The best part of the race was really confirming goatifi HAS to go


McLaren can go eat a bag of dicks.


Sorry guys but shouldn't Ferrari take a gamble and let Charles out on track under SC? Didn't they throw a win away today?


Max had enough time to pit and come out before leclerc passed him


He would have gotten swamped if the race restarted


To be honest, I think Ferrari actually nailed their strategy this race. It's just that the RB18 is just that much faster, but strategy-wise they did everything right in my opinion (this race, mind you)


Don't you think they pit Leclerc way too soon though? It was like they thought they had to pit because safety car lol


It was a real opportunity to put some pressure on Max


For a 2-stopper it wasn't too soon, and they had the advantage of the vsc.


I feel it was wat closer than people think. At least it looked that way in the tracker. It would at least put him right behind max in case the race would be green flagged.


But that wouldn't have made a difference since Max was on brand new softs with a stronger car. A lot of luck would've been required to pull this one off for Ferrari.


They wouldn't have gained a position, because Charles was more than 20s behind and pitstop delta time with SC/VSC was 17s.


What do u mean. Ferrari existing is already a gamble in itself. At least they didnt mess up the pitstops. It was the best they could do


Wouldn’t matter. At safety care speeds he was more than a pitstop behind Verstappen and more than a pitstop ahead of Russell.


This race was so close , that max could do a free pitstop. What could have happend when max had a restart on new softs........ Ferrari got robbed harr haarrrr harr /s


Easily the worst race of the season. Nothing interesting, nothing noteworthy, horrible ending.


Not one on track pass for the lead.


Not even bottom 3.


It was definitely exciting to see if De Vries could hold Zhou behind him!


Eh, in my opinion Baku is still the most boring race of the season. Shame, because last year Baku was among the best.


Most of the races this year have been pretty boring. People are just in denial because Ferrari looked strong at the start of the year and people wanted these new cars to provide closer racing. Neither of those things really eventuated. Barring some outlier races, most of the races this year have been like this, not quite as bad, but more or less this.


I guess Baku was as bad as this, it's just that we got 2 Ferrari DNFs for entertainment.


Spa was definitely more boring, this was much better in terms of overtakes and battles across the field.


I guess it's.. fair? Did this race have more overtakes than Spa though?


I mean sainz coming from p17 to p4 was pretty good. Guy was driving like a maniac today, made a good call to pit for sorts on his last stop. Hamilton came through the pack incredibly well. De Vries holding off Zhou. It was a good race.


Yeah, Sainz drove great as well... But other than that, nothing really noteworthy. Idk, I guess I just felt extremely bored all race.


Toto - You know the race direction's call will be under critics, but this time they followed the rules. Maybe they could have done it a lap earlier or let George through, but they followed the rules and they accepted the race ends behind the safety car.


Hahaha he nearly cracked


Toto struggling to maintain a straight face.


Lewis “I don’t even know what those things are for” 😂


First time I’ve seen Naomi say something a bit silly. Ofc Ferrari were being defensive strategically. They were leading a race with the fastest car and driver chasing them. They didn’t lose this race in the pitwall. Speed not strategy lost them this. Second and fourth was the best they could have achieved really.


Second and third could’ve been doable without the SC. I feel it sort of killed Sainz’s race


It sort of...killed the entire race. Idk the dudes name on F1TV, kept saying ferarri shouldn't have pitted Sainz to cover off Russell. Would've gained position there if I'm remembering right.


Eh they couldn’t have known race would end under an SC so it would be a no brainer to pit for fresh softs, but I guess yeah hindsight is 20/20




They didn’t show what happened with Daniel though. Did the car die or did he crash?


Engine died I think. Some car issue, no crash.


He said lost power over the radio.


"engine problems"


He said the engine seized.


Engine died, they didn’t show it but they played his radio message.


The irony of some of you guys: abu Dhabi was unfair change the rule so it is all of no car to unlap. Now it happens again and you all are pissed they didn't unlap the cars. Make up your mine please.


Abu Dhabi Latifis car was easily removed. Here the car was on a tight part of the track with a need for recovery vehicles. Definitely should’ve been red flagged.


Abu Dhabi was unfair. Pretty easy choice tbh


How do you know it’s the same people?


Bro there are 4 people on Reddit max


Don’t call me max


Liam there are like 4 people on Reddit max Edit: fuck


The FIA say the race director "called the safety car back into the pit lane without it having completed an additional lap as required by the Formula 1 Sporting Regulations (Article 48.12)". "The process of identifying lapped cars has up until now been a manual one and human error led to the fact that not all cars were allowed to unlap themselves." From FIA's own report. Should have finished behind the safety car, or without the cars unlapping and having the final lap.


Bottas bucket hat makes up for a boring race




where can I find who is DOTD?


I just wanna say it again with the correct spelling of the name Nyck de Vries won DOTD




You can vote during the race and check the DOTD [here](https://www.formula1.com/vote).


Nyck De Vries got it


They really oughta change the picture they use for him because that was an awful one they displayed.


It’s Nyck de Vries, popped up on screen for a bit.


Nyck DeVries


Nyck De Vries


Another sensational performance from Max & Red Bull. There's just no stopping them. Will he win every race for the remainder of the season? Hard to see anything else at this point.


*another sensational performance by red bull, hands down the fastest car on the grid. Fixed your post for you 👍


Strange that the second RB18 is having completely different races then (not just this one, but almost the whole season so far)... Since it is only about the car apparently...


Pretty much 95% is the car, Lewis in the merc, the merc was a far superior car. Vettel in the red bull, button, etc. Not saying max is a bad driver by any stretch , just mean put any of the top tier drivers in the red bull and you would absolutely get the same result


You guys are ridiculous, what's with the necessity of discrediting the drivers extracting the most of their cars.


Probably just giving it back to all those that said Lewis only ever won because of his car…


Yeah no matter who you're rooting for, you can't deny that Max in that RB has been an absolute dominant force. They made a great car and have a great driver in it, so fair play to them.


3 weeks till singapore. bit longer until bathurst for supercars. september is boring.


So there's no replacement for Sochi? Sorry I'm OOL on this




and indycar is over after today


I suppose the FIA didn't want to put it in writing that any SC in the last 5 lapses would automatically trigger the red flag because teams would find ways to game it and every race might turn into a 5-lap sprint. So yes, I'm okay with ending a race behind the SC. We've lost a chance to see some racing to close out a very boring procession -- but that'd ultimately still be just lipstick on the Monza pig, wouldn't it?


I would rather have consistency any day. It sucks that the safety car came out in the last few laps, but that is just luck of the draw. I think it is far worse to be flippy floppy on these issues and make it someone's discretion whether it is SC or red flag purely for entertainment value. Because then you will always have 50% of the fans being upset at the call you made. Have the rules in place and review them at the end of every season.


simply give them 2-3 more laps if there is a risk of finishing the race under SC


Can't really do that because of limited fuel


make them start with fuel for 2-3 more laps


Eh the race was enjoyable overall, plenty of overtakes and battles to go round, just the lead battle was anticlimactic.


Latifi is an embarrassment this guy enjoyed F1 more than anyone could hope i can’t wait to hear what kind of bullshit excuse he is gonna make for his lack of pace given how this track was made for the car they got. Once again Nyck De vries i gotta give him credit for that carrying today his first F1 race and he handled it perfectly i don’t care if he get the seat or not but if Williams is even a bit serious about F1 Latifi need to go his career is done.


Yeah polar opposite of AD because the rules were followed today.


Can’t blame Ferrari for believing they would end under green. Also clearing the car took an eternity


Someone post the unedited version of the fans


Damn, 3 weeks till the next one?


Yes, but at least the mechanics and engineers getting some rest. Back to back races are though for them.


Just a note that Max has 31 wins now. 1 less than Alonso’s total. Leclerc + Perez + Sainz + Bottas have 19 wins, I believe. The guy is an absolute monster and only getting better.


It is 31 wins.


30 wins* The broadcast said 30 wins. Edit: My apologies. The broadcast bamboozled me. It indeed is 31.


Broadcast was wrong though. He had the 30th in Zandvoort, remember all the posts this week about Max getting his 30th so soon?


Yeah okay that’s what I thought originally!


Yikes, edited - thanks Edit: edited it back to original, it’s 31. What a rollercoaster of editing emotions.


It's 31 though


Christian Horner was fighting for a race finish because…well I wonder


He wants to leave Italy safely.


To flex


Shouldn't have muted the booing everyone knows Max is enemy #1 for just driving his race this year.


We're already in the phase where people want him to crash or FIA to break rules just to make him lose. I thought it would take some time for people to find a new Lewis Hamilton to hate on but took em 6 months lol


The curse of dominating


I get why they did it, not something you want to broadcast.


lol even Helmut is pissed that it ended under safety car


Well yeah, otherwise they look like hypocrites


And because they would've won easily regardless. The Red Bull was that much quicker, on newer tyres and Max wouldn't fall asleep after the SC


not like that has ever stopped him




Monza curse sets Charles up to win next year, no worries


Next year is gonna be completely differwnt tho. Yeah max dnfs because of the curse but maybe the mercedes will be better then. Or maybe different cars get in the mix


Or the Ferrari explodes


George is the kind of guy who organizes the placement in the podium photo


Gosh, Charles is so demotivated. Can’t even celebrate properly, rightly so. Letdown after letdown from that team 😕


He knew he wouldn’t win before starting today though.


It was his race to lose, probably didn’t expect Max to be on his gearbox at lap 6 already. He expected something like lap 12-15 for him to be able to build a gap. That’s more Max craftsmanship than luck or anything.


Everyone thought Max would be on his gearbox quickly. When the leading teams are that much faster than the pack and you're at a track like Monza with the car with the best straight line speed and engine then anyone who thought he wasn't winning just doesn't understand F1. Max was literally leading the race in Spa starting from almost the back by lap 12, but you thought starting 7th in Monza he'd take longer than that just to get by Russell? This race was never Leclerc's to lose, not even close. 95% of people expected an incredibly easy Verstappen win in this race for a reason and were pretty unethusiastic about qualifying in Spa and Monza because they knew the penalties just wouldn't matter, Max would dominate regardless of where he started. At least in the Merc years if Hamilton had to start from the back he'd be facing Rosberg pushing harder at the front. Max with a dominant car has an underperforming Perez who was moved out the way the second Max was close enough to pass after Perez won the previous race and RBR very loudly announced they had zero intention of letting their drivers race. Perez has been shit (or simply not cared) since then and Verstappen has zero competition.


But yesterday they already knew they were worse on tires, RB had the better race pace and Max had a better race setup. So his race to lose seems a bit of a stretch to me.


How did they let him down this race?


Not this race, specifically - just in general. Their “only” mistake was probably pitting a tad too early but I said it here a few times already; once RB went 10+ laps long, it was game over.


I mean I would’ve put him on hards on that early stop but I’m not even good at Motorsports Manager so idk


There was no data at that point - only Checo had H on and his laps weren’t great.


Prettiest trophy of the season


Yeah, looks beautiful, like a Möbius strip


Closed timelike curve of sorts


Would've loved an unedited version of the podium ceremony


“Motor race” lmfaoooo


"they weren't given an opportunity to get after verstappen" ??? Was there not an entire race where they had that chance?


Just saying it should have been red flagged. Ricciardo stopped in a very narrow part of the track, and also needed a recovery vehicle.


We should take into perspective that everyone is looking back at what happened in Abu Dhabi last year. Max's win came from an inconsistency in the rules, and consequently it made everyone think that whatever happened that day was acceptable and a precedent was set for future races. Today, with an event that has relatively less gravitas compared to Abu Dhabi 2021(no crash, yellow flag 'only'), not ending the race in a safety car was expected. So I believe it is entirely understandable that people are flustered. There is yet another inconsistency. But, a win is still a win, tainted as it may be.


And you said the same in Abu Dhabi right?


No. There there wasn’t an entire race. That’s the problem.


Yeah just 48/53 laps. Definitely not any time to maintain a lead, defend position or over take.


I’m sure you saw no problem in Abu Dhabi though


That was rule breaking this wasn't?


Was that rule breaking? The FIA said it wasn't, otherwise Max wouldn't be champion. Are you saying Hamilton should be 2021 f1 champ?


The investigated it after the award ceremony. And the results Connor be changed after that ceremony. It was found to be rules breaking and Masi lost his position.


Yes, that's why Masi got fired. Max won through no fault of his own. If rules weren't broken Lewis would have won.


It's ironic that the trophy looks like a toilet seat given how shit the ending to that race was


classless is booing your own team. booing the opposition is part of sport and I don’t know which culture y’all are from that disagrees


I was at the dutch gp, nobody got booed there


Because Max won?


No, this was before qualifiers The announcer read out all the names and team names and I remember lewis and merc getting cheers. Ferrari actually got quite a loud cheer, almost as loud as rb. I told some dutch people behind me that i am surprised since i expected everyone to boo merc and they said “eeh, its just a sport at the end of the day, no need to be toxic”


Yea, it’s a bit strange that F1 fans clutch pearls over booing, they should go to a US college football rivalry game and see some real shit lol


seriously, it’s not violent or overly disrespectful, it’s a perfectly acceptable way to show passion for your team and dislike for the opposition. just bizarre


Which culture: not soccer Answer for you


straight up, for that matter not a single sport in America doesn’t boo the opposition with enthusiasm


I'm having big struggles with the double negative mate. But I do think that shit doesn't belong in racing Also lmao what? Golf tennis nascar boxing and anything individual. Even teams sports its arguably not present


maybe I am too, I read your comment as saying these F1 fans wouldn’t survive in a soccer stadium. i was agreeing and adding that booing is a staple of American football, baseball, basketball and hockey as well. I don’t see why racing is any different; they’re not calling for Max’s head, just expressing their love for Ferrari and desire to see them win


Not in the same way. For one thing it's different when it's an individual. And it's nowhere near as present in any of those sports compared to the shithead hooligans that are infiltrating f1 from soccer. They're actively detracting from the sport. Humility has value, and honestly it's embarrassing to see people behave like this.


I don’t know, come to Oracle Park when Max Muncy or another Dodgers player is coming up to bat. They’re absolutely booing the individual and the better the player is, the louder the boos are. And the players on both teams feed off of it. In fact, being cheered by the opposition is more embarrassing; Kenley Jansen blew a few games against the Giants last season and got a standing ovation in the opposing stadium. I think hooliganism would manifest as fans fighting or attacking each other, throwing shit on the track, which I agree has no place in any sport. But I don’t see booing as disrespectful or egotistical, and maybe it’s just cultural. In my eyes, good opponents engender passion and booing is a fine way to release that. Competition is at its best when there’s both respect and fire from both sides. Edit: [this is what I’m talking about](https://youtu.be/nmczDZO0YIo), respect and hate in the same breath


I always love a weird and goofy trophy!


Sky really know how to suck any atmosphere out of their broadcasts, muting the crowd noise because of some booing.


I'm glad they muted it. Can't stand hearing the salty fans. Didn't like it when they booed Vettel, Lewis, Nico or Max.


F1 did that. It's muted all over the world. Sky would probably never mute it, they are used to it from football


Not just sky, F1 TV is doing it also


Sky doesn't control the audio, they are just the middle man. It's the F1 production team.


that is probably the FOM doing that.


That’s the FOM doing it. It’s like that on all feeds.


Bepis trophy


This really is Max’s Vettel era


We need to be all begging that Mercedes’ sorts themselves out next year or even DTS won’t find a way of making this fun.


Why not a left field team, Merc is already pretty consistently on the podium. They’re a bit boring now. I would want McLaren or Alpine to get their act together. Or Alonso to get a good car.


I love it, it’s feels gud to be hated for winning races. Simply simply lovleh


That trophy is quite nice imo.


Interesting trophy. Not sponsor logo which a bloody good start!


I really want these more artistic and iconic trophies that truly do remind you of just where they came from and what went down during those specific races. Also it makes them look a whole lot cooler in the trophy cases for each team rather than a bunch of generic looking things.


Australia with the replica steering wheel and local silver and diamonds. Silverstone with the historic RAC Trophy Budapest with the lovely porcelain trophy. More like those please.


Basically make them like Pokemon all shiny and unique for each race and every year


Yeah, make them unique and add some tradition.


For sure! Have them incorporate local materials, cultural traditions, and poignant little things unique to that year so that when the drivers look at them later on...they spark memories and when fans see them they do the same. It would be beautiful! ......but also probably expensive, so they'll never do it.


Are you saying you're tired of seeing the same star shaped, Heineken colored trophy you see in all sports and at most races?


And the Santander logo...


Nothing will ever come close to the SEGA/Sonic the Hedgehog trophy Senna got lol.


I genuinely like that one. I think McLaren have it on display too. 🤣


As they should lol


And a partridge in a pear tree