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No fancy dinner for the stewards


$200 from Haas will get some good McDonald's


In Singapore, that might get a Happy Meal


I thought SG had cheap food


it does, don't know what they're on about. I had breakfast for 3 bucks


eh, better just go to Malaysia, our inflation is 1 dollar to maybe 4.30 ringgit Malaysia here


Yeah you can find cheap food easily outside the downtown area.


Depends where you go to some degree but it definitely does have cheap food. There’s obviously a lot of higher end restaurants that are quite pricy, but there’s also a lot of very cheap options like hawker centers. Not sure why this guy thinks all you could get is a happy meal though.


It's in euros so maybe some big macs?


The Euro is weaker than the USD. One Euro gives you .98 USD right now


>The Euro is weaker than the USD. I know that has been the case for some months now, but it's still surreal


I remember in 2011 when the Aussie dollar went higher than the US dollar for a while, so much internet shopping.


Those were good times for Aussies.


[The real Big Mag.](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jan_Magnussen)


Can confirm. Currently in Singapore. God damn it's expensive here. $30 for a pint of beer at some random pub on the bay. $42 for a burger and fries.


Well if you go to the places that exist for the sole purpose of fleecing clueless tourists of course you'll get fleeced, Singaporeans regularly spend $5 for a nice meal and drink.


The stewards know that hawker centers are where the real gems are in Singapore. No need for fancy restaurants.


You can eat for the equivalent of 3 dollars, only tourists think Singapore is expensive


the expensive part of travelling to SG is the hotels


Yh I guess, I have family there so I never see that side


Well yeah… Singapore has the highest millionaires per capita in the world, of course they don’t find it expensive living there. Any other country would have zero chance of having the same tax scheme on cars


You don’t need a car when the country is 700 sq km


I live in a city that's 120 sq km and, while not having a car is feasible, it's a huge pain in the ass to go without one. Of course, that city is unfortunately San Francisco...


Well of course.....you're in the US, a country that was built with cars in mind


Singapore's public transport system allows you to go anywhere with public transport without the need of a car. The US doesn't.


And yet…


The Government maintains a small supply of car licences but ensures strong demand for cars by inviting foreign millionaires to come to Singapore. Allow the market forces to adjust and you can easily see 5 digit values of licenses in SGD. what a good way for the government to earn revenue


No need for a car, no room to pass anywhere.


Now I want some Hainanese chicken rice.


They get that from the €25,000 from Mercedes filling out the self scrutineering form incorrectly


The doctor's note excuse actually worked!


To whom it may concern, I write to confirm that Lewis's nose is sick, and I have prescribed a nose ring to aid in returning said nose to full health Sincerely, Dr Hewis Lamilton


Dr. Rico Nosberg would have written a way better note in equally bad handwriting !


His name is Noseberg, so.. obviously..


Signed, Dr. Roscoe Woofington, DO… g


That’s Sir Dr. Hewis Lamilton (did it correct to Jewish Hamilton for you?)


Actually it was Lewis' good friend Dr Valtteri Bottas


I think you're confusing the famous F1 driver Valtteri Bottas with world-renowned nose doctor Baltteri Vottas.


I'm surprised he didn't get a second opinion from Dr. Woto Tolff


Dr. Batteri Voltas


That’s the world-renowned physicist


Dr. Batteri Volttas




To be pedantic it would be Sir Hewis Lamilton MBChB. You don't use Sir and Dr together as the Knighthood takes precedence.


>I write to confirm that Lewis's nose is sick I read this as 'Lewis's nosering is sick' at first. I kind of prefer that version.


Sincerely, My Doctor


*Sir* Dr Hewis Lamilton He didn't save the Queen to be called Dr


He really has some monster turbinates in there


Reason, not excuse.


I need to see this note. They actually found a physician that would declare a nose piercing to be safer to your health than not wearing one. And professionally written so Ian Roberts actually agrees with it.


Piercing was infected. Taking out the stud and letting the hole close while infected does more harm than leaving the stud in place while it heals.


So would this mean that once the infection is out of the area the piercing will have to be removed again/forever?


Yes. Unless it gets infected again. The FIA stewards document said "he had been advised by his doctors not to remove it **for the time being**."


It gets infected about every 2 weeks.


Actually this in high school about 25 years ago, eyebrow ring was infected, so I had a band aid over the piercing while waiting for it to heal, vice principal wasn't having a bar of it, insisting becase he knew it was there, it was a breach of dress code, ended up making a website calling him a nazi motherfucker, accidentally set the school computers to my website because I'd forgotten it wasn't a formula one fan page anymore, anyway don't know what I'm telling you for but I got expelled for that.




This comment is a wild ride.


> accidentally set the school computers to my website What do you mean by this?




I'm asking how he accidentally set the computers to his website, but you're changing that word to intentionally?


Wow I smell fresh copy pasta. Wild


Lol sounds like something someone who's never dealt with a piercing would say.


Haha yeah that’s fair. But the scenes! Lewis not wanting to take them out, then being forced to take them out, then suddenly keeps one in out of nowhere, FIA gets mad and calls him in, and suddenly he has a doctors note… It’s beautiful.


A more realistic explanation would be he just got the piercing and doesn't want it to close up right after just getting it.


I have a nose piercing and I 100% believe that a doctor recommended leaving it in. Taking it out and putting it back in daily is extremely irritating to the cartilage; I had a job where I had to take it out before work and it was absolutely awful, it caused the whole thing to get inflamed. I’m just thankful mine didn’t get outright infected.


I literally pierced my nose 4 times in college because it gets infected so easily if you take it out. I played soccer. And it’s painful and It takes almost 6 months - a year for a nose piercing to fully heal and not close up in hours like they have the tendency to do. I hate the no jewelry in sports rules


Next time 'I had a doctors note but my dog ate it...)


a sentence i never thought i’d read


I hope netflix covers this


His explanation makes sense, was an infection and needed to go back in


In general it's not recommended to keep removing and replacing most nose studs, not only do nostril piercings start to close fast but you risk keloids if its roughed up too often. I have mine screwed in place now and no issues but when I was going between jewelry too much I had a real nasty bump show up. Its completely likely that he got it infected if he was removing it multiples a week since the start of the season.


Yep, it happens. I had an issue with mine a few months back and it comes from constantly fiddling with it... to take it in and out. Maybe if they left him alone about it, he wouldn't have the infection.


I have to preface this with the fact that I don't hate Lewis Hamilton and have few, if any, problems with him, but maybe if your job is to race in a sport where certain kinds of jewelry are banned for safety reasons, don't get the nose stud in the first place. It is like someone who works in a factory; you *have* to take you jewelry off or risk it getting caught in machinery, so it isn't a great idea to get jewelry which will get infected when you take it off regularly.


Lol, the jewellery was fine until this year, and people can still wear wedding rings. And hey, guess what... if you leave it alone, it doesn't get infected and a stud isn't going to get caught in anything. If he was wearing a ring, then fair, but a stud doesn't do shit. You just leave it alone and its fine. And unless his face is near machinery, I think he's fine.


It makes sense from Hamilton's part but no sense for the FIA regulation. They either consider it to be dangerous and should not make an exception or they don't consider it dangerous and shouldn't forbid it. What is the logic behind this ?


It’s the same way they allow rings if it’s a wedding ring…


Well that just makes sense, rings become much safer after becoming wdding rings /s


Almost like modest jewelry isn't dangerous compared to the real dangers F1 drivers face lmao


In other words, it's completely arbitrary.


Yeah it makes no sense. If it’s truly dangerous, then prevent him from racing.


I thought this could be the case.


Imagine Dr Roberts, paid to do shit like rescue Grosjean from a fire, asked to review a doctor's note about someone's piercing infection. The pinnacle of motorsport indeed...


Apart from some of your really top highly specialised doctors, I suspect most doctors deal with a range of things from the mundane to the super-serious & life-threatening. Dr Roberts probably doesn't see anything unusual about the juxtaposition between rescuing Grosjean and reviewing Hamilton's doctors note.


I imagine it’s more of “why am I reviewing another doctors order?”


Second opinions are very common. :) Moreover, it makes sense the stewards would ask their own expert. They themselves are not qualified to determine whether or not the note was a.) legit, b.) not some quack’s BS rambling.


To the best of my knowledge, Ian Roberts is not a dermatologist.


It's true. Sometimes you see a kid who ate a battery and sometimes some guy is trying to fake being sick Infront of you to take a sick day. Big range


Well, most doctors aren't LITERALLY at the scene of the emergency pulling the currently-on-fire-guy out of the blaze that set him on fire. So that seems a LITTLE beyond the call of duty, but that's what signing up to be the F1 doctor gets you I suppose


You made me laugh. Fair play.


Frankly,I find it irritating that the stewards go to a doctor to get a confirmation that this is a valid medical procedure.


Would you rather have seen them ask the local catering staff?


No, they should trust a doctor's opinion on their specialty. I don't think Roberts is an expert on skin infections.


Dr. Marko's note bails out Lewis, truly amazing!


Does Hamilton have to carry the doctors note every race now or is the matter over for good?


I am sure somewhere in the corner of the Internet someone is trying to make an argument that if the FIA could let Lewis slide for the node stud they should let RBR slide for infringing the cost cap (provided it was true).


That corner of the internet known as Twitter


Not even, there will definitely be some in the reddit comments. if all of the cost cap infringements get proven* (I dont want Horner coming at me)


Doesn't matter really, even if Red Bull are cleared of any wrongdoing you'll still have a bunch of people saying it's a conspirancy by the FIA to aid Red Bull and point at Abu Dhabi 2021 as proof


That corner of the internet known as ~~Twitter~~ reddit.


\*keyboard warriors typing furiously\*


God I hate F1 twitter


Just twitter in general. It's just a cess pit these days/


Fr. People have gotten too comfortable on there, brings all the weirdos out


You bring up a good point. Does the cost of the nose stud and doctor’s note have to be accounted for?


Yes, but you can always pay them under the table.


Financial report from the red bull accountant said all is fine... ;)


They have a doctors note likely.


Dr Helmut Marko wrote a note


If you turn the budget cap off then on again, you won't go over.


Probably the same people that argue "Rules are Rules." ?


There they are lol


The nose stud actually is what put Red Bull over the cost cap


I have to say I hate the people you describe just as much as people complaining about them. This toxicity luckily isn’t in this thread, so why bring it up? You are letting the toxic fans live in your head, just ignore them


Tbh I really don't care much about the toxic fans, I'm not even on Twitter or IG. Just trying to joke around a little.


Or maybe proper can say whatever they feel since it's on topic and you can ignore the things you hate and find toxic...? 🤔




Prescription nose stud, NOICE.


Probably the Doctors advice: no problem you don’t have to remove it 😂


I should damn well hope so. It's a farce that this is considered an issue in the first place.


Religious bands (ie. rings) are allowed of course. This isn't a safety issue, it's just a distraction. The budget cap thing is way waay more significant.


Great to see FIA focused on the “right” priorities. Kudos to you, Ben /s


Yeah it was about time


The investigation and rule is stupid, but the FIA can focus on more than one thing. Just because they're addressing one issue doesn't mean they are ignoring others.


> but the FIA can focus on more than one thing. You sure about that?


from the sounds of things, Lewis has been in a bit of pain from the FIA making this thing a thing.... mad that the new FIA prez decided this was a hill to die on to make his control visible.


€25k fine for inaccurate self-scrutineering according to Ted


thats for mercedes not hamilton


Dear Ben Sulayem, Sir Lewis Hamilton's nose stud is key for his health and it is imperative that it must not be removed, for medical reasons. Signed, Dr. Reorge Gusell


Please note: Knights prefix Sir to their *forename*, but never to their surname. Thus, **Sir Lewis Hamilton** may be shortened to **Sir Lewis**, but not to Sir Hamilton.


Bad bot. He said Sir Lewis Hamilton not Sir Hamilton


He probably edited it after the bot corrected him


Oh excellent point. I’m sorry u/f1_spelt_as_a_bot. Reddit should really indicate when people edit their comments on mobile


Jokes on the stewards, that's a performance enhancing nose ring.


Tears in my eye, he's gonna cook tomorrow let's go


Derek Warwick should be banned from the stewards office


Seriously get his racist ass out of the sport


Imagine if Lewis came with a doctor’s note, and presented it to the FIA, the image of it makes me laugh lmao


I think he actually did as well, tears in my eyes.


I actually didn’t know hahaha, just saw the article that he did in fact have one, now imagine a 7 times WC presenting his doctors note, man I love this


Wonder if his parents had to sign off on it as well lmfao


A note from his mum would've been better


Doctor's note wins again lads!


The FIA is a joke now we're just waiting for the other shoe to drop regarding the caps... I find it fascinating when formula 1 to me is more exciting on the off the track action then on the track with all the political bullshit that continues to happen year after year....




I bet Dr. Ian Roberts wasn't expecting to review this for the FIA when coming into work.


Why the fuck does this even matter?


Fair play to Lewis, he got a lot of shit for being stubborn about this before, but it seems like he has had to put in a lot of effort to comply with this and then it‘s lead to an infection, no further action is right, considering he has done everything he could to try to follow the rules which are a little silly in the first place.


I thought the problem was the paperwork being wrong, not him wearing it


There was two different summons. One for appendix L breach (this one) and one for inaccurate self scrutineering form


Wait, now Hamilton's appendix is infected? Crazy week. /s


~~Tldr:~~ The FIA realised there are bigger problems in the world and sport that need solving


Wow, even Spacy makes better summaries /s


FiA just hilarious


Potential costcap breach: Look, now, wait, just wait a minute. We need to think about this, and make sure the integrity of the sport is preserved. Acting rashly benefits nobody. Unhappiness at the Abu Dhabi stewarding: Well maybe some people were just confused. We'll take our time and make sure we really get it right next time. You know, we have to protect the integrity of the sport. Hamilton wears a nose stud: OK so this is serious stuff. Very serious. We should act immediately.


This is fucking stupid. Issues with jewelry? Lame.


Ahhh, boogers.


"If the stud fits, you must acquit" Johnnie Cochran has been slippin'


The FIA could do two things now, if they want to remain remotely believable: 1. Scrap the whole jewelry rule, or 2. Keep the rule and force Lewis to remove the nose stud indefinately. I prefer option 1.


I think the whole thing is a bit ridiculous and the current drivers should have been grandfathered in when they decided to start getting super strict about it after letting them do what they want for years. Lewis isn't a kid, he's nearly 40, he knows the risks. If he's decided that's an acceptable risk, that's a decision he should be allowed to make. Frankly, I'd imagine the drivers wearing wedding rings are probably at a higher risk of an injury directly caused by jewellery (possible degloving) than a nose stud under the helmet.


I’m gonna get this framed a reasonable response. Well a reasonable response would be getting rid of this silly rule but baby steps. (I definitely can understand why some jewellery would be dangerous- like necklaces and multiple pieces close together- but a nose stud or ear studs aren’t going to cause many problems.)


Seems like they pulled out all the stops and had no choice but to let him go when they came up short. He needed to provide a doctor’s note *and* they brought in a medical expert to authenticate the note and his condition. They really wanted to get him for something today.


No that’s not “pulling out all stops” and “only letting him go because they came up short.” On the contrary, they’re simply being diligent. The rules state jewellery is forbidden. They see HAM is wearing jewellery and thus he’s summoned to explain himself - so far so good. HAM claims he has to keep it in on doctors orders. This claim is verified by the FIA’s medical expect, because the stewards are of course not doctors and thus can’t determine whether or not what’s in the third-party doctors notes holds any merit at all. This makes total sense. The FIA-doctor confirms it’s not BS and thus now the stewards know Hamilton has a good reason to keep it in and they decide no further action is taken on grounds of medical reasons as mitigating factor. This is actually very very reasonable, good process and a good thing they double-check with their own experts. But I guess you rather see them slacking and accept any excuse from any third-party. They just can’t ever do it right eh.


I’m just inclined to be skeptical about Lewis-related intentions whenever Derek Warwick is stewarding. Also let’s not forget the absurdity of the rule in the first place as it makes exceptions for religious jewelry, so obviously it’s not a true safety concern.


"Take it out for safety" "I can't take it, for safety reasons" "...touché"


Having worked in heavy industry far safer than F1, shouldn't they have a jewelry standard? I get the hypocrisy of wedding rings, they should be banned too. But yeah..


This is just getting absurd now.


ah yes doctors note. always works


gosh darn this is whole thing is stupid


Lewis is bigger than the FIA




"well of course, Toto owns the FiA" _-someone on Reddit_


All of this is dumb.


Again, this ban on actual jewelry is bullshit


Fair stuff


This isn't the stewards or the FIA as an entity, this is Mohammed bin Sulayem crazy conservative agenda. He's easily been the worst and least deserving FIA president in living memory.


FFS let the man wear his jewellery if he wishes to FIA , and let's get on with racing!


FIA making asses out of themselves with this


Why do they even bother having rules???




Honestly, who fucking cares other than Crofty.


It's such a fucking dumb rule to begin with.


I was about to say this was a joke until Ted just said there was €25k fine for merc. This is the correct result - no driver fault but big team fine. I would have liked to have seen it as a €100k fine.


Why a big team fine? The whole situation is daffy as fuck to begin with. You're allowed to wear a wedding ring which absolutely can deglove your finger in a crash, but a nose stud (which is a far smaller risk) is verboten. Review the damn rules before throwing stupid fines around.


That nose stud underneath the helmet runs the risk of getting trapped in the ceiling fan therefore must come out.


If a driver is wearing jewellery the team has to declare that to the FIA Should a driver be injured the fact they are wearing jewellery can be passed on to medics cos it is something that might affect things medically Mercedes told the FIA that Hamilton was not wearing any jewellery, When they should have said Hamilton is wearing a nose piecing because his doctor has told him he has to on medical grounds The fine has nothing to do with Hamilton wearing the Jewellery itself rather it was not reported he was wearing it


Mercedes filled a form incorrectly instead of asking the driver. FIA don't have a problem with him wearing the nose stud here given the fact his doctor literally asked him to wear it to avoid infection, they have a problem with Mercedes saying he didn't have a nose stud.


I get that. But it's kind of absurd to say that's deserving of a 25k fine, much less a 100k fine.


The team knowingly gave a false report to the FIA. All they had to say was we're out of compliance but have a valid (medical) reason for doing so.


They *unknowingly* gave a false report to the FIA, because they didn't bother to check with Hamilton personally. That's even in the Stewards' report. They fined Merc 25k because Merc didn't bother to double-check with Hamilton about all of his piercings.


All of that is bs semantics. The team knows exactly what lewis is doing and lewis tells the team exactly what he's doing. Unless you're saying lewis is purposely deceiving mercedes, which we all know isnt his style. But let's just run with your argument - knowingly not verifying the information you certify is knowingly certifying false information. You have said the information is correct despite knowing you don't know if it's correct. It was a legal floor when we checked it, we just didnt recheck before the car went out with an illegal floor. Oops.


Is this a joke?


Hes winding the FIA up isnt he


Gerd tried to get one over on HAM and they shut his ass down cold. Thank goodness some common sense was used.


‘Medical advice’ really?


I bet that doctor got a nice pay check


Off course these are the things we need to be focused on today. Forget the cheats and all that 🙄. Nothing mentioned on F1 commentary today about Redbull going over budget cap.


> Nothing mentioned on F1 commentary today about Redbull going over budget cap. Why would they? It’s nothing but a vague rumour.