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Don't know about what they'll do for the rookie FP1 sessions, but I can't imagine either team are going to have a particularly positive team vibe for the rest of the season.


Alpine will, Fernando leaving was a surprise but they didn’t want him to extend his stay too much anyways. They’ll be upset of course at Piastri who will probably not be in the Alpine motorhome as much anymore. McLaren though just gave up on Daniel one sided.


They wanted Alonso to stay but didn't have faith in him at the same time. That's what led to this mess. I bet they're absolutely demoralised.


Is it really giving up on someone when they have failed to perform for almost 2 whole seasons? Like how long should McLaren have waited? Also I think the unplanned availability of Piastri accelerated things. It’s not often that a top prospect like that becomes available this early where you can sign them for not much $$ and potentially land a future star.


Honestly, everyone’s an adult, they’re paying him 20m a year and he isn’t delivering 2 years on, poor guy but something isn’t working so of course a change will be made


Yeah, Alpine will be in much more shambles than McLaren (team atmosphere wise), there’s no way people at McLaren wouldn’t have considered it a possibility that Ric would be booted for someone during this period.


I think that's the definition of giving up on someone, F1 isn't a nice sport and it never has been.


I agree, it’s harsh to call signing Piastri giving up on him one-side or saying they gave up on with the exception of Brown. I think Brown’s approach of publicly criticizing and intimating he wanted to replace him so early on in just the second season made no sense, UNLESS he was either a) trying to use the Helmut school of motivation or b) he thought he could get Ricciardo to leave voluntarily or more cheaply by making it uncomfortable or even by giving him an IndyCar drive. Both are stupid strategies IMO because it would just ensure Ricciardo would make it as expensive as possible to get rid of him (the idea Brown could drive him out voluntarily is a joke) and the Helmut approach has been proven to be ineffective. And, no driver wants to get a demotion drive.


One could say Daniel gave up on McLaren by not performing what was expected of him.


Eh that doesn’t really make sense. he put out that statement that he wanted to stay with them through 2023, I can’t really see how there’s any implicit “and I’m ok with performing like this through then” in that. Then he’s talked about trying to better pinpoint his strengths and weaknesses around a lap this year, spending more time in the sim etc. I don’t think effort alone merits keeping the seat because that’s just not how sport works, but it is unfair to say he gave up.


If he had such big performance deficits for over 1 year and he didn't already maxed out his time in the sim, something is very wrong with his attitude. It's very easy to put out a statement on Instagram.


A lot of the older gen aren’t as sim-heavy until they have to be, especially compared to the younger generation who grew up gaming. Hamilton, bottas, seb, and Damon hill have all talked about this (the latter in the context of Ricciardo). DR first mentioned upping his sim time last year around summer break, and attributed his previous reluctance to poor sim correlation with real life earlier in his career. it’s rather presumptuous to assume you can read someone’s mind and analyse their attitude from this distance, just because like all of us you’re disappointed with his underperformance


Would you also say it is presumptuous to assume you can read someones mind based on a simple motivational instagram post?


Nobody can really say without knowing the O'Ward, Herta, and Piastri contracts. If Brown just told O'Ward and Herta that they'd get a ride but it wasn't a guarantee, then it probably comes down to if Piastri is locked into Alpine til the end of the season or whether he's free. If he's locked in, can McLaren get Alpine to let him off? If he's with Alpine til the end of the year, are they required to give him a test? More private testing too since I don't think finished that run?


1- I think it's certain that Piastri has burnt the bridge with Alpine so they'll probably give the free practice sessions to Doohan as he's the highest ranked Alpine Academy driver as of now and as you said has previously tested an F1 car, where I do not know. Caldwell is highly unlikely and I don't think Alpine would give them to a freelancer, although stranger things have happened. 2- I think if Piastri is gonna be McLaren's 2023 driver they will give him at least one FP1 session, with Herta the more likely of the two Indycar drivers to get a session, most certainly in COTA cuz Zak Brown and Murica. O'Ward in Mexico is worth a shout tho


But Piastri is still an Alpine driver for this year, so they would have to agree for Piastri to do an FP1 with McLaren this year. And, given he will be driving for their direct competition next year, I highly doubt they're going to do. Ironically he might end up not getting to drive any FP1 sessions this year, unless Alpine are contractually obliged to give them to him.


Isn't Piastri's contract with Alpine up after July 31? Alpine might've just ripped up his contract in frustration (Hyperbole). Correct me if I'm wrong


According to everything I've seen, he has had a 2022 contract this whole time and still is tied down to it. In that contract, there was an option to extend it to 2023, but it was contingent to him getting a seat in the 2023 season (which could get him out of that 2023 option if no seat by the 31st), after which point he was free to enter agreements with other teams for 2023. Essentially, he is still contractually obligated to Alpine for the rest of the year, but will be out of that contract by the end of the year.


Agreed, IF Alpine has rights to Piastri for this season, I see that as the most likely scenario (I.E., no FP1s at all) unless Alpine agrees to let McLaren pay cash to get him out of it.


Alpine's going to have to remember the rest of their academy exists.


I think it really depends on the contract dispute. Both teams seem to think Piastri will drive for them so they should both try to give him an FP1 session. It would be quite funny if he did a session for both If Piastri needs Alpine's permission to do an FP1 session, it's hard to imagine them giving it.


I think it's more likely he'll end up doing neither. He's still contracted to Alpine for this year, so why would they help him get acclimated to the McLaren for next year? I wonder if they're contractually obliged to give him the Alpine FP1 sessions, otherwise I imagine Jack Doohan will be doing them instead.


I know that at some point during this season Alpine agreed with McLaren that if any of the McLaren drivers has a problem, Piastri would be loaned out as a replacement. I wonder how much Alpine hates that right now. :))


Yeah but it was only an informal agreement that he could be loaned in the event of a driver needing to miss a race (was fone originally for covid). I doubt that it'll stand anymore unless McLaren start forcing DR to miss entire weekends due to 'illness'.


They aren’t going to do that. The most likely outcome is Piastri tests with Alpine unless they want to be petty. If that’s the case he will probably do the winter testing with McLaren but probably nothing before then.


I don’t think it would be petty to deny him expensive and strategically valuable time in an F1 seat they could use on other prospects when he is going to be driving for s competitor next year. It would be incredibly stupid.


For McLaren Herta in usa Pato in Mexico


Alpine could sign an F2 driver in the top 5 like Drugovich in the summer break. He's not part of an F1 drivers academy. That could fill their FP1 sessions. Doohan is probably the most obvious contender for at least one of the FP1 sessions.


Honestly, if McLaren can convince Alpine to allow them to use Piastri, they should give him all of Ricciardo's FP1s for the rest of the season, as much testing as possible


Imagine alpine cocking up so much that they still have to give pastry the 2 FP1 sessions, last year car test and 3rd driver role because his contract is still valid for 2022.


Hehe I see how you’ve eluded the spelling bot there


I don't think there's anything stopping them from doing extra rookie sessions, just a minimum.


Contractual dispute/negotiations are not over yet as far as Alpine concerned.


I assume some IndyCar drivers will at least drive for an FP1 session, whether it be Palou, Herta, Pato, or whoever signed for McLaren in IndyCar, but I believe some will go for the Pirelli tyre test for 2023, just like what Pato did last year for 2022 I still do believe Piastri will at least still drive an FP1 session with Alpine, well if Alpine believe they're right, if not, well I'm wrong then, they Probably could try bring Lundgaard, but I don't think that's likely since well, he's in IndyCar. Oh well, what ever the outcome is from this drama, will still be looking forward to it!


If I was Alpine I would refuse to let Piastri do any FP1 sessions for Alpine or McLaren if he is still under contract this year but driving for McLaren next year. No point in allowing your own academy driver who jumped ship develop any further.




Did you just wake up?


I think this is the most out the loop I've ever seen someone. So congrats for taking that honour


Whoops 🤦‍♂️


Would really love to know what his post said.


"Piastri is going to Alpine, they announced it on their Twitter", to paraphrase