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The 2020 season visited almost every grade 1 circuit on my wish list (Mugello and Portugal) I always wanted the Kymi Ring back when Kimi was in F1 for the memes. But now that he’s retired I guess not


Kymi Ring won't ever be a thing probably


Well, at least Kimi he still had a respectable career. Kymi Ring got involuntarily retired before even taking on karting.


Seconded on the Kymi Ring, I’d love to see them race there


The track filed for bankruptcy.


>want you on the calendar I don’t think I’d be very entertaining to watch race. I’m not very fast.




My first choices were taken so I'll go Indy. F1 has never visited the current version.


I'd like to see the F1 cars on the new Indy layout also. Even if it means sacrificing one of the other US tracks.


You can sacrifice miami and no one will care


Meme marina aside Miami was a good track for racing to watch though.


Was it though? It had a chicane of death, but apart from that it was quite bland.


Well street circuits are here no matter what and of the street circuits it’s one of the more racey entertaining ones


Yeah it was, people just went into it and already decided it was gonna be bad


I came at it the other way. I had an open mind, and thought there were some sections that looked promising. It didn’t turn out that way though. Perhaps the drivers were less willing to take risks with so little time for repair in the triple header.


I can't get over how grossly american it all was


1. Miami is about ten times more grossly American than 90% of America. 2. You ain't seen nothin' yet. Miami had fake water, despite being surrounded by oceans on three sides. Las Vegas will have fountains of water everywhere, despite being in the middle of a huge desert.


US Grand Prix "Grossly american" What


It’s the big American bogeyman, it apparently ruins that it touches, by making it more “American”.


No it wasn’t at all


the cars would get absolutely wrecked but man it would be fun


I haven't watched Indy in years but I watched the Nashville race this past weekend. Pure carnage on a brutal layout. I was like bumper cars out there. I could only imagine what would happen if F1 did 80 laps around that thing. I know it would decimate the budget cap in one weekend though.


[Motorland Aragon.](https://www.motorlandaragon.com/en/road-racing-circuit/road-racing-circuit.html) [Onboard lap.](https://youtu.be/2dEF0mvXvJE)


Always thought this could be an interesting alternative to Catalunya for the Spanish GP.


Layout looks a lot like Paul Ricard.


Why do you think that?


Are you high???


I am and it’s still nothing like Paul Ricard. I resent the thought behind your comment ;)


Interesting. Buriram would be kinda cool. Drove it in Assetto a couple of weeks ago. Don't remember laptimes but it seemed fitting for F1. I regularly race tracks with F1 cars to see if they would have potential for a race. Buriram does. Aragon would also be one.


Dubai Autodrome. it's by far the best circuit in the middle east. why build shitty street circuits when we could have that?


OG track. Sad that Dubai missed the opportunity initially and then the race was taken up by ABu Dhabi


Is it better than Bahrain tho


More interesting layout for sure, it has banked corners and quite a bit of elevation change


Agree! That first sector is fantastic to drive (in simracing). Would like to see a proper race at Kuwait Motortown as well. But I’m a fan of calendar yearly rotation. Use them all, really.


i really hope they start rotating tracks. it's the only way to keep the old and add new circuits without having too many races a year.


Well if I look to the Middle East already then I would: Replace Yas Marina for Dubai Autodrome Qatar/Saudi Arabia for [Kuwait Motortown](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0wdPfmhvjtQ), really this is likely one of the most underrated tracks in the Middle East, it got some good overtaking spots but has also some good bangers in terms of turns.


Kind of a loophole. But the Indy Road Course. F1 raced on the old layout, but have never used the current one. Also they want more US Races, it's right there!


Penske doesn’t want to pay for it.


Buriram is 4/10 not really recommend it I have been there several times for MotoGP, Super GT and F3 Asia. Track is basically Austria but with longer straight. Hard to get there even as a Thai but local communities are amazing. There are festival, a lot of Thai shows and street food during race week


Motorland Aragon to replace Barcelona. Dubai Autodrome to replace Qatar. Both are fantastic circuits that don’t get enough recognition. Also, the Bugatti Circuit at Le Mans to replace Paul Ricard….but the Bugatti circuit might be kind of boring for F1.


Bugatti layout is grade 2, and even moto gp bikes struggle to pass on it And they've done one grand prix on it in 1950 something


It was in 1967. The drivers of the time disliked it.


I knew it wasn't well received at the time, I think Aidan Millward covered it or maybe wtf1.


Barcelona is important to the teams. They love that place for testing purposes and having a race there is a great way to correlate. Aragon is a good testing track too but they’d have to adjust


I really don’t give a shit about the teams correlating their data. It makes everything that much more predictable, and Barcelona is a terrible circuit, so I’d be more than happy to see it go.


Is that true that testing makes it more predictable? Before testing was clamped down on in 2010. The prior decade had 5 teams win a championship. The following decade had just 2. There were at times drastic swings in performance between teams during a season. I might argue that having just 1-2 tracks to correlate to right now and never on demand favors the teams that got it right off the bat and it now takes years to make massive inroads where as before teams could do it relatively quickly




The only true answer


Hanoi /s


I think it’s rated as grade 1 but F1 cars are just too long to race the track, but Bathurst in Australia would be cool. I mean it would be essentially Monaco for three quarters of the lap with way more elevation but actually with over taking opportunities in the other part, just with zero of the prestige because it’s in bumfuck no where Edit: never mind just looked it up it’s grade 3


Monaco for 3/4 of the lap??? Have you ever watched a race at Bathurst??


Since I was a kid but F1 cars are wayyy longer than super cars


About 600mm longer than the Supercars that race there. I think the F1 suspension can’t handle some of the corners that have rapid elevation changes. Google the day Jenson Button drove an F1 mclaren around Bathurst. It’s worth a look if you haven’t seen it.


DC did it too I think.


They race the superutes there, which are roughly the same footprint as an f1 car.


Ya and? 3/4 of Bathurst is long straights, with multiple overtaking opportunities. Length of the car really has nothing to do with it.


Indy Road Course, the new version with the final three corners instead of the single banking. Although with Zandvoort making the calendar with its banking, it would be neat to see the older layout again with the old turns 5,6,7, and the sweeping banked final corner. Dubai Autodrome should've been the other middle east track, not Jeddah. Bahrain and Qatar are both decent. Although Qatar, I wouldn't miss it if it was gone. Fuji Speedway would be a nice track to return to. I think the new cars would make it produce some more exciting races. Albeit the current Red Bull could dominate that straightaway.


I'd love two Japanese grands prix at fuji and Suzuka


**I am being pedantic but here we go:** Interest in motorsport in Thailand is growing? I highly doubt this. I still can't find anywhere to watch F1 races in Bangkok. Some sports bars in thonglor/ekkamai will show it if it's at a convenient time for them but never after 11 PM, which is the time most races on the calendar happen. Oh and if Manchester United is playing Jeonbuk Hyundai at the same as the race at Monza, you're going to be watching that football match you don't care about alright, nobody else in the bar except you cares about F1. Most new fans from DTS don't watch the races let alone FP and Q sessions, they just post an instagram story about their favorite driver getting X position. Interest in motorsport in Thailand has always been stagnant just like a lot of developing countries. Cars are expensive so doing anything related to motors is reserved for the rich in both time and money. 800 baht for 10 minutes at a go-kart track? Hell no, that is almost 3x our daily minimum wage.


Motorland Aragón and Fuji Speedway


Fuji has hosted multiple races


We've been to Fuji a few times, it's average at best. The only thing interesting about that track was that it can throw sudden rain due to the geography nearby.


Indian gp, i want it back


Are you referring to Buriram Circuit? Layout looks similar to Austria/Red Bull Ring.




Is indonasian track mandalika is grade 1 ?