Verstappen breezes past Leclerc and Magnussen with DRS

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Made it look easy. Probably because it was lmao


We seriously need to use push to pass instead of DRS. There’s zero skill in pressing a button and passing someone on the straight, and that constitutes 95% of “passing” in F1.


Anytime P2P would be sick in F1! But the FIA would probably say it's dangerous.


I love how Indycar does it and gives them 180 seconds/race. It makes such great strategy - do you use it all early to pass cars? Do you use it during the pit cycle to build a gap? Do you hold onto it til the end and hope for a safety car? The great thing too is that you can use it anywhere - launch a surprise dive bomb into a corner you wouldn’t normally pass at, use it around the outside, etc. But you’re right, apparently F1 only wants passing in FIA Approved DRS Safe and Appropriate Passing Zones.


Agreed, Indycar’s system is neat! I wonder if it works so well in that series because the cars are spec though? Like DRS might allow closer racing and a tighter field in F1 than P2P considering the performance difference between teams.


The cars in Indy are only, like, half or 2/3 spec. There's two engine suppliers, teams supply their own suspension, are allowed to physically tweak the spec aero parts, etc. Plus the effect that good setup can have is just as promineny in Indy as in F1. The difference in performance between teams is pretty analogous to most F1 teams, so P2P should be able to be carried over without much issue. https://the-race.com/indycar/indycars-hidden-development-war-explained/


Sounds interesting. Every driver gets x seconds of DRS per race. Use it whenever/wherever.


Exactly, it’d be superb to have it like that.


Seems very comparable to the hybrid energy system they already have?


No, because that can only be used once per lap, not whenever they want.


You sure? Never heard about that rule. AFAIK they can use it whenever they want, as long as they have energy in the battery ofc


Right but the energy stored only lasts 10 seconds or so and has to be recharged every lap, so it limits how you can use it.


To be fair. This is a RB breezing by two cars fighting. With how far ahead they are this year he's making passing look easy no matter what. Judge whether DRS works by the rest of the field.


Honestly from what I saw redbull was the only car that could easily DRS pass without a tire advantage. They just have an insanely good top speed and DRS that they made the DRS zone look better than it really was.


Ya, it’s pretty cool in Indycar!


DRS may be an inelegant solution, but removing or substituting it with something else is not going to help with the problem it tries to tackle. The current cars are already better at following and handling dirty air, but we are still quite a distance away from a time when dirty air is a non-factor. Until then, DRS is the best we got. It doesn't help that some tracks like Miami exacerbate these problems even more


No other series in the world has this problem though. And the issue i have with it is that it removes great passes. Seriously - when did we last have a truly memorable pass, one that we’ll talk about for decades? The fact that F1 went wild over a reasonably straight forward pass by Alonso in Bahrain that wasn’t DRS for a change says it all.


They should still use the drs system, but just make it Available any place in the race. The f1 cars are safe enough to negate the extra crAshes anyway


Someone call NASA, we've found their lost rocket ship


Maybe that’s why Elon Musk visited RB this weekend lol


"Look, if you replace that v6 with our Merlin, you'll go faster. Also, can we hire Newey?"


I'm pretty sure it was the other way around, he was asking if he could get that Honda engine into his rocket.


As a wise man once said: 'You can put a rocketship into the car and we'll still be P11'


It would’ve exploded the pitlane by now


Depends. The Falcon 9 has been averaging at more than one launch a week for more than a year now.


And has been incredibly reliable


Elon was in the red bull garage. No coincidence!


Red Bull makes the DRS look incredible while for other teams it doesn't look that great at all


And they almost never even have to use it.


It also helps that red bull has by far the strongest engine.


I think the engines are very even on power between the teams. The (former) honda is very good on wear though. Well see if that is still true later on in the season.


Allegedly Ferrari has the strongest engine. RB does something fancy to have a very low amount of drag.


Lmao what a joke. absolute rocket


Like hitting a Mario Kart mushroom


To be fair, Magnussen and LeClerc were side by side through the corner so both of them had a compromised exit. This exaggerated the speed difference. Yes the Red Bull is ballistic with DRS but this was not actually representative to what the difference normally is.






*The Monegasque


Charl Lmao




Max's exit wasn't great either. He didn't use the track width at all before putting the power down. Plus he was past them in a short distance once the drs kicked in. Ridiculous straight line advantage.


Heavy car diff.


Why I can’t watch the highlights and it only shows as picture?


Click where it says imgur.com, i think that works


I don’t see a link (iOS)


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Omg you legend. That’s the best hidden link I’ve seen so far…


Works way better with Apollo. The default Reddit app sucks


Same this has been happening for me too. Very annoying


Open it on external browser


Every other sports sub uses streamable or another site not sure why F1 uses Imgur tbh


I believe since this season streamable deletes F1 clips very quickly. A shame really since it works best with Reddit.


Yeah fair enough, r/soccer is usually pretty good at chopping and changing streaming sites & has goals up really quickly


Goals get posted to r/soccer before they even show up on my TV. That one psg dude/bot is legendary haha.


Yeah it’s crazy, if I want to rewatch something it’s usually on there before the tv replays it


Same. Nobody gives a proper answer


Tap where it says "imgur" at the top of the post


There’s no “imgur” its just a picture with a green play button




Ah ok. Thanks


Get a better app.


Rif is fun amirite?


Can we talk about how awesome K Mag was today? Dude was a beast on the track. I need more of the Haas boys fighting mid field.


Kmag definitely earned his pay. Quite embarrasing for Ferrari being stuck behind him for so long.


Häkkinen in Spa vibes


Exactly what came to mind


It's kind of interesting that that's considered possibly the greatest overtake of all time, and yet people are talking about this one as being "well of course he did that"


Thats because Häkkinen passed the main championship rival Schumacher with best or 2nd best car. Verstappen passed considerably slower cars


The fact that Leclerc is now in what's considered a "considerably slower car" really fuckin' hurts the soul.


To be fair he was the only one without DRS there.


"considerably slower cars" just refers to the entire grid in general, that isn't red bull, if that makes you feel better


Also the absence of DRS then, which makes this even harder


Mika didn’t have DRS, the Ferrari was the better car, he had been hunting Schumi for an entire lap, and he had to make it stick on a less-than-ideal line. Just a bit different


haha i thought i was the only one who was reminded of that. I sat on the straight in spa and watched it happen in front of me too, back when tickets were affordable.


F1 vs GP2 cars


Reminds me of an enduro race when the prototypes come up on GT3 cars.


i didnt see this part of the race, but i noticed that leclerc got 'gotten' by slower haas this way later on as well. DRS pass completed and then re-passed down the start-finish straight. might've been able to hold off hamilton if he wasn't so careless as it mustve cost at least 5-6 seconds


Sums up Ferrari this year


What's the point. He is 15-20mph faster than every car he passes. I think they don't even show the telemetry half of time bc it's embarrassing for the sport.


Man. Almost like we’ve watched this exact dance for 7 years. Mercedes 2020 car was pretty similar


2021 was peak season tbh but it feels like that's been the only genuinely exciting season in a decade


The circle of life. F1 brings new regs -> One team gets it right and dominates for a few years -> Diminishing returns kick in, others slowly catch up to give more competition -> F1 immediately brings new regs again for some reason lol


"F1 has been working on the new regs for years. Too much is on the line to change course now that shit is exciting."


2021 was pretty boring but it had the fight between Max and Lewis which overshadowed pretty much everything and was the only highlight. Last season was very good. And the grid is really close even this year. The problem is RB which is way ahead and kills it.


There was 5 different race winners with less races in 2021. Let’s see how this year compares.


6 - both RBs, both Mercs, Ocon and Ricciardo all got wins in 21 but yes, I think we'd be lucky to get 3 winners this year...


Yep, unless the Redbull’s take one another out or both DNF for some other reason, I don’t see a different team winning.


This is a bizarro world garbage take. The 2021 Formula 1 season was one of the greatest to have ever existed. Easily top 5.


Maybe to you. What was so great in 2021 besides the Lewis Max battle? The 2nd drivers of the top teams were nowhere, Ferrari was in no man's land and most importantly the dirty air was so bad that most of overtaking relied on strategy and even so a driver could only attack another car for only a couple of turns unless your car was clearly superior.


"what was so great about 2021 except one of the closest championship battles ever between the goat of the sport looking to be the first to get the 8th title and the up and coming young prodigy"


Yes I mentioned that. It was the main highlight of the season, but overall that doesn't make it a great season. 2016 had a very solid championship battle as well but it was still a poor season overall.


There was 5 teams in top 6 today. Its rally great! If only RB wasnt 20 seconds ahead..


1st and 2nd RB 3rd AM 4 and 6th Merc 5th Ferrari That's 4 teams no?


I am stupid


Mercedes has never come close to this. They’d at least get a close race from time to time when it wasn’t a strong track.


2020 is closest car I’ve ever seen perform like a F1 game. Lewis’s lap in the Hungarian GP was something else.


Those races will come when teams will bring their upgrades. You don't remember 2014-2015, or more recently 2020 for example with all the Merc 1-2s in the first races?


14-16 Mercedes were in another stratosphere but people here be like "RB most dominant car ever " . Will it dominate the season ? Most likely . Will there be races where other teams are competitive ? As of what we've seen till now without major upgrades it seems unlikely . But acting like it hasn't happened before is revisionist bs .


Drive to survive fans weren't warned that it's just how F1 works haha


2014 was rough, but Red Bull got it competitive by Monaco. 2015 the pace was close to Ferrari, they'd regularly stop the 1-2 or only be a few seconds off by the end of the race. Still Merc dominance but at least every race you thought Ferrari could do something. In 2020 there was 1 Mercedes 1-2 in the first 6 races. While this year the issue is Australia was the only race that wasn't a complete domination or 1-2 and the gap appears to be getting wider rather than closing.


In 2014 Mercedes made a 7 second gap to the rest of the field in a couple of laps once the SC ended.


Max went over 350kph when passing Russell and he didn't even brake late. Just breezed on by while recharging his battery. It was ridiculously easy for him.


In this case, the other 2 cars had a compromised line, so the speed difference here is significantly bigger than it should be


F1 23 with 5% AI.


Regardless of how much better the car is, that was still a beautiful overtake. E: Wow can't even respect the racecraft without downvotes.


Absolutely agree, it was a stunning move




He set that one up very well


Great move! He got the perfect line out of the corner and just pounced.


Miss the proper passes in V10 era, like the duel between Schumacher and Montoya


Neat move tho


Of course he did


Watch indycar if you want good open wheel racing this year, holy shit it's bad in F1


formula e has also had some really good single-seater racing this season


Formula e is dope af. Good racing.


I really like the new cars too.




116 overtakes at Monaco should put that doubt to rest. That's probably more than F1 had there in the last 10 years.




Well the race happened yesterday, and those overtakes all took place (no pitstops in FE). Jev even gained 15 places!


have you watched a formula E race this season?


Does Indycar have a an all in 1 subscription service like f1tv?


What are you talking about? There were so many overtakes today and good battles. The only thing was that 1st and 2nd were red bull. I think people only look at the Pole position and base the whole race off of that which as a motorsport fan is wild.


I'm pretty sure most of the people complaining are just upset that there were no crashes


Agreed. This current cycle of regulations is really under delivering.


Is it? It’s part of a development formula. It’s not the fault of the regulation that other teams fail to deliver good cars. RB has the lowest wind tunnel time this year (and 2nd lowest last year). Yet they delivered a car no one can match. I agree IndyCar has better racing, but that’s the upside of a spec series.


I'm not disagreeing. Red Bull have hit the mark, absolutely. And this is Newey's bread and butter. The failure is the statement of the newest technical regs to develop closer racing tied in with cost caps and everything else. No team wants to spend money now that the current regs have been decided with fear of going over budget.


With major regulations they really need an uncap year


So the big teams can outspend everyone else by 100 million dollars?


For 1 year? So they can get a car that works? Is it better than one team dominating the rest and them not being able to catch up because of the cap?


I really do not understand how you reach the conclusion that allowing the big teams to spend over a hundred million dollars more than the competition will lead to said competition to NOT be annihilated The cost cap is probably the only reason why Aston Martin made a leap. Because it was down to their people's skill more than the money.


They should be able to get a car that works without spending money that smaller teams could never afford. We're talking about companies/teams that attract some of the best engineering and design talents. They need to be able to harness that and find another solution that's not just throwing money at a problem until it goes away. Also, Formula 1 is a sport first and foremost. They need to take into account the show they provide fans, but they can't take unsportsmanlike action just to try and make a better show, that's not all they're here for.


Do they broadcast this online or only on US TV channels?


That Red Bull is flying lol


Nitrous activated.


I can’t believe Crofty didn’t hit us with a “And through goes Verstappen!” /s


Yeah and in standard F1 form, they cut away from the pass at the best point.


Nah give him credit, he set that up at the hairpin


Reminiscent of Schumacher/Hakkinen


Fire the director, jfc.




Cuts away to the onboard of Max at the exact moment of the overtake. It's a real shame because then we can't see the actual passing of two cars but just a small piece of the Ferrari in the left bottom corner.


That Bull is FAST AF


Might be the best overtake of the season so far. He saw that coming 2 turns earlier.


Eh, was it Stroll round the outside of Jeddah. Whoever that was had overtake of the season for me.


Alonso on Hamilton at Bahrain was stunning though.


For sure, he really just pressed the pedal harder on that straight.


Love him or hate him that was a beauty double pass.


A bit like Silverstone 2022 except he had to actually move the wheel.


Why is this a still image


Because it symbolizes how every car looks like from Red Bull's POV


Hards vs Meds too LOL


Watch f1 strap sand bags on the rb’s to make it more competitive


Absolutely stunning. Gotta say my fav overtake


People think it’s the car that is really good. Not true, it’s all Max. He steps on the throttle pedal really hard… true story!


Not just DRS, Leclerc and Magnussen were busy fighting through the corner, whereas Verstappen was able to pick his line and set up for the straight better. Great bit of racecraft from him - though of course the straight line speed of the Red Bull helps as well.


Its just the car...oh hmm that sounds familiar lol


gg ez


I honestly just cackled at this overtake during the race. That RB is so damn fast.


What an overtake. Amazing.


One of my favorite overtakes of the season so far- that was great


Through goes Verstappen


Pains to say this but Max is brilliant driver, he did it so effortlessly.


Max is absolutely a brilliant driver, but this was pure performance rather than insane skill. Max had the instinct to put himself in the correct place, but this redbull is so much faster then everything else that it made this an easy overtake.


The commentators said that Max assumed this is on play station and set the game to easy lol.


You're right, the car steered itself and it's not the driver's skill.


It can be both? A driver in any other car could’ve of attempted that move against the same cars, and it wouldn’t have worked out the same way


Well, the car is a shitbox and Max is phenomenal, better now?


Double slipstream + OP DRS = Formula 1's first rocket ship on track


1st rocketship? How long are you watching F1?


Reddit has a very short memory in general but the formula 1 subreddit most of all. Anyone who things this is dominant doesn't remember 2014-2016.


>Anyone who things this is dominant doesn't remember... Or Schumacher at all.


Its almost as if in a sport the best team is going to win a lot. Crazy shit.


Yeah. I don’t think I’d consider this year’s Red Bull to be significantly more dominant than any of the W05, W06, W07, W10, W11, RB7, RB9, Ferrari Tipo 500, Ferrari 126C2, F2002, F2004, MP4/4, MP4/13, FW11, FW11B, FW15C, FW18, Brabham BT24, or *especially* the Ferrari 156.


Lol people commenting that it was purely about speed of that RB have no clue. Sure it’s a rocket ship but Charles and Knag hurt themselves so much fighting for position in those corners. Compromising lines, speeds, braking. Max capitalised on their fight big time. He would never overtook both of them at the same time if they didn’t fight as hard.


Leclerc and KMag didn't hurt themselves. They weren't even trying to battle the Redbull, they were just doing their own thing like they should be. The RB19 is just unstoppable. Put great driver like Max in it and it's a whole different level of unstoppable.


Ofc they did. Their fight compromised their lines, speeds and everything. They weren’t in a fight with Max but he did not overtook both of them just because he was in a faster car. Hell, even Hamilton pulled off several overtakes in their tractor this year thanks to people fighting in front of him. RB19 is incredibly fast but Kmag and Charles helped Max overtake them both at the same time.


Holy shit, that was incredible! Much like the legendary Schumacher and Hakkinen overtake at Spa.


I’m not sure it was incredible so much as driving in a straight line faster than two cars is? Massive slipstream, DRS and a much faster car on a straight isn’t a mind blowing move.


95% of passes are done with faster straight line speed, he did the corner before perfectly to give himself ideal speed and placement going onto the very short start finish straight.


Yeah it was a good take, set it up well was alert. But was it ‘incredible’ and ‘legendary’? No.


Are you seriously comparing a DRS overtake to one of the greatest overtakes of all time?


As ridiculous as that comparison is that overtake wasn't so special because of the part that everyone remembers. It was special because Häkkinen kept it flat through Eau Rouge, which was crazy to do in the race at that time and because Schumacher's aggressive defense meant this unique circumstance was the only way Häkkinen was ever going to pass on that day.


That sandwich was craaazyyyy


Why fight that hard when Max is right behind


Didnt even seem like he got a particularly good exit out of the last turn lmao..


We need a Technical Directive, seeing something like that just makes you think of this season as all but dead only 6 races in


Build a better car mate


Nope, best car should win. Even Toto argued against this.


Cool. Call it now then. The best car is clear


big L for Leclerc


This sport is a joke tbh


Because Red Bull built a fast car? Lol


Yup it's pretty boring


Most sports have structures in place to prevent too much domination. F1 hasn’t seemed to ever figure this out




Yay, DRS! 🤮 Gracious me, that should become defendable,ffs...