Article translated by DeepL Alexander Albon was a teammate of Max Verstappen during the 2019 and 2020 Formula 1 seasons. During that period, the Dutchman made a huge impression on the driver who now competes for Williams in the premier class. Alexander Albon drove half a season in 2019 and a full season in 2020 alongside Max Verstappen at Red Bull. The Austrian racing stable bid farewell to the Thai-British driver after this, but he eventually found a seat at Williams after a 'gap year', where he will also drive in 2023. In the MotorMouth podcast, he looks back on his adventure alongside Verstappen. "He's the most talented driver I've ever driven next to," praises the Formula One driver. "It's hard to compare teammates, but he drives exactly as he comes across. There is no room for politics, he is straightforward and very calm. People don't know him quite like that, but sometimes I thought: if only I was that relaxed." Albon compares himself to a bus driver alongside Verstappen Albon, who never scored high at Red Bull, had to leave the team for Sergio Perez. At his new team he is making more of an impression, securing a multi-year contract after his first year at Williams. The now rival of Verstappen also admits himself that he did not perform too well alongside the Limburger and current World Cup leader. "I am known as a driver who likes a car with a lot of grip at the front, which allows me to turn the car in well. Then this guy (Verstappen) came ... Next to him it looks like I'm driving a bus," said Albon.


> People don't know him quite like that, but sometimes I thought: if only I was that relaxed I liked Verstappen's line last year. Someone asked him if he was nervous about the finale and he said ~'driving is literally where I'm most comfortable. I've been doing it since I was 5, it's probably the thing I'm best at'.




I'm reminded of the video of Max and Jos driving together, Max's expression through his eyes is almost like that of a robot, it's so fucking unreal. People talk about people having ice in their veins but for Max it's almost like he doesn't even have veins that need ice in them.


Why use blood when coolant more efficient


Why blood when oil do trick?!


Max has a little bit of a deadpan face when hes relaxed/focused. Very thousand yard stare like, only amplified when he's got a helmet on


I think... He feels like he's in control.


You can listen to this interview via the MotorMouth podcast below at timestamp 17:02. [https://www.motormouth.club/post/ep-126-with-alex-albon-williams-racing-driver/](https://www.motormouth.club/post/ep-126-with-alex-albon-williams-racing-driver/) The whole interview with Alex is a good listen.


Really liked this interview. Alex seems like a great guy to hang around with. He labeled Verstappen as the “most gifted driver I’ve raced against” Nice compliment to his former teammate, You should hear the podcast on motormouth


How many other talented drivers has Albon raced against?


Norris and Russell in F2, for one


That's some high praise then


plus team mate leclerc in gp3 series


If you are in F1, a lot. A lot of talented drivers.


Was teammates with Leclerc in 2016


I mean, Lewis, Charles, Carlos, Checo, Nando, Lando, etc.






Better known as Goatifi


The quote was 'next to'. He means his teammates. But I wouldn't be surprised if he also was of the opinion regarding the whole field.


I'll have you know he's been personally pit maneuvered by none other than 7 time world champion Sir Lewis Hamilton on at least two occasions!




Sir Nicholas Goatifi himself


More gifted than Lewis?! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


Ofcourse Lewis was the most #blessed


Is it to hard to imagine some people have that opinion? Gifted/talent is also not the same as general driving ability or completeness


Max of the last few years is up there with Lewis and Fernando in their prime.






Lewis’ tire management is nutty, too. *lap 92 on softs* “Tires feel good” *sets fastest lap*


I genuinely think tyre management is his most underrated ability. He's able to go faster for longer.


I don't think it is, it is brought up a lot. I think every ability feels underrated because he's just so darn good at everything. I hope Max improves some of the things lewis is better at, then he'll truly be a beast. If he isn't already


He's currently well on his way to a second consecutive WDC at 24. I think we can pretty confidently say the beast has been unleashed for some time now.


I dont think he was talking about this kind of "gifted"


Depends on that illusive second piercing. ;)


Well, to be honest he is right. Maybe renault clio is more accurate.


The new Clios are pretty nice.


"Our verdict: Albon suggested Verstappen had a better car, claimed his car was a 'bus' - The Race (probably)


I find it really interesting that Max has (had?) such a specific reputation / persona (Mad Max, etc.) based solely on a select few radio messages that have been broadcasted over the years and yet every single teammate and mechanic and engineer that has ever actually worked along side him has almost always used "relaxed", "calm", "laid back" to describe him. Just goes to show the false image of a driver that can be crafted by the media.


I think the problem is that Max has a bit of a different persona when he's in the car and towards the media. In the car obviously because of adrenaline and being highly competitive and towards the media because he doesn't like them and he puts his defences up (less so this year). Unfortunately those are also the main things people see from the drivers. Outside of the track and the media he definitely has a reputation of being a nice, relaxed, easy going guy. Even Charles called him nice and easy going recently. Bit sad that his personality has such a distorted perception.


I think that’s true of a lot of drivers, actually. Vettel has a rep for being the absolute nicest guy in the paddock, but in the car he wears everything on his sleeve and sometimes lets his emotions get the better of him, which has resulted in a lot of memorable incidents over the years (“a message to Charlie,” bumping Lewis at Azerbaijan, swapping the 1st and 2nd place placards, Multi 21, etc.).


Usually when someone sounds that mad on the radio, you'd expect that person to do something rash or get sloppy. But no matter how mad he sounds, he seems to continue to perform optimally and consistently. It's like watching someone launch a tirade at the poker table while he continues to clean everyone out. It's eerie.


I think with media its also a bit of the language barrier, he's always been nice, open and more joking with the Dutch press.


Don't forget the picture Mercedes tried to paint of him last year. They laid it on thick, to sway public opinion and the stewards'.


You didn't say that. You are so brave here.


It’s the truths we run from the longest that hit the hardest when they finally catch up to us.


Not just the people who work closely with him. I've heard the same from the people who have met him briefly like people from the Red Bull factory and even fans. How he is very chatty and smiley all the time. But speaking of the people who are close to him again. I watched a pretty recent interview with his sister Victoria and she believes Max' personality is more like his mom while she is more like her dad. Like his mom, he's more social, doesn't get angry quickly and if at last he does, he's more quick to forgive and forget as well.


Wow at his sister comparing herself to Jos. That's some low self esteem right there.


Its moreso his moving under braking the first few seasons and refusing to take criticism as a very inexperienced driver. That reputation carried through and although rival fans hate him i think he is a great sportsman He's actually very analytical and measured in his approach, he doesn't go out of his way to drive dirty but he knows exactly when and where to push his luck when at a pace disadvantage after exhausting all his other options first. Its how he managed to get so many wins in merc dominant hybrid era.


To be fair him trying to scrap Ocon after a race didn't help this lol


Max was wrong to do that, but watching it back that shit eating grin Ocon had, I cant exactly blame max for wanting to kill him lmao.


i thought that was understandable. not right or commendable, but that was some bullshit ocon pulled


Well, it was at a time where max would need almost miracles to win races ( like mercedes this season) and to see a guy that isnt even in contention for the win make him lose a comfortable victory, dont apologise and then straight up smiling and responding back when confronted about what happened - props to verstappen to have the calm to not punch his face


Max pace was just phenomenal that day for brazil 2018. He went half distance on the SS. For context ham n bottas who also started on SS pitted lap 20 or before. And after the ocon incident he still was lapping faster than lewis


Yeah, considering the context of the time he reacted more nicely than I would have probably in the same situation. Esteban lost a lot of sympathy that day.




Reminder: he was still a teenager at the time


Oh yeah, that happened


All aboard the Albus


Before reading the article, my first thought: "My brother in Christ, you're driving a Williams"


I understand why the mercs Ferraris and red bulls are quoted so much. But I see headlines with albono much more than headlines with other midfielders. What's up? Is he just extremely approachable?


He's well spoken and still linked to red bull (through his personal sponsor) so he has more pull than some other midfield guys.


Also wears his heart on his sleeve. You get better headlines interviewing albono than for example George.


Yeah he comes across genuine and personable opposed to cookie cutter PR answers that many other drivers give.


I remember him also coming on the sky cast during Bahrain testing. Was really cool IMHO, don't know if any other driver does that. He even commentated on latifi when his brakes where on fire. Maybe the guy just accepts every interview


Because he was on red bull and is likeable/willing to speak.


VW Bus.......IMO


Der Rote Bulli Fahrer


Well, Jost Capito worked for VW as Director of Motorsport.


We noticed Alex. Good interview, but the headline is pretty funny.


Pretty high praise considering he was teammates with Charles in the junior series, although I guess it’s so long ago it’s hard to compare.


Albon not a bus rider confirmed


Legacy points deducted.


Lol! Great reference


Dude is definitely out there driving that bus


Prost called his car a truck when he was at Ferrari. Seems like Albon is taking lessons from him.


Here in Brazil we have a YouTuber that is always saying that Albon is driving a bus


I mean....doesn't need a verstappen for that to be accurate


Shit take




"He's the most talented driver I've ever driven next to" not difficult when your f1 teammates have been gasly and latifi


And Leclerc


That’s because he is the red bull is the best car of the year maybe only Ferrari comes close or equal. Williams this year might as well be a tractor.


Headline is misleading, he was talking about them as teammates


He just overestimated himself


kinda crummy thing to say about his own team, no?


Kinda crummy not reading past the headline, no?


Red Bull has a good package, it when you look at the telemetry of Max on a lap, he brakes so late, it's nuts. He has total faith and hits his marks so we'll.