I get it from his point of view. They made him in sort of a young villain with a fabricated rivalry with Ricciardo.


I think the idea is to make non-F1 fans think the sport is way more controversial, wild and exciting than it actually is. Which is dangerous because those same people then watch a real race and wonder where all the Michael Bay explosions are.




F1 is full of drama, but it's not the drama Netflix wants to market.


Perhaps it is rather the drama the teams themselves and FOM doesn’t want to market. The access granted to Netflix may not be unlimited. The fake drama doesn’t involve the real political sensitivities the teams and FOM don’t like to have out in the open, but would make for better viewing for fans (more in tune with this stuff).


>Perhaps it is rather the drama the teams themselves and FOM doesn’t want to market. Which is strange because it's that exact drama we as fans eat up all season long.


except they don't care about the existing fans. They want new ones.


i hate this narrative that FOM/Liberty don’t care about existing fans when there’s plenty of evidence of the contrary.


Im more referencing the purpose of the netflix show


Except FOM's goal here is to get people to start following F1 as fans. A lot of new people will start following it for the drama, but then learn that was all fake and there's other kinds of drama, which they might not be interested in and leave. Let's be honest. For a new, casual viewer, drama that involves drivers and team principals akin to a reality show will certainly be much more interesting than drama involving F1's technical and sporting regulations, so a lot of people who are in for the drama will drop F1 almost immediately after noticing Netflix was fake, which doesn't really help FOM, only Netflix.


Yeah, unfortunately things like the Pink Mercedes or Mercedes campaigning to change the pit stop rules to slow down Red Bull aren’t as exciting as exciting for newer fans as Lando and Carlos “hating” each other.


I came in after DTS, way better drama in the actual races and season than on the show. It’s a good entry point though for some


Ya, before DTS I wouldn’t have understood all the drama. For example, if someone has a slow pit stop Whilst trying to execute an undercut. I immediately see that as controversial or dramatic, without watching races and DTS. I won’t be able to understand the context of a slow pitstop or gambling on a yellow flag.


It's also drama that takes like 10 mins of explaining and that's shit tv


Willing to bet they gloss over everything that happened over the last 2 weeks


I came for the Netflix drama and stayed for the real drama


>I came for the Netflix drama and stayed for the real drama You and so many others. It's changed the face of F1 entirely. I came and stayed for the racing waaaay back when. I'm struggling with all the celebrity, drama, pop culture crap honestly.


For better understanding, you just have to look at the video games. The official F1 game and the default settings are 5 lap races. Fucking *five*. This is the kind of immediacy that a lot of people expect, lol 70 laps and 2 pit stops with strategy playing an incredible part is just not even in the realm of understanding for a lot of younger folk/newer fans


I’m not quite sure what you’re saying here. Is it that newer fans expect shorter races?


Newer fans expect a lot more immediacy for sure


Immediacy in regards to what?


Most controversy is very technical. Most people don't care about technical. They'd rather have keeping up with F1 personalities.


Will Buxton is legitimately a very good narrator to cover technical summaries and get the viewer engaged though… he’s incredibly under-utilised having him explain simple concepts in exaggerated ways, as hilarious as it is hearing him explain “getting pole is important because 19 cars are behind you” “The regulations state that a rear wing can only flex a certain amount, but any test can be worked around if poorly designed…” - he could totally carry some nerdy drama


Yes. You can craft an interesting story out of nearly everything. That includes the technical drama of F1. But breaking it down and explaining that in laymans terms takes work and creativity. DTS seems to just take the easy way out and craft interpersonal stories.


There's an issue I see a lot in media, which is that they essentially give the audience no credit at all. While the average person is pretty dumb, I think most things can be explained pretty easily. When it comes to something practical, all you need is a good layman. While it shouldn't get bogged down in explaining things, it definitely should embrace it more. Though it can be a question of footage.


Actual F1 controversies are about doing business with dictators, teams cheating and old dickheads being racist. Not what DTS would like to publicize lmao.


Ok so we're racing here in Saudi this weekend. *explosion in the distance*


I don’t know. I think that statement is kind of controversial. You’re being far too much politics and your own opinion into this whilst F1 should be a neutral sport for the sporting enthusiast. We don’t need all this controversial prejudice. Just let F1 being a boring old man’s sport from yesteryear 🤪




The real drama is also much more entertaining than petty comments being spliced together


Binged it a few months ago and immediately filled the gap with the current season as well as what was glossed over the past few seasons. Am addicted to the actual racing so far this season. Netflix pulled me in though. It wasn’t the crashes that drew me in, though the few that were highlighted were insane. It was the pageantry of the sport. How every team has such commitment even if they have zero chance of winning. How the driver is almost seen as just another cog in the machine. Of course they get celebrity treatment but every other member is super important it seems from mechanics to engineers to the logistical people that move everything from race to race. Also I love the professional passive aggressiveness/shit talking between the team reps. The difference in the teams from year to year and as of this season the rise of Red Bull to a clear no. 1 spot so far is pretty intriguing. I’m sure I’m just in the honeymoon phase with regards to liking the sport but am grateful for the Netflix series opening my eyes to the sport.


I’m 100% with you on everything. Netflix DTS was just the gateway drug.


I think that too sometimes. I bet the new fans of the sport, after watching dts, expect the races to be insanely exciting and crazy then realise after lap 5 it’s a lot of just watching cars go around a track. And that’s motor racing, I love it and always have, but sometimes you get a dead race and get one or two overtakes. I wonder what the new fans think of those races.


Is it not a bit unique to F1? It’s been years since I’ve watched NASCAR and before that IndyCar until split and CART and whatever, but I don’t recall there being so little overtaking that we get in some F1 races. Even so, F1 is the only one I watch now and I love it. A bit more overtaking would be nice though. Especially if DRS wasn’t needed to make it happen.


Yeah, I think F1 has kind of failed so far with their regulation changes, if their goal was to allow drivers to fight and pass more. I know they said their goal was for people to be able to follow more, but who cares about following more if they still can't pass. They really need to find a way to make passing happen more, there have only been 2-3 races that have involved decent fighting and I wish they'd focus on that more than restricting teams so much that they can't fix simple problems. They just need to ease up on technical restrictions a bit, there's a budget cap now, so you don't have to worry about some team spending $200 million on some ridiculous system that makes them 5 seconds quicker than anyone else, but I think we'd see different teams come up with radically different tech that could really change up the pack.


>Yeah, I think F1 has kind of failed so far with their regulation changes, if their goal was to allow drivers to fight and pass more. The goal was to allow more fights, and this worked. Last season, the car in the back had much more turbulent air, and had problems staying close. Which meant, that a driver can't drive close behind another driver and just wait for the right opportunity. Now, this is possible. Regarding more overtakes: There is nothing more boring than multiple DRS-assisted overtakes between the same two drivers. I rather have less overtakes which are more important, than 45 position changes, and a result decided who slammed the break the hardest in the last lap to get the DRS advantage.


New regulations will always have field spread. Especially with relatively open rules. Things will be better once the cars converge a bit. The main issue is usually either Ferrari or Red Bull is quite behind the other. But when they're close, it's spectacular.


I wouldn't mind if the cars were slower, tbh. After 150km/h, it makes no difference on viewing, if it's 200k, 250K, 300K


I think the next steps for more passing are not just decreased dirty air, but also tighter regulations. When the field spread is over a second per lap, relatively few cars have tire deltas or pace deltas in the race. Top teams can predictably qualify top four / top six and pull away in the race. This is less the case in Indycar and NASCAR. Hopefully the current regs are already tight enough for it to close up through 2023 or so. I wouldn't want to sacrifice much more technical freedom.


‘Dangerous’ is a bit extreme. It will bring more fans looking for wild action, and most will be disappointed and stop watching the races within the first year. But some will fall in love and stay. So isn’t that worth it? That being said, they shouldn’t make shit up.


In terms of F1 racing, 2021 was pretty Michael Bay-esque. You couldnt really script a better plot. We just can't anticipate that every year.


Oh get off it with this "new fans will be too stupid to get the sport!" some may not stay , but those were never going to watch it anways.but many will stay, proven out by year after year of popularity increase, mostly due to DTS. Thank God F1 doesn't listen to redditors.


THANK YOU! I think DTS brought in a lot of fans that are going to stick with it and the ones that don’t, probably didn’t like motorsports in general. The teams are increasing their engagement with fans directly, promoting their causes, and getting tech company sponsorships that attract attention - because, idk, working for a prominent tech co/F1 team sounds pretty cool? I’m enjoying all of it and hope other new fans find it exciting one day too.


To be completely honest, that is exactly why I watch it. I actually don't bother watching the races during the season, I just wait until the end and watch the season catch-up with dramatic editing for maximum drama and 4k racing footage. I know it's bullshit but I'm not a proper F1 fan so it's great. Brrrm brrrm drama ftw!


The 4k footage is insane lol, considering how terrible the stream quality is on F1TV in comparison.


I understand making it more soap-opera-ish but c’mon, last season there were TONS of controversies, drama and action. And the season before that. And the drivers and teams have great backstories with better drama than you can make up (e.g.: Ocon: poor family that put everything on the line that lost his seat after friend and billionaire son bought it; Max: abused kid turned racing monster who “usurped” Kvyat’s life; Leclerc: the boy who overcame personal losses to become Ferrari’s wonderkid; Lewis: first black driver and most successful in history; Russell: Merc’s future winner who was forced to stay in Williams too long due to contract and who had his first win snatched away twice in the same race after a surprising opportunity… I could go on). I know they’ve explored some of these but imho they have SO MUCH content to work with (I haven’t even mentioned on-track controversies, technical debates, rivalries…), it absolutely escapes me why they leave so much on the table while making up nonsense.


Ive never had any interest in watching Drive To Survive and with every subsequent season, and the comments here about how shithouse it is, only reinforced my lack of interest.


You are so cool


Never watched either. My guess was on it being full of BS drama and turned out I was correct so never bothered with it.


DTS should focus on way more interesting aspects of f1 than stupid made up rivalries between teammates and other drivers etc. For example make an episode focusing on the insane logistics of f1 travelling 1000s of miles between a double header. Do an episode focusing on the engineers designing car upgrades and how they are manufactered and delivered under insane time and budget pressues. Just focusing on the celebrtiy drivers and fabricating story lines with annoying editing is becoming very old very quickly. EDIT: Obviously the racing and excitement of the Grand Prix and qualifying should remain the primary focus of the show, I am just thinking instead of sections of where we see Christian Horner riding his horses through the lovely countryside it could focus on some other part of the team or the technical development of the cars. Maybe even some f1 history thrown in.


I would watch that, sounds like a nice documentary. But I don’t think the target group of DTS is interested in that.


Exactly, without knowing the basics of F1 I would not be able to appreciate the in depth stuff.


The extreme logistics of F1 is the sort of things which sounds spectacular on paper but on camera you have a bunch of containers being shipped around and unpacked at the track or factory. People watch F1 for the rivalries, the racing and then maybe for the amazing tech.


I’m already envision the overly dramatic Discovery Channel voiceover for a documentary about a mundane task, such as making a shovel in a factory


How it's made isn't close to overly dramatic lol Now if somehow aliens made an appearance.....


Maybe a shovel was the wrong example - they certainly go overboard when an ice road truck or whatever snaps an hydraulic hose


Haha I know what you mean it's why I stopped watching discovery and history channel long ago. Every minor inconvenience in those shows are now a life or death situation.


I'll be honest with you, that sounds straight up boring for a show like DTS. Like, I'd enjoy that as a documentary, but I don't watch DTS to see some minute details on car upgrades or some containers being loaded on a plane.


They literally made three episodes last season of the same exact race from different perspectives, and honestly not that different lol, it was embarrassingly bad.


Yeah, no. That documentary style content isn't gonna sell among the Netflix-DTS target audience


You're forgetting that the DTS audience has become a new generation of F1 fans. I wouldn't have been interested in a documentary style thing 3 years ago but absolutely would now.


So you're saying you're no longer the DTS audience but that you want the show to change to suit your tastes.


I'm not saying I want it to change, but that there would be a lot more interest for a more serious documentary style thing now than there would have been a couple years ago thanks to DTS. Sorry if I didn't make that very clear.


Netflix isn’t catering to people who are already fans of F1. They are marketing F1 to new audiences. Your idea would be amazing if it came to fruition, and I think fans would be enthralled by that side of F1.


I would love to watch an episode of them following a team around for a weekend and getting to know mechanics.


Yes exactly the kind of idea I'm talking about. Follow one crew of mechanics and everything they do over a race weekend. I bet it would be great seeing the sheer amount of work they put in to making the cars competative.


A bit like the Haas episodes in earlier seasons you mean?


I agree, they're totally leaving so many interesting things on the cutting room floor, F1 is a technical traveling circus, and following the upgrades and just all the technical dynamics of the sport are so interesting. Obviously you don't want to run multiple episodes without the drivers, but after they wasted three episodes last season of the same damn Monaco race I was like, did they run out of money? It's the same episode three different times. Max can enjoy it or not, I don't care if he's involved, he should realize everyone else takes it as it is and just uses it as another way of promoting themselves and their team. Maybe his problem isn't the show...


If I could award for useless comment I would.


Looking at all your comments, all you seem to talk about is how Max is driving better because Lewis isn't there to run him off the track. Lewis has been one of the cleanest drivers in the last decade. Max's nickname is Crash Verstappen.


I would like to see the logistics and journey in getting everything and everyone from Azerbaijan to Montreal in a week.


Unfortunately, these things are for the new fans. The Ricardo vs Verstappen storyline was so riveting, and made me feel bad for Daniel. Knowing what I know now it was a dumb storyline. I wouldn’t have been interested if not for the dumb stuff in DTS.


I think it would be awesome to have an episode dedicated to following a specific car upgrade, for example following it from the moment a team notices that the floor could be upgraded, to some scenes of engineers working in the factory, to the part being manufactured, to it being transported to the next GP, to it being used in the car. If course, only showing generic stuff that's not going to divulge any secrets. All this while still mixing up the current series format (without all the editorialised shit) to keep it entertaining and not strictly a documentary.


Exactly what I mean, great idea.


It should be more on the terms of every driver. This making up of fake rivalries and other bullshit has to stop.


I dont think that will ever happen unfortunately. I know so many people who doesnt even watch F1 that enjoy every new season of DTS. They might watch one, two races a year because of DTS. I think the higher ups at F1 knows how effectice DTS is and how its been growing the F1 viewerbase. I do think if someone could make a change though, it should be the current WDC, I would love to see Verstappen in DTS again. I actually enjoy DTS for what it is, but that is because I also can tell what is fabricated and not.


> It should be more on the terms of every driver. No it should not. Have you seen the Mazepin episode? I've seen North-Korean propaganda that is less blatant.


Yep. That's the flipside...


Let's be honest 'on my terms' means being made to look good and every single driver/team principle would love to have editorial control.


No, on my terms means no clips being used out of context and even in situations where they didn't happen.


It also means burying any footage where drivers looks bad in correct context.


No it literally means on his terms. He pulled out because he didn't like his portrayal he's fully within his rights, especially as champion to try and leverage some editorial control as negotiation for coming back.




So stop making it interesting?


He’s right about this. S1 made him seem like a villain and completely distorted his and Ricciardo’s relationship. The funny thing was that even though Netflix worked hard to show that they hated each other, they could be seen laughing and joking in the background scenes of episodes that weren’t focused on them. But the one that really didn’t make any sense was Lando and Carlos. The editing made it look like they hated each other and we all know that definitely was not true.


Plus that Grosjean situation when he stopped cameraman before he hit his head in pits turned into Romain pushing him in anger. So wholesome moment when angry/disappointed Romain still cared about wellbeing of others was showed like he was raging on innocent person.


You mean romain 'clinically dead for 30 minutes and then being reborn out of fire like a mighty phoenix' grosjean?


I think you lot just get way too caught up on that shit tbh. I remember watching and thinking this is what all the hubbub is about? Lando literally using the words “he’s my rival and I want to beat him every week” but you lot make it seem like they chopped up a sentence to say “Carlos … ate … my mothers … dog”


More like using Lando talking about a different driver almost running into him, in a race where that was never said but him and Carlos were side by side with each other. They used Lando's words completely out of context with the scene, forcing the interpretation that they were rivals and heavily disliked each other. Using that in addition to the interviews where they lead the driver to say a specific narrative so they can use that sound bite and build their own narrative. They're extremely good friends yet Netflix couldn't show a single scene with them laughing, being playful, or having fun with each other. If they showed that side first, then turned it into but "he's my rival and I want to beat him every week on the track" I don't see anyone having an issue, all the drivers have that mentality.


Yeah, I don’t get why you all still get hung up on the racing scenes. Of course they spice them up, most of the time they’re quite boring.


What I don’t understand.. Is why you have a problem with people wanting a more honest version of DTS?


No I just recognize what it is and that it isn’t going to be anything different. The behind the scenes moments, the interviews etc are what I go to DTS for. The racing scenes are nothing to me as I’ve already watched all those races.


Well I’m not sure that anybody cares what the racing scenes are or are not for you. Given the choice I would prefer DTS be more true to real life. I couldn’t give a fuck less if you already know what happens.


Watch the races and the post race content then. DTS isn’t for you


Once again I couldn’t really give a fuck what you think. I’ll watch what I like, and there’s nothing wrong with wishing it were more accurate and less narrative! Carry on


>Yeah, I don’t get why you all get hung up on the racing scenes. >they’re quite boring If I was Netflix, now you're anti F1. Removing important context from things matters as to why they're being said.


Then remember that time that KMag was misquoted to say, “Suck my balls, mate” to Hülkenberg? Oh wait, he did say that.




Exaggeration is fine but making things up is where I draw the line.


Yes they shouldn’t be making anything up. Making it seem like Lando and Carlos had some huge fight, just awful.


Not to mention faking a radio message that was from the previous year to spark a fake argument between Norris and Ricciardo.


Real Housewives of Monaco


Pretty reasonable that he doesn't want them to make stuff up about him or make it sound like he's said something that he hasn't.


Honestly I get it. Everybody I know who watches F1 absolutely hates max verstappen, and thinks he’s an evil supervillain. Their only experience with him outside of radio chatter is the show


Same around me, I'm his only supporter, and I don't (genuinely) see why he is disliked?


Netflix bro, I thought he was some Bond villain too till I started watching races.


I also support verdeppen!


It makes sense. In the first series he was portrayed as a villain against Ricciardo, whereas in reality they got along great. Why would anyone want to participate if everything you do is twisted into something negative


On one hand Drive to Survive has brought a lot of new/renewed interest to F1 from lucrative markets. On the other hand, it is sometimes a disingenuous representation of the sport and it’s nuance.


So it is the exact same as every other TV show?


Yup, let’s be honest DTS might be a parody of F1 but it’s damn good tv.


DTS should be more like a documentary showing the inside stuff that happens in teams that we never get to see normally instead they just make a soap opera


The soap opera is more engaging for newbies than for F1 fans, I know DTS is dumb but give me Guenther struggling to keep Haas afloat over the engineering stuff.


I think it’s great that he holds the power to be able to make a change in this. Hopefully this also extends to the portrayal of the other drivers. Good job, Max👍


I think now that he is the F1 champion, Netflix is offering him a boat-load of money just to be on the show. And he knows he has got all the bargaining chips in this deal. Honestly, I am happy for the him and us as fans. DTS, although a bit over dramatized, is still a good watch. Max, being the champion, should be in it.


This. Surely he doesn't give a toss about what people think of his relationship with his teammate.. He cares about the money he is giving away without any contract with DTS.


I don't know about the money. He sure has a lot of bargaining chips because he is the current WDC though. I think he (or his management) realised that it was fun making a statement "I'm not taking part", but that only meant that he didn't have the interviews with them. Everything else they could film and use, he didn't have a say in it. Now, he gives these interviews (which are not a lot of content in the show I think), and suddenly he gets to review all the footage showing him. He gets a lot more control by taking part than he did when he shut them out. Very smart move I think.


The drama bullshit sucks, but even without it, it just has become boring AF. The importance has gotten to a point that everything is pushed through the F1 PR bullshit polisher, removing all that could possibly be interesting from the show.


I love drive to survive. It got me into F1 after badgering by my f1 obsessed brother for 20 years. I know they use creative licence, and fake rivalries, but I haven't missed watching a live race this year since watching it. Its made me a fan of the actual sport. Myself and my wife. For anyone who has been a lifelong fan, and doesn't understand why they would use creative licence to fake stories of an already thrilling sport. It opens a door into understanding the drivers, teams, pressures that can seem impenetrable to some trying to watch. My brother would take a deep dive into the technicals whenever we talked about it and it just turned me off. Even the idea that there are teams way down the championship who are competing with each other for fifth and fourth, and some teams just looking for the odd point, and how that can make such a difference for next year's budget adds so much to watching the races. The budget cap has helped alot aswell. Anyway don't diss DTS too much, Its like all the great musicians that said seeing the Beatles play Ed Sullivan changed their lives. Yeah they were miming, the guitars weren't plugged in, but if it makes you go out and buy the record, that can't be bad.


The Beatles were not miming on Ed Sullivan actually..


Really? Man they were tight.


Yep. They may have been young but they had hundreds of shows under their belt before coming to America. You can look them up on Wikipedia, their early schedule was relentless and hardened them far beyond their years.


Nice comment. Too bad it will be ignored and the subreddit will continue to shit on DTS and think fans like you are too stupid to see beyond the liberties DTS takes to explain the sport.


shoutout Pardon My Take for this


Makes sense, we all know DTS is not above changing people for the sake of drama. So it makes sense that he wants insight in how they use his footage to prevent any twists in the story.


Does anyone have an idea if he is already in the season that they are currently recording? (2022)


He said he’s be a part of S5, albeit a small part. “ Verstappen said he’ll only have a small role in the new series, saying he “doesn’t like being at the forefront” of things.”


Max? He's not. He refuses to be a part of it after they misrepresented him in S1. Hence, the article


He actually said there might be more of him this season in a podcast recently, they came to good terms or something


The whole concept was flawed anyways, misrepresent F1 and it's drivers by creating fake narratives and editing things out of order to draw in fans who have never seen F1. Those some people will then watch F1 and realize with the next DtS season that it's all bullshit, it's a show that caters to new people and not fans of the show.


We would like to film encounters with your extended family. -- Netflix


They have such an incredible opportunity to make the best F1 documentary series ever and they insist on going down the faux drama route while using such obviously faked noises and commentary. There's so much tension, drama and news worthy things that happen in F1 naturally that you don't need to manufacture a single thing, just tell the story as it is, from the people who were there and contested it. Adding all these layers of fakery takes so much away from what we all have seen and experienced throughout the season. They had a golden opportunity last year with how exciting everything was and yet D2S just felt so fake and forced it when it really did not need to be. The world champion not wanting to participate should tell Netflix everything they need to know but yet they don't seem to think it matters in the slightest.




not funny....


I think it’s pretty funny ngl.


Different opinions can co-exist


Vers said this: general consensus among fans - 'its fine if he doesn't want to' (& rightly so) When LH does something similar: 'arrogant, full of himself, I never liked him, + abusive slurs'


This notion really needs to die. I don't know about other social media but if you don't think Max has been getting a lot of the same things thrown at him you're in pure denial. It may not be focused on race, but a lot of it is still highly personal in nature. The hatred and bile spewed by some in both camps is ridiculous. In fact I usually hear and see more about how wonderful Lewis is and how awful of a human being Max allegedly is - especially since DtS - but I guess that doesn't fit the narrative. Mind you I am by no means minimizing the issue of racism - but if we re going to call out hatred- let's put it all on the table. On another note: I think team principals should be blamed for stirring up a lot of the shit in DtS. They seem to be willingly go along with it. Not to mention they re supposed to be the actual adults - not 20 year olds who still have some growing up to do. Especially Horner and Toto. Not hearing their comms this year with race control is so much better - but then you hear about team principal meetings getting out of hand and Netflix cams just *happen* to be around and all one can think they re playing it up on purpose elsewhere.


What if.... hear me out.... Max is a terrible human?


Ah yes, I'm sure that explains all these terrible things no one says about him on the grid - you know, people who actually deal with the guy frequently unlike yourself. I guess Danny Ric, Lando, Pierre, Charles, Alex, Carlos and more are all terrible judges of character I guess. So using some of that logic - I guess that makes them terrible human beings too by association? I really don't think you see the hypocrisy of people saying shitty things about people they only see soundbites of vs great things about people they only see soundbites of. But hey, I guess you're fully understanding then of people saying bad things about other people. There are some truly vile people in professional sports with records of some serious crimes, I assume you're chasing them down too... Right?


Not at all. I'm just going by what Max has actually said in the last 48 hours. I'm sure you've watched the same interviews. Is there something that I'm missing that explains what he said?


surprising he cares what ppl think of him


I don’t think he cares what people think about things he actually did and said, but he does care when what he did and said gets lied about and distorted.


He doesn’t. He just doesn’t like this twisted persona Drive to Survive created.


I don't watch so I have no idea..


edit: Let's just say I think you're a donkey then I don't care what people think about that. If someone else make you believe that I think you're a donkey while I don't think you are one then it's a problem.


Of course he does. It's part of his brand. People are only kidding themselves if they think guys like Max don't care what people think of them.


He should have a chat with Horner, then since most of the "fake drama" in the show came from the interviews with Toto and Horner. I understand the team leaders did it because controversy sells but Max is just pointing his guns in the wrong direction.


Hope they cover Max's comments relentlessly supporting Nelson in the new DTS.




Never watched DTS and I love F1. Was told how much fake crap they throw into the show and that's a massive turn off to me. F1 is fascinating enough, it doesn't need fake drama.


At this point most F1 fans watch DTS for Guenther. We all know it’s all made up, and DTS is for new or causal fans.


He’s already done filming for DtS next season. Him and Coulthard were on a boat at Henley on Thursday doing sky and DtS filming.


Plot twist: Netflix no longer wants Verstappen around a mic or camera


I’m hoping that the takeaway here is that DtS is going to tone down the fabrication, politicization and victimization, and return to a more bare bones racing approach. After the way they cast Red Bull and max vs poor old Mercedes in S4 i feel they had to make some big promises to get Max on board with their shit. Especially given the position of power Max now has as the reigning champion