Every day people baffle me at how stupid they are.


Let’s also not forget how incredibly disrespectful it is to Italy/Italians. He circumvents sanctions by being allowed to race under an Italian license, whose anthem he then goes on to desecrate by showing a Nazi salute within weeks.


Apparently the mechanics told him about it as a joke, which makes my eyes roll but if there was actual adults involved in fucking up this child’s life with fascist gestures and jokes they can be fired too. The idea that any team has the kinds of people around that could influence very young people that was is pretty galling, the way it would be if a teacher harbored ideas like that. The team he was with like a lot of junior teams is mostly Italian mechanics and engineers. Struggling to believe a word he says though


Obviously no excuses but the way he looks into the crowd made me think he was staring at someone from his team; And possibly they had suggested it to him before getting up there in some way. The way the kid laughs is quite awkward, it's almost like he is looking for approval from someone in the crowd. Where did you hear that his mechanics told him about it?


He posted on social media about it. Was a very poor explanation. He basically said the mechanics told him to put his hand on his chest, but doesn't say why he turned it in a nazi salute Edit: here's the apology video, which was originally posted on Telegram: [https://www.skysports.com/watch/video/sports/12588405/artem-severiukhin-issues-apology-for-salute](https://www.skysports.com/watch/video/sports/12588405/artem-severiukhin-issues-apology-for-salute)


Complete hearsay: I heard he tried to do the Roman salute. . . This got me curious in what the difference is and there is none l. (except for maybe the angle is a little bit higher with the nazi salute.) The Italian fascist mistakenly thought the Roman's did it, and the nazi's apparently copied them. So in essence still the same salute. Thanks for listening to my Ted talk.


Yeah the "Roman" salute was a symbol of the Italian fascist party and not rooted in history and has been banned in Italy since the 1950s. So just as bad. If a team member taught the kid that symbol and lied about its meaning that team member should be removed as well, because these teams work with children.


He only implied a team member taught him that part. What he actually said was limited to the chestbumbs.


So is there no way to reference the Roman salute without referencing the Italian fascist party?


Essentially, since it's not actually rooted in Roman history


The Roman salute was never referred to in ancient Roman texts and was in fact dreamt up in old movies. While Roman paintings depicted a gesture similar to that of a Nazi salute, it was never referred to as a Roman salute. In some of these paintings, it is even disputed as to whether the gesture was a salute or just people reaching for something. The fictitious gesture, however, found its way to Italy where it eventually became well known in Benito Mussolini's fascist regime in which hundreds of thousands of people were killed under his iron first. Mussolini was also one of Adolf Hitler's greatest influencers.


This is what I see as well. It's like he wanted to impress someone. Always searching for them.


Maybe they just wanted the little shit gone.


Hey terry I did it i did my first desk pop!


That..... kinda fits...


He is 15 he knows what a nazi salute is


Seriously, the way some people are talking about this blows my mind. He’s not an innocent little 7-year-old; he’s a teenager who has been conscious his whole life. He knew exactly what he was doing.


And if he doesn't, that's a massive failure of his education.


We were all 15 once, being an edgelord, controversial and hating the things our parents loved was all part of growing up, this kid took it too far in a very public setting.


Well, not to justify him, but there are some russian soldiers (18+) out there that didn't know Chernobyl was a thing and started digging trenches in the red forest... :/ I think a lot of it has to do with the massive failure that is the russian education system. But also, I think is pretty hard to do a nazi salute by accident too...


That would mean he was titillated by his actions for no reason. He clearly had some knowledge that his actions were clandestine and in poor taste. Without knowing the kids entire educational pedigree, it's safe to assume a child from an extremely wealthy family has been exposed to the broader aspects of Nazism in his life at some point.


You can’t compare him to an average Russian soldier. This kid has to be well off and educated to be karting and racing!


LOL this is now the 4th excuse ive seen from reading comments. This little shit thought it be funny to be edgy.


But nobody is too kid to know history and racial slurs. You gonna tell me he did not know this was a Nazi salute? Come on.


yeah, i call bullshit on this. he's been to school and he studied ww2 and he knows nazis are evil.


Maybe he’s a Lazio fan?


Least fascist lazio fan


A lot of these racers come from very privileged lives where they’re disconnected from reality. It’s not shocking that this happens.


Overprivileged little shit


The people defending him confused me more.


The one's I saw mostly talked about how he was most likely being a teenage 4chan edge lord... which is most likely true. His brain is a long ways off from fully developing and long term judgement/comprehension of consequences is the last to develop in the mid 20's. It's not defending him to say he's most likely just trying to be an edge lord AND say the FIA should punish him to the fullest to show that behaviour is not tolerated regardless the circumstance.


It doesn't matter if he's a kid. Nip that Nazi shit in the bud. It's not like he's getting thrown in prison for 30 years. Racing at this level is a privilege, not a right. No one is owed that position; they earn it. And it can easily be lost. The kid still has a future, just not in racing. Sucks to suck. Maybe don't be a Nazi next time.


Did you mean to respond to someone else? Or did you just not read the entire comment?


Yeah they definitely seemed to miss your final point.


This. Do I think he's actually a Nazi and not a stupid teenager trying to be cool. No. Do I think he should be punished. Absolutely.


And is this the appropriate level of punishment? (Genuine question)


I mean losing a job for nazi salute seems appropriate. Sucks he’s young, but there’s more jobs out there. Blacklists are common in many industries.




What defense? Did you not actually read the comment? The fact people can’t read an explanation of behaviour without it being in support of or against the individual is concerning.


Did you see the story on the 3 Florida teens taking turns shooting each other wearing bullet ‘proof’ vests? Yeah not so much bullet proof for one of the kids. I saw that this morning and realized we have hit a ~~new~~ low. Edit: Striking through new as it seems to be triggering some people into notifying me humanity has always been stupid. Yes yes I know that.


There are adults doing less intelligent things despite thinking they know better. The world has seen what fascism results in and how it never works, and we’ve seen a surge in this crap over the last decade anyway. People are stupid and always have been.


TBH, that’s not a new low. That’s literally how Jackass started. Knoxville was doing a bunch of self defense tests for an article he was writing and the last one was getting shot with a shotgun with a bulletproof vest on.


Enjoy https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/woman-pleads-guilty-fatal-shooting-boyfriend-failed-youtube-stunt-n831151?msclkid=3a40a540ba7f11ec865196c3651a1adb




In this case it has a pretty legitimate to use the word stupid. It's not downplaying how evil fascism is, it's the reality that at 15 years old your brain is not fully developed. For men it's got another 10 years to go and the final sections are the ones that comprehend judgement and long term consequences. It's not letting him off the hook (or defending him) to say his behaviour was most likely a teenage edge lord that didn't understand the gravity of his actions AND he must be punished to the fullest degree.


Since, no one said it, single-handedly ruined his career.


ba dum tss


*sigh* Get out, both of you 👉


Get off my lawn


That’s a comma too much.


i'm,not good, with, commas but, i think, youre right.


Captain Kirk?


Ending his own career was within arm's reach.


Arms reich


That was the final solution to his racing career. He'll never make another Pohl position. It looked bad from that Engel.


Imagine being the lucky 1% who get to race in real life and all you had to do was not do a Nazi salute and he couldn't even manage that


I don't even think 1% More like 0.001%


Scrape up 10 grand and you can go run go-karts; if you're really good, you could get where that kid was in a another 30 grand and a couple years or so.


It's $50k a year to even scratch the surface karting at the national level in the US. Some parents spend $100k on 9 year olds. This kid in the video likely already spent close to $1m in karting to be at his level. Edit: Using US as example, Europe is worse. $10-20k for a supported race weekend is normal. Toto Wolff quote: > "All the big Formula 1 teams [need to be] able to identify those kids, rather than making it so expensive that a good go-karting season costs 250,000, an F4 season 500,000, and an F3 season 1 million.


It's gone completely bonkers. Used to be cheaper than motocross. I "scratched the surface" for about 20K a year (a long time ago, granted) and had a lot of fun doing it along with a lot of other guys doing the same thing - the guys who were winning all the time were probably spending twice that, but not 20 times the entry level guys like it is now.


Makes me sad as a karting dad.


makes me sad as a broke as fuck shit young adult. i cant afford to buy in to any kind of motorized/wheeled fun with my budget. not even *biking*! fuck!


right. basically stuck sim racing and even that requires quite a bit of money for a good setup.


If they actually cared about catching TALENTS, they would have put budget caps on those leagues/competitions as well, but hey - money is money.


Isn't a lot of it just travel costs?


No, most of the extra cost actually entry and licensing fees from what I understand (someone please correct me if I'm wrong). Even if you stayed in a four star hotel ~~every single night of the year~~ a hundred days out of the year at $500/night and took 50 flights a year at $1000 per flight, that "only" comes in at ~~$70K~~ $100K. $250K for a karting *season*? That's insane. The mechanical aspects of even high-level karts haven't really changed over the last 20-30 years. It's all fees.


Your maths is a bit wrong, $500/night X 365 nights is $182,500 plus 50 flights X $1000 is $232,500 all up.


Yeah that is crazy. I’ve been looking at karting casually, just as a cheap motorsport. But it is not cheap at that level to be sure.


>No, most of the extra cost actually entry and licensing fees from what I understand That is absolutely wrong. Equipment and personell is by far the largest part of it. A new chassis costs 5k€ and at that level you basically get a new one every other weekend. The engines are 3k€ stock and then whatever your tuner charges on top of that and they need a new piston at the very least every 5 hours with a bottom end rebuild for every third piston. A set of tyres costs 250€ and I don't think on an OK they last for an entire practice day. All of this cost is before you've had any damage or mechanical failures. Crashed and bent the chassis? Probably just gonna buy a new one rather than straighten it. Seized and engine because they make the most power when they're very lean and you overdid it? Good chance you crankshaft ist fucked. That'll be another 1000€ in parts alone. Then you also definitely do need a professional mechanic at that level who needs to earn a living. A good mechanic is absolutely key to driver coaching and kart setup so the better they are the more they're going to charge. In addition to all of this you also just need to get all of your shit to the track. This kids team is based in Sweden and the race was in Portugal so you need to get a bunch of people and probably like 20 karts across all of Europe which is not going to be all that cheap either. Entry fees and license cost pale in comparison.


It’s not even just the money but having parents with enough free time to drive the kid around and support his development. This isn’t Doctor/Lawyer money it’s trust fund and I don’t have to work for a living money.


So 40 grand and a couple of years off of school/work with no income? Yup, 0.001%.


Pretty much . . . Although, I managed to pull it off for a while running all over on weekends and working during the week to pay for it. Had some sponsors for tires and stuff, and it's not like you need all that cash laying around before you start. You can compete on the cheap, but it takes a lot of cash to run up front every week. I ran OK - even had quite a few top 5s, but winning consistently takes the one thing I didn't have. Lots and lots of money.


Out of interest, what does the money buy you? Doesn't everyone have the same karts? Isn't it spec? Genuinely asking. Why do you need money to be top 5 consistently?


If you have the money to do it, the best way to run every race is with everything fresh. Engine rebuilt every week, new guts in your carb, and new bearings all around. You want a least 3 sets of tires to find the very best 4 for the race. When we ran cheap, we'd use last weeks tires for practice, and hope like hell the one set we bought for the race was good. Staying in a nice hotel when you travel is always nice too. Trying to race after a rough nights sleep on a shitty cot or in a sleeping bag on a tent floor sucks. Also the well funded guys have multiple spares of everything. Blow up an engine in practice? slap another one you have all prepped and ready on and go. If I blew up an engine, my day was over, and maybe next week too. It's not any one thing; it's 500 little details that all cost a little bit.


Fair enough thanks!


What hasn't been mentioned yet is the biggest advantage money can buy: simply being able to race every weekend. Getting valuable bum in seat time as they call it wins more races than anything aside from massive talent. Sure, you can buy a brand new chassis every season, rebuild your engine every 5 hours, get an extra set of tyres for practice every weekend, etc. but this is only going to give you a small advantage compared to the guy who spends 1/2 your budget to have a very slightly worse kit. On the other hand, getting 100 hours of seat time a year across all the best tracks in the country from the age of 8 onwards and constantly racing against the best drivers in your age group, makes a massive difference compared to the kid who's dad can only afford to go racing once a month and can't justify travelling all around the country constantly.


Why doesn’t WKA do anything? Who the fuck cares what F1 costs. It’s the end of the pipeline. You need a cheap pipeline not an expensive as fuck one.


They've tried over the years with spec classes and restrictions and tire rules and all kinds of stuff, but it's a technology sport, and racers will do whatever they are able to push the envelope, which is a cash cow feedback loop that's hard to restrain. We used to joke about the "pipe of the month club" guys who apparently were trying to corner the expansion chamber market back in the day; dunno if that's still a thing, but if it's not, I'm sure there's another thing like that going on in garages everywhere.


Assuming you live in a country where there is infrastructure and a racing scene. Where I live 10 grand would buy you lots of mall karting passes and that’s about it. Living in a place where you can go race already puts you in a very priviledged percentage on its own. Add 40 grand to it and you get 0.001%.


10 grand won't even get you the cart


Good. Now call Hulkenberg to replace him.


You want Hulkenberg to race in a... Junior karting series?




Still wouldn’t get a podium :(


Harsh, but fair.


I know you guys are joking, but people like to forget he's won plenty of stuff before his F1 career among being F3 and GP2 champion :/


Joking? He’s massive compared to the 15 year olds he’d compete against. His kart would be a turtle in comparison.


Then he will be living up to his nick name : the hulk


Honestly he might not cause of weight


He won basically everything he tried outside of F1.


Okay but his curse was activated once he joined F1 and it won’t be broken until he gets an F1 podium. I don’t make the rules.


He won Le Mans after joining F1


Don't let facts get in the way of a tired old meme


He raced in a 2022 Aston Martin, so yeah, I think he's earned that promotion.


I would pay good money to watch that.


That's what the man said.


Did he stutter?


This is how we get him back into the Young Driver Program, like Alonso.


This is incredible not to understand jokes 😄


Why not? Just tell him to tuck his knees a little. Nobody will be able to tell the difference!


Nah, put Hulkenberg in Stroll’s seat and send Stroll back to carting


How to speedrun ruining your career.


Gotta give it to him, he's quick.


His career was destroyed quicker than his speed on the track.


Spun out of control faster than Sainz in Melbourne




He still wasn't the quickest. The bumper throwing guy didn't finish the race before ruining his career.


Forgive me for the ignorance, but is the chest bump he did before the salute usually paired with the salute or what was that?


I think he thought he was doing the Roman gladiator salute, according to his explanation.


As an Italian that's the biggest pile of bullshit I've smelled in weeks.


[https://tenor.com/view/salute-roman-centurion-soldier-trojan-gif-6086267](https://tenor.com/view/salute-roman-centurion-soldier-trojan-gif-6086267) From TV series Rome as I was informed.


Yeah that's BS. If he knows what a Roman Gladiator salute is he knows what a Nazi salute is.


Imagine being one of the lucky russian athletes that is allowed to drive just to pull this off You are either a smart fella or a fart smella


Oof that last line has me wincing.


Farts'll do that


Mazepin gets canned in front of the whole world... I know what I'll do! a Nazi salute!


Fucked around. Found out.




Meals always come with fries though


Kinda demeans the value of fast food work.


The kid has money through his parents. He won’t be serving anyone burgers, but he sure as hell won’t be racing either.


Wow, he joins the [Luca Corberi Club of Douchebaggery.](https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.motorsport.com/kart/news/corberi-kart-racer-fia-ban/6352588/amp/)


I'd honestly rather someone do a nazi salute than do HALF of what Corberi did.


How stupid do you have to be? Did he think no one would realise what he was doing? Like it’s some kind of meme only the fascist kids know?


Spending too much time thinking the internet is the real world


Gonna be seeing more of this i bet.


>gonna be son, have you looked around in the last half-decade?


We just had 2 years of kids being more isolated than ever before since the spread of Internet. If you think it was bad before...


That’s a compelling point


He's a kid at the end of the day and he probably doesn't appreciate the current and historical significance in his thinly attempt at edgy humour. I'm not trying to defend him, just trying to say that kids do really stupid stuff. Either way, he's in the wrong and it should be a significant life lesson to him and others.


> I'm not trying to defend him, just trying to say that kids do really stupid stuff. Yeah, I don't hate him or anything and hope he learns from it. If his parents can afford modern karting, I'm quite sure he'll be set for life in whatever career he chooses that isn't racing.


His parents can afford modern karting *and* relocating to Italy for it. Halfway surprised their assets haven’t been frozen


As stupid as most teens. He was being "edgy" for fun.


Honestly my first reaction was that this was either a dare or a bet. Just the way he performs it, the awkward laugh and the way he’s clearly looking for eye contact in the crowd make me think it wasn’t something he came up with by himself. Still stupid, but kids do stupid stuff all the time.


I have some sympathy for him. He’s a dumb 15 year old kid who thought it’d funny to say “look Im an Italian fascist” during the flag ceremony. Totally right to fire him, but I think him being punished for life is a bit extreme.


Maybe unpopular opinion? I'm not so happy about crucifying kids for their mistakes. Yes, the world knows how bad Nazis are, yes everyone knows what a Nazi salute looks like, yes kids know these stuff, too. But in the end, we're talking about kids here. The guy is 15. Aren't mistakes allowed? How can we judge this person and criticize him for his actions since he's not mature enough? I'm all for giving him a very valuable lesson about doing silly mistakes and have some form of punishment for him, but in the end this age is about learning and understanding your mistakes. But ruining a potential career sounds a bit of a stretch for me. The world should focus more on intentions and stop judging everyone by one single action. We're humans, huge mistakes will always happen, but that doesn't mean every mistake hides a bad motive or an evil person. Forgiveness should be the first incentive for the first time someone does something incredibly stupid. Investigating their past and their beliefs is very welcome, but at least give the guy a chance to show his real self. Counter example: Will Smith's slap showed very bad things about his character and is much more revealing about possible red flags about him and his mentality.


Completely agree. It’s baffling to me how many comments in here are so devoid of empathy. Its quite sad really, hopefully it does not get worse.


edgy kid thinks he funny


The outcome is funny, just not in the way he wanted it to be.


I think people are missing that he's only 15 and in a way this is a really powerful lesson to learn at that young age: stupidity is punished. Hopefully he will learn from this and grow into an adult that doesn't throw nazi salutes to be edgy.


*Nico rolled intensifies*


Alleged? I'm pretty sure I'm not a *that* fucking blind


My one question is has he expressed problematic views outside of his potential salute (which looked kinda weird and awkward anyway, it's not like he held his arm up at 45 degrees for the duration of the anthem)? If the answer to that is yes then screw him, deserves whatever he gets. If not then that kinda lends creedance to the idea that y'know, he might not have actually meant to do it.


Oh no my friend, this is the internet, everything is black and white, no nuance, we must crucify him.


Two reasonable humans.


I don’t know man, I know how to do the “blood” gang sign. I must be a gang member now.


The fact that he was allowed to race under my flag made me angry, the Nazi salute he made during my national anthem made me furious. That said, he's 15. He needs to understand why what he did was so despicable and he needs to pay for what he did. He must be disqualified for sure, but let the guy work for a second chance. He's just a kid. If he doesn't show any improvement, or if he does something like this again, kick him out. But I think that he should be given the chance to redeem himself, he's just a kid.


He should get a second chance if and only if he realizes how bad he fucked up, and actually apologizes and works to make amends. And based on the way he’s reacting that’s not gonna happen for a few years. Second chances should be available, but you have to earn them. Also second chances are a privilege not a right. Look at Oliver Askew for fucks sake.


Although I agreed with original commentor, that's... also true too. They deserve chance to get second chance, not instant second chance.


100% agree.


He has a second chance. He can race under a Russian license instead of Italian. Oh wait.


I'm all for second chances. If he can prove maturation, learning and take clear steps to show some genuine growth, then yeah maybe he could reapply and get his license. I think its better for people to lose privileges and have to earn them back, then a slap on the wrist with no real consequences as a form of "second chance". Keep in mind we're talking about losing access to a very privileged form of recreation, not food/water/housing/freedom.


He can return to Russia and redeem himself. When you’re in a privileged situation, you’re called to a higher expectation.


Which team would give him a kart? To really give him a second chance here you'd have to force a bunch of people to support him who, justifiably, don't wanna be near the guy.


I think he should have the opportunity to show he realizes how badly he fucked up.


He did get that opportunity and all he did was try to look sad in a video while obviously reading lines from a piece of paper.


Yeah I did see that. You’re right that was his opportunity to at least show he had some kind of understanding and he really just didn’t seem to get it or care to.


People need to remember this. A second chance should always be allowed. People can grow and learn. I know these days that feels like a fantasy but it it is possible.


For regular things sure... You don’t often get a second chance at special privileges that you squander. Especially when there are people in line for your spot. You are expected to treat your position with more care and gratitude than that.


Nah, plenty of people in a privileged position to take his place. When you got that privledge you should be extra careful about maintaining it. You can legally drive at 16. If we give kids that responsibility I think asking them to not do a nazi salute on a public podium isn’t much to ask.


Pisses me off when articles say 'alleged' he was literally cought on video nazi saluting


Well they have to say that because the driver is maintaining that it wasn’t intended to be a nazi salute so if motorsport just outright says it WAS a nazi salute it’s grounds for libel


When it comes to journalism, in some countries the journalist cannot call someone an assassin or whatever you want to, even though you have hundreds of 4k videos showing him killing people. You must wait until a Judge hit the hammer and convict the man from doing such thing. Same applies in this case and in every other situation. Until then, everything is 'alleged' or 'suspect' from something. That's why you usually read titles like "suspect of killing 2 people is caught after a car chase" "Suspect of robbery is caught after exchange of fire with the police!" \--- Believe or not, the 'suspect' can sue the journal (and he will win) if you call him something that he isn't (yet) by the law. Let's say this case will go to court and the judge says he is innocent and that his salute wasnt Nazi, then he could make a big financial hole to this journal for claiming something he didn't do/is and defamation damage. But again, this applies to some countries.


Well yeah it's the principle of innocent until proven guilty. If the media refer to someone as a murderer prior to conviction it may influence the jury which is why it's caveated with alleged and suspected


I know he is 15 and all; but damn man. That’s high school age. He should have known better. Consequences exist in the real world and he is experiencing them firsthand.


Yes he's 15. But you guys really gonna tell me at 15 you didn't know how, to put it lightly, offensive doing a nazi salute is and then laughing on top of it ?


It’s not just “doing dumb shit” given the reason he had to drive under the Italian flag in the first place. He picked a horrible fucking time to whip out the Nazi salute and should be ashamed of himself.


Its not so funny now is it


Dunno about you but I’m laughing at him


I don't know how he thought doing that wasn't going end up in disaster for him.


He's a 15yo kid. I doubt he *thought* at all.




Well he got what was coming to him after what he did, common sense prevailed in this case that he had no defence and the penalty was appropriate for what he did!


What a dummy, first thinking this was appropriate and second thinking it would be funny




I know this is probably going to be an unpopular opinion but please bare with me. I hope this doesn't completely ruin his career. At the end of the day he's a 15 year old kid, and whilst he knew what he was doing, he didn't *know* what he was doing. I think it was an attempt at being funny that obviously didn't land and was in really, really poor taste. I'm sure if he was more educated on the topic then I highly doubt he'd make the gesture ahain. If he did then fuck him and he deserves this, but I doubt it. Does he deserve punishment for it? Absolutely. Should his entire life be ruined because of it? Personally, I don't think so.


The flip side is that he's 15 and if his family can afford to move him to Italy, he'll still have plenty of opportunity to go to college and find a different career. That doesn't mean his life is ruined, it just means he can't race in FIA-sanctioned events.


>Does he deserve punishment for it? Absolutely. Should his entire life be ruined because of it? Personally, I don't think so. Lots of people are saying this, but what punishment is just and not a career ender for him? Also, bare in mind that, if he races, a kid that didn't do a nazi salute on the podium, isn't getting a seat.


"His entire life ruined". He just gets to be a normal kid now, nothing is ruined, just his privelaged status that he took for granted.


This. So much this. I'm shocked how the majority overreacts to this. He did something very stupid, but I'm almost sure he wasn't aware of what he was doing. He might just want to pull off some cringy victory salute and while doing so he had a brain fart and this was the outcome. What he did was stupid, and he deserves punishment, but on my opinion this is proper overreacting. I hope he - and others - learned from this mistake, but for god’s sake he's 15. Some people calling him a sociopath, trash, almost calling for his head. This is just fucked up. Not to mention what he did wasn't a real proper nazi salute.


Apparently losing your job over something YOU did is now “having your life ruined”. Also apparently you can “ruin your life” by getting fired from your job at 15 years old. I suppose he should just throw in the towel and give up on life now that he can’t drive at a professional level anymore. Not like he can simply look for a new career path or anything since he’s already invested his entire life to racing. He’s 15, not 55. His life is just getting started and he will have plenty of opportunity to find a successful path in life. He just won’t be racing for it…I fail to see how “his life is ruined”


Wasn't he just doing the Van Persie celebration https://streamable.com/edt7yx


The comments section on motorsport.com is more of a cesspool than reddit. Have a gander if you want your day ruined


Mini Mazepin.




Still think he tried to make the Roman salute not the Nazi one but the internet want justice, so the kid gotta go


Happy to see swift and decisive action from the association and his team. Disgusted to see someone who should know better think he can do this with impunity. I have a 15 year old son, imo age is no excuse here.


How old is the kid?


What a fool


I guess he isn’t laughing anymore. That was pretty dumb to do even if he was joking.


Crazy to think that all you had to do was stand up there and just smile, sounds easy right? but no, let's start doing Nazi salutes.


Alleged?? Wow.




This kid is a victim propaganda and poor parenting. Nazi’s are made not born. He may be a gifted driver and if his parents and his government weren’t a steaming pile of shit he’d have a hell of a career. His family and his culture failed him right when he needed them the most.


EVEN IF it was genuine mistake etc etc etc…. Read the room dude.


Shame he can't race, I hear he is quite the... racist Ba dum tish


How do people do this shit while KNOWING they are on live television. Like holy shit.


What a jackass lol.