Absolutely buzzing about the smiles on Kevin and Valtteri, they definetly deserve the happiness. Let's hope they have a good race pace tomorrow.


They have a renewed energy and love for F1.


The fact that Bottas said that he feels the Alfas race pace is better than its quali pace gives me hope. If he says that after getting p6 in quali then he must have faith in the car.


The contrast between Lewis and George is pretty stark. It will be interesting seeing how George deals with the pressure and ups and downs of the new car in the coming weeks


Nice to see Lewis so relaxed. I feel like he’s at the stage of his career where he’s just playing with house money.


Lmao. I loved Russell's reaction. You can tell he wants to fly off the handle. He spent all that time in the shit team, peacocking around in his Mercedes feathers, to the point Williams admonished him... and now he got *spanked* in qualifying by the guy **everyone** knew he was gonna replace, who was strapped into a fuckin' *Alfa-Sauber*. Silly season has a whole knew meaning. Lewis seemed pretty upbeat...


> Lewis seemed pretty upbeat… As would I, if I spanked the heir apparent just like that, having maximized the car.


Yeah, Toto said on Sky they asked George to push more on the outlap but that left him nothing for the actual quali run, so George probably is a bit more frustrated with how things went today.


Asked to give Hamilton a large enough gap for his Q3 hotlap?..


A very happy Bottas and Magnussen both awesome to see, always puts a smile on my face!


Every time I've seen Magnussen he is absolutely beaming, I hope it lasts well into the season.


Totally agree!


McLaren and Alpha Tauri guys look so depressed lmao Tsunoda straight out said "we don't have a good car" Alfa Romeo and Haas on the other hand...


If your teammate goes to Q3 and you are out in Q1, maybe the car isn't the problem... Tsunoda is just not fast enough at the moment.




Mclaren looked so sad it’s not even funny anymore


[That’s unfortunate](https://v.redd.it/dxhia70zufo81)