just happens".


in Baku Leclerc was pulling away about 0.5 per lap up until Sainz's DNF and his post afterwards was telling he was just backing up to save tyres, such a jerk


What does he mean by fall into Max or Charles? It ain’t some luck, 1 hit wonders. That’s why they consistently have those because they can find it on the track.


also, maxs 2nd run was still faster than him (by around 0.020s if i remember correctly), even though he didnt improve on his best time


well if something happens over and over again, you cant use the luck card. plus leclerc is 1727828 seconds faster than you in almost every race.


The season is nearly over and Sainz is still in denial.


Has he tried being faster?


Sounds like a skill issue, mate.


respectfully Carlos, we both know why that is


They shud play to him what Lewis said about him in Singapore. Sainz acts like he is better than Leclerc. He clearly is not.


Why? Surely the team favoring Charles :)


of course when he is faster


I am not loving this narrative that those half a tenths just “fall into” Max and Charles’ hands like it’s some kind of luck. Like it’s somehow out of his control.


Well it is out of his control. It is in Max's and Charles' control.


No, it is just that he can't find this extra time during quali and Max and Charles, like Lewis in past years, almost always find a way to really nail the lap


That’s what he meant lol


I really think that may be holding him ransom to a forgivable choice of words.


I understand that it is frustrating for Carlos, but he is just not quick enough. Another thing, it might be just me, but I’m super annoyed by commentators constantly saying that Sainz has been faster than Leclerc throughout the weekend. Repeating the same thing this weekend and during previous ones. Like, what are they watching? Or does being faster in one fp session makes him faster overall?


It's not just you! They even have access to a lot of live data and somehow miss things like LECs engine being turned down in FP3. Lower rpm and losing 3 tenths on the straight isn't just Sainz being faster. And even through qualifying they just forget that LEC only really properly goes for it in Q3.


It’s every weekend. Sainz beats Leclerc in FP and in Q1 and Q2, is called the faster Ferrari. Leclerc ends up in front of Sainz by the end of Q3 and rockets into the distance in race pace on sunday(before something goes terribly wrong)


The Merc Bottas syndrome.


Brundle is very quick to notice whenever sainz is ahead or lapping faster than charles at that moment but its crickets when charles does it. I wonder why.


Right? Who is surprised anymore when Leclerc plays conservative until it’s fully needed? He doesn’t risk the crashes that have screwed him over anymore.




Yeah Carlos, I'm sure it's down to luck only.


He is allowed to feel however he feels but some of the things he's been saying as of late just sound so dumb. Why say it publicly? He really isn't helping himself when he says those things. He needs both of them to make mistakes or have issues or a flag or whatever to get pole. And it's happend twice and in Silverstone he got pole. But it happening to both at the same time is just pretty unlikely.


Everything has to fall his way for him to win just like in Silverstone. Leclerc and Verstappen (and Hamilton) were quicker all weekend. Then Leclerc spun in his final Q3 run, which also compromised Verstappen. Then he botches the start but is saved by an early red flag. Then he loses the lead from the slightest bit of pressure from Max, only to take it back after Max gets an unlikely damage. Then he was told to move out of the way of Charles because he was too slow, only to inherit the lead again after Charles got Ferrari’d. Which also helped him gain ground on Lewis, who had been faster than him all race. It was probably one of the least deserving wins this season, yet he keeps saying these kinds of stuff since then.


It started before Silverstone. He gave an interview where he said that in Italy they only have eyes for Leclerc and that it's just a matter of perception and that he'll change it. I get that it's not fun to see the other guy be more favoured by the fans but he isn't helping himself when he says these things. Or when he says that people don't want to see him win which isn't true. They want to see him win they just don't what to see Leclerc get fucked over in the process. He is allowed to feel however he wants but saying these things out loud won't make those fans like him any more. It probably doesn't help that said teammate is Leclerc who tends to try to find some way to blame himself. And just phrases things differently which just makes Sainz look a little bit more arrogant. Arrogant isn't really the right word but I can't find a better one. Overall I get why he feels the way he feels but saying it out loud is a little bit ill-advised some times.


I kind of think he’s just losing patience with Ferrari too. He eye rolled when Lawrence said the they hadn’t had a double podium since Miami it’s not even intentional at this point it’s just boiling over


Max: *Git gud.*


Can someone explain how Charles gets ahead of Carlos by so much during the race. They both have the same car, but how is Charles so much faster?


What exactly do you want me to explain here? ​ Much better driver overall = faster laptimes = far ahead in the race


Found Sainz' alt account


Ok Carlos now explain how those two always end up 30 seconds up the road from you in the race 😭


If it always falls in their favor it isn't luck anymore. Apparently they're bringing half a tenth extra to their cars.


Carlos my dude, you’re a great driver and absolutely deserving of a top drive in F1 but Charles and especially Max are on a different level.


It’s the pedal on the right.


Let's all of us light a candle and pray that next time it "falls" to him. That's just unexcusable from Lady luck that "somehow" Verstappen and Leclerc got that half a tenth. And while we are at it, give him couple of tenths in race pace so he doesn't sink as he does now :)


What do the gamers say? Get Gud?


no, that would be: git gud


Maybe drive a little faster?


Get better bro


Get gud


Skill issue honestly


Just drive faster


Carlos, I have something to tell you…


Its not somehow, bud


Somehow? Sainz you are better than the Latifi-speak of “gosh I have no idea what happened, guys”


Lets be honest, Carlos is not on their level. You know when drivers like Max, Charles or Lewis make je gasp sometimes with their speed? I've never felt that with Carlos, he's just missing that last bit I think


Lmao you should feel blessed to be that close to those two


Because they are faster, Carlos.


Try Plan B then bro.


Be better then dude. Can't complain when Charles and Max are just frankly better.


Get rid of all the hair, Carlos. You will go one 1000th faster per lap.


Almost like you're not the same tier of driver dude, be real.


It’s giving George energy


a bit fed up? well yeh because if it happens over and over its a skill issue. There is a reason both charles and max zoom off after the start from him. Anyway the best are always just that much better no?


Skill issue


Sainz isn’t creme de la creme. His fans are in denial.


Just nail your qualifying and maybe you will have a chance at pole ?


Just drive faster


It's called go faster.


It’s pretty easy to fix this situation…drive faster.


Then drive better you scrub


Lack of talent


He is 100% the Ferrari version of Bottas.


Soooooo he’s not that guy?


Get gud


Be better 🤷🏻‍♂️


Well Carlos, it's on you man


Wait guys has he tried goin 5 tenths faster???


It doesn't just fall into their hands Carlos. They're faster. Yes, you're close to them. But they get the poles because that's all you are so far, close to them.


He is a bit like Bottas, very close in qualifying but comes race definitely not up to pace. And a couple of races he bring that qualifying pace to the race and performs incredibly Which is a shame as I really like him and want him to do better.


Bro you’re almost 30 it’s time to grow up and stop playing the unlucky card and come to terms that you’re just worse than them. That’s how sports work, some people are better than others


if someone else has been telling those fully egoist speeches he would be lynched out here for sure, you can see his jealousness and hate towards Leclerc


You nailed it. As a spaniard myself his interviews are unbearable. He’s always “inventing” excuses. I think in Singapore it was the first time he didn’t make up any, and he was 1 whole second slower than Perez and Charles.


He does have the right mentality, thinking he's as fast


All those who are comparing him to Bottas should know that Bottas would annihilate Sainz, Lando and other younger gen of drivers in race pace. On his days nobody could come close to him


W...what? Bottas? On race pace?


a rookie paydriver is exposing him


Nah Bottas is not at Sainz; Lando etc's level. Proven by the fact that Zhou has covered that delta right up.


It's good that he has this attitude It's also the reason why reddit somehow loves Bottas more than Rosberg, despite the latter putting up a big fight and coming out on top despite the comparative lack of talent. The problem for Sainz is, however, that he has two of these monsters to go against


He's a good qualifier but not a great racer. How many times has he started on pole only to immediately lose it on the start to verstappen. And how many times has he started 2nd and not been able to take on verstappen on the start. Good racer just doesn't seem to have the It Factor. Although his car has been unreliable also.


Why so much hate for Carlos in this thread? Lol


Perhaps because people appreciate self insight and taking responsibility - qualities that are sorely lacking in Carlos, which he has demonstrated not once but over and over again. Whether it’s the wind, or not having a tow, or luck, or the car’s pace (could be valid if Leclerc wasn’t pulling 20s gaps on him in race pace) - it’s always something other than him.