Additional context from https://racingnews365.com/opinion-how-alpine-lost-piastri >Before analysing how Alpine found itself in this state, allow me to stress that the information learned by RacingNews365.com concerning Piastri's move to McLaren was derived not from a single source, but three different parties - on two continents, in three countries – all with knowledge of the information. Crucially, all provided essentially the same details. ... >Our information has it that McLaren's contract with Piastri was signed last Saturday during the Hungarian Grand Prix, ahead of a mooted (by others) deadline of July 31, 2022, then immediately lodged with the CRB, which accepted the agreement as is standard procedure unless conflicts exist. Our sources are adamant that no 2023 Alpine-Piastri contract was in place, only a vague (and expired) option clause in his 2022 deal. >Significantly, Alpine was not informed of said acceptance, simply because there were no conflicts. Australian sources are equally adamant that Daniel Ricciardo has been informed of his de-hiring, and that a soft landing is being sought for him.


If this news is true, it has come a full circle. Daniel Ricciardo replaced Mark Webber back in the day at RB and now Mark Webber’s protégé is replacing Daniel Ricciardo!


I'm not sure who, but I'm starting to think there's someone not telling the truth in all of this


It’s looking more likely that “someone” is Alpine.


I still find it so weird that they confirmed it without having Oscar on board. Oh well, time will tell Edit: spelling


They did not confirm it! They legally did nothing wrong. Notice that they used the word "promoted" and not "Piastri signed a contract". Alpine knew that something fishy was happening and wanted to put pressure on Piastri with this promotion. Either he take the seat right away either he refuses it. But Alpine had the time running against them and wanted to pressure Piastri in case his new contract was not completly signed. Unlucky for them, he already had something at Maclaren.


Why do it in the press without confirmation from the driver though? You would assume talks with with piastri and his management team were ongoing unless they are truly incompetent. The whole “take it or leave it” theory is a much worse tactic than simple contract negotiation because piastri could just say “lol no” as he did and publicly embarrassed the team


I mean confirm via social media. It’s still not a good look for them. They must have had something in the works to be able to put out a statement like that.


This idea of it being 'something fishy' is a little disingenuous tbh. If Alpine screwed up as Rencken is reporting and allowed Piastri to essentially become a free agent through their own incompetence then they've nobody to blame but themselves. They should have either committed to Alonso properly, or if they were so desperate to keep Piastri and believed he was their future, they should have made a proper commitment to him, said thanks but no thanks to Alonso and given Piastri a chance in their own car. Instead they dithered around trying to keep both of them with deals neither of them wanted and this is the consequence.


Whatever politics and power plays alpine thought it was doing they just ended up looking like Muppets in all of this. Lost alonso, piastri and embarrassed themselves publicly


I think alpine assumed their existing contract would continue, it was probably Webber talking to McLaren about Piastri without Alpines knowledge (clearly also Ricciardo’s) thus making them look like a bunch of wankers.


I’m gonna need like 5 different sources and Oscar to confirm before I start believing any of this.


Plot twist: he took Lando's seat.


If that happens I will tattoo a lifesize Zack Brown on my whole body head to toe, the full thing than dose myself in petrol and light myself on fire and fucking die


!remindme 1 month


!remindme 1 month


Lewis announces a surprise retirement to run an activism project with Seb, Lando gets the Mercedes seat, /u/katonajozsi gets the tattoo of a (short) lifetime




Oh lord, a Norris Russel teammate rivalry would be tasty


Well it is kinda obvious now isn't it? Who in their right minds declines an obvious F1 seat in a midfield team? Only if you have a better option. Only option is mc laren. Or ferrari if leclerc is broken.


Leclerc's so blindly loyal to Ferrari, even when he's frustrated, he'd probably be rocking in a corner with a straightjacket on before he left.


He's also got a long contract with them still and it was his dream team. It was the team he told his dad he was on before he died cause it was both of theirs favorite team.


Yep absolutely. There's also the Jules connection which makes things very strong for him. It's all part of what makes him so loyal to them. That said, if they mess up another title chance for him next year, he could well decide he's had enough.


To fair, Vettel also was until the day he found himself without a job.


> FIA's contract recognition board, where all F1 contracts are checked for validity, is said to have validated Piastri's new contract with McLaren at the expense of his existing deal with Alpine.


Danny Ric hitting refresh on his instagram repeatedly right now.


If this article is correct he already knows. So I think Mclaren and Piastri are waiting to announce till Daniel has something for next year f1 or no, which would indicate Daniel is leavinc on amicable terms.


I hear alpine has an open seat for 23.


How would that indicate everything is amicable?


If it wasn't they would just announce.


We understand that, without our agreement, Daniel Ricciardo believes that he is driving for us next year. This is wrong and he will not have a contract with McLaren for 2023. He will not be driving for McLaren next year.


Wonder if any more reputable sources could get any documents or confirmations from the contract recognition board. Edit: Didn't see it was Dieter Rencken that had written the article. He is very reliable and this is probably very trustworthy information. Congrats to McLaren I guess.


nobody is supposed to get it, it is leaked to the press only.


While this is a nice scoop by Rencken, I question who benefits most from it leaking? It definitely communicates that McLaren is done with Ricciardo, despite Ricciardo not being done with McLaren. Is McLaren hoping to pressure Ricciardo to voluntarily move away (to Alpine), to make the transition as painless as possible?


"Australian sources are equally adamant that Daniel Ricciardo has been informed of his de-hiring, and that a soft landing is being sought for him. From followup article: https://racingnews365.com/opinion-how-alpine-lost-piastri


De-hiring? Lmao..


De-hiring lol


I think they've basically had to say to my boy Danny Ric, it's not only not worked it's not going to. Then to try and help him find a graceful way to get into a seat that's not Haas or Williams. The Alpine situation ends up being a godsend in that regard.


I wouldn’t be shocked if they were biding their time to get him out on some kind of underperformance clause and Alonso threw a spanner in the works making that plan apparent earlier in the season than hoped.


\^ This. I think this is also the reason why Piastri and McLaren did not announce earlier that the contract was signed. They probably wanted to find a good seat for Danny first or at least a good solution for him.


I read r365 sometimes. Do you think it is not as credible? And which sources would you recommend?


My mistake, mixed them up with another site. Dieter is routinely cited as one of the most reliable sources in F1. Will edit my comment.


Yeah, I mean it's not 100% obviously, but I'd trust Rencken over most other journalists. If he's publishing this down the details of the CRB then he must be pretty confident in his source.


the documents confirmation dept is looking into it.


We are checking


Does very much feel like Jenson vs Williams on the BAR move.


and Otmar was there as well


But he was only Production Manager, so not involved.


That's how I felt when he first put the tweet. Imagine if McLaren underperform this year and he will have to go back to Alpine but then Alpine wouldn't want him


Otmar Szafnauer recently said, Alpine would be open to Danny Ric, as far as I remeber…


Otmar: No Mohammed no! That was so not right! Mohammed Ben Sulayem: Otmar, its called a contract recognition.


We went signing


“These contracts are being manipulated man”


You need to reinstate the contract before, that's not right!


Great but that does not mean Ricciardo's contract is ending without Ricciardo's consent. We have seen that years ago with Sauber who had signed 4 drivers for 1 year. Acvording to the judge then the drivers on the old contract had the right to the seat and the team could be even made to not participate if they did not makr that seat available to him. So even though the contract with McLaren maybe valid it does not automatically mean that he has a right to the seat for next year. He probably will. But it could get messy because not beeing in F1 for a year could end your carreer, so just a salary payout for the remainder of the contract may not be enough for Ricciardo to cover the expected damages of not having a seat for next year and probably ending his F1 carreer. And if you wanted Ricciardo to have a chance to perform for the second half of the season then they have just thrown that away because there will be little trust between the driver and the team when the team does not uphold their side of the contract.


I think the same. The CRB just look at the Alpine and McLaren contracts for Piastri. They are almost certainly not looking at Riccardo’s at the same time. I think the most recent example is Sauber, all the contracts were validated by the CRB but that didn’t stop a court case happening.


I would assume McLaren can just buy Ricciardo out of his remaining year (but have no knowledge of whether this is actually the case or not)


I agree. I've executed over two hundred customized contracts in my career and the lawyers I have encountered universally have one or more paths to unwind a contract, however unlikely they may be. While Ricciardo may have negotiated very favorable terms at the time of signing, neither he nor McLaren probably saw the current situation as likely, so it is possible they a) already hit on one of those unwinding paths; or b) are willing to compensate Ricciardo and are looking for the soft landing to minimize their (and his reputation) damages.


And the Oscar goes to McLaren!


How long you been sitting on that?


Longer than Ricciardo for sure




Meanwhile Renault out there collecting Razzies


Two young guns at McLaren should be mighty interesting provided they don't openly favour one over the other.


If they follow the same road map they did with Lando when he joined as a rookie, giving Piastri time in his first season… it’s a very good line-up for the future.


I‘ll believe it when him **and** the team confirm it. But it should be obvious he goes there otherwise he‘d have killed his F1 career before it began.


If this is true then official confirmation should be soon. Imo Pisastri's side would have already had a solid 'Yes' from McLaren if they so publicly denied Alpine.


Exactly. The way Piastri's statement regarding the Alpine announcement was worded was a dead giveaway that he had already signed elsewhere.


Yep. Could not be that adamant he wouldn't be driving for Alpine if he didn't have something already in the bag.


I mean there are obviously drivers who have pulled some seriously dumb moves and killed their chances of ever getting to F1 *cough* Ticktum *cough*, but Piastri doesn't seem like the type. Alpine forced his hand by making their announcement, and he put out a fairly calculated statement that said everything it needed to, even if people had to read between the lines a little bit. And isn't that what silly season is all about anyway?


Yeah but Australia time zone!!!! Lol


They'll probably announce it when Otmar is asleep lol


Agreed and if confirmed then I'd be expecting the official announcement pretty soon. The only hold I can think of is now DR and what they do with his contract.


They'll probably just pay him off like Ferrari did with Raikkonen


Kimi got his salary to stay home, then comes back and almost bankrupts Lotus with his pay per point deal


If I recall he waived that?


Dieter tweeted it and is a pretty reliable source most of the time. I hope for danny ric that he gets bought out by mclaren and that he can go back to Alpine next year. Despite him having a shitty stint at mclaren, he's not unworthy of a seat next year.


> Dieter tweeted it He’s the editorial director of this post’s linked site (racingnews365)


Magnussen to Haas: "You could not live with your own failure. Where did that bring you? Back to me" Piastri to Alpine: "You could not live with your own failure. Where did that bring you? Back to me" Alpine to Ricciardo: "You could not live with your own failure. Where did that bring you? Back to me" What a year it's been!


I'll believe it when Ricciardo actually announces he's leaving McLaren.


Ya, I think everyone felt this way, but people also felt that Alpine had no reason to lie. I guess Alpine don’t know what they are doing


I'm guessing that the most likely series of events was basically this: * Alpine is sure Alonso is staying. They want to sign him for one more year. * They neglect to exercise their option on Piastri, perhaps planning to bring him on next year, after Alonso retires. (Again.) * At the stroke of midnight, Alonso's hand is holding a pen, hovering over the Aston Martin multiyear contract. * Alpine is completely blindsided by this. But that's okay, that's why they have the option on Piastri! * *what do you mean it expired* * Shit. * **SHIT.** * ... Where's the international date line? * Fuck, put out a PR statement, **now!**


Why would they not have the contracts overlap? So say Alonso's option for 2023 expires on July 30th and then Piastri's expires on August 5th or something. Just always have the reserve driver in contract for a week longer than the race driver. That way they have a definitive answer from Alonso before Piastri is released. It sounds like they had it setup so that both options expired at (almost) the same time and they had no plan B if both drivers didn't take the option. It seems so obvious that i'm guessing there was some reason why this couldn't be done but it would have saved them a huge headache.


> Why would they not have the contracts overlap? Beats me. I think what you said makes total sense. Some folks were saying (devoid of any hard evidence, mind you) that Piastri's option ended on July 31st, and Alonso's contract expired on August 1st. If that's true... it's just a disastrous clerical error, I suppose. But it sure as heck looks like their option on Piastri had expired.


> So say Alonso's option for 2023 expires on July 30th and then Piastri's expires on August 5th or something. I'm not sure Alonso had to exercise an option to get out of his contract. I could be wrong but I think his contract was simply over at the end of the year, so on his end there wouldn't be a deadline. In that case, the mistake may have been allowing the negotiations with Alonso to go on too long, past their hard deadline for Piastri. But that's also assuming they couldn't find a way to exercise Piastri's option before knowing about Alonso, which, who knows.


Alpine's PR statement is Michael Scott's "I declare BANKRUPTCY" level shit. Just because you say so doesn't make it so.


I'm interested in exactly what the situation between piastri and alpine is. I think it's rumoured he had a clause that let's him look at other teams for a drive if they didn't sign him before a certain date which some have said is the day before alpine made the announcement. People have also said Webber and alonso are friends so it's possible alonso made his announcement after the date so piastri could look at other teams. From the outside it looked like piastri might have only gotten a ride at Williams next year through alpine since they wouldn't send him to McLaren but I don't know if any progress had been made on that front and until vettel made his announcement and alonso moved it looked like there wouldn't be any room for piastri at alpine next year.


If the article is true, that does sound like a huge blunder by Alpine. Not some clause that can be interpreted in certain ways, but a huge fail.


Also, this: > Under Formula 1's regulations, Alpine cannot challenge the board's decision, as F1 teams have previously unanimously decided that it is the highest body that can rule on contractual matters. They absolutely fucked themselves.


What a giant embarrassment for Alpine. So Alonso knew exactly what he was doing.


El plan


We all laughed but it turned out incredibly well for him.


If Daniel can go back to el plan then not a bad thing


Listen, and hear me out here, Danny Ric wins more races in an Alpine than a Mclaren. He’s already used to the philosophy of the car and Alpine are somewhat competitive(if anything moving in the right direction). Mclaren seem sort of stagnant in progress when it comes to Daniel and in my honest opinion, Lando is a WDC in the right car. I feel like a move back to Alpine/Renault could be good for Daniels career because as much as I think we all don’t want to admit, Daniel is getting close to retirement age.


> Danny Ric wins more races in an Alpine than a Mclaren if we go by empirical data, this is already false, right? but I agree he has better chances of placing higher in Alpine than in McLaren. Car doesn't fit him.


More podiums though


Daniel finished 5th one of his years at Renault, that's truly "best of the rest"


>He's already used to the philosophy of the car The car this year is completely different from the one last year, next year's one even more so compared to the one he drove two years ago. so I don’t see the logic


I see nothing to suggest age is a factor here, only poor decisions.


I too would like Daniel to go back to Alpine if OP is true. Honestly it might just be the best thing for him > Daniel is getting close to retirement age Nonsense. He's 8 years younger than Alonso, and 5 years younger than Lewis, and the same age as Perez and Bottas.


With the way this weeks gone I’m not sure what to believe anymore


Let's just wait and see who's in the car for the formation lap of next years first GP before we assume who's driving what. Just to be sure...


It's lights out and.. oh my god it's Daniel Ricciardo with a steel chair, what is he doing in the Alpine zone ?




I hope Danny was in on the deal. Hate to see Aussie on Aussie violence


It’s one aussie helping an aussie screw another aussie. The kangaroo standoff.


The kangaroo inchident.


Roo Gate. The Kowala Conspiracy. The Sydney Sling The Outback Ousting The Vegemite Vendetta


The 2nd Emu War


Please don't bring that up without a trigger warning. Some of us still hear the screams...


The drop bear dilemma


The land where we call cunts, mates. and mates, cunts. It's going to be confusing for the media


twist: Norris is out


LMAO imagine. Norris for Williams 2023


As long as Dan gets a seat I am happy - 2 Aussies in F1 will be great.


Plot Twist: Piastri makes a tweet refusing the McLaren seat


Aug. 29th: Piastri announces that he is signing with the Edmonton Oilers


If he helps on defense, I’m all for it


Our poor market cap


Piastri leaving millions on the table to go to Columbus, OH


It's closer to Australia


I’m just happy my boy Cyril avoided so much humiliation in this silly season.


So Australian's are basically the Sith of Formula 1 - Ricciardo took Webber's place, now Piastri is taking Riciardo's...


Always two there are; no more, no less. A master and an apprentice.


And the apprentice must slay his old master in order to become master himself.


The Honey Badger never takes the high ground.


The Honey Badger doesn't like pastry.


What a year this week has been


It's the most likely move at this point. Honestly might be a spicy pairing (Norris / Piastri). Wonder if he will be closer than Daniel managed to. The curtains are slowly falling for Daniel sadly, but I hope he can at least get a seat at Alpine, but this must surely hurt whatever is remaining of his confidence / ego.


You never know perez was down and out after mclaren stint then found his mojo back when he joined force india and look where is he right now . Danny still have good 3-4 years of racing in him maybe he will found his old form in alpine.


\-"Did you say at least 12 more years?" Alonso, Probably


Still waiting for the official announcement... But it seems to be taking a long time! I hope for Piastri that it's true, otherwise he's in trouble.


I think at this stage, we've learnt that official announcements don't mean anything, lol... McLaren in Indycar yesterday: https://racer.com/2022/08/04/indycars-silly-season-gets-a-rosenqvist-twist/


Zack had to drop Rosenqvist so he could poach someone elses driver into that seat. He gets off on it. Nothing wrong with that though.


Mans just ran out of sponsor space on his car and couldn’t go much longer without the high of negotiations and signing papers so now he’s pivoted to drivers


One Aussie helping another Aussie screw another Aussie.


Always there are two..Aussie replaces another Aussie... Mark Webber : This is the way...


The ultimate revenge from Weber, who is now Piastri’s manager. I’m only joking of course, but it is a funny coincidence.


Are they sure this time ?


Seems like it ... article says the FIA's contract recognition board says that Alpine had a Piastri option for 2023 in the contract Piastri signed in 2022, but it wasn't picked up by them within 30 days of signing the contract. So basically Piastri has no contractual obligation to Alpine and is free to sign with McLaren. Also, the judgement is final (non-challengable), so pretty sure it will hold this time.


> lpine had a Piastri option for 2023 in the contract Piastri signed in 2022, but it wasn't picked up by them within 30 days of signing the contract. Clowns. Fucking clowns. Guys had an option on one of the most hyped up upcoming talents and just didn't do anything with it. All that alpine money invested into his carreer (part of it being my taxpayer money, btw) was to train McLaren's new driver. If he ever wins the WDC i'll be livid.


Cant help but think the problem was Alpine rushing into a long term contact with Ocon - once Alonso was up to speed and regularly outperforming Ocon, it gave Alpine a nightmare about what to do with Piastri. I also feel that part of the problem is that Alpine are acting like a top team in their attitude towards Piastri - Mercedes could park Russell at Williams for three years because there was a chance of a race winning car at the end of it. I can understand why Piastri wouldn’t want to sit out a year, then spend two years at a back marker team to only end up with a chance at a midfield team.


Alpine is basically Mclaren’s junior team now, first Sainz then Ricciardo and now Piastri lmao.


Does Renault still get French government money?


can't see why they wouldn't, they're partially state-owned. They got a 5 billion package to help during the covid crisis as well.


I’m more curious about how they got Danny out of that seat.




Don't get why people are so confused about this. Mclaren hands Danny money and tells him goodbye.


Nothing would make me happier than my employer paying me tens of millions of dollars to just go away


Correct, Mr. Krabs!


I mean if you’re Daniel you’re super embarrassed by this and don’t want to be there anyways. Pretend you’re him. You’re telling yourself: “they developed this car for landos driving style and that’s why I’m slow, and now they’re making me look bad by signing a pre-rookie? Duck these guys. Imma go be alpha dog at another team, and then make money from both McLaren and the new team, go do some good races and get my reputation back, then we will see who has the last laugh duckers!!! Hahahah” Versus him clinging to a seat on a team that clearly can’t put a car together that matches his racing style in a way that generates a good outcome for either mclaren as a team or Ricky as a driver


Almost like that scene in Moneyball. "They are paying $20 million to race against you"


Danny will become a mentor in the locker room and Alpine will win the World Series.


I think you mean Alpine will go on a historical win streak yet somehow lose the title.


They're not Ferrari


"I wanna milk the last ounce of F1-racing that you got in you"


I didn't even know DR hated ducks so much


This is the most interesting question


So DR3 is out a seat now?


Not necessarily. There is a chance he returns to Alpine if Piastri does end up at McLaren. I'm guessing he'll have to take a huge pay cut though. He's getting Vandoorne'd by Norris right now, and unless he really turns it around, he could be out of a seat entirely. You don't pay 17 million a year for someone to get obliterated.


I agree. As much as I like DR, that's the way the world works now. I missed a few deadlines at my job and I get a warning to lose my job so it is fair game.


It’s sad, but hopefully he rediscovers his form back at Renault/Alpine. Can’t imagine a grid without that smile.


Australians replacing Australians. And so it was written.


Is this source reliable? Article contains couple new and interesting details. > FIA's contract recognition board, where all F1 contracts are checked for validity, is said to have validated Piastri's new contract with McLaren at the expense of his existing deal with Alpine. I didn’t even know such organizational body existed. > Under Formula 1's regulations, Alpine cannot challenge the board's decision, as F1 teams have previously unanimously decided that it is the highest body that can rule on contractual matters. If this is true then this saga is already over, McLaren stole Piastri in a daylight robbery. > RacingNews365.com understands that Piastri has a contract with Alpine for 2022, but not for 2023. His 2022 deal is said to contain an option on Piastri's services for 2023, but that option was not exercised within the required 30 days of signing that contract. Ouch Otmar, next time get a memo from your legal team before badmouthing your two-time world champion driver


Dieter Rencken moved to RN365 at the start of this year, so it does have the backing of one of the more established F1 journalists. It gave them a certain level of credibility in my eyes; prior to his move there, I'd written off that site as one of many clickbait content mills out there. But Rencken wouldn't write for a content mill.


Not exercising an option on the hottest new talent on the market that they had spent millions on to help him develop into an F1 driver... And then bad mouthing the 2 time WDC currently driving for your team. Great management skills 👍




Also handing a 3 year extension to some dude who only has 1 podium to his name at that point, while they have two junior drivers P1 and P2 in the F2 standings! Alpine management fucked themselves into this scenario and they only have themselves to blame for it, now their best hope is the guy that rejected them two years ago. utter hilarity


Their star junior driver dumped them and left for mclaren and in return they will get mclaren reject in danny ric who himself dumped alpine for mclaren in the first place


My ex’s ex is my friend


Not sure if they are reliable but what makes me believe it more is that the contract board does actually exist. Unlike other series like Indycar these contract disputes would go there instead of court.


The guy is a terrible leader. Considering what Prost has said about Rossi, it's trash all the way up.


What did he say? Sorry I am not super up to date to all the stuff


That he doesn't take advice and stacked the Alpine board with his yes-men, removing or ostracising "outside" influences like Brivio and Prost.


That is an amazing way to fuck a team up.


Like a French Ferrari??


I’m not sure Piastri made the best choice, considering Norris is better than Ocon…risky for him.


If this is true I hope Daniel will go back to Alpine.


I fucking pray so. Danny finally out of that nightmare scenario (for him, obviously) and into a situation where he can show he's still got it. Also very exciting for Piastri obviously. Only potential downside to this is that the McLaren could be as difficult to drive for him as it was for Danny. I hope he adapts better than Danny did otherwise Lando could make him look awful.


Piastri better be the second coming of Verstappen after all this bs. It's not like the Mclaren is a better car than the Alpine either.


(If this is true) hopefully DR goes to Alpine and finds a better fit in their car


Breaking news: Danny Ric will be taking the second seat behind Sainz at Ferrari and Charles Leclerc will drive for "literally any team that doesn't run strategy simulations on Windows 95"


Ferrari typing on keyboard: Should we pit this lap? Windows 95: working... 20 minutes later: Windows 95 says maybe.


Until there is something, DIRECT, from McLaren or Ricciardo I can't believe it.


I doubt they can announce Piastri before everything with Danny Ric is sorted. And that might still be a while


Has there been an offical announcement???




Alpine are so fucking dumb. Should have locked an Alonso Piastri lineup in last year. Now they lost both of them smh.


“RacingNews365.com has learnt that the Australian will be racing for McLaren in 2023.” Well yeah…


This guy better be the second fucking coming given all the chaos he's caused.


I mean, the only logical thing would actually be that Alpine and McLaren spaw drivers. How could Daniel still drive for McLaren knowing that they want to replace him anyway? And he knows the guys over at Alpine. No need to make it more complicated or force things. At least thats my opinion.


They were caught napping.. such a large organisation being made to look like amateurs. Very sad.. Heads will surely roll at Alpine


if this is true then otmar needs to go. and then cyril and danny need to return


Otmar and rossi*


this is the way. please bring renault 2020 back!


please bring Renault 2005 back


Yellow & black was so much better!


2 Aussies, 1 managed by an Aussie, fighting over a seat at a team that is based in the UK and founded by a Kiwi. Man.


And is owned by some bahrain people