Was marshal at post 16.4 Can’t wait to watch all the sessions when I get home


2022 Miami Grand Prix Review - https://youtu.be/bV2d1A-KDdI In this video, I will give you my thoughts on the Miami Formula One Grand Prix which took place in Miami, Florida, USA held at The Miami International Autodrome is a purpose-built temporary circuit around Hard Rock Stadium and its private facilities in the Miami suburb of Miami Gardens on 8th May 2022. \#F1 #FormulaOne #MiamiGP


I found the TV coverage rather bad. They missed a lot of what was going on on the track and the split screens only distract the viewer.


It was like Monaco, but with cafecito.


Boring race, boring track and stupid helmets on the podium.


Those helmets were a disgrace to Formula 1


When you rely on DRS or a safety car for excitement, you can conclude that the new car regulations have done nothing to bring in parity. Field still wildly spread out.”


Leclerc even with DRS couldn’t catch Verstappen in the final laps. Verstappen likely saved his battery and tyres as Leclerc dropped off badly after 3 laps. It’s a long straight, but for some reason doesn’t seem to pick up speed like Jeddahs straights. Still, I like the track, but the actual scenery is underwhelming IMO. It’s trying to be a fancy beach racetrack but it just looks cheap. And that’s hardly to do with the fake Marina water


One decent race and all of a sudden the new regs haven't done anything?


Switch places with Ferrari and Mercedes’ and barely anything has changed.


Lol if yesterday was sunny and today it rained, if you take away the rain nothing changed, doesn't sound that legit does it?


In the bigger picture…yes


The point is if nothing changed then it would have stayed the same. I'm not saying it was a big change or anything but change is change😅 even if that means that only the dominating team is now different


Unless it rains, there is no greater chance that a midfield team wins, so the outcome is extremely predictable. In sport, that leads to problems…see women’s hockey…where 1-2 has always won. They missed the chance to level the field.


Except for the fact that there's many more overtakes and cars can clearly follow more closely


If that SC hadn’t come out, it would have been a DRS train and boring outside of Lap1. It hasn’t worked…it’s ok to say it out loud!


But that's wrong, there were battles all over the track all throughout the race. Mercedes Ferrari and Red Bull aren't the only teams, the midfield battle was good and the track simply wasn't. As for the first 4 races, they've been much better than their counterparts from last season. 2022 Bahrain better than 2021 Bahrain, 2022 Imola better than 2021 Imola, 2022 Australia probably the best race we've ever had in Melbourne, 2022 Saudi Arabia better than 2021 Saudi Arabia. Miami was a bit meh I admit it, but it was still good and the track isn't good for racing, so overall, the new regs have worked fantastically at bringing the cars together and increasing the ability for those cars to overtake


At the end of the day, without DRS…NASCAR going around in circles for 500 miles would have been more entertaining. In my opinion, not enough was done to close the field. Rich teams still out front, and that has to change.


Alfa shot up in the order and I don't think they are a rich team. But I get your point. I will just add that all the drivers said the track surface sucked and off line was like ice so just because of that alone overtakes would be extreamly hard. Just like any race on a drying track. Imola this year for example. Last year it was full wet and was way better. They need to fix that surface and the weird back half of the course.


Agree. My point is that I don’t care about P1 and P2 being 7 secs apart. I care about the entire field being 70+ seconds apart.


Ya i find it weird they are still pretty spread cuz the qualy times are a lot closer all around this year. But hey it's better than 2020 with the 30 second gap from 1st to 2nd and like 2 min from 3rd to last lol


Max was up 7 seconds on Ferrari before safety car - new era huh? Lol


Please look beyond the front runners and the usual suspects.


I do. I was husy agreeing that had it not been for the SC the race would have been boring.


I thought it was a good race overall, Miami had a great atmosphere, and there was some good racing all round. What was not to like.


Chin up people, Miami won't be the most boring race this month, we still have Spain and Monaco to look forward to!


Monaco is better than Miami. No Fake Marinas.


Which are the next two races! May might not be the most exciting


Am I the only one that enjoyed the race? The battles from 5th downwards were fun to watch and seeing all these different strategies. With AM and Williams starting to do well, the midfield is going to get spicy. This race showed me every driver deserves to be there.


After watching the highlights I'm not that disappointed to be the first race I missed this season


This past weekend was as boring as we thought. Without the SC, the race would have been even worse. Feels like F1 in the US will be like The Walking Dead. Everyone is so excited now and want to see more but as each GP yields pretty much the same results, people’s interests will fade away to a point that nobody cares that it’s still going.


Hate to say it but how is russell so damn lucky in every race


If you are referring to his pit stop during the SC, he planned it that way. We heard a radio conversation where he asked to wait it out & hope to get a SC. It was strategic, not luck.


It is objectively luck since it’s a gamble if sc even comes out. He literally said “let’s HOPE for a sc”


It’s both hope and skill. Russell maintained the tyres brilliantly and managed the race to be in a position to take advantage. He was running P5 on pace before the pit stop, it’s not like he completely lucked out and finished 10 places higher than he should have


Part of racing every season, both Ham and Russell are pretty evenly matched imo, which is good for the future of the team as Lewis probably has a couple more yrs then he's off I'd say.


Bottas is doing well in the Alfa and I’m happy for him


It was cool to see him and Hamilton face off again.


Russell 66 points Hamilton 36 points this is just the beginning...


AbuDhabi = Yas Marina Miami = No Marina


But yes Marino


Dan The Man ✅








This race was super boring


Did you see the last 10 laps?


Yeap, and it was also boring.


I loved it. 3 battles at once for laps on end.


Mick’s heartbroken radio message right after his incident with Vettel. You could tell how gutted he was and how he didn’t know how to express it.


So much talk about the circuit… I’m just thrilled we have good, clean racing between Max and Charles. The cars this year are a big success. It’s insane to think that with two DNF’s that max has won every race he’s finished.


Also nice to see both drivers just being completely honest about when one has the better car than the other. None of that “Oh yeah their car was so super fast and I’m so incredible for still being in the championship fight with such an inferior car” mindgame-trying BS of last year.


Race was ok. The closing interviews and podium presentation could of been less tacky. The police escort to podium was too much imho. Plus Willy T was not a very good sorry to say. Seemed like he tried to " NASCAR" it a little. Was awkward.


Danica Patrick was a huge win for me. American celebs being interviewed was painful to watch. Pharrel just repeating Hamilton is my brother like 10 times😬 I hope sky offer Danica a permanent role with crofty she was smart well researched insightful and funny.


Yeah I thought Danica was well researched and asked some very good questions. She looks great these days too!


They wanted to make sure people understand how massive our per capita police budgets are here in America. “We have so many cops and so much money for them, we are able to have them do the dumbest shit just to show off.”


The pre and post-race interviews were the worst I've ever seen, personally. The awkward English dude on the grid pre-race who was so out of touch he didn't know who any celebrity was and couldn't find a single driver to talk to. And Willy T telling everyone "welcome to Miami" the day they're about to jump on their PJ and leave. What.


You must not have seen many pre-race interviews if you don’t know who Brundle is…


Thats Mr Martin Brundle to you. He's the greatest Sports Presenter to ever grace the screens.


Out of touch? For not knowing athletes who are on famous in the states? The world doesn't revolve around you. Martin Brundle is an absolute legend.


Holy shit could you be more tone-deaf. Lmao all the downvotes from people who have no idea how broadcasting works. That gridwalk was a disaster. Brundle needs to go.


It doesn't. But if you're going to do a grid walk to talk to famous people for the sake of people's entertainment at least get a list of people that are present and allowed on the grid and do some prep. Brundle should be on his way to retirement. He doesn't know who anyone is during grid walk, fumbles his words and doesn't finish sentances or his talking points during the commentary, and at this point doesn't really understand how these cars handle or feel. He is a legend. He had a great run and I loved listening to his commentary for years, but it's time to pass on the torch to someone who is a more recent and in touch "driver commentator". Jenson, Palmer, and even DiResta do great jobs when they replace Brundle on occasion. Give them the gig.


If you're going to walk around and interview people -- you should know who you are talking to.


He thought he did, as the names are fed through his earpiece, and he did apologize when they got Mahomes wrong.


Your talking about Martin Brundle on the pre-race grid talk? He knows about the actors/actresses but doesn't know much about athletes. He also didn't go to drivers since there was a lot of celebrities to talk to.


Also he said he couldn't find any drivers, and suggested they were avoiding all the celebrity chaos to get in the zone.


IMO neither boring nor exciting. A heads down work day. Track was the best it’s been this weekend. Decent start. Tires a little unpredictable. RB running away with straight line pace. Decent but not amazing midfield action. Huge lull in the middle. Fireworks after SC. Predictable finish. Ive seen plenty of races just like this and have enjoyed them just as much as this one. I could care about glitz and glam and weird interviews.


I missed the race cuz of my timezone is it worth watching lmao


Honestly idk why people are hating on it. I was attached the whole race. If you want to skip some, watch the first 5 laps then skip to lap 35 and watch til end.


A good fast forward will help


One of the better races I’ve personally watched.


I would never ask this, for me everyrace has a lot of interesting stuff going on but if you're asking ypu might be wondering about plain action or drama, in that perspective i would not recomend it honestly


Not asking for drama, I watch all the races fully expect this one cuz I just travelled back home. What I mean is that I knew max won so I just wanted to make sure it wasn’t just a first lap overtake and then a boring race after that lmao. I get what you’re saying tho


More interesting than Imola. Pretty fair race, quite a bit of midfield action.


I’ll probably end up watching for the midfield overtakes


It's not worth watching pretty boring the safety car saved it keep it exciting last 10 laps, Leclerc couldn't pass max with DRS because of redbull incredible top end speed


I was glued tl my sest just watching the time gaps between drivers foghting for a chance to DRS, 80% of the race was stale with exppectable overtakes at reasonable places, there are still wrecking moments and fights, helps you understamd how the top cars are behaving too and what to expect in future races in terms of graning, top speeds and so on...


It was a great last 10 laps, the rest was pretty boring, I almost fell asleep until the safety car




You could watch it like I watch NASCAR—watch the first 10 and the last 10. Make sure to watch the grid walk with Martin. Pure gold.


I can't find videos anywhere and everyone says Twitter but I don't have Twitter ✌️😔


The gridwalk is on Sky Sports F1 YouTube channel. It's funny that Martin finally got a few words out of Serena Williams 😃


Finally found it on youtube! That whole gridwalk is so funny


Ferrari being shit again at Pitstops, Whats new?


I thought Monaco was a bad car procession race, but now I have a new found appreciation for Monaco. Shitty circuit, tacky Willy’s awkward interview,the cop escort, football helmets. Brash and tacky American style type of event. I regret watching it. Hopefully we never come again to Miami. I hope someone from FIA takes notice of this awful event.


We had an overtake for the win and a fight for the win in the last few laps. When does that ever happen in Monaco?


It was okay for the 1st attempt. A lot of room for improvement. But if you think it's not here to stay you b high. Miami is Disneyland for the super wealthy and corporate sponsors. From what I heard South Beach was popping with F1 parties and events like you don't see anywhere else. Just wait for Vegas..ha then you'll see F1 isn't really about racing at all.


Did you see George Russell interview on SKY - he said the only thing he likes was the weather. He was ripping into the circuit.


It was a great race baby....


I really didn’t follow old clucky Willy reference to max Verstappen and boxing.


It made no sense. But why let sense get in the way of a good time baby?


It’s a 10 year contract. I don’t care about the other stuff. As long as they fix the track I can be happy


10 years* if it hasn’t gone underwater by then.


I couldn’t imagine being this bitter and emotional about something like this lmao


Lol, I think like literally underwater, climate change will not be kind to Miami.


The circuit is 11mi inland…do you realize how much flooding it would take to permanently place this area underwater? I’m hoping you’re joking.


Yep, I understand. Nothing to do with my comment.


You Europeans screaming your head off is too funny! 😂


I’m American and it was embarrassing and tacky. It all sucked. The track, the fake marina, Ribbs interviewing like it was a college football game, the stupid football helmets, the police escort, Dan Marino on the podium.






I’m American and I thought everything about it sucked.


This could have been the best circuit on the calendar and Europeans would still get their fannies in a twist about a new American circuit lmao


As a european, i love the track at COTA. This one wasn’t too bad imo. Just the chicane a bit too slow, and that hairpin reminded me of the one in monaco


I mean Zandvoorf = amazing track / terrible F1 race


Once you're in front at Zandvoort you're virtually guaranteed to win unless you retire or crash. Similar in that way to Monaco I guess.


Yeah well it isn’t. One of if not the worst on the current calendar. Needs scrapping


The calendar isn't exactly glimmering with great circuits lmao. Just do not understand why people get so bitter about a sport lol


Because tracks like these are in over actual F1 tracks like Hockenheim for example. They’re so unnecessary


And why isn’t Hockenheim on the calendar?


Because this tracks brings in more cash. Literally as simple as that


Exactly. You’re bitching about this but there’s no way it’s changed. It is 100% in line with everything else F1.


No one really expects change but that doesn’t mean you can’t complain about it. You can’t expect people to just sit and watch a sport they love get worse for no reason other than more money for those in charge and expect them to be happy about it


Thought the race was good, track was OK. I’m more so talking about the whole “Miami experience” I hate Miami and was expecting this, but it’s still funny to see Europeans screaming their head off about it.


I will note the multiple suicidal attempts at turn 1, Alonso cost Gasly his race, Mick threw himself and Seb out of points and Perez almost did the same thing with Carlos..


Beyond the boring race this was a dumbass GP. * fake marina * $$$$ ticket prices * shit track layout * poor track surface * why was there a police escort? * Willy T Ribbs?! I get his position but he sucked * liberty is trying too hard I’m an American and have been a fan for over 20 years. I’m happy attempts are being made to drum up support in the states but this race sucked. edited for formatting issues


And that racing legend Danica Patrick....


She has more podiums than you.


It was a Monaco from Wish


That describes it perfectly


If it was ordered from a toothless redneck living in a single wide.


Id say its a 7/10 for racing. Shitty track tho


I, on the other hand, have seen much worse races.


I’ve seen worse too! That’s not the point I’m trying to make. The track, the ambiance, the post race was all terrible. The race itself cannot be controlled you can have an amazing race on a shit track or a boring race on amazing track. What I am saying is the things that could be controlled sucked




Was pretty shitty they didn't have any water ready for the drivers like they have at other GPs. You could see they were looking for it.


Why did Kmag lose so many positions at the end?


Had a collision with stroll in the final lap I think


Nice F1 parade. Not really fun to watch ...




Or maybe most people are just feeling it's way over the top and cringefull. 90% of the non race events were very tacky and not tasteful. Again, this ain't about the USA. This is about this race (probably Vegas as well) because the racing was sacrificed for the scenery of the cars around the stadium and how much of a show they can make out of it. Austin does it the other way around where everything else is made around the show that is the race.


Why would any non American need to know what AR means?


Because they are posting about it… Not knowing what they are actually posting. But just repeating what their local news station says.


Only nutcases actually give a fuck that AR means Armalite Rifle. And what's the next best beer that we drink? Yuengling? Blue Moon? PBR? Coors? Millerlite? It's all shit beer. And don't get me started on IPAs.


Fk off Coors banquet is 🐐.


Banquet and High Life as those late night chuggers


AR stands for Ass Rape


This is in the south so probably means animal rape.


I'm sure your ARs are fine, whatever they are.


What were people's thoughts on this race? Other than laps 50 to 54 or so it was a little dull. Still can't get over that stupid mock marina.


When they cut to a shot of the audience just as leclerc was making a move on max at turn 17, i almost lost it. There where 50 other laps to do that shit, not on the same lap as the sc went in.


There's been some awful camera work this year. They need to focus on the most important battle at all times. I felt like I watched 200 laps of Lewis behind Gasly last time out at Imola.


The boats were actually a smart move on the organizers standpoint. The yacht manufactor's paid to park those boats out there as a way to "advertise" their product, AND they sold tickets to sit on those boats for probably 10's of thousands of dollars. At the cost of it looking silly, they were able to double dip getting mad $$$$$$ gotta respect the business finesse.


The stranded boats where the highlight of the race imho


I didn't realise people were actually on them until 3/4 way through the race. So odd. "Watched f1 from a boat on a trailer in a car park..."


I think that's a nice analogy to modern American


To the race be better they have to get rid of that chicane for the next year


That chicane reminded me of the chicane that used to be at Singapore. They got rid of it a few years ago.


Or run the track through the stadium? That’s be dope and could make the race huge!


That would be cool actually, the echos would be awesome. Then if they do a heritage race with older F1 cars. Everyone’s ears would orgasm


Maybe just smooth it out a bit


Yikes some oversensitive Americans on here. The race was boring. That’s not an insult to America, it was just a bit shit and everything around it was tacky . That’s all. You can accept that an event was rubbish without taking it as insult to America


How did you think the action in this race compared to Imola?


Cuz y’all Europeans have a superiority complex and shit on anything American. It’s tired and honestly sad.


Don’t worry. When they eventually need our military…they’ll love us…temporarily.


Damned if we help, damned if we don’t.


Imagine not being able to take criticism. The track was shit, and if it was in France it would’ve still been as shit.


Imagine thinking a track like this in Europe would get as much criticism. That’s cute. You know there’s a ton of anti-American sentiment by snobby Europeans


It’s not that serious, chill 😂


No, we call out any track that’s shit. The next two tracks on the calendar are a well known back to back borefest. We don’t have a problem saying it. You’re not special.


Yet no one called out Australia or Imola for being boring as hell.


Melbourne has the second least overtakes of any track apart from Monaco. They changed it and it’s still boring as hell. Imola had one good race last year. People have been calling those two tracks out for producing boring racing. You could have put this track in the UK and it would still have been boring as fuck. Get over it.


Australia is not even in Europe lol. Can't you just accept the fact that the track and the race was shit. Nothing to do with its location. You can redact Miami in this GP and I'd still say it's boring as fuck. Put it in any EU countries and it'll still be the same.


I never said Australia was in Europe. I was pointing out the anti-American bias…this race was better than Imola and Australia but is getting 10x more hate. I wonder why.


Show me an American who doesn't have a superiority complex!!


Google American Ingenuity.




You take this taek and the generally friendly sentiment between countries in the same sphere, and git outta here! /s I agree, and think the overly harsh comments come from people getting spicy due to anonymity. I also think a lot of Americans really want these events to make a splash so F1 avoids the fate of the XFL/USFL/Rugby/etc. the sensitivity comes from high hopes.


Clearly someone hasn't seen anything beyond his pond