The old Doctors note, I donno if that would work with the FIA team like it did at school


Hilarious seeing this now because it actually did work


I think the FIA is overreacting seeing as how hes been wearing it for years… butt… The “I have a doctors note…” defense is just to hilarious.


The stud is structural.


Load-bearing stud


Jerry, those are load-bearing walls, they're not coming down


>The “I have a doctors note…” defense is just to hilarious. Worked so many times at school


Hope he put his head on the radiator for 5 mins before he went to the stewards for full effect.


I wish it did for me


It's funny but removing and putting nose studs often can actually increase chances of infection and other small issues, so it's not totally a joke


It has also been against the rules for years. They should either have started enforcing it at the start of the year (or maybe announce enforcement at the start of 2023) or removed it from the rules. This continued threatening just makes them look bad.


Exactly. If it’s a rule you want to enforce, clearly explain why it needs to be enforced when other jewelry items don’t, or remove it from the rules. As is, they just look bad.


It's a prescription nose stud.


> The “I have a doctors note…” defense is just to hilarious. True, but on the other hand, it does require the stewards to overrule a medical professional on a medical safety matter...


I am genuinely interested in the reasoning behind this doctor's decision to recommend Lewis to keep it in. Do they have to mutilate his nose to get it out? Is the doctor worried the hole might grow shut if Lewis takes it out too often or for too long??


He might’ve had it repierced and therefore can remove for fear of infection? No idea really. It’s hilarious that he’s going to use a doctor as a reason for keeping something in that the fia want to remove for medical safety. I barely trust the fia to know what’s best for motor racing. For medical advice? Hell no


The FIA have their own doctors who kind of specialise in Motor Sports injuries so yes the FIA doctors are likely better informed.


So well informed that they have the stance that all jewellery is dangerous, except for wedding rings, that seemingly have some kind of special properties that mean they aren’t?


Wedding rings protect you with the power of love, duh


This is all so stupid. Wedding rings seem like the most dangerous thing to have as if you smash or burn your hand (looking at you Grosjean) the ring is a big problem. Earrings or nose studs shouldn't be an issue because you have a helmet protecting them, and in the event of injury wouldn't be constricting anything in particular.


I feel like its one of those things where IF a nose stud as small as Hamilton's is meaningful on the accident then you've got way bigger problems as it must've been a serious serious crash Either something got that close to his face and through the helmet, something ripped his helmet and the nose stud or the g forces were insane




FIA has their own battery of medical professionals who give final clearance


>I think the FIA is overreacting seeing as how hes been wearing it for years… butt… Eh people have been racing in F1 for years without needing Halos or fireproof gear, but sometimes accidents happen and you want to minimise risks. That said, i don't think it would have made much difference if Grosjean would have worn rings in all of his fingers and multiple nose studs in all of his noses. I don't know for a fact though so perhaps i am wrong.


Wait... how many noses did Grosjean have?


We are checking


Box box we are going to have to retire the nose.


His wedding ring actually protected that part of his finger in the fire. This is the daft thing about it, the metal takes longer to heat to the point that it would burn you, than the skin does to burn on its own.


Did they check that Vettel was wearing the right underwear?


Vettel already given a 5 place grid drop


Or 5 place grid improvement…. Well groomed, fire proof and smelling nice


emotional support stud?


He should replace the stud with roscoe


A stud of Roscoe


Yeah, hi, you called? What's up.


Can someone invent a Roscoe-bot that's like the u/leonard-bot in r/community that just drops timely wisdom. I need it.


Necklaces and to some extent bracelets I can get, but why would a nose stud be a safety liability? Honest question


It's not. At very, very worse it would rip off in the unlikely event it gets snagged on his helmet as a medical professional rips it off. It would be unpleasant with a bit of bleeding but if he's out cold then it's a non-issue with whatever other problems are going on. Wedding rings (which I think are still allowed) are much more dangerous since they can deglove your finger.


I’ll never understand people who insinuate they have to wear their normal wedding band at all times. I’m no pro athlete, but when I’m running, cycling, swimming, or even at work, I’m wearing a silicon band so I A) Don’t ruin my wedding band since it’s important to me B) Don’t screw up and deglove my finger… I’m also not superstitious or a person of faith, so maybe I’m just overthinking it. But in general, if I was a racing driver, in any series, I wouldn’t be caught dead with metal touching my bare skin, I’m no fan of getting burned.


I don't really know people who wear their wedding band all the time. My parents at least don't, but that may also be due to their jobs.


I wear my normal one all the time. If I were still working as a bicycle mechanic I probably would wear a silicone one or something. My wife takes hers off when she goes into the operating room and I think my father did the same before he retired. But there's really nothing I encounter in my life that would require me not to wear it. So I just wear it. I usually keep mine on when I go out cycling.


My dad told me he lost one delivering a baby, so yeah, take it off lol


Lost it...where?


I assume it came off when he took the gloves off and ended up in the trash but he loves to joke about the other possibilities


I don’t either. If I’m wearing a watch I’m wearing it. Otherwise no


I’m one of those people. It just feels weird if I’m not wearing it. Only time I take it off is if my fingers are really swelling.


I’m in healthcare and I wear mine daily. Granted I’m not doing any surgeries or anything that would deglove my finger. My wife does the same and she’s also in healthcare. I only take it off when I shower or I’m cooking.


With the exception of a second or two every now and the. When I am bored and playing with it mine hasn’t come off in 3 or 4 years.


Degloving is bad, but I’ve also seen rings straight rip a finger off the hand, tendon intact.


I think the idea is it can come loose and end up in the airway, leading to choking. Not sure if that could still happen if it's welded in. I'm no expert on this. I just remember reading something along these lines a while ago.


> welded I have some wild images in my mind of this. Terrifying.


The size of them would struggle to choke a hamster. And they tend to fall outward if they do come off, which is very rare anyway.


And you've summed up why this is all pointless. The odds of it having an impact is probably lower than the driver dying.


If your saying it can get caught in your helmet then it could be way worse as the extra strength to rip it out of his nose could hurt his neck in a critical situation or stop the helmet from being removed easily enough. Realistically though it wouldn't get caught in the helmet but in the head sock and that's even less risk as it could be cut off pretty easily.


yeah if his neck is an issue, they arent ripping his helmet off at full force, if even taking off his helmet initially, dum dum. the nose piercing is fine.


Some months ago I looked at official FIA documents, archives around 2004-2006. No reason was given in regulations, but in only a "A Driver's Guide to Safer Motor Sport" (2006) from the FIA Institute for Motor Sport Safety (that also the medical research group from 2004 - around time rule would have been conceived - was merged into): >The presence of chains, amulets and other jewellery, including those attached through body piercing, may hinder intervention in case you are injured in an accident. Decorative studs through lips and tongues for instance could interfere with some medical procedures, while studs in eyebrows could snag on helmets.


I think amulets should be excluded…so powerful


Schumacher had one, a string and a tooth.


No, it’s about making an example. If your helmet is compromised to the point your nose stud is causing issue you are in trouble medically


* dive bomb a driver *nah we're good* * brake test a driver *nah dont worry* * wear a nose stud HOW DARE YOU


Both Hamilton's dive bomb and Max's braking got penalties though...


Max's dive bomb in Brazil got nothing. And a 10s penalty applied after race was done confirming that 10s would do nothing to the result, isn't really a penalty is it? Michael Schumacher got seasons disqualification for trying to take another driver off. Romain Grosjean got a race ban for fucking up a start and taking drivers out. Max gets 10s for trying to take another driver out of a race? Really? Monza and Silverstone were racing incidents and punished accordingly. Smashing your brakes with up to 69bar of pressure whilst your opponent is behind you isnt a "racing incident". I've been watching this sport long enough now, 25 years, to call out BS when I see it.


Please give it a rest and stop trying to relitigate events of almost a year ago, especially when you clearly have a bias and aren’t presenting the whole situation fairly.


I've been watching f1 for 25 years pal, I'm a bit past driver bias at this point. What have showed unfairly?


Like I said I’m not going down this rabbit hole again, but presenting the situation as Max trying to take out Lewis by brake checking him is not an impartial representation of what happened and not what the stewards concluded to have happened either.


And Michael was just turning in on a late apex and Jacques just happened to be there? Just because it doesn't support your world view doesn't make it wrong my friend. I also couldn't really care less about what the stewards said last year, they saw no issue with Brazil for example, despite everyone calling that out.


So you don't have to wonder if it's "a safety liability" every single time for every single separate, differently placed, piece of jewelry any driver in any series might come in wearing, and then get into arguments about why someone else was allowed to wear theirs.


Possibly in the event of fire , not really covered by fireproof material so potentially a heat sink type of event.


It’s not. It’s a retaliation against him for wearing the rainbow flag at the final race last year and being so outspoken.


When your head is smashed in by some flying object and they need to do an MRI to see if your face can be salvaged.


MRIs are not a part of the NEXUS or ATLS protocols for trauma assessment and management. That’s a post acute care type of imaging. Maybe you need MRI WWO but the first line scan is still a CT anyways and every neurologist and neurosurgeon worth their salary can and will perform intervention with just that. FAST, XR and Pan Scan CTs. If it came down to it, every Level 1 trauma center has cutters and they will hack off and rip out what they need to. Lewis also isn’t a poor. His studs are platinum. MRI safe. The Stewards are being bellends


Brundle and Kravitz alluded strongly to it all being down, really, to the FIA punishing him and Merc for kicking up stink about Abu Dhabi and/or not attending the ceremony. It doesn't take Poirot, indeed. Impossible to prove but a matter of opinion...


Which would be ludicrous, considering that race.


You vastly underestimate the pettiness of rich, powerful people being called out on their incompetency.


I mean if they do anything stupid i can see this being all out war between the FIA and Merc, that could end up very nastily in court.


Honestly, doubt it. The FIA would lose a lot more face by going to court over a nose stud, especially against the same people they fucked over last year. Backroom deals are more their style.


There is no case. It's an FIA rule and Hamilton can adhere or not race - unless they gracefully decide to allow it. The fundamental point being made, very intentionally, is that the FIA hold the power and that Merc/Hamilton have to remember that.


1. MRI is not done in the immediate instance. 2. Lewis' nose stud is certified MR safe according to him. 3. If his head is smashed in I dare say he has bigger issues.


MRI is not what you do in case of emergency, and is also useless for viewing bones compared to the (cheaper and faster) CT-scan. It's a CT-scan they'd do, for which metallic stuff isn't a big issue.


A nose stud, whether platinum or some other metal, will cause artifacts on both CT and MRI. The stud could mask small orbital/sinus fractures especially if the CT scanner is a bit older and has shitty MAR (like Siemens Edge or older). But it's not an actual issue, it takes under 10 seconds to remove a piercing with cutters which we do before scanning on head trauma cases.


They'd be non-ferrous, so it's a non-issue. The only valid complaint is heat conduction, and frankly, that's absurd double standards if wedding rings are allowed.


If heat conduction into your nose is a concern, then something far worse is already happening anyway.


There are MRI safe piercings now


It could end up in the airway


Metal conducts radiant heat in a fire and causes burns that wouldn't occur otherwise.


If he is getting burns in his face through his helmet and mask he has bigger issues then a slightly heavier burn on a small part of his nose.


Through a multi inch thick helmet... That fire is already doing more damage than a singed nose.


Heat radiation goes through the visor and is conducted by metal, not the foam section.


The nose is below the fireproof layer, if that much heat was coming through the visor the driver's eyes would have already boiled out of his head.


Who says he is wearing a fire proof hood, do you think he should follow the rules or something?😝


can you show me an instance of this happening in motorsport, any time ever ?


well someone did lose his nose ring in his sleep and then five years later it was found lodged in his body so welp. crazy things are possible. still dumb to get lewis in front of stewards because he was wearing one.




heard it on the radio a couple days ago.


Slightly afraid to ask, but where on his body was it found lodged?


Was Roscoe the doctor?


Didn’t he take it out not too long ago? Why put it back in?


Maybe he saw the Twitter meme that shows "with nose stud, he was multiple WDCs, without nose stud, he's winless till now" comparisons.


Stop the hole closing, and a semi-closed hole can become an infection risk.


Surely it's not going to close up over the duration of a Grand Prix. Surely he could remove it when he is about to hop into the car and put it back in after.


> Surely it's not going to close up over the duration of a Grand Prix. My appy will start to close after 20mins of the bar being out. It happens. Also constantly removing and refitting them is what triggers infections to begin with.


It's absolutely not, no I heal very quickly and it would be well over a month before I couldn't get mine back in comfortably In fact, I've not had mine in for three years or so and it wouldn't be impossible now...painful as the inside has closed but it'd push through if I was determined, lol


Is the Doctor's name Helmut by any chance?


Ah yes, of course, the very dangerous and serious "small nose stud under the giant protective helmet" infraction


I wonder what his diagnosis was for the doctor to recommend a nose ring.


More a case of not taking it out rather than having it in


Docs recommend keeping them in when infection is a risk, a semi closed hole is an infection risk, and a hole closing around an infection is a Septicemia risk. If you have an infection, which can be triggered by constantly taking jewellery in and out, then your Doc or body piercer will tell you to keep the jewellery in, so the infection can get out and treatments can get in.


Deficiency of 💧


He was Bullish about winning a race soon.


if he’s got a doctor’s note then 🤷‍♀️ lol piercings can get infected


A doctor recommended keeping it in? hahahaha


It’s his emotional support nose stud.


Ah yes, the FIA going to come crack down hard on this for no reason, but the cost cap will slide by


The stewards are not the ones auditing financials..


aaaah the great white hope, abu dhabi stewards




It's almost like they both represent the same governing body.


Do you really think the stewards are financial experts? Because I would be highly surprised if they were to be honest.


Because the race director is the auditor..?


Because the FIA sets punishment standards for both?


I love the fact people have just cemented as fact now that 1. A team broke the cost cap and 2. that the FIA wont punish it at all 😂 When the only statement from the fia is "Stop making shit up and wait and see"


lets be clear, if Max were wearing the nose stud, Toto would be pushing for crack down every week


PE excuses now


Ahh yah use the doctors note excuse I love it!! That being said if not having it in could cause the area to get infected that is pretty valid.




But, hear me out, yes.


least pointless reddit comment


No it's not. At that point Hamilton, as a Profesional driver, should make a decision between wearing the piercing or racing.


lmfao the fia focusing on this and not on rich teams spending cash like it's single ply toilet paper after a diarrhoea shit


Do you really think the stewards will do the audit of the books of all teams?


Seriously. Is this really a thing the FIA really wants to push on. My god FIA can you like leave the drivers alone.


Ban him from this season and last seasons championship.


cancel his 7 previous championships! 😡


He wasn't wearing it a few races back


I assume not only did he keep his jewelery, he only bought private jewelery with the team's budget, resulting them to be the ones breaking the budget cap. Burn him! He's the witch! How am I doing with this reddit armchair investigator thingy? Am I hired?


probably simply forgot to take it off, there is literally no reason for a doctor to recommend that he keeps it for a session


Are you a doctor?


I have a septum piercing, how many piercings you have on your nose exactly?


I changed a light bulb am I an electrician??


I drove F1 cars in F1 2022, should I give Alpine a call?


Didn’t know that was the qualification to be a doctor these days


I have 2 piercings. Practically makes me a consultant


You should teach.


I got my butthole pierced now what son?


Firstly: why? and secondly: WHYY?


Why not?


But they have a septum piercing!!


Had to check what septum is, was hoping for something spicy but was disappointed.


it is obvious that you don't know anything anyways


So are you a doctor or not?


Well, depends how much the Dr is paid to say that...


and if the financial auditors saw that money stream


We might never know. Doctor - patient confidentiality :)


Man for him to put it back in when he has taken it out before is a bit silly isn't it?


Rules are rules, silly for Lewis to forget to take out his nose jewellery


Rules for thee and not for me from the Mercedes camp


Who exactly has Merc gone after on nose rings.


Pretty sure Merc never made a fuzz about anyone wearing jewelry?


Clearly disqualification


I have a nose piercing and I for the life of me can not find a reason where you have to keep it in unless it's a fresh piercing. Which this isn't. Or if it's infected but even then having it out for an hour here and two hours there won't make it any worse.


There isn't a reason, it's absolute nonsense


This being a problem is nonsense, not a safety risk at all. Rings are a big one actually and that is fine so make that make sense.


I'm just amazed he found a doctor that wrote him a note tbh


If you pay enough there will always be one doctor who'll write you a note I guess?


What a joke. As if they (the FIA!) have nothing better to do, like investigating the Cost Cap.


Stewards by day, accountants and auditors by night. Superstewards.


I didn't knew stewards also doubled as forensic accountants.


Stewards don’t investigate cost cap😂




Imagine if they did... THE ABSOLUTE SCENES


Huh, I thought he'd been wearing it all year. Still a dumb enforcement of the rule.




I mean, almost 40 and with a nose piercing... time to move on Lewis


Let the man live, ffs


He can do w/e the fuck he wants, he has 8 WC and millions, obviously. I just think it's a bit trashy xD




Nah, if it's medically advised then it won't be enforcible.


They said that about David Reynolds in Supercars last season, he was banned from 2 race weekends because he was not fully vaccinated eventhough he had a doctor's certificate saying he couldn't get a vaccination.


Depends on the explanation. I can understand that a doctor might suggest the risk of infection with repeatedly removing and replacing the stud. However at this point the FIA can also say: you're a profesional racing driver, you need to make a decision what's more important. The piercing or racing.


I think disqualification from the event for this infraction would be quite lenient but given Lewis is himself I think they should ban him from the rest of the season




Sorry Lewis but your doctor doesn’t give a shit about your nose stud, but sure, he will say he recommends it staying in if it means getting this bullshit out of his office.




Why can't we go over the cost cap, Lewis is wearing a nose ring??!!!??!!?