Best defensive driving of the season. Absolutely incredible stuff from Perez. Hamilton threw everything at him. My favourite part as the tow Perez gave to Max. Saying all this as someone with a preference to have seen Hamilton win.


Only other defensive drive that comes close is Alonso against Hamilton in Hungary


Perez in Turkey?


Good shout


Also in Brazil


Perez in Baku


Better than Alonso in Hungary imo. Perez was on fire today, shame he couldn't get that P3.


i think alonso was better than perez in terms of how underpowered those alpine cars compared to merc and how long he actually managed he hold him off to be one of the main factor for their only win this season


This was amazing to watch, it was very skilled defensive driving from Perez and even more so from Hamilton to keep it all together. It was hard racing but still fair.


My favorite part is when Hamilton said that is dangerous driving, for Perez backing up car behind. Hamilton lost all memory of his “dangerous” driving in 2016 I guess.


Can't be forgetting Alonso vs Hamilton with a vastly inferior car surely?


They're not really comparable. Alonso was allowed to push as hard as he wanted to. Perez was told to go as slow as possible without being overtaken. Completely different situations, though both very impressive


also Perez was on dying softs that he had to nurse since the start, i was surprised he had the amount of grip needed to do those inside line attacks


he probably also got a mega battery charge while he was waiting for lewis to catch him (so he could start holding him up), since he didn't really need to push that hard and was already taking it easy on the tires


I’d say Perez was better. It’s one thing to hold a driver up, it’s another to actively slow him down whilst still keeping him behind. That’s a serious skill


It’s just brilliant. I’m still reveling.


True that. Hamilton got schooled there. Or at least shown he's a mere mortal...


The track was also much tighter in Hungary. More low speed corners, which helped Alonso to position the car.


That’s not nice to say about Hamilton’s car!


Narrower track without the long straights of this track. Not really comparable although both defenses were definitely the best of the year




Don’t forget the shake and bake they did when letting Max through


Reminiscent of his toe in quali. So fucking good. Timing was impeccable. CHECO ANIMAL PEREZ.




Max and Checo are Magic Man and El Diablo


Honestly, Max appearing was a MOMENT for me. Brilliant race craft. How you actually take down a champion. It was just beautiful F1.


Same. I was watching the gap shrink between Verstappen and Hamilton as Perez was fighting him. The moment the cameras revealed Max behind the two cars was just breathtaking.


That shot made up for a lot of shit TV direction this year. Or hell, during this race.


This was too fucking cool. As a brand new fan (I.e. I've only watched like 3 races for the first time ever this season), this was badass. What was Lewis saying about Perez driving dangerously? I didn't see anything that looked sus. Looked like Perez bossed him and Lewis grasping at straws to justify to himself that he was being out-driven...


You are correct. Checo raced hard and fair.


Yeah and what made it insane was that in every shot before, he wasn’t there and then all the sudden he just appeared as if out of thin air


It was cinematic.


I got goosebumps seeing max appear out of nowhere. Felt very similar to end games ending


Right? There should have been fog and doves. It was epic. But it was also just racing.


Razor appears driving the m3 gtr he stole at the beginning of NFSMW 2005


that was so cool to watch, just watching the battle, seeing the gap shrinking going down like 2+ tenths every time it updates and then theres a huge jump and they zoom out and hes just there for the DRS while theyre side by side. checo is a beast so happy for how well hes done since the break i know he didnt have a great result today but i hope hes real proud of himself because he really gave max the chance he needed and imo won it for him with that defending


Giving Max a DRS to boot. It’s a legendary moment. I’m still fucking pump we got to witness the race craft. This moment and the last lap will forever be intertwined in this championship year.


Yeah, I’ll never forget it. You have to admire Perez for just going for it. What a racer.


Checo with the tow in Qualifying too, insane team work


I just JUMPED to my feet when that happened. When they cut to that shot I was clapping and jumping. Had we not had the shitfight at the end, that would have been the most amazing two minutes of the race.


He got the gap down from 8.5 seconds to 0.8 seconds. Fucking boss level defending! It should be mystery box in Mario cart - it makes you impossible to pass, regardless of your speed for 5 second's.


It felt like one of those moments in Dragon Ball, when a character is fighting the bad guy knowing he can't win, but stalling to the last second because Goku was coming.


Right? When he let Hamilton get ahead only to take advantage of the slipstream and cut him out. Insane gameplay - but it was real. Perez had to have thought that out.


It was one of the best fights I have ever seen, and I have been watching since 99. I feel so good for Checo, he was, in my opinion, so unfairly criticised in this forum all year long. I could rant about what I think the reasons are, but it's better to just celebrate this historic performance.


Easily this fight was the highlight of the year for me. Checo deserved a ton of credit this year for what he did to help Max and how he handled a new car. He had no real chance of holding up Lewis for as long as he did but he made it work. Lets not forget he was out there on 20 lap old soft tires vs Lewis and his 5 lap hard set. Brilliant driving and use of what he had available to him


You see... I, Checo, have finally realised the legend, the legend that you fear. That's right Lewis, you're not dealing with the average Red Bull anymore!


Perez had his Piccolo moment


Can’t wait to see the movie for this season


There legit might be one lol. Imagine saying that after God shocker of a season that was 2020.


Close with between Perez and Hamilton in turkey https://youtu.be/qNY9imVvH_0


When Checo put his wing down and overtook LH just before turn 9. Literal goosebumps. Checo was going down swinging and he was gonna get his licks in. This and the tow during qualy. Checo was the real MVP this weekend.






That was the best racing all year, in my opinion.


I think so too. I watched this live and I was shaking from adrenaline. I rewatched it now and found myself grinning from ear to ear. Checo is just an amazing racer.


“Let me tell you about the legend of Checo Perez…” “…some say he still haunts Lewis on the foggy backroads of England”


So dangerous, man. /s


Personally feel this stint should've gotten him driver of the day


Kimi is a legend, and I get giving it to him today... If this hadn't also been a legendary drive from Checo.


Checo was second in the poll I think. If this wasn't Raikonnen's last race he would get it for sure.


Fantastic driving from Perez. Clean but hard racing


Really brilliant, especially in the triple right hander. Covering the line but lifting and coasting so early then, when they got under the hotel going straight across the apex so he exits straight towards the wall, crossing off the racing line and then back on in front of Lewis. Really clean, really well done.


I questioned how good Perez was in comparison to Albon if he had stayed. There is no question anymore, that was a champions defence if I’ve ever seen one. For sure one of the best defensive drives of all time!


to be fair to albon, hes very good when wheel to wheel ( especially when not tapped out by a merc ) but yeah, checo is a step above


this just made me realize that the next F1 race we see is gonna have Alex Albon back on the grid! can't wait


You know, I'd kind of forgotten that too! Lots of recent talk about Zhou and Bottas and Russell.


As he’s done all season Best driving “rivalry” on the grid between him and Hamilton. They’ve been by far the greatest battles to watch


That move up the inside into turn 9 was mental. No idea how he found the space.


Added points for making the English commentators eat their words


Or is he!?


“Dangerous” according to Hamilton


That's weird, I was told it was dirty racing.


dangerous even


This is what brought Max into it. It forced Merc to pick between fresh tyres or track position under the VSC. Otherwise Merc would have had a free pit stop to new hards and RBR would have kept Max out to be closer to Lewis.


I still can't believe they(merc/hamilton) didn't just pit. I really feel like they deserve the L for relying on their data to much(ill admit that this is an assumption).


With no safety car they won the race with a 10s lead. They made the right calls.


Absolutely extraordinary. Some of the best racing we saw all season. Checo proving everyone wrong at the perfect time. What a driver.


People in the race thread were saying "Holding up a driver literally never works, why would they even bother?" Less than 30 seconds before this battle


Because it almost never does in F1, 99 times out 100, the guy on the fresher tires makes the pass in the first couple of corners, or first DRS zone. The fact that it did work is what makes this special, the highlight of the race for me, and Perez should have been Driver of the Day for it, in my book.


When Bottas is involved, it never works 100 out of 100 times. Ultimately when you look back on Bottas’ Mercedes career he never had moments like that. As much as he’s described as the “best team mate in the history of the sport”, he never put up a fight against Verstappen. The one that remains fresh in my memory is Russia this year where Verstappen cruised past Bottas (who had a brand new “spicy” engine) without any hesitation on just lap 6.


I know and agree. I was saying it as a testament to just how impressive what Perez did was. Almost unheard of, it's so rare for the tactic to work so well.


I thought the exact same tbh. I alreaday saw Lewis passing him with an easy drs on the next straight.


Honestly, I never really appreciated Perez as a driver before... Just thought of him as a typical mid-runner. He changed my mind tonight. Would love to see him fight for 2022 Champion in the new 2022 RedBull. 😉👍 Maybe Max takes second next year, and wins again later.


That shot of Max suddenly behind them… Chills


Same here, chills. I wasn't convinced keeping Perez was the right move but after this he more than earned his sit there.


That was some anime shit right there. Max was nowhere in the camera shots and then suddenly he is like "Thank you bro. I'll continue this fight from here"


Honestly felt like it was an edited episode from Drive to Survive. That tow from Perez was perfect.


It really does feel like that. Its like watching a crossbreed of DBZ and speed racer on steroids.


Shame he had to retire and miss the podium with Max and Horner.


Would be more of a shame if he caused another yellow flag


This is the reason why Lewis couldn't pit. Brilliant drive by Perez


Plus if Bottas actually was competitive this race the whole checo battle may have never happened


Bottas wasn't competitive because Mercedes have basically fucked him over recently so they can test out what they can get away with with Lewis' engine.


Bottas has proven himself to be a quick driver, but not a good racer at all. He's been a pushover when it mattered so many times


This was really apparent watching him try to pass midfield cars. Hamilton is a master at taking an alternate line to get out of dirty air and prioritize exits onto straights. Bottas just followed the train along the normal racing line. I really like Bottas, but completely agree his racecraft could use some work.


It is amazing to see the two versions of Bottas out there. Out front in clean air or in quali - top notch driver. But as soon as he gets in traffic he just gets bogged down and doesn't seem to move. Lewis always made moving through the field look so easy in comparison. I'm a bit nervous to see what Bottas will be like next year when he is always stuck in the pack with a mediocre car.


You mean if Mercedes could provide Bottas a competitive car. Bottas had an old engine in his car.


Lol Leclerc was pulling away from him while Bottas had DRS and slip. Was sad to see. Should've thrown in a new engine. Woulda finished higher


Gotta feel for him, he always gets the short end of the stick


Maybe make a more reliable engine for next season? Bottas was on his 7th or 8th engine already.


They spent all season testing spicy stuff on Bottas’ engine. If they’d kept him reliable then they probably wouldn’t have been able to give Lewis the supercharge that helped him win Brazil and Saudi


That's the trade-off, innit? Merc took a gamble with the engines, and paid the price today when Bottas couldn't fight back against the Red Bulls.


TBF Bottas did cause RBR some issues with Max first pit stop. He accidently forced Max to stay on the softs longer. Don't know what Merc was doing pitting Lewis so soon onto used hards.


I’m sorry I’m dumb, could you explain why this cause Lewis to not be able to pit?


>I’m sorry I’m dumb No issues, I am dumb too, I am just confident about it. I think the reduction of 7s immediately in 2 laps meant that Lewis couldnt clear the backmarkers quicker and hence we saw there was a margin of around 12s. If you take the earlier 7s + some extra time he could have gained, then it was possible he could have had a margin big enough to pit without worrying about Max staying out and gaining track position.


I dont agree, but instead of a bigger lead, it made it only a few seconds. I think when Max pitted, Hamilton should've pitted the next lap, and even Hamilton was asking why they didnt pit him.


True. Merc was stupid not to pit Hamilton for softs. You NEVER bet on finishing under a safety-car. Never!


Perez' racecraft is amazing. Max owes him big-time.


THIS was the move that won the race for Red Bull. All that ending BS aside, absolutely masterful from Checo




No such thing as a dead tire to Checo. He could ride the rims to a finish.


That dive to the bottom of the track when he got drs was beautiful.


I actually thought Gasly would have a shot at RB again in the coming years, after the season he's had. Now not so much


The only driver whose fought Lewis hard multiple times throughout the season without any drama.


Alonso says hi


Might need some reminders, i can only remember Hungary atm..


My bad I missed the “multiple times” part.


if assists exist in F1 this would be one 👌


Defending like a lion


This battle was epic!


For real, dangerous driving my arse. Beautiful driving.


Was hoping someone would post this. Thank you very much OP.


Absolutely insane from Perez, played the 2nd driver role perfectly today.


That cheery little wave remark aged really fast.


Would it be overstating it to say it's the most significant driving moment of the season? I have a shit memory but this felt absolutely enormous.


absolutely phenomenal defense and backing up by Perez.


Highlight of the entire season


Massive cojones from my man Checo... Absolutely bonkers. Top class racing.


8.5s gap to 1s in one lap. Absolutely beautiful defending by Perez. One of favorite battles of the whole season.


MICHAEL!!! THAT'S DANGEROUS DRIVING MICHAEL!! ​ But for real, this was incredible to watch. What he was able to do on those tires at that part of the race was inspiring.


Mikey please, so much danger.


Guys are racing Hamilton : “that’s some dangerous driving man”


If he has to work for it then it is dangerous


"Right Lewis, Michael and our lawyer are aware"


TBF, he raced him really hard.


True, wasn’t dangerous though.


Super dangerous driving from Checo to not concede the position straight away.


Yeah "blue flags" portimao flashbacks. I guess karma hits back


Perez > Bottas despite the standings imo. Bottas didn’t hold up Max at all this year while Checo solidified his place in the team. Hope he can get more wins next year.


People discredit Checo's amazing recovery drives because he has a better car this year. Yes he does, but so does Bottas and we never really see him claw up the order the same way. The only time he did it was in Monza with the balls out engine that ended up dying after that race. Bottas is still the faster of the two on Saturday, but Checo has much better racecraft on Sunday when it counts.


French fan here: has Brundle been lethargic all race long? I have never heard him so tame since Australia 1997.


They had a few good battles this year.


For those few minutes in the race particularly, he literally gave every damn thing he could (including the DRS). Absolute legend. Oh boi this moment gave me goosebumps.


Max vs Lewis battles always end a little on the edge or aggressive. Checo vs Hamilton battles were so top class and felt like they gave each other room to battle, this is what makes racing great.


Notice Hamilton didn't say "such a good driver man" this time 😂


Checo displaying a level of driving maturity far beyond his years to win that battle. And make no mistake . . . Lewis got past him, but Perez won that fight.


Perez was on 20 lap old softs at this point...


This was one of the highlights of the season


Legendary defence


I was in shock watching this live. Rewatching it with the sky commentators really makes me sad. They dismissed Checo almost immediately and didn't make the chase and defense fun. I watched the race in the Pit Lane Channel and they were alive and cheering the whole fight which gave the proper energy to the right making it so much better.


Dangerous driving apparently lol. I thought Mercedes do their talking on the track?


This honestly makes me wonder - why is nobody ever defending like this in other races? Same with the way Max attacks. Every time they just let the attacker past without any fight and overtaking attempts are half-hearted at best. Is it something unique about the Red Bull car?


Defending like that isn’t really feasible because they lost a whole lot of time … which was the point in this scenario. It was great to see though, thoroughly enjoyed it. That is the definition of hard but fair racing! Can’t imagine anyone not liking Checo!


He lost more than necessary, because he was actively backing Hamilton up. I’m not talking about that. I’m talking about his defending on the DRS straights.


Ok fair enough. My tinfoil hat theory is that they just absolutely sent the engine and it was probably what caused the retirement 4 laps early


Risk of contact, chews tires up. No real sense in defending super hard against someone you know has a lot of pace on you and will likely breeze by with DRS at some point, best to choose your fights wisely


He had lots of time to charge his systems as Hamilton was approaching and he was using the two consecutive DRS zones I think.


"Dangerous driving" is the new "They're racing me so hard"


That was one of the most brilliant defense I've EVER seen, beautiful


The forgotten highlights of the race.


Preze was amazing! Definitely drive of the day for me.


If there not last kimi race, for sure checo was DotD.. amazing fight there.


Mexican Minister of Defense 🇲🇽


Checo!!!!! Such an amazing drive


DaNgErOuS dRiViNg MaN!!!




Bono, it's tough ahead, There's Perez now ahead, Racing him is costing me pace, Bono, My time to Max has shrunk, Now call FiA and investigateeeeee Perez, Bonooooo oooooooohhhh, (*Fill the lyrics ahead*)


Had a bit of a laugh at that, Checo was clean as a whistle and Lewis gave him a nice squeeze on the 2nd DRS zone. Max could learn a thing or two from Checo.


If one has to pick a single mistake Lewis made today, it was that he overtook Perez one DRS zone too early. If he waited for another DRS, Perez will be behind in sector 3 which is virtually impossible to overtake Perez even tried to gain that DRS (looked to me that he actually lifted a little to get DRS advantage) - amazing battle


Anyone have this with Channel 4 commentary?


What a defending job by Perez. He took 6s of of Hamiltons lead jesus...


I get goosebumps watching this! Brilliant!


That has to be one of, if not the best, couple laps of racing from the whole year.


I can watch this again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and


I've been critical of Perez the whole season but man... Dude really made up for everything today.


From an 8 second gap down to almost 1. Simply unbelievable from Checo. I wont be surprised if he’s gonna be in an RB for the next 5 years


Checo is a fucking lion when it comes to defending. Turkey and Abu Dhabi....he knew what he needed to do and delivered flawlessly. He has justified RB signing him. He did what he was hired to do. He knows his role and he played it so well. Imagine last year, he was seatless around this time. And now he helped win the next WDC. He should have been the DOTD....not Kimi.


PEREZ YOU ABSOLUTE GENIUS!!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!!!! Shame you had to retire, YOU SHOULDVE FINISHED!!!! WHY!!!!!


One of the best moments of this season. Pure racing.


Best racing all day


Beautiful in every definition.




Max owes Checo so much his first championship win. Checo came in clutch.


I can watch this all day


Top 10 best bit of racing I’ve seen


This was an amazing moment in F1 hybrid era history. The other one that come close is Alonso/Hamilton battle at Hungary 2021 that gave Ocon the win.


On worn softs, no less. What a king.


They should do this more in the future. It didn’t even compromise perez. He was still on for p3 till he quit


Now that is defending like a lion. But Lewis still calling it "dangerous driving" lol.


The man, the lion, the LEGEND. Checo Perez


“dAnGeRoUs dRiViNG” if someone doesn’t let Lewis by without a fight


This was the race. The time that Checo was able to get back for Max here meant that in the end Lewis didn't have a big enough gap for a free safety car pit-stop. Red Bull had the ultimate wingman today and that won them the race. Lots of luck involved, obviously, but Perez enabled them to convert that luck to a win..... that's coming from someone who wanted to see Lewis take his 8th title.


Perez showed what team play means. You know you can’t hold off for long, but did anything you could to help your team mate. Bottas? Hello? Oh…




This is called hard but fair racing.


Do we have some sort of graphs regarding speeds, on throttle time and so on? Becise it could be very interesting seeing this comparison to the full speed race laps