McLaren vs Alfa is becoming more of Lando vs Bottas


Ricciardo was bad last season, this season he is basically done.


Yep, even he knows it. I think he retires end of the year. I don't think any team wants to take him.


Aston might because Seb is definitely leaving the shitshow.


Aston to get Alonso, Piastri takes his place in Alpine. Nyck in Williams instead of Latifi. One of Pat o Ward or Colton Herta to McLaren instead of Ricciardo. Thats my prediction for next season.


Why would Alonso join Aston?


Papa stroll will convince him how aston is going to be front of the grid.. *Narrator-they wouldn't*


“We are changing our name to Lotus to recapture the glorious Senna years” Worked for McLaren when they wanted FA.


Zero chance Pourchaire doesn’t replace Zhou, and I’d much rather have Zhou than de Vries at Williams. Tsunoda and Gasly (and eventually Pérez) should also be looking over their shoulders, as Lawson/Vips/Hauger is a hell of a next generation for RB/AT - and Albon is still connected there as well. Herta is a long shot and O’Ward is even less likely.


Need to find a place for Drugovich there. It's insane how he is still a free agent in terms of Formula 1


As a Brazilian who would love to see drugovich race in f1, the true is that he does not deserve it. Sure he is doing well this year, but he has a ton more experience than the rest of the field.


I thought he was under contract for next year? And he gets paid a shit ton of money


I think it's 2 years. 2021 and 2022.


https://www.reddit.com/r/formula1/comments/u8ntq5/motorsports_2022_drivers_contracts_expiry_date/ End of 2023^ I mean McLaren can buy him out but thats a bit different than Ric retiring from the sport


No, he has a contract for next year too.


yea ricciardo is done lol, once zhou stops getting so ridiculously unlucky, its gonna become a two-horse race


It's more like McLaren vs alfa vs Zhou's luck, the guy just can't have a race without problems


Definitely making it difficult to find his rhythm, I hope in the second half he can consistently put up points.


Just like how Alpha Tauri is Gasly & Tsunoda vs Magnussen


Tsunoda flying under the radar having a good start to the season


he has become a very clean racer. He hasn't been caught up in any incidents yet iirc. I think there is still some tyre management he needs to improve on


Still lacks consistency, but he's definitely moving in the right direction. The fact that he's equal if not better then Pierre this year says a lot, considering their difference in quality last year.


In terms of wheel to wheel clean driving I think Yuki is honestly one of the best in the grid. His main problem was spinning a lot but he cleaned it up this season


Tsunoda ahead of Gasly is not something I would've expected at the end of last year


Yuki improved through last year and he's really bringing the pace now. He's looked really quick compared to Pierre at all the races so far this year


Yuki's fast. Guys I just spent a day with Yuki and he's barely practicing or in the sim. We're getting him a driving nanny. Damn. Now Yuki's really fast. Disliked by pierregasly


Gasly's bad luck is insane this year. Think he's had what, one race this year without it being impacted severely by external factors? All the same, big ups to Yuki. Delighted to see him reach some of that potential.


He grows from strength to strength this year Gonna take that 2nd RB seat if he keeps it up


That’s optimistic at best. I don’t think Yuki is anywhere close to Checo. There’s no way he takes it off of Checo. If he takes any seat, it’ll be Gasly’s once he eventually leaves the team.


Checo to Merc is a moonshot, but it could happen. You’re right though that I doubt they would move up Yuki. Maybe Bottas if the dude could keep up his race pace. That would be hilarious. I’m 99.9% sure Checo stays with RB another couple of years.


Why not? Yuki is young still, with a ton of exp he can be the replacement for Checo


Because I don’t think Yuki has that level of talent. Has he improved this year? Yes he has. I’m not denying that. I’m simply saying I don’t think Yuki has the overall pace to hang at the main RB team. I honestly don’t even think he’s in consideration. Yuki will eventually lead AT when Gasly walks and they bring in a junior. Gasly will also not get another chance at RB. That’s come and gone and Perez is consistently performing well enough to get another contract. I’d just like to see them give him a 2 year deal rather than these shitty 1 year deals.


Eh he def has it No one with little talent can adapt and improve that quickly


Gasly had tons of speed before he joined RB, then shat the bed just like Albon would since the car was so difficult to drive. Perez has managed to do what RB has looked for since Ricciardo left, and i doubt RB is willing to gamble again unless Perez starts to underperform.


I think you are overrating Checo a lot. He has upper-midfield talent, why shouldn't Yuki reach this level one day? Don't get me wrong, Pérez is good. But he is not a championship-winning driver such as Hamilton, Verstappen or Leclerc. Hülkenberg, Ocon, Kobayashi - that's his level. And raw pace was never Checo's strength anyway. If Tsunoda can become more consistent and reliable, he could surely be good enough for the second seat in a few years.


Gasly needs to stop talking about Red Bull constantly and start performing.


Reddit at its finest


Yes this is indeed Reddit


Bullshit, he is fucked every race by issues. Dont you remember his PU going down twice when around P7-P8? Same this race, didnt run in FP. He is unlucky but has much better pace than Tsunoda.


He did outqualified him yesterday tho


Gasly had car and setup issues. Team apologised to him for the car after qualis.


>~~Gasly needs to stop talking about Red Bull~~ constantly and start performing. Gasly needs to stop liking every instagram post constantly and start performing. FTFY


It's actually way better to be there chasing RB in both championships instead of having the lead all the way through, right guys? Guys?


It's going to be very close and It's going to get more difficult with Mercedes joining the party, I don't think Mercedes is going to win either of the championships but now they can chip away points from RB and Ferrari.


Mercedes are basically filling the role now that RB did in 2017/18. Not winning the championship, just making the championship a lot more difficult for the two teams who are.




Considering how Ferrari bottled car development during the year when they had a competitive car, I'd say things are looking bleak.


Ferrari is shit for not developing their car for so long. I think their development worked here but I don't think they have a huge margin over red bull. Red bull will catch up and even surpass them very soon. This laid back approach will cost them a win. They had such a great chance with the lead early on, just needed to be a proactive. But No, this is Ferrari after all.


Unless you are inside their factory, you are talking out of your ass


Next Year™


You get DRS if you're behind


Max would like to have a word about this lol.


By some miracle McLaren is still 4th on the standings. That car definitely doesn't have the pace to be there. At least not yet. Maybe the new upgrades can open up possibilities with setup-work and they manage to get closer to the front. As things stand right now though, Alfa is the 4th fastest car on average (race pace), and by a decent margin. Zhou's bad luck and underperformance has cost them in the standings though.


Personally I think it’s a very thin margin between Mclaren Alfa and Alpine. Mclaren on certain tracks has just been plain faster. Alpine are rapid but their biggest detriment is their qualifying. Alfa’s doing so well because Bottas is constantly throwing that car up into P5-P6-P7 in quali, but if Ocon can get that car up there in quali I’m sure we’d see similar pace. The midfield is so tight that I think the orders will be switching from track to track, it’s actually quite exciting!


Who deserves to be in P4 then? I think the fight between Mclaren, Alpine and Alfa is pretty close and all 3 teams are on almost equal pace. Some tracks seem to favor Alfa more , some Mclaren.


"The team that deserves P4 is the one that scores the 4th most points" - Will Buxton (probably)


Then you have Haas, easily 3rd or 4th fastest during the start of the race, and then they fall back out of the points as the race progresses.


Mercedes has pretty much stabilized in P3 and they have probably the best reliablity. Develop or die trying is going to be the deciding factor a bit more than usual.


All it takes is a few dnfs ;)




Bruh they are catching Ferrari fast


Catching Sainz*


Or Leclerc spins out and loses out on a podium finish.


Leclerc lost less than 10 points due to mistakes this season. Sainz lost more than 30?


Not really. They were still 0.5-1 seconds off the pace.


Max and Charles DNF in Monaco, Sergio wins with fastest lap and takes the lead in the WDC


What an interesting plot twist if that really happened


I want chaos, so subscribe


Let's make it fun!


One of those predictions is 100% happening. The others are bold takes but I'll take them.


I mean we all know what happens with leclerc in Monaco.


"Look at me, I am #1 now." And then they switch cars.


DTS will wet their pants with this rivalry..underdog driver talking the challenge to the champ who is favored by horner/ marko


If this happened RB would be chaos, I'm not sure either Max or RB as a team would be able to handle the sencond driver having a bigger chance to win.


Checo was ahead of Max in the leaderboard just a few races ago.


Yeah but he wasn't leading the WDC


Hulkenberg in front of Latifi never gets old.


Long may it continue. He already did it two years ago, now he's gonna do it without even scoring any points


Do they even have Latifi’s name in the standings at the end of the broadcast? I keep seeing Hulkenberg P20 and no Latifi… am I blind?


I think they had some sort of graphics issue at the end. They also didn’t show team standings, which they normally do right after.


Their standings graphics have been pretty scuffed this whole season.


I’ve noticed that as well, yep latifi is so irrelevant they don’t even list him in the official standings 😂😂


Starting to have a breakaway group of 3 in the midfield


Ocon's gonna keep getting his no-screentime P7s


Bottas should go clear at some point and in a no-man's-land P7. I expect Alonso to catch up to that group though, perhaps Magnussen once Haas finally gets upgrades


Norris 🤝 Bottas: carrying their teams


More like: Leclerc 🤝 Bottas 🤝 Ocon 🤝 Norris 🤝 Magnussen 🤝 Albono


*sad kmag sounds*


Kmag with the hard carry.


I’m calling it now. This is a brilliant plan by Ferrari so that Leclerc will have horrible luck here rather than his home race next week. Genius! 👍🏻


The Master plan is coming together perfectly.


Il plan


Lando looking like he was gonna vomit pre-race and then still out-scoring Danny Ric says it all, really. Man has to find some pace quick because he's letting McLaren down massively right now.


Ricciardo is quickly becoming Vettel, grossly incompetant compared to their teammate and machinery.


And just like that Max and RB are leading both championships


Some interesting things here * Last year, Gasly scored more points than either Alpine driver, but since Yuki didn't keep up, Alpine took 5th in the WCC. I think Alpine are gonna do it again this year, but this time against Alfa, since Zhou is nowhere near Bottas at the moment * Haas is making me hurt. They definitely have some pace at times but both drivers are making silly mistakes that cost them points. They should be ahead of AT right now but they aren't * Sainz could very easily cost Ferrari the WCC at this rate. At no point has he looked like he's had the pace to win a race, which Checo has a few times, plus he's had a pole position. Even if Leclerc keeps up his huge pace, it might not be enough to beat RB.


>both drivers are making silly mistakes that cost them points. I'd say Haas is to blame too, by using weird strategies that screwed over their drivers.


Yeah that too, not pitting Mick on softs in the last 3rd of the race was silly, and putting Kev on Hards was, in hindsight, a horrible idea, he just didn't have the pace to move forward.


Zhou isn't as good as Bottas but he's having a terrible run of luck (last 2 races were mechanical DNFs) and the team cost him points in Saudi by carrying out his penalty incorrectly and slamming him with another harsher penalty. Least it isn't all down to poor driving and he may start scoring for the team


I agree that Zhou is having some horrendous luck. It's just a shame since I imagine it's impacting his confidence a bunch, he's a rookie and it feels like he's barely had a chance to race anybody.


Agree, he retired from P12 today and he'd done some overtakes to get there. He's not a prodigy and I doubt he'll be sniffing up at the podium places like Bottas has almost been doing, but with less mechanical issues I can at least see him being more consistently in the back end of points.


I hope they can figure it out and rally start coming at McLaren


Daniel... what's going on with you, buddy. I gave him the benefit of the doubt last year due to the car likely not being to his liking (first year at the team, improving quite a bit by the end of the year), and hoped that this year would be different. And sure, he's been unlucky in a couple races, but his performance overall has been pretty atrocious. Today, specially. He really needs to turn it around, and soon. Otherwise, I can't see him sticking around.


Same thing was during his Renault stint. We were constantly giving him benefit of a doubt after his mistakes "because he couldn't understand the brakes"... I wish him the best but I have lost faith in him becoming a major factor in McLarens performance this season


I'll be fair to him here and acknowledge that his second year at Renault was actually pretty damn good. Very much a "best of the rest" contender, which was what gave me some faith in him coming back around this year, after his first year was what it was. However, so far... that really doesn't seem to be happening. I'm a huge fan of his, but there are no excuses to be made now. Either he brings in the results, or he doesn't.


Except he got it together and 2020 was arguably his best year considering what that Renault was capable of, and even during his bad run he still handily beat Hulkenberg. What's happening in McLaren is not even close to comparable.


Russel ahead of Sainz is crazy considering the trouble they’ve had with their car.


Mercedes has had trouble developing their car. Sainz has had trouble driving his.


Lol I chuckled at this


Ehh, he had the same wind issue max did today and was hit to cause his last DNF. Really only Australia was his major fuck up.




Can’t believe it


Carlos has had like 4 bad weekends in a row


That "trouble" was having the 3rd fastest car


No. The trouble being the porpoising and poor drivability. Ferrari have been top 2 fastest at every track so far. Merc have not been 3rd fastest at every track. Multiple occasions where they were closing to being out in Q3.


Their race pace is far better than qualy pace.


Carlos is just plain disappointing.


Getting to Q3 doesn't matter too much for them when they still had decent race pace. They've had to fight Alfa Romeo (Bottas) and McLaren (Lando) mostly but they have done even worse than Merc as a team.


It clearly matters when you're racing at Imola on wet conditions.


Not really. They are the 3rd best car and Carlos has had 2 DNFs.


Perez vs Sainz is embarassing for Sainz. Not even talking about him being behind Russell (who is having a great season) in the standings or not threatening Verstappen at all again today.


Sainz is having better fights with the gravel than Perez.


He is chasing his father’s legacy


Sainz wouldve finished behind lewis too if not for their problems. Pretty disappointing by him


Sainz downfall was thinking he could go for WDC. He is such a solid driver who should have just kept things simple but he had to bottle his chances and more importantly Ferrari's hopes by thinking he needed to beat Leclerc. A better approach would have been to start solid and build on confidence. I believe he also underestimated Charles slightly, after beating him him on the thinnest of margins last year.


Ricciardo lagging behind Lando massively. What even happened to him today?


I think now it's safe to assume Daniel has been losing his touch over the last couple of years. I gave him the benefit of the doubt in 2021, hoping it was just a car characteristic, but Lando has consistently had the edge over him, even on the new regulations. Today, barring any mechanical faults, his performance is inexcusable. Lando was barely standing on his feet during the driver's parade. Even being on par with a physically exhausted Lando would have been a bad performance for Daniel. But to finish the race so far behind him? It's sad because I had very high expectations when he first signed for McLaren. How his battle with Lando has panned out is something I would have never predicted back then.


I think he just lost the hunger, moving to Renault was kinda the first sign of it You don’t move from a race winning car to a midfield disappointment because you want to win titles


He wanted a paycheck and being #1 driver. Prayed for Renault success and this gamble flopped. I'm really sad that he hasn't stayed with RB because I really believe he could be constant podium atttende. It's pretty sad to see him vanish with every next race :(




Gasly and Ric seem to be struggling with the new cars.


Is it so hard to see that he’s washed? Honestly though.


What a fucking fumble by Ferrari and their drivers. They had a 34 point lead in WDC and 39 in the WCC after Australia, and they choked it in 3 races.


I didn't expect the ferrari certified moments to hit this soon.


>their drivers. \*Sainz. Charles has not lost any more than 6 points (Imola) because of a mistake.


Just 3 races ago people where calling this championship over and that Ferrari would run away with it. But Ferrari ain't Mercedes, you can count on them to fuck it up somewhere.


More like the drivers, especially Sainz. Leclerc made one mistake and it was Imola.


Eh even Mercedes fucked up a lot last year.


If it wasn't by their poor pit strategies throughout the year they would have won WDC (not to mention Lewis' mistake at Baku).


With all the other stuff that happened last year. Lewis's mistake in Baku cost him the championship. He wins or gets 2nd then he's 18+ points clear of Max in Abu Dhabi.


> If it wasn't by their poor pit strategies throughout the year they would have won WDC Mercedes have had dodgy strategy calls for a long time now but they got away with it because they had excellent drivers and their car was miles ahead of the rest.


Next Year™


Now we have a championship


Imagine if Perez actually finishes 2nd in championship..


Could happen. He is only 19 points away from Charles. So, if Charles DNF in Monaco and Perez finishes P1, he would be in no. 2 in WDC. Even if he finishes in P2, there will only be one point gap to Leclerc. Alternatively, if Monaco gp went crazy and both Leclerc and Verstappen DNF. If Perez wins that race with the fastest lap, he would be leading the championship.


God that would be fun, but the resulting chaos would be hell for red bull to handle


So , the top 6 is pretty much locked in by red bull, Ferrari and Mercedes. After that there is a breakaway group forming in the midfield consisting Norris, Bottas and Ocon. The rest of the field has to improve themselves. And Latifi is just being Latifi.


Ocon 🤝 bottas 🤝 KMag (Carrying their teams on their backs)


At least Zhou and Alonso have the excuse that the car has blown up every other race.


Are we going to have another full time driver finish 21/20?


Anyone else sad that the gap between McLaren and the big 3 is bigger now, compared to last year?


Very very good day for RB


I think it bears mentioning (because I haven't heard anyone mention it) that Leclerc's retirement today is much more costly to his championship hopes than Max's retirements because his came when he was likely going to win the race. Max probably wouldn't have won in Bahrain and he was nowhere pace-wise in Australia. Had he finished in second, Leclerc would have gained 7 points in the standings over him (not considering who gets fastest lap here). Instead, he retired, and Leclerc was able to gain 25 points over him in the standings. Therefore, his engine failure cost him 18 points so to speak. Leclerc, however, looked like he had the pace to win today. Assuming Max came in second, Charles would have expected to gain 7 points on him in the standings. Instead, he ends up losing 25 points to him. His retirement, therefore, cost him 25 - (-7) = 32 points, almost equal to the Verstappen retirements combined. It just goes to show, if you retire from a race, you would much rather have it happen in a race in which you likely won't win.


I mean, sounds like it was less costly based on this calculation as Max lost 36 and by your accounts LeClerc lost 32


Because it's one DNF vs two. Just one DNF losing a margin almost as big as two DNFs is quite impactful.


I hope Fernando can get some good luck going


There is still 16 races left. Anything could happend. I hope leclerc pulls it off in Monaco.


Sainz really has to get his act together.


Imagine if Sainz hadn’t had even just one of his fuck ups; the WCC would be so much closer. Edit: and he wouldn’t be 5th in the WDC standing behind Russell, who’d been in a car that was struggling up until this weekend.


I bet if somebody would told Alonso, that “you will have 4 just like Vettel” he would’ve imagined a different scenario.


Perez is lowkey in the title fight


Design is my passion material right here


Unlucky for Leclerc but what a phenomenal job done by Max . A big up for Mercedes, that Max vs Russell was crazy . That Ham recovery as well . Nice drive from Lando as well ;hope he is doing good . How can we forgot Bottass man P6 for Alpha Remeo , man said he's never been happier (before the race) and we r super happy for him too.


I dont think that a phenomenal job consits a big mistake, and getting let by by your teammate twice. An okay job would be on point.


I think being able to win despite having a malfunctioning DRS is indeed doing a pretty damn good job. And let's be real, while team orders do suck, Max was getting ahead of Perez due to pit stop strategy anyway and it would be better to not have them fuck up a possible 1-2.


Don't think it was a mistake since it was a tailwind. Not like he can control the wind


Thanks for creating this. Some constructive feedback though; having the points in front of the drivers and teams make this pretty hard to read. Also, the light gray for Mercedes can probably use a move to their mint green or black.




Why would you risk it in a championship that seems to be so close again this year on a guy who literally has never been close in pace to Max? It already starts on saturday where Max with only 1 Q3 attempt qualifies 4 tenths/3 places ahead of Checo. Then in a race where Max hasn't got a fully working DRS and 1 big off costing him multiple seconds he still finshes 13 seconds behind Max on pace. It's not like Perez was told to stomp on the brakes, he just couldn't keep up.


Max was lapping over a sec faster Every team would do it


Mate, mate.. come on, Perez got team orders even earlier, when Max had just made a mistake, dropped behind George and Perez. And then on top of that, when Max was having his DRS problems making him UNABLE to make a move on George, instead of RB doing the logical thing and releasing Perez to go after George and hopefully go after Charles, they basically told him NO. The moral of the story is that RB made it very clear today that Perez is to Max what Rubens was to Michael, a supporting driver, that isn't allowed to fight for the win.


Instead of what? They pit Max a few laps later after Checo catch up and to get him out of way to try the alternate strat How much laps did Checo spend being 0.5 s behind Max lol?


No i think they pitted Max because it was the time to pit, they didn't do it to give Checo any favors. I don't remember how many laps, but it was enough for Checo to ask and be told no.


It is team orders, let them fight, it is too early for actual team orders


You let them fight and you get worse tire deg and let Russell basically catch in clean air. Letting red bulls fight would be a massive mistake.


Why would they let them fight? To redo 2018 Baku?


Yea, they've had enough dnfs this season to risk it. It's ashame to not let them battle, but a very safe choice nonetheless


He had fresher tires. I think the issue is that if it was another team/driver.. they would try to hold up max, then pit for the softs. Instead, Checo let Max pass and then pitted for the softs and Check took 13 seconds off the lead on that stint. If he held Max up, it might have been closer. I don't think Checo would have caught him anyway but I would at least want the chance if I was him.


Max was told to take it home after Checo pits It won't be that close if he keeps trying


Russell is still in it if Mercedes can keep improving,


Here's my top 3 of unlikely things that may happen anyway : * Ricciardo leaves F1 at end of season * Perez equal on WDC points with Verstappen after a reliability issue for Verstappen * LeClerc finishes race in Monaco


Mick being 19th at this point is disgraceful honestly and people should stop excusing him because he's Michael's son


Now you just hating lol. His last two weekends were great. While sure Haas was better in Quali, it's clear Haas didn't have pace compared to others who brought upgrades. Plus they did 2 stop today right? That could have been better if he had softs at the end for fight. He was standing duck on your used yellow at the end.


Time will show that he’s really not that great at all. Yuki’s been doing better with the same amount of “experience”


RedBull better not pull that team order BS this early in the season again. Checo is still in the fight. I understand they need both cars in the points but trust the drivers more... This is giving off Barrichello Schumacher vibes.


Feeling optimistic for the future as a McLaren fan I think


Because of the back and forth between RB and Ferrari, and their dnf's, Russell is still in a decent position. The problem is, they weren't quite there at the top yet, so it's somwhat unlikely they'd be able to consistently be ahead of both Ferraris and RB's.


Order will be restored next week


Next race we have max and leclerc crash and Russell wins. I BELIEVE


Get Lewis in the Ferrari, Sainz doesnt deserve that seat


Last year all my friends were telling me that Sainz is better than Leclerc and that Leclerc is just overrated.


Free my boi


Why not go for Russell


He's having an impressive terrible season. I think you have to go back to Massa 2012 or Webber 2013 to find a driver in a championship car performing this badly, and those guys were getting team orders left and right, Sainz is getting none and he's still doing this badly


You know what i say...Fernando Hes not in his prime,but he has the experience to bring back points,same as checo


Fernando would do so much better than Sainz


Last year all my friends were telling me that Sainz is better than Leclerc and that Leclerc is just overrated.


Russell will win the title


I just can’t wait till lewis’ luck turns around. He really should have 3 podiums this season already but onto monaco now, where he gets a bit of good fortune.


He had the pace to WIN today :(