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One of the marshalls got hit by a car back in the 70s and the only way they could identify him was by counting all the marshalls and working out who was left out.


For anyone interested, the incident is the one that killed Shadow driver Tom Pryce at Kyalami in 1977. The marshal’s name was Jansen Van Vuuren


It's also sad to think the driver only died because the Marshall was carrying a fire extinguisher which hit Toms head the moment the Marshall got ran over. Could've been 0 deaths but two unlucky things happened.


Yes he was 19 years old. He was carrying a fire extinguisher and the impact was so big the fire extinguisher flew over the main grandstand into the parking area.


With enough force to hit a car door and jam it shut. An absolutely horrific incident.


Meanwhile, Pryce's car continued with its passenger down the straight, drifting into a wall, launching over a kerb and collecting Jaques Laffite's ligier. Its lucky Laffite didn't become the 3rd casualty


The fire extinguisher actually hit Tom Pryce in the head, killing him instantly. And *then* it got launched into the stands


Jesus fucking Christ. That sounds just so horrible.


This is Final Destination level writing.


As soon as I heard that story, i knew what he was talking about, i may only be 21, but i heard about it around a year ago and the video, i won't forget that


Yeah I’m gunna give that one a miss.


Yea don't bother watching it. I still regret watching it a few years back .


I couldn’t help but click where someone linked it further down. It’s fucked. But if it means anything at all I also saw comments with photos of his body afterwards and he wasn’t torn in half like it appears in the clip, his pants were ripped off, not his entire lower half.


Seen the video. It's horrific.


It is horrific but it's not as *graphic* as it appears. What gets launched is the kid's jacket.


>Jansen Van Vuuren that is a surname, not a full name. lol


> Jansen Van Vuuren First name was Frederik, apparently.


Often went by the nickname “Frikkie” too


The most Afrikaans man ever


Jan-Vuur Jansen van Vuuren


Factually incorrect, he was hit by the car but not disfigured beyond recognition.


That was just a cursed race. Marshal got killed, and then the extinguisher hit another driver nearly decapitating him (still killed him). I know people complain about the flags, safety cars and VSC. But as much as those protect the drivers, they protect the marshals too.


> they protect the marshals too. In fact, while there were no driver deaths in a F1 session between Senna (Imola 1994) and Bianchi (Suzuka 2014), there were several Marshals killed during F1 races (e.g., Italy 2000, Australia 2001, Canada 2013) - so Marshal safety was (and probably still is) a major issue even in this safer era of F1.


It’s a problem that exists throughout motorsport. Until it can truly be resolved they face the greatest risk. If I recall as an example, Jimmy Broadbent was racing at Brands Hatch last year and there was an incident that lead to a marshal being killed there too. And that isn’t even at the top end of the sport. Unfortunately, there’s a driver comes first mentality. Drivers should and most certainly deserve as much protection as possible. But the marshal safety ultimately is a second thought and the responsibility is left to the track officials.


I genuinely don't know how they do it. I've been involved in racing paddocks for almost my entire life and have competed for many years and whilst I think I'm passionate about motorsport, i'm convinced the marshalls are just on a whole new level of passion. Some of the weather conditions they have to sit in for full days and the precarious positions they put themselves in to help us fools firing ourselves into gravel traps is just so commendable to me and all this for a burger and drink at lunch time. I agree entirely they should be considered more safety wise because the show really will stop without them.


They should be professionals who are trained well and paid appropriately.


I don't think race tracks make enough money to hire all those marshals full time


F1 Marshalls should be paid employees, by F1 itself. The track pays insane amounts of money to host the event but they're still expected to provide one of the most crucial parts of an event at their own expense? There's enough money in F1 to pay those guys 100-200$ a day for their efforts.




had heard of the Australia and Canada ones, but only heard about the Italy one the other day, because there was that clip of Schumacher having to navigate through fans at the end of the race. So looked the race up, and never realised that a marshall had died on lap 1, from a tyre hitting him after a crash.


Yeah, [that one](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2000_Italian_Grand_Prix) at least led to safety improvements: > As a result of Gislimberti's death, the strength of the wheel tethers was doubled to stop flying tyres being a danger to the drivers, safety officials and fans. The chassis would be strengthened and enhanced crash resistance would be tested Flying wheels were (and sometimes still are) an issue - I believe that wheel tethers were added (in 1998) after someone was killed by a flying wheel, then strengthened after the Marshal's death, and then strengthened again when [Henry Surtees](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Henry_Surtees) died: > Surtees' death along with an increasing number of accidents where wheels were torn off their mountings led to the number of wheel tethers being doubled to two per wheel for the 2011 Formula One World Championship season. They've been strengthened again in 2018. It's an [interesting topic](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R4gKZNi71U8) because of how hard it is to have an open wheel car crash at 300 km/h without the wheels flying off.


To be fair, incidents with wheels flying everywhere has been reduced because of wheel tethers introduced since then.


Canada 2013 was a freak accident tbh, not at all related to any racing reason


Just to be clear, this was not a freak accident. It was entirely preventable. This happened because there was a lack of training and/or a lack of safety procedures and controls.


This is also a big reason they are volunteer - at least in the US it protects them from OSHA telling them to stop risking their employees lives. For instance there couldn’t be Virtual Safety Cars if marshals were paid employees since anytime a track employee is on the track there needs to be a pace car leading the racers per osha. OSHA also mandates a top RPM for pace car conditions not just a top speed. You also need to use a car as a physical barrier to protect employees like you sometimes see in NASCAR. Also you cant swerve while track employees are on track nor can track employees go on track when visibility is low for instance in the rain - it’d have to be a red flag everytime.


What happened in Canada 2013


https://www.bbc.com/sport/formula1/22838287 > The FIA said the marshal stumbled while attempting to pick up his radio as workers used a mobile crane to lift Gutierrez's car and return it to the pits. > > He was run over by the recovery vehicle, whose driver could not see him, added the FIA.


The drivers are very well protected, Grosjean drove through a metal barrier at 119mph without major injury. Any marshal that gets hit by a car moving at any speed is going to have a bad time.


Grosjean was still the luckiest mofo on earth. Had he been unconscious he would've burned to death.


That he didn't pass out was a miracle itself.


The open faced helmets worn by the medical car guys were a real hinderance that day. You can see the guy trying to move closer to the guardrail to assist Grosjean and having to move back partly because his face is so exposed (I'm guessing)


I suppose their purpose is more on the medical than firefighter side. A full helmet would presumably be a hindrance to their main role. Though this effectively means that there's not a lot anyone can do to stop a driver burning to death.


The purpose of the medical car is to get the medical delegate to the scene of an incident in an expedient manner. Other than that he is not assigned with extraction from fire or other rescue instances. Hence why if you saw instance when Romain went back to the track thank everyone the person first on the scene worked for what seemed to be a national fire service, he wore "dress blues" in military parlance for that arranged interaction. Typically marshalls assigned to rescue are fire fighters in their day job and qualified to handle anything needed. Vehicle removal are different people. The medical car occupants fire safety was immediately increased after the Grojean incident and they now have full face helmets, head socks and higher rated fire suits In case they end up in a similar situation of "other tasks as needed".


The medical car shouldn't be the one trying to extract someone from a burning car.


If you’re first on the scene, which the medical car almost always is, what the fuck else are you going to do?


They were only first one the scene because it was Lap 1 and they follow the pack for the first lap. They're never first on the scene unless it's Lap 1.


I just read up on it. The extinguisher apparently flew by the grandstands and lodged itself in a car door in the parking lot hard enough to wedge it shut. Literally every moment of that crash is horrific to read about


Things I wish I hadn't read


> only way they could identify him was by counting all the marshalls and working out who was left out That's because they don't know every marshall that well so taking attendance was easier. His body was not that massacred and he was also not dismembered despite common belief, there are photos online.


That was the accident that killed Tom Pryce - a fellow Welshman, brilliant driver and Welsh motorsporting legend.


Yeah, there's a cool memorial in Ruthin


Hell shit spectators used to do in old races videos is terrifying. F1, Rally, or other races. Some of the old Monaco videos are scary. Or I’ve seen rally videos where people are basically standing on the edges of the track and then run away as a car approaches.


Rally is still kind of like that isn’t it? Madness.


Yeah it still is. It's hard to prevent too since they're not really racing on race courses so people can get to the tracks from all kinds of places. Watching old footage of Group B rally is something else with the crowds.


Yeah, I saw the classic video in this thread of the fans running out of the way, and then another one from 2019 with the type of thing I’m thinking of, fans standing right on the edge of the track all over.


I saw one on TikTok recently too that must have been from this past year where the fan slips, falls and then crawls hurriedly out of the way as the car passes. Absolutely mental! I do still want to go and watch a rally event myself but from a comfortable distance.


Yeah same, I think you can pick a place that’s relatively safe, inside of a corner a fair bit after the apex maybe? When people stand in what would be the run-off zones if they existed it blows my mind.


Some videos of Group B out there are absolutely wild, people standing everywhere, moving out of the way last second. Apparently back then it was a bit of a trend to try and touch the cars as they went by


Yep, heard stories of mechanics finding fingertips in air ducts or the engine compartment when the cars comes into the service area between Group B stages. I don't even understand how the drivers can drive in those conditions. Some videos you cannot even tell there is a road there until 1 second before the car arrives and the sea of people parts for the car and then closes back in again to get a cool photo or whatever. Scary AF. From driver interviews, it really took a mental toll on them knowing how much danger the spectators were in. Doesn't matter if it's the spectator's fault, it's still going to weigh on you if you run into one of them.




>Jansen Van Vuuren https://www.reddit.com/r/WTF/comments/1eek20/what\_happens\_when\_you\_get\_hit\_by\_a\_formula\_1\_car/


Holy shit, you could have put a warning with that link. Not that I can't stomach it, but it hits different when you're not ready for it. I do appreciate you sharing the link, thanks for that.


Fuck me I wasn’t going to look it up myself but I couldn’t help clicking. I appreciate your comment so at least I was prepared.


yes but this was because they were running across the track in the middle of a race... and did they not have a dude literally waving the finish flag on the tarmack not that many years ago? Comparing these guys hanging from the fence, to a marshall running across the track.. not really the best imo.


There was a video on that, dude got turned into spagetti


Jansen Van Vuuren is the name of the guy. Apparently though that video makes it seem a lot more terrifying. The bits seen flying are the guy’s overalls. I don’t remember where but there is a report on the incident and the autopsy somewhere on the net


There is a close up photo of Van Vuurens body. It really isn’t as bad as the video makes it seem but still very tragic


*Frederick Jansen van Vuuren


He didn't there's a close photo of the body and he wasn't cut in half, what you see is his normal torso is an illusion caused by his pants got pulled down by the impact and combined with the low res of the footage so it seem that he was cut in half but he wasn't.


That is a pretty callous way to describe a tragic double fatality


Yeah I feel as though a simple directive for all teams requiring them to basically keep their feet within the boundaries of the fence would be enough.


You have that in other series (no idea for F1), and yet team member still climb up the fences. The directive is not enough because it is not enforced in those championship. If you want to end this, you must enforce the directive with sanctions, i think. Also I have climbed up the fences on some occasions, was it dangerous? Yeah kind of, could be very messy if somebody slips. Was it fun, hell yeah. Should it be stopped ? Most probably but that will be missed by a lot of people, for their own good maybe ?


I feel like there's a big difference between climbing up the non-track side of the fence and climbing through an opening onto the track side.


Yes you are right


I feel like this is a case where a light punishment (basically, a fine paid by the team) would be enough for the team principals to step in and change behaviors.


Unless the fine is in the 50,000 € range and is included as part of budget cap, they probably won’t interfere that much imo. Seeing team members celebrate in this way kinda gives a dose of hope for the team. I know it’s dangerous and safety matters, but that is my take on it


Or you can fine the organization and the individual team member, say 50k from the budget cap and an individual 1k fine will basically end this practice overnight.


I agree with you. However I wonder where does personal responsibility come into play. How many rules do we need to write to protect stupid from themselves. It's common sense not to dangle close to a fast moving car.


You're not just saving someone from the consequences of his own foolishness. You're also protecting the driver from accidentally harming/killing a person and bystanders and millions of viewers from having to watch a disturbing or even traumatic experience.


I generally agree with you, but let me put it this way: There's a lot of people who wouldn't wear seatbelts if we didn't have laws requiring you to do so. In this situation I think it would be more of a gentle reminder rather than a totally new rule.


Rules like that are written in blood. They don't have to be, but that's just how it usually works.


If they fall, the driver us in danger too


Exactly why this should be in place. Agree with the sentiment of "where does it stop protecting stupid", but in this instance it could easily hurt/kill a driver too. Maybe halos help mitigate this, but not worth the risk IMO.


Yeah even if it physically protects them... PTSD is almost inevitable.


Halo should protect them. If it can deflect a wheel, it can deflect a meatbag. /s


Not really /s, I really do believe a driver isn't in much danger if a mechanics falls on them.


Having a person fall on you could definitely make you lose control of the car, and accidentally killing a mechanic would also be hugely emotionally and mentally damaging.


If only stupid could protect themselves.


Personal responsability isn't real for something that isn't a problem 99% of the time most people don't crash cars but you still have to wear a seatbelt Rules like that don't take anything away and people are actually more responsible for it


With how safety conscious the sport is I'm surprised there hasn't been some sort of legislation to stop this. Its been happening for years and like he said, it'll probably only be changed if/when there is an accident.


That would be a horrible gore at levels of jensen van buuren in south africa gp in 70s or that poor man run over in CART in 90s.


The pictures of Jansen Van Vuuren really isn't that gore-y, the clip of it makes it seem soo much worse than what it was. Not that it wasn't tragic from the start...Looking back into the 70's, 80's and 90's it's just insane how much the sport has progressed in safety.


Honestly, the whole pitlane is just a massive danger-zone. I get nervous for the crews any time a driver pulls in.


At Bahrain a few years ago Lewis had to drive within inches of a bunch of spectators in the pits. He even called it out on the radio as being crazily dangerous. Even at Imola there were a couple of moments I cringed as cars skidded out of their boxes on damp tarmac, again [within inches of the crew of the team in front.](https://youtu.be/vL0yww9nk9o?t=170) I'm honestly surprised how little has changed in the pitlane given how aggressive they've been on car safety enhancements in recent times.




Holy shit


really a different time


Almost looks like Group B footage from the 80s. Scary stuff, that.


[For reference](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6-bpeREC4RA).


That's the one! I remember reading stories about mechanics finding fingers and things in the grilles of the car. Pretty horrific.


[You don't need to go that far away.](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uf4lV5QhBRk) It's so crazy.


At least in this more recent video the spectators aren't standing on the road. Whenever I see old Group B footage, I wonder why drivers didn't complain that spectators weren't allowing them to use the road to its full extent.


Group B was ended because of this essentially


That's a fucking parallel universe, wtf


Sphincter puckering for sure


Lmao, what the fuck? They have an actual deathwish. Was this before the end? So Schumacher had to keep going to finish?


Holy fack


Don’t even have to go back a few years ago - albon in Australia pitted late in the race and there were spectators milling about in the pits


Yes, I think one of the officials basically had to prevent one or more of the spectators from walking into Albon's car right near the pit exit. This happened because it was the last lap and they had already started allowing fans (with pit access post-race I am guessing) to start entering the pits.


Post race should mean post race, is all I’m saying, especially when you can see that one car has yet to pit and there are <5 laps left


An F2 car almost ran over a bunch of people and equipment in the pit lane just this past weekend.


More recently, there were spectators walking the pit lane when Albon did his penultimate lap pit stop in Australia.


> At Bahrain a few years ago Lewis had to drive within inches of a bunch of spectators in the pits. He even called it out on the radio as being crazily dangerous. Does anybody have footage of this? I don't remember this happening.


I think it was 2020 post-qualifying when the top 3 pull into the pits. Can't find a video of it though.


Even two weeks ago, spectators were allowed onto the pitlane when Albon was doing his last-round pitstop... https://www.gpblog.com/en/videos/108444/dangerous-situation-during-albon-s-pit-stop-due-to-fans-in-pit-lane.html


Can't believe Ocon only got a 5 second penalty for unsafe release, the team needs to be given proper penalties for that sort of thing. Safety in the pit lane is being forgotten because no-one has been run over recently.


Yeah, it looks like the cars are going slowly but they are still going 80 km/h at a tight area full of people. It's a miracle nothing bad has happened recently


One mechanic had one of his legs shattered when a rear wheel ran over it. I think it happened about 4 years ago


Are you talking about one of Kimi's pit crew?


I think so. I'd rather not look it up again because of how horrific the accident was


[don’t watch if you can’t handle see bones break](https://youtu.be/5lNcS8Ddpsc)


Yeah I fucking hate this one. Jack-guys are fucking crazy


I'm pretty sure one of the Ferrari's got dangerously close to a Mclaren mechanic during a live pit stop this weekend.


The Ocon/Hamilton release meant cars got particularly close to some team members in the pitlane.


if that kind of incident comes with a five second penalty, I imagine it would be at least fifteen seconds if you strike and injure a mechanic.


Man during pitstop there is always cameramen just running through pit wall to garage as the car passes it's so risky


F1 and other European series shockingly has a ton of incredibly dangerous things that just don't exist in other series across the globe.


It infuriates me how lenient they are on drivers racing in the pit lane. I mean look at Hamilton and Ocon yesterday, how close they were to an entire team of mechanics. If they'd tangled a bit worse they could have wiped out a couple dozen people. We've seen drivers spin in the pit lane before too, we know it's not impossible. Imo that sort of shit should be absolutely zero tolerance. Releasing your driver into the path of another should be an immediate DSQ.


The way the pit lane works seems like one of those things that we would never allow if you proposed it today and it wasn’t the way we’ve been doing things for decades.


Agreed. Some of the yellow flag situations have been sketchy as well. Sainz in Imola. Ricciardo in Jeddah. Room for improvement here.


I work in public safety and unfortunately many rules are written in blood. No matter how many times you warn people sometimes they have to see death to understand.


Yeah. One of the Mclaren mechanics was fully on the other side of one of the partions, hanging over the track; they had to climb back around. It looks cool, but it’s so sketch.


Yes I saw this and thought „oh that isn’t very safe“ I am fine if they can stick their torso out or upper torso, but climbing fully on this narrow part is a bit much Then again you have to have those opening for marshals to access the track asap


> I am fine if they can stick their torso out or upper torso, but climbing fully on this narrow part is a bit much Yeah. That's where I draw the line as well. No idea why he felt the need to literally climb over and perch on the track side of the opening.


I had to rewind the race when I saw this. I had to go back and double check that I did see what I thought I did. I was speechless.


[mechanic on the track side of the pit wall](https://storage.googleapis.com/picboi-39298.appspot.com/final/pIgM6YiM_1000x800) I don't want this guy to get in trouble but this needs to change


Side note, that's a lot of rear end


Big ol' papayass


Thought that was Jake Humphries lol


Front jackman be like……


Very different to accidentally get hit by a car attempting to come to a full stop while you are standing on flat ground, and falling into a racetrack in front of a moving car. (And without your helmets on!) I don’t see how this isn’t already against rules (it must be but not enforced) - placing more than your arm through the fence, and not in a designated “sign” area (maybe that’s the spot they were in) - using that opening for something other than driver communication devices (like those signs) - being outside of your garage without safety helmet on while cars are moving on the track/pit lane?


That’s one of the reasons why I wish F1 could integrate the airjack system used in IndyCar. But of course that’s more weight in the car teams wouldn’t want.


Can you please explain to me how that system works and how it would help in this matter? Serious answers pls. I really don't know...


Basically there are 4 pneumatic pistons in the car that can extend downwards, lifting the car up so that the pit crew can change tyres.


Has anyone attached an extraordinarily high pressure compressed air tank and used it to bunny hop another car, yet? If not, is there some kind of email address I can send a complaint to?


Wow thanks for the straight to the point answer!


Ok its nice for the crew but i dont see any huge safety pluspoints in this or am i wrong?


I think the idea is that you don't need someone standing in front of the car as it's approaching to lift it.


Ever seen the front Jack-man get launched? I think we saw it a couple times just last year. I can recall Stroll did one of them. Edit: Sorry, that was 2020 with Stroll. https://www.formula1.com/en/latest/video.2020-emilia-romagna-grand-prix-stroll-hits-racing-point-mechanic-in-pit-lane.1687510966444470445.html


"Sorry about that"


A jackman can't get run over for example.


In short, indycars have pneumatic jacks built in to the body of the car. > The air comes from precharged tanks on the other side of the pit wall. As the refueler runs to the side of the car, another crew member heads to the back of it and inserts a hose from the tanks to a quick connection housing beneath the rear wing. The now-sealed system near-instantly delivers the pressure to the four aluminum pistons -- two under the cockpit and two on either side of the gearbox — and lifts the car 4 inches off the ground to give the crew easy access to swap tires. Once the hose is released, the weight of the car quickly pushes the air out of the system, allowing the jacks to fully retract and drop the car as it squeals away,


And thank you too. I think I understand the concept and it sounds really fascinating tbh


Here is a quick [video](https://youtu.be/d-P3xagIf3Y?t=6) demonstrating it.


Oooh it looks even cooler in action. Thanks!


[Automatic jacks like in SuperFormula would be an option which would not add weight.](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fW2Fada4JQQ)


That’s really really cool, thanks for sharing!


Damn that pit-stop choreo looks cool as hell. Front left dude jumping over to the front right as the left back moves into place to put the front left in. Really cool


Sadly that’s even more weight to an already heavy car


I've always thought the same. Doesn't necessarily have to be a slip either. Remember last year in Baku when Verstappen's front right tire blew out and he careened hard into the barrier?


It's different to stick your arm through vs being on top of the wall leaning on to the track


Safety regulations around the world are written in blood


It's incredible that this has never gone wrong considering that it happens in every race


Or it's less of a risk than people make it out to be.




24 hrs of Le Mans still does it and almost got the guy hit last year. He was waving and certain cars were slowing down to take the flag, but I believe one of the gt classes was still racing for position with a small gap and came flying through the mess of cars to narrowly avoid him. I’ll be surprised if there aren’t some restrictions on it this year.


> it used to allow fans to run on the track as the cars were doing their cooldown lap. Don't think anyone died as a result, but the rules changed to forbid this because it's a horrific accident waiting to happen. Drivers [have crashed on the cooldown lap before](https://racingnews.co/2017/10/01/sebastian-vettel-and-lance-stroll-crash-on-cool-down-lap/); just imagine how much worse that'd be if there were spectators all over the place.




The latter was handled about as well as I could expect F1 to handle a fan casually strolling on a live track: the safety car was deployed immediately, and on-track security/police removed the fan. The former is a little concerning in that a safety car wasn’t called immediately, but because the fan was crossing the track rather than walking along it, I don’t know there’s much the organization could have done.


>F1 used to allow the chequered flag waver to be on the track as the cars passed IIRC the guys at Adelaide used to run as closer as they could to the winning car. Always looked dodgy to me.


I’m not directly saying “PC gone mad” but it happens at every race, they’re pumped, and there’s like 3 points of contact. There’s a reason it hasn’t happened yet. It’s not “safe” but I don’t think it’s “unsafe”.


Ok maybe I'm too old


I’m with you. The stuff ppl find to criticize.


Agreed. At one point, it looked like a McLaren mechanic was on the other side of the fence, balancing on the couple of inches of the wall. One missed foot or accidental push from behind... just a bit more common sense needed.


I don’t like it when raw emotions and celebrations are stifled by rules and red tape, but this is absolutely not okay and a huge safety concern for drivers and mechanics alike


This Jake guy must be new...the FIA already instituted a rule dissuading this behavior... obviously it didn't stick. Not sure how to fix this because it comes with how deeply victory is to people. There's nothing that says this is what you should do in victory or even a podium. It's probably a cultural thing. It really does need to be changed but I don't know how you would do that.


Everyone looking for something to complain or make an issue out of. Get me out of this shitty PC drama culture.


Dude i can say 100 other demgerous things in motosport but thats why its fun


Yep it's an increased risk. Many people, in all walks of life, decide to expose themselves to increases of risk to make like easier or in this case more enjoyable. Doesn't mean everything should be legislated for.


I’ve always wondered why they let them through the separations in the catch fence. Leaning over through it is one thing but this is too far.


This is something that has always bothered me as well. Same thing with hanging all the way over the fences.


People really need to watch other forms of racing to get some perspective. This is about the least risky thing you can do in the pitlane which by definition is filled with fast moving vehicles. Let's apply this logic to walking down the sidewalk "Oh no this is too risky, one misstep and they're into traffic!"


Feel bad for people who live their whole lives scared and never get to experience it to the fullest


I'm just not concerned it's always been a part of motorsport to some degree. They are grown men and women who I'm sure understand the risk. Is there a risk? Absolutely. It doesn't mean every redditor should be an OH and S inspector.


I think it is not really safe but not unsafe enough to make a change, because the mechanics are hanging from the fences so they can balance themselves easily


Also the mechanics are really athletic, so they aren’t as prone to slip, which they haven’t.. for 72 years.


Fucking hell get a life. Has this guy ever seen rally spectators?


Tbh rally spectators are another breed of crazy


Is anybody else getting sick of all the bubblewrapping in this sport? Some shit is harmless. I'd love to see the return of the chequered flag ON the track.


/r/formula1 is an official No Fun Zone these days.


Jesus Christ, who cares.


No fun allowed anymore.


None of us here are mechanics for an f1 team. If they want to do it I say let them. They know the risks. Probably a reason nothing has happened in the past 30 odd years.


This has been happening for how many years? And just now you guys are worried over it? Yes it does not look very safe but I believe they are grown man who understand the risk of their actions. This is regular in every motorsport if I'm not wrong, are there any accidents on it going wrong?


we need that Marshall that kept Carlos from walking into traffic over here


Who cares f1 teams have been doing this the history of the sport and no issues. Some people in this community love finding things to be mad about or change. How about just enjoy the sport. F1 has the softest fans 🤦‍♂️


As long as they keep their feet behind the barrier it should be fine


I think having your foot on the wall should be not allowed but hanging out is fine aslong as your centre of balence makes you fall back. Or make em wear hearnesses and tie them off or something, it's too iconic of a celebration over the years for it to go away


When Pierre won at Monza in 2020, one of the radios of the crewmen fell onto the track while they were leaning out over the track [Watch closely at 3:33](https://youtu.be/sJN-Zc6Vjuo?t=32), look to the left the positions board, you'll see the radio hit the ground


Even with those sign boards they hang over the pit wall to give info to the drivers, I’m still waiting for they day they drop the sign and it falls to the middle of the track.