Anyone know where I can find data on the lap by lap gaps between Max and Leclerc, before Max’s mistake at turn 4?


Avoids collisions, tucks in, has a great race, plays the overtakes, plays the strategy, gets a podium, his team and even fan talks 0 about him and all about Hamilton. The world we live in.




Can anyone let me know what happened to Albon?


Floor damage after pit stop


I thought it was a decent race. Nothing over the top just decent.


I now understand how Red Bull felt in Bahrain. This one really hurts, has such a good lead and then it just goes to hell




You could argue Hamilton understeered into magnussen. Magnussen was within his right to go round the outside


yeah then go around properly cos the space on his left was mad


He had a country mile of space to go around the outside


This track really highlighted to me how much better the cars are at racing each other now. They were able to follow each other so closely the whole race. And this is a circuit that is notoriously difficult to pass on?!


I mean it was still impossible to pass without the drs straight . Verstap on bottas was the only one


???? There were loads of overtakes! Alonso, Ocon, Hamilton, Verstappen on Russell.


Those were all without DRS?


Lewis on Bottas too. Plus whatever didn’t get shown to us on camera.


Vamos CHECO🇲🇽 #NeverGiveUp


At what point is Merc going to give Lewis the treatment they have Bottas last year? Russell has been killing it this year and is Merc #1 IMO this year.


What race were you watching? Lewis was the fastest driver on track today. But there was no need for team order, Russell was in front and cruising to the finish. I highly doubt Russell will be asked to move over for Hamilton this season.


It literally doesn't do anything. If they were fighting for the championship sure, but they're not.


Bro you either didnt watch race, not even the highlights or you a Max biased fan


Imagine the amount of whinging that would happen if Hamilton got totally valid team orders. It would be chaos


It would be called racism


Hamilton got team orders in Austria 2020 and Australia this year to stay behind and literally nobody said that




That would be nuts. And I suppose some of it would be valid, too. As much better as Russell has looked so far, Lewis has at times shown incredible pace and form.


Was the Hamilton mag crash mags fault?


Clearly Ham's fault, he ran wide.


Hahahahahahah you are not biased at all. If you have been following F1 for a while you'd know if there is a driver that rather back off from chaos on lap 1 to avoid damage at the cost of losing track positions to come back strong later on the race, it's Lewis.


KMAG was on the outside and left a car's width on the inside. Lewis ran wide and bumped him, there are no two ways about it. Lewis is one of the cleaner drivers out there, but this one was on him.


Not according to the professionals


That would make them wrong. It has happened before, it will happen again.


I just watched it a bunch, Ham stays on his line and kmag cuts in on a sharper one to bully a bit. Hamilton doesn’t have to give way and there is plenty of room on the left for kmag to fit. He doesn’t turn into kmag though if you watch the steering wheel. Pretty even incident and both ended up suffering for it, just Hamilton raced his ass off after to move up.


Kmag is on the outside and left room inside. That's all he's required to do. Lewis didn't turn into Kmag, he pushed up the track, a little bit like at Silverstone where he understeered into Max last year, though that was at a much higher speed.


You do not dictate the line if you are not alongside or ahead, which Magnussen clearly wasn’t. It was on Hamilton to dictate the line, but give Magnussen room, which he clearly did. You seem to have missed something fundamental in your understanding


The outside line was clear when Kmag pulled beside and the contact was exactly front wheel to front wheel. It was all Ham's fault, like I said originally. It's a very simple situation and had Hamilton been on the outside, a routine penalty would have been applied for the incident. Sometimes being the more famous and accomplished driver gives one some extra perks. Not that I begrudge it for Hamilton, I think no penalty is OK in this instance, but it certainly would have been a penalty to Kmag if the drivers were flipped in position.


They didn’t give us another view. Stewards didn’t have any further action but I think it was a 50-50. KMag sent it too hard when he didn’t have the corner but Lewis went wide into him.


watch again bro.


racing incident for sure


Hamilton was really the fastest car out there ?


When you don't have to worry about track position you can pit at the most favorable times for tire performance. I wouldn't read to much into it


I dunno, I was watching his car cam and his first two sectors were ridiculously clean starting from lap 26 or so. Just found another notch and made the other cars look like they were parked.


Kind of disapointed in how low credit Russell seem to get from spokespersons in the Mercedes team. Sure, Hamilton had a great recovery drive. But, he could have avoided that situation in the beginning with Kmag. He also seem to not really wanna be helping the team since he wanted to retire the car and save the engine when things went bad. I feel like he needs to get the right attitude back even when his team is not the top team. Russell on he other hand is keeping is head down, still in the shadow, and delivering every race. Maeby not brilliant all the time, but fun to watch, solid and with an, as it seems, great attitude for himself and the team.


Have to agree. Hamilton shouldn’t have been so down. Not a great look. Dunno what clicked for him to focus back up, but great race from him after that. As for Russell, I think he was hands down the most entertaining driver today and his defence against BOTH red bulls was impressive and a joy to watch.


Hamilton has always reacted negatively to that kind of adversity. Then later, with a bit of handling by Bono, when he can see there's points to fight for he gets his head down and pulls out some of his best performances.


I agree he ‘gave up’ after the crash and then dialled in as events went his way. A big difference from his history of pushing and pushing until his competition make mistakes. GR is adopting that attitude IMHO is keeping Mercedes in the game, if not the title.


After so many championship wins and ending up in the back of the pack is a slap in his face


Sure it's frustrating, but other greats like Alonso and Vettel and Schumacher back in the day have kept a much tougher attitude when placed in a worse car than this year's Mercedes. Lewis had had such a long stint of driving in a top 1 or 2 car.


Yeah so I'm sure he's been spoiled by having had the luck of driving a great car for 7 years and now he's tasting a bit of what it is to not always being a winner


Yeah Russell is the clear number 1. I’d be happy if team Mercedes and Lewis just parted ways next season. Not going to happen, but so wish they would.


How could he have avoided that? He left plenty of space for Magnussen.


Exactly! K-Mag just turned into him! When you watch the replays there's a shit ton of space to the left of K-Mag going unused, that move was unnecessary.




Charles was pissing off into the distance, gap would have been depressing imho.


You gotta be joking me.


on DNF isn't gonna derail the season. Max had two and now leads, its still fine.




Unfortunately you experienced the pain of Bahrain in Spain.


At least no rain


It was an interesting race


Toto - Lewis. Sorry for the temperatures at the end. it was an amazing race. Amazing race. Quickest car out there. Probably best race time. Would have gone for the win. So amazing. Hamilton - Great work guys. Really happy with that result. This is really positive for us all guys. thank you so much and continue to push. This improvements really worked this week end. Lets keep pushing guys. Thank you. James - Alright Lewis. Really, really strong drive today. You were the fastest man on track. We've got a lot of potential going forward. Toto - Lewis. You were 50 seconds behind Verstappen at the start. You are 40 behind him now. Hamilton - Is the engine ok? Pit - Will have to have a look. We think so, yeah. Was a bit drastic at the end I'm afraid. But was needed.


lmao 🤣


Anyone have clips of Alonso Vettel battles, just a tiny bit was broadcast.


Haas really needs to get there shit together….


Yeah really disappointing for both drivers. I truly thought this might be a different weekend


Had really high hopes for Mag today! Better luck in Monaco hopefully, looks like they figured out how to set up the car for qualifying finally!


They got rammed off the track what are u on about


Racing incident..


Yeah, but I don't think KMag did anything wrong there. Could have left more space since it was the first lap, but it isn't as if he turned into the apex with Lewis there.


My point exactly. It was just a little close.


Bad tire strategy with Mick


Get where?


There, they're their shit, together!


Oh god, my brain hurts reading this 0\_x


Did Albon have some sort of issue during the race?


Damaged the floor


yeah he did, it's called driving a Williams


Gutted for Checo. If he would have made it to the end in Bahrain he would be up there fighting for 1st. Also that shit safety car in Saudi. Dude is the ultimate team player and he deserved to atleast be able to race today.


Let’s be honest… max was gaining 1.5+ sec a lap. It’s was a question of when not if max was gonna overtake


Yeah but it was expected with the softs on and Checo on the mediums. His whole strat was setup to be second the moment Carlos took a spin


They probably took a gamble with max because he was stuck behind russel and had nothing to lose. They never put 2 drivers on the same strategy, wouldn’t make much sense for Perez to do the same strat as max


Max had to be in front of RBR wanted to get the 1-2 finish. With faulty DRS if Max gets passed on a pit stop he probably wouldn’t be able to pass back.






remember that at one point it looked like RB was putting Checo on a one stopper. Not the best when the fastest strategy today was a 3 stopper.


I don't think the teams knew how the various strategies would work until maybe 10 laps to the end. Yeah, I wish they would have at least let them fight it out, but I don't think they purposely screwed him on strategy. I mean checos ability to make pretty much any strategy work with tire management is probably his biggest asset to the team.


Yeah, they've completely designated him to #2, when he's shown he's capable early in the season. He should be given the chance to race. I understand Max was having drs issues, but that's the name of the game.


Imo the thing they should've done is let Checo through, and when he battles with Russel have Verstappen find a gap through ao both redbulls can be in front of him.


With Monaco next, let's take a look at Leclerc's Monaco record. 2017 - F2 - Sprint Retired 2017 - F2 - Feature Retired 2018 - F1 - Crashed 2019 - F1 - Crashed 2021 - F1 - DNS (due to a crash in Quali after securing pole) 2022 - Monaco Historique - Crashed Oh.... 😬


The course doesn’t drive like it does in the video games that he grew up with, spending 95% off his time driving Monaco. 😉


These lists are useless. He probably will win Monaco.


It'll make Charles' home victory that much sweeter when it also breaks a curse.


Maybe he’s already used up his bad luck with today… I’m a believer in a Monaco redemption arc for Leclerc :,)






If it wasnt subbed, it could have been "Nope"...


Merc: finished more than half a minute off the winning car on pure pace Sky Sports/Merc cheerleaders: WE'RE BACK BABAAAY


Tbf Lewis was faster than Max, Perez and Russell all race- he could have **won** if he didn't get punted at the start by Kevin.


great performance by lewis but that's honestly just bs Just because you can cut through the backmarkers like a hot knife on butter doesn't mean you'll win the race Russell's fight with Max and Checo is the only reason why it was so close, which wouldn't have happened if lewis was up there as checo would be fighting against him There's no way he would've passed Russell AND Max


Telemetry and data shows he *did* have the pace. Ham was faster than Perez and Sainz and George, and was matching Max's lap times, even when he was fighting his way up through the field. If the same race happened, Charles dnf, Max gravel, Sainz gravel, etc then Lewis would indeed have gotten into the mix with George and Max, and likely gotten P2 or P1.


First of all, I'm generally not a fan of any driver. What about the DRS issue? Didn't Hamilton potentially have much more DRS due to the many slower cars and also be able to use it because it wasn't broken? Max, on the other hand, could have gone faster but couldn't get past Russel because of the broken DRS. The statistic is of course a nice one and shows (theoretically) that Hamilton is getting ahead again. Max has lost more than 10 seconds time due to the DRS problems.




He was not punted. He understeered into kmag. Racing incident imo and in FIA opinion.


Oh yeah? Lewis was on the limit of the grass and on the racing line. What more could you possible want from him?


He was a couple feet from the kerb when conta t happened. Definitely not on the limit of the grass.


Won? Bro you on some hardcore copium.


Telemetry and data prove me right lol.


No they don't... had George not been defending from faster cars the whole race, both he and the Red Bulls would have been much faster. I'm guessing by "telemetry and data" you mean you looked at the gap after the first lap and the gap at the end. There's a lot more context then that.


No, Lewis was lapping at the same pace as Max the entire race. This is *with* traffic.


Where do you find telemetry for each lap?


There are multiple websites: [https://www.f1-telemetry.net/telemetry/races/2022/6/race/](https://www.f1-telemetry.net/telemetry/races/2022/6/race/) [https://techcommunity.microsoft.com/t5/azure-data-explorer-blog/f1-telemetry-analysis-with-azure-data-explorer-adx/ba-p/3283911](https://techcommunity.microsoft.com/t5/azure-data-explorer-blog/f1-telemetry-analysis-with-azure-data-explorer-adx/ba-p/3283911) [https://theoehrly.github.io/Fast-F1/](https://theoehrly.github.io/Fast-F1/) [https://ergast.com/mrd/](https://ergast.com/mrd/)


At the start, Lewis was 50sec off Verstappen. At the end, he was 40sec off! Do you not understand what this means? Not only did Lewis keep up with Max, he beat him by a FULL TEN SECONDS. That’s unbelievable stuff.


Lewis had a super impressive race but let’s be real Verstappen was stuck behind George with a broken DRS which destroyed his lap times..


Yeah, and Hamilton also had an engine leak which destroyed him in the final five laps. Cancels out, right?


And he also went into the gravel which meant he lost a lot of time before gjetting behind Russell


That was his own fault mate.


Yes ofcourse but it still means hthat he could have had more pace if he did not get unlucky with a strong gust of wind, it was still an incredible drive from Hamilton


Hmm, good point


Race pace was there and with all the shit happening and with Max's Drs issue. I could see it happening. If Lewis was in the mix I could see RBR pushing Checo for the win. It would have been awesome to see.


Albon has a bridge to sell you if you actually think KMag punted him there lol


KMag turned to the right too early, where did you want Lewis to disappear to?


So Lewis intentionally crashed into KMag lap 1 even though he was in front on the corner and risked taking damage which he did? Don’t be stupid


Not intended, just race incident. Lewis understeered, lost a bit, KMag went a little over, but it happens, no one's fault there.


Y’all be wilding giving Hamilton DOTD instead of Checo.


Hamilton was 55 seconds behind russell at p19 after first lap, he closed down the gap to 11seconds and was driving at same pace as Verstappen. Perez had a solid 9/10 race, but Hamilton was 10/10 today.


Hamilton wanted to quit the race after one setback. That says everything you need to know


No it doesn’t, there’s more strategy at play than you think. These are world class drivers lol and you think they have the motivation of some random New Years resolutioner?


That he's focused on the entire season and asked his engineers if it made more sense to save the engine?


Radio messages determine who drove the best race? Hmmm good to know, thanks.


But… he didn’t


Ye and max seemed like he wanted to leave red bull during the drs issues. Lol. Their race engineers gave them both a talking to and they refocused. Jesus.


Oh look, a breath of wind.......


He was just frustrated, then he got himself together


casual take, he asked if it is better to save his engine obviously he was pissed but thankfully merc strategy team for once made the right choice.


Nah Hamilton was a mad lad today


Charles looks dead when anouncing monaco


Max was gaining about 1s or more PER LAP on Checo for a few laps before the team order came. It was obvious that they were waiting to see if the pace gap was big or not. When it became clear that Max was much faster, they asked Checo to let him pass. Its a strategic decision and its not all that unfair, honestly. If Max had DRS he wouldn't have needed the team order, and heck he might still have passed even without the team order, thats how fast he was in comparison. It would have been a battle though and you dont want to have your 1-2 battle eachother. If they crash thats a disaster


Max was on softs, Checo was on old Mediums of course he was going to gain lol. This is like me saying Checo gained 6 secs on max and took fastest lap in his last tire stint.


Max was on 6 lap newer mediums, not softs.


Yeah but that's the problem, isn't it? Max had made his last stop and was gaining like crazy. Checo can't pit without giving up the lead (which he eventually still did to get the fastest lap, since Russel was out of his pit window it was safe to do)




This was after the last stop from Max, he closed a 6 second gap to Checo


Team radio messages are broadcasted with a delay. It’s possible that the real message happened earlier, and when we heard it Checo was already slowing down to let Max through.


Completely agree. I’m surprised that Checo is so bothered by it to be honest.


Find someone who cares for you like Lewis cares for his engine.


I half expected Perez to smack the champagne bottle over Max's head and say eat this mutherfucker


I mean I wouldn’t blame Perez


they almost drowned that woman lol


Champagne Bukkake


This was George's first actual podium, right? Other than Belgium 2021.


Australia this year also.


but that was soooo long ago


Melbourne 2022 - third


he was 3rd in australia


But Down Under …. so two back of the slowest. 😆


He was on the podium in Australia also If I remember correctly, either way this is his 2nd one for this season


He was p3 in AUS


He has one already this season


Got a podium a couple of races ago too


Tensión between max and checo


It did seem like it to me. Their shoulders were high, no eye contact for the first few seconds.