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I did Belgium a few years ago. IMO there's no need for a grandstand at Spa, the general admission is phenomenal. The hills and banks essentially make natural grandstands all around the circuit. We camped at CampingF1 just down the hill from Les Combes. No complaints.


As a former Gold ticket visitor (Raidillon 2018) I might agree. Gold tickets are far more expensive and come with the benefit of having stands with roofs. However, they limit you to one area/stand and don’t always give you the best view of the circuit, nor the best viewing position relative to the TV screens. Eau Rouge - Raidillon might be the most famous corner complex around Spa, but Pouhon (Bronze area) might offer a better viewing experience. At Raidillon cars can go flat out for over a decade. At Pouhon they still have to slightly lift, making for a arguably more interesting corner to watch. Also, seating at Raidillon offers you a relatively limited view of the entire circuit, compared to the Kemmel Straight. However the latter is a free-for-all as one of the most popular GA (Bronze ticket) areas. - Bronze: General Admission, no seats - Silver: Stands out in the open. - Gold: Stands with a roof. Generally along the start/finish straight and around Eau Rouge - Raidillon


i would definitely buy bronze tickets. you can wander around the entire circuit and pick your favourite spot for the weekend.


Never been to Spa but from my experience at Silverstone if you want to get good seats with general admission you need to get up at 6am Sunday morning to queue for them


Whatever you do, I hope you'll have better weather than last year.


hahaha, right


Are you sure? F1TV Pass is better than actual Grand Prix.


QUestion : when will you buy the tickets so avoiding sold out ?