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The absolute scenes if Doohan has a better rookie season than Piastri


Doohan and Piastri in F1, super pumped if that happens


Two Aussies in. That’ll make up for DR leaving.


Ah so you've reached the bargaining phase😜


I'm conflicted. If they do decently well, for sure! But it'll be sad to see DR go.


Crazier shit has happened. He did drive the shit out of the 2021 MP which was a midfield car, and qualified on the front row with it. Doohan's a mega talent that just needs a bit more consistency, his race pace and one-lap pace are explosive.


I'm not saying it's unlikely. But imagine Doohan is better, suddenly Alpine look like geniuses even after all this Piastri Drama. 😂


If McLaren develop a shitbox and Alpine stay where they are Doohan could outscore him


I wasn't really talking about points, more like overall performance considering the car they have


MP have good facilities and engineers. Outside of Drugovich they've just had mediocre drivers so when a good one drives for them like Doohan is it shows how good MP are


Don't count it out


Depends on the car


Well some or maybe even most said Albon had a better rookie season than Russell. But then look at the cars they got…


Nah they can’t do my boy Gasly like that Also if Haas takes Gio that’s gonna be a certified Haas moment


To keep a good relationship with Ferrari, maybe there wish to find him a spot, dont know why but still within FDA. But 5 minutes ago the favorite was Hulk, so i guess a lot of speculation. Also Doohan seems like a wild card.


> But 5 minutes ago the favorite was Hulk, so i guess a lot of speculation I guess the teams are all playing the various drivers against eachother through media leaks, to get their prices down and the bags of money their backers are offering up.


Rather Schwartzmann then, but Mick is getting shafted. One season in a shitbox with an awful team mate. Then one season where (on current form) has shown improvement and out performed his team mate in the 2nd half of the season.


I have the impression Mick played hard to get a bit too much with Haas. He got out of FDA and tried to get out of Haas and into Alpine/AT.


Is there any evidence that it was Mick not wanting to continue in the FDA rather than Ferrari just not offering him an extension?


The wording at the time was more towards Mick quitting if i remember right. Something along following his own path rather than the ferrari path. Thats all we got i think


I was reading it was actually just their contract expiring and wasn't renewed. With media clickbait it could easily become "quitting" tho. But also, weren't HAAS shouting some time ago how Ferrari has no influence on 2nd seat ? So it would make no sense for them to take on Gio. It wouldn't even make sense for Ferrari to care about placing Gio in a seat since he's nothing. Like when they kicked Vettel, Gio was there, Ferrari driver, but there wasn't even considered. Gio is cool guy but he's not getting anywhere as a driver while Mick is improving considerably. It would truly be next level HAAS stupidity to swap Mick for Gio. Maybe Mick really slept with Steiner's wife ?


God knows honestly. Haas keeps saying ferrari have no say, but ferrari didnt even bother to comment on the fact. Judging by how close haas is to ferrari and how much they depend on them, i'm not so sure. Gio was always a good setup guy and was very well seen in the ferrari camp. Judging by this season and haas's random performance, they might need a guy to guide them towards a good setup. That is my only logical take, no idea why else they'd go for Gio.


I can see the value in good development driver, but wouldnt then Gio be more valuable for Ferrari in simulator ? Considering the really poor track record. It really makes no sense


I wonder if Schwartzmann's Ferrari test times haven't been that impressive. Ferrari would have all the data on that, maybe they think he's not worth a shot. Either that or they have other plans for him elsewhere next year (as in a different series).


>Rather Schwartzmann then They don't want rookies.


it sux, but sometimes in f1 to you need a tone of luck. im sure there so many drivers over the years who never got the chance to really shine, its the rough reality of f1.


Shwartzman is Russian, so that's a no go.


Officially, he's Israeli now.


I don't think he has Russian backing so it won't matter most likely. He's competing under Israel flag too I think anyways


It wouldn't surprise me if its a similar situation to Red Bull and Albon - Gio's been doing a huge amount of behind the scenes work for Ferrari, so it would make sense for them to place him because of it.


They already placed him for 3 years in a better team and he showed nothing. He had a year in FE and yet he has shown nothing. But it would be so Ferrari to promote mediocrity


The Ferrari connection is the least stupid explanation why Gio would get the seat. That said, nobody at Ferrari can seriously believe that Gio will ever be good enough to get a seat at the main team. So what's the point?


It would be very Ferrari, but Albon now is arguably better than he was when he was at Red Bull, and this Haas is arguably better than the 8th/9th place Alfa Romeo he was in.


Albon had already shown some pace in his AT days and initial RB days. Gio has shown nothing till now


No dispute there - either way, it'll be interesting


Gio is just such a nothing of a driver. Literally just drives around but never races.


Honestly he's one of the most forgettable drivers of recent years, maybe along with Sirotkin


perfect for haas then! fuck if he replaces mick then i can't wait to watch him come last every race and have them watch them eat there choice all year lol.


If they kick Mick for Gio out of the team I will forever hate Haas. Hopefully then he comes back 2024 in the Audi team and destroys both Haas drivers.


How people don't already hate Haas on account of selling out to a Russian oligarch with a shit for brains son after supposedly being the American representation F1 needed beggars belief. Thats not even accounting for the awful performances, Ferrari hand-me-downs and lack of racing pedigree within the team.


What is more American than selling out to Russian oligarchs?


If it's good enough for a US Senator...




I mean, at least that was out of financial desperation. Rather have 10 teams with Mazepin driving for one, than 9 teams without Mazepin. But I just cannot see the logic behind replacing Mick with Gio. I hate to admit it as a Mick fan, but I can see why the team would want to replace him. But all those reasons go out the window the moment the replacement is fucking Gio. The guy had 3 years with a car that didn't change radically and which was by no means terrible. Mick had 2 years, 1 of which was with the 2020 car that was incredibly unstable, and the biggest regulation change in a long time going into his other one. The only on-track thing I remember Gio for was crashing at Spa.


Certified Haas Classic


Assume its because ferrari will have some influence on one of the seats, and with Mick likely leaving his ties with ferrari, Haas probably see him easier to drop than KMag due to the contract lengths - hope Mick's improvement continues and makes these decisions even harder though Edit: is Schwartzmann still a test driver, if Ferrari have to push one of their drivers much rather him than the known mediocrity that is Geo


I don’t get why Mick would leave Ferrari if they still had influence on the second seat, as that would put his place at risk… leaving Ferrari *because* he had a seat elsewhere, yes, but not with no seat.


Steiner said that Ferrari has nothing to say about a 2nd seat.


Makes the decision even more nonsensical to drop Mick for Gio or Hulkenberg then


At least Hülkenberg has experience and pace over Gio. I just can’t see an upside for Gio outside of his Ferrari ties.


Wasn't the quote that Ferrari doesn't have the final say over the second seat, or am I misremembering?


They probably can’t force Haas on the seat choice, but they can offer discounts on the engine if they hire a Ferrari Driver Academy driver


Exactly my thoughts. Like Williams getting a discount on the Mercedes PU for taking Russell. That might be how de Vries ends up at Williams next year (depending on how serious Mercedes is about getting him in/how much they're willing to discount their PU).


Really sucks but RBR has been crystal clear about the conditions they need to release Gasly last couple weeks. Unfortunately consequence of the FIA going out of its way to preserve the Boys Club.


I know Marko doesn't have any inspiring juniors to fill the seat and yes Gasly's under contract for next year but holding him hostage like this with a "we'll only release him if you do this" scenario when Alpine seem happy to buy him out feels a little cruel, ngl. They should have just said at the start that he's not for sale for next year, not get his hopes up & say they won't stand in the way, only to do this.


I mean Redbull does have a contract with him and are being transparent with him with their negotiations. I don't see anything wrong in this. Redbull will always put their own interest first. Moreover, this means that Gasly has a guaranteed seat next year whether it is at Alpha Tauri or at Alpine. It certainly would have been better for Gasly to go to Alpine but he is still in a relatively good position.


I'm not so sure he'll have a guaranteed seat at Alpine for 2024 tbh, I think it depends who they take. I agree RB are completely within their rights to say no, I just personally feel it's a little cruel of them to do so when they've made it clear as day there is nowhere for him to go within the RB set up.


Yeah, you are right. It definitely is better for Gasly to move to Alpine when he has the opportunity. It may not be there next year.


Well it's possible the Doohan rumours are just that, and they'll actually go with someone else on a 1 year contract and sign an agreement with Gasly for 2024, so it could still be on I suppose. If they are going for Doohan, I think it would be pointless to do it on a year contract only with no intention of developing him properly, but then we are talking about Alpine so...


“We’ll let him go do we get an adequate replacement” isn’t reaaaaaally an unreasonable position, no? He was for sale if they could acquire someone they liked as a replacement, alpine asked and they negotiated with that as the condition. Not really the biggest fan of RBR but really can’t say they were in the wrong on that specific case


Dammit ugh, at this point I wouldn't even mind it to seeing Gasly to Haas (I mean with all respect for Gio but if you really want to replace Mick then come up with something better) but with Steiner as a TP I don't know of that ends up in a disaster. It's so frustrating given that damm AT03 is a huge limit for both drivers but somewhat even more for Pierre, give him a damm car who is more oversteer and less a shitbox with uncontrolled understeer and he delivers.


This is more unrealistic than f122 driver transfers


They're not that bad tbh. The surprising ones would be Doohan considering all the Gasly talk we've heard, and also Haas' complete rejection of Mick even though he has been performing pretty decently recently. Zhou is a good pick, and Williams is also decent.


The Gasly talk was always with the prerequisite of Herta


So if what Buxton says it's true that the Herta deal probably fell through.


RB 🤝 deals falling through


In my career mode, Gasly actually went to Alpine and both Ricciardo and Vettel retired at the end of the first year. So yes, it is indeed more unrealistic.


I mean the Alfa and Williams parts make sense, and I can certainly see Haas doing something like signing GIO despite it making no sense to anyone else


As difficult as Dan's season has been, I refuse to believe in a grid that has Giovinazzi over him in it.


I suspect it's the salary difference that seals it. Plus even if Ricciardo did get his form back, what's the point of paying an elite driver to drive a Haas? He won't get it much higher than a middling driver like Gio


Danny Ric will surely budge on his salary right? Dude won't have to drive for money anymore anyway.


Ricciardo refuses to go to Haas or Williams on his own though. Reportedly, Guenther initiated contact before Hungary with him, but Daniel rejected Haas.




earning an eight figure sum to chill at home instead of horrid finishes in a backmarker isn’t a bad option per se. it would almost certainly squash any chance of a future f1 seat though.




I imagine money is a key factor


Gio's very highly rated for feedback and car development though. Maybe Haas feel that's worth more to them than Ricciardo would be right now. They could use the help in that direction.


Then keep him as a reserve driver. There's no reason for him to have an actual seat unless you want to be anonymous.


And what's the point of a reserve driver? If he's not getting to drive the actual car he can't help develop it.


Albon was absolutely critical to Red Bull's success last year as a reserve driver with all of his simulator work and feedback.


Can anyone give me a reason why giovinazzi is preferred over mick at Haas? Mick is performing better than Kevin in the past few races and giovinazzi never showed the racecraft that Mick showed in Austria or Silverstone. Mick also brings more sponsors. I don't get it


must be some politics with ferrari, there no real reason to pick him other than some bs behind the scenes stuff.


but that raises the question, why does Ferrari care so much about keeping Gio in f1? Just because he's Italian? He's clearly never going to be an actual Ferrari driver, so I just don't understand the point otherwise. Like surely he'd be more valuable to Ferrari in WEC or some other series rather than banging around in the back of the F1 grid in a HAAS.


I guess he's solid & cheap. Also wouldn't discount the damage bill Mick racks up, won the destructors last year and is leading it this year.


Money, Gio won’t be expensive. Plus I think after Mazepin, Haas is scared as hell to put in a rookie driver with how expensive crashes are.


Even more, why is Magnussen preferred over Schumacher? Schumacher has been the better driver for the majority of the season, yet when the Haas was actually good was the only time Magnussen was ahead. Magnussen has had his time in F1 and done relatively nothing.


I think he works well with Guenther and the team. They get along. Probably why Guenther wanted to call him right away when a seat opened up. Unfortunately real life F1 management isnt like playing fantasy - interpersonal relationships factor in as well just like any other job unless you're talking about champion level talent.


> when the Haas was actually good was the only time Magnussen was ahead You answered your own question here I think.


AMUS reported this about Giovinazzi and I trust them more than Will Buxton "Antonio Giovinazzi is a legacy from Ferrari. One should not read too much into the significance of the two Friday practice sessions the US team will give him at Monza and Austin. Ferrari wants to refresh the Italian's driving impressions for the simulator work." ​ Source: [https://www.auto-motor-und-sport.de/formel-1/f1-fahrerkarussell-2023-mick-schumacher-optionen/](https://www.auto-motor-und-sport.de/formel-1/f1-fahrerkarussell-2023-mick-schumacher-optionen/)


My understanding was Ferrari want Gio for the upcoming Hypercar/LMDh entry. Getting him seat time in F1 will help him to prep for that. I'd be really surprised if he's back in F1 next season, especially as Haas made such a big point of stressing that Ferrari have no say over their drivers earlier this year. That doesn't mean Mick is secure, but just that I doubt Gio is the potential replacement.


Why would you swap Schumacher for Giovinazzi? No wonder Haas are always having issues if that’s the summary of their decision making


This is the biggest head-scratcher to me too. Gio has been pretty mediocre and is like 6 years older than Mick lol. Something strange going on at Haas


they obviously want to go back to the bottom of the teams, they must feel safe there. The change is as stupid as it can be. Obviously there some politics going on behind the scenes. If mick leaves F1, i'll be pretty gutted tbh, he was showing form recently, and hes done alot better than kmag for awhile now... To think we may have to watch gio again next year just drive around race sundays like its a country drive will be painful


Steiner needs to be fired at this stage wtf even is that


should've happened a few years ago. He's a funny character but doesn't seem to have great managerial skills whatsoever.


I think even that is being kind. I’d say from the looks of it, he outright fosters an extremely toxic work environment. That team seems like it would be awful to work for.


Totally. It makes for good TV but in the real world where that's actually your workplace it'd be horrible.


Yeah the constant Grojean teasing in DTS is a certified Michael Scott - Toby moment. Not inviting him to dinner and then making fun of him for it.


People only praising him because of his PR but in general he is the worst TP in F1


Otmar has entered the chat


Otmar ran force india really well , haas has always been mediocre


Yeah i definitely don't think Otmar is all that bad. He does seem to be more of make lemonade out of lemons type of TP over a TP that does well with more resources. I actually think Otmar would be really good for HAAS.


At least Otmar can put together a decent car. Outside of a few funny audio clips, Steiner is terrible team leader. I wouldn’t trust him to run a frozen custard stand


Especially after Gio stint in FE.


tbf, he was in the worst car on the grid.


So was his teammate and he was able to finish in the top 22 in a 22 car series


Wait till they announce they are changing K-Mag for Latifi


Atleast that makes some sense because money. If they replace Mick with Gio, they would lose money as well as, i dare say, a decent talent (atleast compared to Gio)


I agree. The only thing I can think of is whatever discount they get from Ferrari for having Gio > all of the $ Mick brings. Still, why on earth will Ferrari keep Gio besides him being Italian. Insert *Ferrari strategies* joke


That’s a big downgrade on this year’s grid imo. Prob worst case scenario for next year given who’s in contention for the seats Hopefully Buxton chatting shite as per


Damn shame cause we really could end up with an absurdly talented grid. LEC/SAI, RUS/HAM, VER/PER, NOR/PIA, GAS/OCO, MAG/SCH, BOT/ZHOU, ALB/SAR, ALO/STR, HER/TSU would be an absolutely and utterly absurd grid.


This year's grid really seems like one of the most talented overall in years, and Giovinazzi leaving was part of that. Only need to drop Latifi and then I'd say there's no driver that doesn't deserve a seat. Stroll and Tsunoda would be the only questionable ones at that point, but Stroll has still mostly deserving of a midfield seat and Tsunoda has shown improvement. But yeah, most these do seem like downgrades. Gio doesn't really deserve a place on the grid with all the options available, De Vries is an FE champion but not exactly the best racer (still better than Latifi though), Doohan and Sargeant are only 3rd and 4th in F2 and would maybe benefit from another year.


I’m thinking he’s chatting shite so it’s getting him likes and engagement on Twitter. Only F1 journo I trust is Medland


Rencken is also a solid source.


Great shout actually


I patiently await for the MED Bomb.


Wild, Haas dropping Mick for Gio is such a weird move.


Im biased here cause I want Mick to stay but Goddamnit Haas if you're gonna replace him please don't pick Gio.


Tbf mick really came alive the last few races if the trend continues alpine might really look at him for a seat, especially if they want harmony within the team with ocon


Big oof to Gasly if true, but Doohan switching from RB to the Alpine academy is the Hamilton to Mercedes of the F2 grid if he lands this seat.


Gasly to Alpine seemed quite advanced but unfortunately all pinned on Herta getting a SL. Doohan lucking out - side note, mad how not counting F2, Doohan already had enough for a SL highlighting the short end of the stick indy and super formula have it


Doohan has played a blinder, I remember people clowning him for going to Alpine while they still had Piastri.


Wonder how much communication there is between these two…


'Hey bruh, you want an f1 seat?'


"Hey Doohan, check out this Tweet"


Who would have thought, for the good of Australia, Webber sacrificed Ricciardo to get 2 drivers.


So I guess Williams will choose Sargeant if he gets his SL, and if he fails we get NdV... Also Giovinazzi replacing Mick is incomprehensible. If I were Mick I would focus to get the Williams seat


Where does Logan need to finish to get the SL? I thought I read 6th or 5th in the standings? Seems like a lock at this point


He needs to finish P5. Not really lock. Points are close betwwen 3rd and 7th. There are just 19 points between Sargeant (3rd) and Fittipaldi who is 7th.


If he finishes 6th they could get him to 40 with 3 FP1 runs I believe. How likely that is who knows


The biggest blue balls in silly season history. What a shame


I've been hearing so many names that are favorites for Alpine & Haas, I refuse to believe anything at this point.


Haas - Gio, arguably the worst driver on the FE grid last year Williams - De Vries, P9 in FE last year in the best car. Teammate P1 with double the points. Is F1 getting FE rejects now rather then the other way around?


I can't believe we might be getting Gio back on the grid for 2023. He was the successor to Marcus Ericsson as the most forgettable driver in the grid. And he was terrible in FE this year (tbf not completely his fault)


I personally think Doohan needs another season in f2 + reserve driver role. I’d take Daniel over Jack for the seat. I guess if true, they feel burnt by not promoting Piastri and are worried another young talent may walk out at some point if they don’t promote him.


Giovinazzi... A more uninspiring signing has never been made in human history. Give it to someone else.


Him and De Vries….ugh


no Mick, Daniel, or Pourchaire on a grid with Gio and de Vries is absolutely farcial


It will be a outrageous to see Mick and Daniel out and then see drivers like Giovinazzi or De Vries/Sargent on '23 grid. Without disrespecting someone of course.


It’s baffling frankly.


Logan is very good, just seems to be making a few mistakes recently. He’s much better than Latifi at least


Doohan gang. Big brain move to Alpine.


People don't realise how much of a legend his dad was/is


I remember from my dad watching bikes when I was a kid but a couple of months ago I fell into a rabbit hole of checking his wiki and race results. So dominant, it's incredible. Hoping jack has it in him and if he does find a seat, hoping he gives it to piastri. Will be nice to have 2 on the grid though.


That would be the most anticlimactic conclusion to this silly season. At least give us one out of Ricciardo, Schumacher and Herta!


"Best I can do is dog water rookies and Gio" -F1


Doohan vs Piastri would be 🔥


It seems crazy that there's a real possibility to have three Aussies in the grid next year, but I'm here for it.


I'm really doubting Ricc finds another seat tbh.


Hell yeah!


From Alonso to Doohan.


Alpine still got an [Australian](https://i.kym-cdn.com/entries/icons/original/000/005/600/its-something.jpg).


Can we get an Aussie? Alpine: We have an Aussie at home. Aussie at home:


Doohan is an exciting talent imo, feel he's the type that could impress people a lot more than they though like zhou


I agree. I'm not sure I get the logic that he'd benefit more from another year in F2 tbh. He's shown he has the main ingredient which is raw speed and his race craft has developed well this year though he still has a long way to go. But if the Gasly deal's fallen through then why not let him develop that in an F1 seat like McLaren did with Lando. Alpine are not going to be fighting for the championship next year anyway and bringing him in now and working on developing him in-house may pay big dividends later on. As long as they don't put pressure on him to perform in his first year and are willing to give him time to develop then I don't see the issue.


Many don't watch F2 and just look at standings, just like they did with Zhou. Doohan's luck has been very random (just like Pourchaire and Zhou), even last race while running P2, for example.


Fernando is getting old and Alpine isnt fighting for the championship,might as well develop one of your young projects


This is the worst timeline. Thanks, Will Edit, best timeline would be: Gasly - Alpine Schumacher - AT Ricciardo - Haas Zhou - stays at Alfa


Alpine's best choice is Doohan, I think. He'll be much cheaper than Gasly, looks very promising in F2 and honestly, Besteban should finally step up into the leader role. Which is not happen if Gasly comes.


WTF is Haas doing? Mick isn't the reincarnation of his father, but they're going to drop him in favor of Gio? Antonio Giovinazzi? I guess they call it "Silly Season" for a reason, folks.


I'm not following F2 too closely, but Doohan looks like a knee-jerk overreaction to promote someone from the alpine academy after the Piastri fiasco I want Pierre in that seat :/


We all do. Pierre's career is languishing in that AT, we need him to bring the fire back. I really think Alpine and the French government would go all in on a French team and tear F1 up. Like it would become personal with the French. And honestly that's when they do best.


Stop trying to make De Vries in F1 happen, it's not going to happen.


In before 'Nyck de Vries, championship of the world' next season.


free my man pierre


I wouldn't mind seeing what Gio can do with a proper midfield car....assuming the Haas isn't crap next season. Too bad their strategists are as bad as the Alfa ones, if not worse. Need a car with pace to counter that. He lost many points due to Alfa incompetency. The same is likely to happen at Haas, sadly. Doohan would be an interesting one. Certainly a downgrade from Gasly or Alonso but I can see the logic behind it: the Alpine academy's reputation is in tatters. This could be a statement signing to aid it. Doohan's a decent driver himself. People want rookies but "not THAT rookie" it seems. De Vries I am guessing is an emergency signing for Williams in case Sargeant does not get his super license. It's incredible what having Toto as a manager can do for you. And Zhou is a "I suppose...". If Pourchaire had won the championship as many predicted, nay, expected, I think he'd be out and maybe be an option for Williams or Haas. As it is, I can see the logic in keeping him and his money for another year with Theo sitting out and doing another series.


That Doohan and Gio are coming in and Schumacher & Ricciardo are going out feels ridiculous


Happy to see Doohan's name popping up, he's been doing excellent. As for Williams, have no idea why they won't just roll with Sargeant as it is. And for Haas, I legit don't get what beef Guenther/Gene have against Mick. I don't think Gio even brings in much money if at all, and he's almost certainly a downgrade if not a sidegrade


I think Gunther just doesn’t like him very much, he’s first to criticise him but when Magnussen fucks up (and he has a bit this season) it’s always “Kevin is a hard and great racer always trying to battle for position” and stuff I like K-Mag as much as the next guy but come on


> I legit don't get what beef Guenther/Gene have against Mick. As I said in the other thread, I wonder if Gunther/Gene are among those who expected Mick to be his father over again immediately, and are really annoyed that he's not.


Doohan and Piastri in F1? Count me in.


Sargeant doesn't have a super licence yet. He needs to finish I think 5th and above (or 6th with some FP1s) to get one so they're probably waiting to see where he stands. And given how close the standings have gotten, they might have to wait until after Abu Dhabi to be sure.


> Alpine - Doohan Fair enough. Probably not their best option, but giving an opportunity to an academy driver is not a bad thing. > Alfa Romeo - Zhou No brainer imo. Zhou's been great. > Haas - Giovinazzi What the fuck, do Haas want to be extremely mediocre? Gio has shown he's not a good racing driver. No clue why he'd deserve another shot except if Ferrari give Haas a huge sack of cash for this. > Williams - De Vries/Sargeant. I guess they're both better than Latifi...


Zhou deserves a real rookie season. His car has fallen out so many times beneath him I don't think we can accurately measure him.


Alpine - Gasly AR - Zhou Haas - Schumacher Williams - Sargeant AT - Herta That's would makes more sense for everyone


Wait wait, didn't they say that Nico Huuulkenbeeerg is the prime candidate for Haas?


I wish he’d come back for one race and get a podium so people would stop positing him for every empty seat on the grid. Then again, that might make it worse.


Drugovich probably seeing this tweet and punching a wall


Will Buxton is NOT a good source. Last year he came out with a bunch of driver changes garbage


Personal theory: Giovinazzi is getting brought in on a 1 year basis as a "filler" because they're betting on Enzo Fittipaldi for 2024.


So is Mick just out? Not sure how Gio is being considered


I am trying *so hard* to understand Haas' fascination with Gio. He'll be 29 when the 2023 season starts, had three years to show what he could do and didn't do much. Mick has been improving and if you're still not happy to continue with him why not buy low on Danny Ric? Or go with a young guy? Does Gio have some massive sponsorship money behind him I don't remember?


So Mick is done in F1 and GAS will live forever at AT? I thought for sure one of them would go to Alpine.




Haas deserves to be in the back in this happens.


I absolutely could not handle if we lost all of Seb, Dan and Mick at the end of this year. That's a quarter of the grid's Good Dude quotient and a buttload of its talent gone in one fell swoop. I want to be happy Doohan's in the frame but I don't think he's ready and I absolutely fear he might have a rough year and get thrown under the bus. And the idea of Giovinazzi being on the grid when Dan and Mick can't get seats...!


Nothing makes sense except for AR-Zhou. As talented as Doohan, Sargeant are, they are definitely not at the level of Gasly and DR. I don't see how these drivers have leapfrogged both of them to come out as favorites. Gio meanwhile is being pushed by Ferrari and at least has F1 experience to make a better case than Doohan, Sargeant.


Gasly is probably everyone's preferred option but maybe Red Bull contract terms make it difficult. It sounds like it basically comes down to if they can get Herta for AT, they'll let Gasly go, if not then they're less willing. Ricciardo even in his current form is probably still better next year than a fresh rookie, but he's an unknown quantity at this point, already burned Renault once, and probably demands many millions compared to a rookie being basically free. I do really want to see him prove he's still got it at another team, but there's something to be said for giving a rookie a chance.


If Alpine do sign Doohan for the 2023 seat, then i think it would be a difficult season for Doohan. He would have been reserve next year, so had no real preparation for a race seat until 1-2 months ago Alpine might use him as a seat warmer for Gasly when his contract expires after next year.


Only if Doohan does badly. I doubt with the PR shitstorm that has gone down that they would want to cast further doubt on their academy.


These look more like Buxton's favourite picks than what will actually happen.


I just don't get Giovinazzi. He's so average despite his years in F1.


"...as I understand it..." hahahaha fraud


Again, it’s all trash until it’s official.


Yeah none of this is true


Haas… what are you doing


Booting Mick out of F1 now is such a waste of his potential


Sad situation for Drugovich.