"There is no mechanism to fix this error and an apology is offered to the driver and team" LMAO


Just give every other driver a drive through then the 10 second penalty will have been applied.


Give the FIA a break. They are a tiny entity with very limited ressources. /s


I mean there isn’t without rerunning there race?


Yeah and you can't really give him some free points as it's messing with the championship standings. Only thing I could see being able to do is deduct penalty points from his licence


Yeah, it wouldn't be so crazy to make it 1 penalty point on the license instead of 2. I mean, it's still barely doing Vips a favor since drivers hardly ever get suspended on points anyway, but it's a little more than an apology.


Nah make everyone else drive through the pits to counteract Vips going through the pits unnecessarily duh


I hope you're not serious


Promote hin extra 10 secs?




It’s not given to the wrong driver, it’s just the wrong penalty


Additionally, i believe he took the penalty during the race


They have no choice but to take the penalty during the race. Failure to do so within the allotted laps from when the penalty is given will mean the driver will be black flagged and will get a grid penalty at the next race. The time taken to argue this during the race would have likely been more than the laps the penalty needed to be taken in and would have been risky.






Do you are have stupid


Been a great day for race control.


Reminder that Daruvala only gets a reprimand for slamming Doohan and Sargeant These stewards are a joke today


They’re a joke every single race. And it not just recently, pretty much since f1 began.


I was thinking about how much more stable and on point it was when Charlie Whiting was at the helm.


The greatest thing Charlie Whiting had going for him was that he was loved and respected. He still made plenty of mistakes. IMHO. But I don’t think it’s an issue of the stewards and directors necessarily. With the ambiguity and judgement calls there are going to be mistakes.


Sebastian for race director 2023.


I cannot decide if I want him as race director, FIA president or Ferrari team principal


leclerc in f3 was dubious as well


Except for porsche supercup in every race today there was something to critisize race control for.


And it continued to F1, unfortunately I saw that coming. What is going on with stewards again?


They should appeal the apology to make the FIA look like bigger dicks by formally announcing their withdrawal of it after having admitted fault.


10 sec to 10 stop-go is a huge difference Vips getting only an apology is a joke


This feels kinda stupid but can't they, like... take the time from pit entry to pit exit (which is very much measurable), deduct 10s from it and then take the result and deduct that from his overall race time, adjusting accordingly. Like they do with time penalties, but in reverse and with slightly more math. For example pit entry to exit time is 36s, then 36-10=26, consider that extra time lost and deduct that from his race time. Not that precise because it doesn't account for the time lost braking for entry or accelerating from exit, but it's something... Can someone smarter explain why this is dumb or is it just not a mechanism that is in place?


The reason it's not good to do that is because you're not allowing the other cars in the race to react to where Vips would have been without the stop-go. Teams can run different strategies based on track position or might push more/less hard if they are close to overtaking/being overtaken. Since they are professionals racing for money, it could make some sense to give them some money as compensation -- all of the race results remain final, but it's basically the opposite of a fine, which is an accepted practice in a lot of circumstances.


They could, but I do not believe there is mechanism in the rules to 'deduct time' from a driver. And that unfairly penalises other drivers. Butterfly effect and all. They took actions on track because Vips was not there, and now they are being potentially put behind him. It is very rare that this type of action would be taken. Like if driver A hits Driver B, they don't take time off driver Bs finish time - they just penalise driver A. It's unfortunate, but the alternative would be worse imo.


I get it, like how when the drivers know someone ahead has a 5s time penalty they push like hell to get that extra position without needing to overtake. So essentially you'd be penalising other drivers by un-penalising Vips.


The FIA hates taking away time penalties


What exactly do you think he should get?


Doesn’t really matter which he should or shouldn’t get tbh, It’s the fact that they told him he had to serve ~40 seconds in the pits outside of a stop(which he did) rather than add 10 seconds to a stop or to total time (as it should have been) That’s completely race ruining and a terrible look for the stewards


Yeah. Unless you think FIA have a time machine somewhere that’s water under the bridge. The claim here is that him just getting an apology is a joke. So what exactly do they think can be given to him to “make it right”?


I agree that there’s not much they can do other than remove the points they gave him and they can’t like retroactively give him points or any of that but I think the fact that they can’t do anything about it kinda shows why it’s such a bad look. They made a massive mistake and are just like “oops, our bad sorry you got your race destroyed because were dumb but we literally can’t fix it so you just have to accept it” At this point you have to look at how penalties are served or communicated to make sure stuff like this doesn’t happen again and that’s probably all you can do


Did you read the document? He was supposed to get a penalty. He just got the wrong type of 10 second penalty. His penalty points are thus warranted. If they deducted those we’d be basically unpenalizing him for his on track error because a steward made a mistake. Sometimes shit just happens.


Did you read my comment? You’re literally agreeing with me lol. It’s still a bad look for the stewards to be fucking up this bad at this level lol Edit: oh no I see what you’re saying. Yeah they can keep the points then, still an awful look even if it is an honest mistake


The only fair thing I think you can give him is money!!!


Why? He messed up on track. If he didn't get a penalty in the first place he wouldn't have gotten the wrong one applied.


They made a mistake. When a team makes a mistake, sometimes monetary compensation is required. So why not? It was the wrong penalty, they made a mistake. That he had a penalty coming anyway has zero bearing on the fact that the penalty was the wrong one, thus a mistake.


Yeah, kind of a backwards fine wouldn't be the worst thing in the world -- I don't know the exact payout scheme for F2, but I assume that finishing lower nets you less money. Giving the team some money as compensation doesn't change the ultimate placements (which obviously they can't go back and change the placings), but helps offset the team financially.


They know what the time is lost during a pit stop, so leave the 10 seconds penalty, and just remove the ~25 seconds (or whatever the time is lost by driving through pits) from his total time running. Unless it was a finish under safetycar, it shouldn't change the order of finishing that much, and actually shows his place in the race results.


A kiss on his forehead.


The firstborn children from everyone at race control


an N-word pass /s


Like €25k


His time should be deducted by 20 sec or whatever the pit delta is


It's like saying "sorry I fucked your girlfriend, but if it makes you feel better I fucked your Mom too". No an apology doesn't help with the loss of potential points, sponsor money, or positive experience needed to move as a driver to the next level. But they said sorry so it's all good now...


The FIA spelling braking as breaking is the icing on the cake for me here


Glad I’m not the only one who noticed this. Embarrassing for the FIA to be making basic spelling errors in official documents.


My brother in christ, how do you not know how to spell the terms of the sport *that you yourself govern*


Premier League VAR 🤝 Stewards


Making shit up as you go along 🤝 Stewards


sry 🙏🙏


Holy shit lol. "There is no mechanism to fix this, tough shit bois"


Shades of Abu Dhabi.


"an apology is offered" ???


"We have given Vips the wrong penalty." "Whoops." "Whoopsie!"


First we act unprofessional and denounce the decision of a team to keep a controversial driver, then we give him a wrong penalty, that should push him out of the sport - fia probably


why are there no new posts on the race going on?


Only the highlights team can post highlights and none of them seem to be around, lol


Mods busy watching the race and not approving posts I guess


Basically the highlights team try to get a monopoly on race day karma, it’s proper odd


i guess it's better than 100's of spamming submissions of the same thing?


automod went on strike


Because its a snooze fest


Spelled braking "breaking" also


Sowwy we muffed your race.


I mean what are they supposed to do directly with this; you can't just give back the team an undetermined amount of time if they *serve* the penalty, there's too many other variables. If it was just a time penalty you can remove it, but this is not practical here. Obviously a massive fuck up but hard to rectify.


2 penalty points still appllied for Vips lol


Well, those he should have always had for punting off Lawson.


"Under breaking"??????


Is there a new mod dictator or something? Why are all race footage not filtered through?


What the fuck


FIA: He said the n-word so these things just happen


Sporting rules are suppose to have no bias to any competitor regardless if they are not nice person or not


That being said, he still is a nice guy


such a nice guy, just like GOATifi. both deserve multi-year F1 deals because very nice guys.


Well what can they do now I guess, shouldn't happen but it did so what can they really do other than at least take blame and say sorry? Almost glad that this insanely harsh penalty was a mistake rather than a new directive.


And he's getting a penalty in Singapore...


F2 doesn't race in Singapore 🤨


This is the most peculiar bug I've ever had, I left this comment in another thread and it dupped here wtf


Wtf 😂


Jesus!!! Bring back Masi. 😜


We will finally go motor racing then!


I was confused but quite happy for a penalty to be this harsh. Funny that an adequate penalty was a mistake. He was right back where the victim he crashed into was at. It is quite funny that the penalty is not issued by a computer but someone using a dropdown menu. How? Another driver got a 10s stop and go right before Vips and they forgot to change it.


So the FIA give out the wrong penalty and then blame the team for not appealing... sounds fair :D


Couldn't have happened to a nicer guy




I wouldn't compare his actions to Hitler, but Red Bull did drop him from their junior team iirc


Did they still add 10 seconds onto Vips's race time despite him serving the stop/go? Final classification shows him as 12th. Edit: looks like they fixed it


Seems about right. Race control has been extremely inconsistent and out right idiotic this season.


Maybe THEY should get fined and it goes to the driver lol


All races where an absolute shit show man. F3 champion decided during red flag and penalties and a bunch of penalties wrongly applied for the F2 race. Oh, and the safety car disaster of the F1 race to top it all off.


Did it make a difference to the drivers championship standings seeing as it was the last race today?


3rd to last, Abu Dhabi is the last circuit


Oh I saw today that drugovitch has secured the championship but if there’s more to go then the lower placing may still change


Looks like Albon wasn't the only one with appendix problems this weekend


Well, at least they apologized. Still waiting for that for AD