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Canada 2011. Brazil 2008. Hockenheim 2018 + 2019 Spa 1998


Ill check them all out, thank you!


If you like Seb, stay away from Germany 2018. Never again **shivers**


If you have the f1tv you can watch some of those races in watch along format. Just watched Canada 2011 today with Jenson discussing with Brundle and Ted.


2010 China Malaysia Canada Korea 2011 China Germany Turkey Korea 2012 Malaysia China Bahrain Europe Spain Germany United States Brazil 2013 Hungary Spain Britain 2014 Bahrain Hungary 2015 United States Hungary 2016 Brazil Malaysia Spain Japan Abu Dhabi 2017 Bahrain Canada Baku 2018 Bahrain Austria Baku China Britain Italy United States 2019 Austria Hungary Italian Brazil


Excellent start. I'd add Germany 2019 (and arguably 18; as well). For 2020 UK, Italy, Sakhir, Turkey come to mind.


I am going to have to watch some of those to remind myself of those races.


Not an entire race, but I just watched an 2:38 hour recap of the entire 2008 season (F1 2008 season review on YouTube should get you there). Could highly recommend it, so many huge mistakes by the championship candidates, it was like none wanted to win it. Also quit fun to see a young aggressive Hamilton.


That sounds interesting, I'll check it out. Thanks!


I’d start with the 1950 British GP.


Monaco 84 - Amazing wet race and the true arrival of Senna. Japan 94 - crazy split race and another wet classic. Spain 96 - one of the all time great wet drives. Japan 89 and 90 - huge controversies with Senna and Prost Belgium 98 - one of the all time craziest wet races. Canada 2011 - crazy crazy wet race. European gp 1999 - completely bonkers unpredictable race. Monaco 1996 - hardly anyone finished a bonkers race. Fuji gp 1976 - Hunt and Lauda title decider Silverstone 2008 - one of the all time great wet drives. If you can't tell I love a wet race.


I fell asleep to 2012 Spa last night....not an all time classic but a good one with one of the wildest 1st lap wrecks ever


USA 2005 :) for the lols


Just started watching 2015 and up seasons. So far 2015 Hungary was wild and so was 2015 United States.


Canada 2011 and Baku 2017 were definitely legendary


The 2003 saison :) Started with a banger in Melbourne, had very heartbreaking moments such as Nürburgring and a tight title fight with 3-4 title contenters until the end.


Brazil 2012


Brazil 2016, Monza 2019


Singapore 2009 European GP 2012 Bahrain 2014 Canada 2011 Abu Dhabi 2021 Brazil 2008 Malaysia 2013 Australia 2010 China 2012 Italy 2020 Just a few selection there.


Adelaide in 1986 was really cool. Crazy ending.


Hockenheim 2000


I'm currently going through the entire 2012 season, I highly recommend it if you have the time.