I call dibs on Zak. Anyone want to bet?


He definitely fits the profile with his letter and how much he’s focused on sponsors


It also makes sense with how disproportionately he complained about the breach despite McLaren’s relative WCC position


Don't forget he stuck his nose in the title race in 2021. Protested the pit stop rules to slow red bull down despite being nowhere near them in the championship. Same with budget cap last year. I hate that sort of sly behaviour. Like Lando but it's awful hard to like mcLaren lately.


Yeah fair play if McLaren were competing and had skin in the game but it feels like Zak Brown is complaining about the rules of chess while playing checkers


People don’t fully understand the pit stop rule change. Everyone eats up Christian’s narrative that they were trying to slow down Red Bull. The truth is very different. The wheel guns automatically tighten the wheel nuts and have sensors on them to let them know when the wheel nut is tight enough. however things can go wrong and sensor can be tricked, So the FIA required for safety reasons a human evaluation of the wheels to make sure they are tight. They did this by having all 4 wheel mechanics pressing a button on their guns when they saw the wheel was on correctly, when all 4 mechanics had pressed their buttons and only when all 4 mechanics had pressed their buttons, that’s when the green light would go for the car to leave the pit box. However Red Bull had developed a system where the Mechanic could press the button straight away in advance when they first engaged the wheel guns to the wheel then, when the wheel gun had finished tightening the wheel the message would be sent automatically to give the green light. This cheat removed the human approval as they were pressing the button in advance and therefore there was no way they could assess the wheels before green light was given. This is a serious safety issue, anyone who’s seen the incident where a wheel strikes a cameraman several years ago knows the danger of a rogue wheel. When other teams pointed out what Red Bull were doing the FIA acted immediately because it’s a major safety issue. The quick solution they came up with to monitor it mid season is time the delay between the wheel gun finishing tightening the nut and the message being sent. If it was below human reaction time then it was clear the button was still being pressed in advance. So there would be a minimum time delay the FIA would expect to see. Christian spun this into FIA having a minimum pit stop time to slow down Red Bull and everyone gobbled that bullshit up. McLaren and any other team had a right to be outraged at what Red Bull were doing there.


Think you got the wrong end of the stick. The change applied to all teams and was a new timed safety delay before green. If you remember most of the OTHER teams ended up with incidents after the new changes. This is why the story Zak and toto were spinning was not true. But as this thread shows, Zak isn't one to be trusted.


Lol I haven’t got the wrong end of the stick that’s exactly what it was Obviously the new rules applied to all teams, that’s how it works. But it’s Mercedes who put the technical clarification to the FIA and it’s Red Bull who complained about it. And it was reported that Red Bull was one of the teams exploiting this cheat that Mercedes Lodged a clarification about thought there were reported to be some others. There was no timed delay on it going green. as in the FIA didn’t add in a delay they simply had a minimum required time for certain tasks that they would monitor: 0.15 seconds after the wheels are tight to the message being sent to the Jackman. if it was any less that this than that is sub human reaction times and this means they were pressing the button before they had observed the wheels being tight. 0.2 seconds from the jackman lowering the jacks to the light going green


So they still could be pressing that button too early and let the light lit up green after +0.15 seconds. Regardless, I would be trusting mechanical and/or electronic sensors more than to let stressed humans varify safely bolted wheels in split second moments.




This was very clearly an actual safety issue. Despite the wheel gun tightening being up auto spaced the F.I.A still had a human approval system in the loop for safety reasons Circumventing that human approval would absolutely be a safety issue.


They fired a lot of their areo team to meet the budget regulations. So I would forgive them a little for being angry when someone doesn’t do that, goes over budget and tries to get away with it Mclaren just needs to learn how to properly screw other teams over like the top team have


Zak is a one-trick pony


Zak is actually just a typical American corporate blowhard & is out of his depth in F1, his bullshit has worn thin


First he blamed the previous direction and management of Mclaren. Then he blamed the engine. Then he blamed the Australian. Now there is only him to blame. Frankly I’ve seen this coming since they seemed to adopt the old Ducati strategy of ignoring the pilot and blaming them when they build a piece of crap.


> Then he blamed the Australian. Well, let's be frank, that Australian was doing a shit job. There can be more than 1 person doing a shit job within a single team.


"You can always count on Americans to do the right thing - after they've tried everything else."- Sir Winston Churchill


"I guess he would fucking know." -Ireland + India


No doubt he's out of a job soon. And good riddance


Why would sponsors leave a cheating team and sponsor a team with a shit car though?


“How much he’s focused on his job.”


One part of his job. McLaren as a team has been a bit shit, maybe he should focus on other parts of his job.


Car sure has a lot of letter on it though


He's not an engineer and just sacked the guy in charge of designing the car earlier this week. I'm not sure what more he could do on that front.


last i heard f1 was supposed to be about racing cars but i might be wrong


You’re wrong. It’s about money.


you could make that argument for everything in existence


And it would be correct. It’s awful but it’s true. Any for profit group/enterprise/corporation does something, a good or a service and they specialize in it, not for the love of the craft/good/service but because it then gets them what they ultimately seek: money. The good and service offered is a means to an end: money.


maybe i’m too naive but I think it depends on your culture, what you said, in my experience, applies to Americans, Chinese and similar cultures, where what others think of you is very important, but i’ve met many people in latin america to whom this doesn’t apply i’ll be the first to admit most of these people where on the poorer side of the wealth spectrum, so maybe it’s a thing that comes with the money


“No Michael! No Michael, no! That was so not right!”


Courting sponsors and complaining about budget cap overages seems to be in his wheelhouse.


At the same time he discusses using RBPT power units for McLaren?


The RBPT story is recent, whereas the worst press RBR got for the breach, the best time to convince their sponsors to dump them, was in October. I think the Porsche story tells us things can change EXTREMELY quickly.


True dat


>I think the Porsche story tells us things can change EXTREMELY quickly. I think I know what you mean by that, but I might be jumping to conclusions. What did you meant by that sentence,


It's not that simple. Samsung and Apple were suing the shit out of each other while Apple was using Samsung's parts.


My first thought exactly!


Zaks gotta catch ‘em all




Let me guess McLaren searching for even more sponsors.


Maybe they made their car slow on purpose to give spectators more time to look at all of them.


They literally did. They added screens that, while are lightweight, surely weigh more than the alternative, so that they could have dynamic sponsor labels. They added extra weight to their car to show more sponsors in an era where teams, including themselves, are literally running largely unpainted cars to save on weight


I love dunking on McLaren as much as the next guy, but 190 grams of sponsor labels is not going to make a large difference. Not painting a car saves up to 13 pounds according to alfa Romeo.


Alfa Romeo said that it saves 13 pounds? Or did you convert it for some reason, notwithstanding your previous usage of grams in the same comment? 🫣


Alfa said 6 kg which equates to over 13 pounds. Not sure why the oc decided to convert it


I converted it because I like grams for small weights and pounds for bigger weights.


That does not make any sense.


Let it be known that there are a small group of people who think we should use Fahrenheit for maximum temperature and Celsius for minimum temperature in a weather report. I've read that *on this website*. Compared to that this seems slightly better 🥴 (I'm not the person whom you replied to.).


Damnn. Some people want to watch the world burn.... Literally.


Lol. Gotta be a Brit mixing metric and imperial measurements. Americans would have just used washing machines, hogsheads or football fields for weight/size.


Those screens are a lot more than 190 grams. Edit: I stand corrected. I really thought those were full-color instead of e-ink.


If my e-ink tablet doesn’t weigh much more than that I’m sure an F1 team including the screen alone doesn’t have any issue.


Not according to McLaren, but I'm sure you know better than the team that is using it. [https://www.motorsport.com/f1/news/mclaren-commits-to-race-in-f1-with-innovative-dynamic-sponsor-panels/10438354/](https://www.motorsport.com/f1/news/mclaren-commits-to-race-in-f1-with-innovative-dynamic-sponsor-panels/10438354/)


If you can't race at the front pit 6 times and get the cars out around the action at the front a lap down. The team isn't racing to win they're a fast billboard.


Those sponsors getting a lot of airtime while McLaren battle Williams for 17th.


You may be joking but when we already inevitably know the 1/2 and they’re 30 seconds ahead in clean air, no one wants to watch that and they’re not going to show it. McLaren may ironically get more screen time.


Doesn't matter, the money shots (start with front row lockout, crossing the finish line, podium) are the ones you want to see your brand in - who doesn't want to be associated with a team that dominates the whole field through sheer technical prowess. If I were Google, I would pull that sponsoring very quickly if they continue down the field, can't associate one of the largest and most successful companies in the world with Backmarker underperformance.


Yeah, Google can’t have been too happy with all that Chrome make you slow memes. Also, the winning car gets way more attention every other time. In the practice sessions, waiting in the garage, during pre/post race talks, getting on the podium etc. You know, when audience aren’t busy watching the race. I bet those screen time is worth more than another extra 2 minutes of backmarkers fighting each other.


They will get more screen time while commentators will be saying they are fighting for 17th. Not exactly the screen time sponsors would want to be associated with.


I think McLarens tally in partnership revenue is nowhere near Red Bulls.


Just [the Oracle deal](https://www.espn.com/f1/story/_/id/33253423/red-bull-name-tech-firm-oracle-title-sponsor-500m-deal) brings a fuckton of money, it's some of the craziest stuff I've seen in F1. Worth mentioning Oracle are a global service tracking billions of people through the Internet and may have their origins tied to the CIA. Perfect fit for a F1 team.


Just the CIA, what about the other intel departments?


Dear Sponser, RB bad.They are dragging you name through shit.Consider backing a better team.I head that Mclaren was a cool team and that they are planning to fit super rad digital sponser boards on their car for 2023. Yours Sincerely,. ~~Zak Brown~~ A concerned fan.


Oh this guy marks down


I can bet my left nut that it was Zak Brown


2-3 years ago everyone loved Zak. Poor Zak


Why poor Zak? I think it's mainly due to the team getting worse and worse. But at least the sponsoring is going well.


New fan, when he took over the team was at its worst, 2017 was a rough year


Zak's only job is to get money for the team which he did. It's not his complete fault that the car is absolute cat shit.


What? He's the CEO, the absolute boss. The buck stops with him.


Lawrence also has a similar job to Zak but he seems to be doing things right. Cant always defend Zak for "bringing in sponsorship money" after mishandling the entire ricciardo thing and where they are right now.


Recency bias, last year Lawrence was the example for "Money can't buy you a fast car"


It is recency bias because its been a decade of bad news with mclaren.


Yeah, mishandling a poorly performing driver out of the door for one of the hottest prospects in F1.


Oscar won’t be there long if the car doesn’t get any better


*poorly performing driver* Ah yes the championship fighting mclaren in 2023 now that they've replaced him And I'm not talking about performance related either. They promised Daniel a good car and switched him from Renault, and after he put out a statement saying he's working hard with mclaren, they fire him 2 weeks later. And they failed to meet performance targets for the 2023 car, and is last in the points. Well done Zak.


Bro, I loved ric and even I can admit he was driving like shit compared to lando. Stop coping


That's the issue here. I don't like ricciardo personally and I'm looking at it on a neutral pov.


The gap between Norris and Ricciardo in the same car proves that Ricciardo turned to shit. Norris was squeezing that car for all its worth and Ricciardo couldn't do the same. He failed to adapt. End of. Stop blaming McLaren for Daniel's failures as a driver. The car the past two years was capable.


*stop blaming mclaren for daniels failure* I really don't have to since they're ruining the career of their 2 drivers this year. If daniel can get that alpine shitbox to podium, mclaren failed him. Not vice versa.


If Zak Brown is making money for McLaren's investors and keeping them happy does he technically need to care about the racing, assuming that his strategy works even with poor ontrack performance?


I get your point, but you can only be so bad before the racing hurts the promotional aspirations. Williams running a nigh empty car comes to mind.


That's why I made an assumption.


Not necessarily. Formula 1 isn't the only racing series McLaren races in, and as far as I know it's not looking as dire for them in other places (in terms of results) Zak Brown is responsible for more than just their F1 team. Obviously long term it's probably not viable, but it isn't panic stations like many think it is


If the hypothesis is that racing results don't matter, what difference does it make how many series they're participating in? After all, I didn't say that their Formula 1 racing is the problem so you can extend it to any number of competitions and it would be the same.


For better or worse he positioned himself as the face of management for McLaren. Plus, he got plenty of praise when the team was on the upswing.


Only job? Lol.


That's not the only job of a CEO. But ofc can't expect DtS experts to know more


“Maybe the car will be faster if it has the same stickers!” - Zak Brown, probably


"If only I could somehow get sponsorship from that energy drink company... What are they called again?"


"Something Energy" "Rich Energy?" "Probably, contact them and see if they want to sponsor an f1 team"


It’s hilarious how no one is in disagreement with who this was 😂 Zak is such a snake. He would add sponsors to his grandmother if it made him a quick buck


The sponsors were absolutely right to stay loyal to Red Bull. Win-win big time for both


Companie are lining up to sponsor RB. You could not get higher exposure in F1 than with RB right now. Any existing sponsor would be insane to leave them for some other team.


Exactly, but im really wondering what team it could have been that wanted to get the Red Bull sponsors from them. Your guess is good as mine


I think everyone here has a name in their mind, starts with Za and ends with rown


Zab Krown?


Yeah we’re all thinking Gunther Steiner


Lol, you might be on to something here bro




suk brown


i would argue that AM gets more exposure than RB currently. in the last two races, how often have we seen Max or Checo’s car on the broadcast? not that much considering they’re way far up the track.


Cognizant must be drooling, £30m to be a name sponsor on P2 team?


Completely agree. Red Bull is so far out in front that it is actually hurting their time on screen.


Meh, it kinda depends. The livery and primary sponsor of RB is... RB. Meaning your ability to get exposure off the team is limited. In addition, companies are very careful that they are placed alongside other entities that do not clash with their values or industry. A food company might not want to be put alongside an energy drink. A renewable energy firm won't want to be put alongside Aramco (hypothetical, but you get the idea). And, companies sponsor for different reasons. Some of it is customer entertainment. In a 'full' car of sponsors, the ability of your €2m to get paddock passes and slots in the garage etc is again degraded. So not insane to look elsewhere... its more complicated than champions equals best.


There’s really no difference between sponsoring a RB, Merc or Ferrari except the owner operator (and thus “primary sponsor”) is a media/drinks brand or a car brand. For example we don’t call it the “petronas” team, it’s just Mercedes. In fact you are probably getting less of the limelight if you partner with traditional and famous car brand in a sports car series. Everyone will just give 100% of credit to the car brand.


Yeah, it's a good point. It all comes down one thing, sponsorship reasons, goals and outcomes are determined by the sponsor - not the "sponsee". Probably as many reasons as there are potential sponsors.


I remember horner saying they had to decline offers from companies wanting to be their sponsors.


Actually they’re so dominant it’s actually probably not great value. Even when Mercedes wasn’t as dominant they still complained about a lack of coverage. Probably much better value to get Aston/Merc/Ferrari since they get the most screen time.


Any other team (possibly besides Ferrari and Merc) would probably cost a lot less to sponsor


Not true actually. If Max and Perez are not fighting most races and Merc/Aston/Ferrari are fighthing consistently on track for P3, those sre thr happiest sponsors for exposure on tv.a


Idk man if they stay 30s ahead of the pack every race the cameras will barely show them!


Nah they're losing pretty bad since you never see the cars. /s


The car is so fast, it barely gets any screen time. Checkmate.


Zac you menace


Don’t think McLaren will be getting any more sponsors given their lack of exposure. No point having a car covered in ads when you’re out in Q1.


Actually backmarkers used to be famous for being plastered with sponsors. Check some Minardis for example, and you'll see how many sponsors they had.


Yeah but Redbull has only few sponsors that rather want to be associated with the winning team and pay big bucks, than be one in dozens on a back marker. They’re not the same kind of sponsors.


It's not like Bybit is some great well known reliable name


No but they're willing to spend huge amounts of money to be on the winning car, which is the point. Red Bull are not interested in sponsors wanting to pay less than top dollar


They still pay the big bucks and unlike FTX and Velas that Mercedes and Ferrari went with and burned their fingers with, Bybit is still around.


Because why not spend a few thousand to put your name on a shit car.


It's still F1, which carries a lot of prestige, and I'm sure some companies would love that association, as well as a chance to actually go to a race and be wined and dined for the weekend. Even if the team is pedaling around in 18th.


I guess my comment wasn't clear enough. Why wouldn't a company only spend a fraction of the price to sponsor a shit car, it's a win win for them, paying tens of thousands, instead of hundreds of millions


McLaren have been in Q3 very consistently - only rare exceptions - for *several years now.*


> We had one of [our rivals] contacting our sponsors and partners making suggestions that we would be bringing their brands into disrepute. That was just underhand. It doesn't say if any sponsors actually moved over.


I don't understand why Zak was so on this.


He’s desperately trying to shift the attention away from their car. He’s also trying to say that RB is good because they’ve overspent and cheating and their car would’ve been the same if they did so. Reality is, yes RB did overspent but it wasn’t like ten of millions that would really shift the performance significantly. I don’t think the overspent made a huge difference at all they’ve just built a great car and ZB just can’t have it and throwing the toys out of the pram.


Lol, I love that everyone agrees that it's Zak. It's probably Zak.


It Zak spent as much time focusing on his competitors such as Alpine and Redbull but on his cars, I’m sure they would be much faster. You get what you focus on.


Zak: *Our car might be a shit box, but it makes one hell of a billboard!*


Welp, gotta rule out Zak Brown and McLaren as they aren't a rival.


If it’s McLaren they should should have spent their efforts focusing on the car instead of bs. They arguably have one of the worst cars this season


Racefans is fucking unreadable.


And in the end the RB car is still packed to the brim with sponsors.


Someone's gotta pay for Daniel's buyout


You got to admit it is pretty funny that an energy drink company can make better cars than all these car companies.


Think he's speaking of Mobile 1 or Oracle? Nah, they approached Red Bull about switching teams!


Zak the sack.


Haha Zak I bet!


Bet it was alpha tauri


So? A competitor competed. They were right to go after potential opportunity. This seems very much in line with hiring talent way from another team or other perfectly acceptable ways in which these teams compete for resources.


Fucking hell that's low


I think that's pretty much normal in F1, actually


Yeah I have feeling this is nothing new and been going on for decades


Also I mean RB did cheat so that is also kinda low


They didn't though. The FIA statement and published details show that. But hey, Ferrari seems to have no trouble getting sponsors after they cheated (even with their dodgy sponsorship situation)


Why is it low it seems like pretty standard business stuff


Yeah i regularly read that all aspects of F1 are similarly competitive. Noone would think twice of a team querying another's legality.


How is it low? Red Bull came off pretty bad through that whole thing and it reflects on their sponsors, why shouldn't a rival team approach them? Sponsors change teams at the drop of that hat, I think this is entirely normal and reasonable. Edit: No reason then I guess. Horner came out and called the rumours "“fictitious claims” and that “they’re hugely defamatory” and repeatedly lied in the media about how they were "significantly under" the cap. This was obviously untrue at all times and the rumours turned out to be entirely true. He even went as far as trying to suggest people were spreading the rumour just to detract from Verstappen's world title or because of their own lack of performance that season. That was not a good look.


Not sure what RB expect? If you create bad PR, then rivals will seek to take advantage. Happens in all business.


Takes some big bollocks to break the budget cap under the guise of catering and call others underhanded. Fair play.


I like Horner generally but god damn when he starts bitching about the budget cap and how its all so unfair to RB and you can't call them cheaters that's unfair to everyone and hurts the feeling of everyone working on the RB car etc blah blah suck it up buttercup, you would 100% stir the shit and go on the offensive if it was any other team but when its against RB its all just so unfair yeah yeah they didn't break the rule by a lot but they broke the rule, Its pretty normal for F1 teams to push the limits and see what they can get away with but if you're caught you can't act like its everyone else's fault and so unfair (or I guess you can and that's a strategy but I hate it.. )


Man does his job….


This is literally his job.


They’ve got the fastest car by 2 seconds and he’s still playing the victim routine? At what point does it stop?


I can kinda understand that, personally. Ted was saying a while ago that the gist of other team's perspective on it, is that RBR just didn't take it all as seriously as they did. "Ach it's year one, we'll aim for the budget cap and if we're over it by a bit c'est la vie". The other teams hadn't been that lax then felt affronted at RBR. Basically.


>Ted was saying a while ago that the gist of other team's perspective on it, is that RBR just didn't take it all as seriously as they did. > >Ach it's year one, we'll aim for the budget cap and if we're over it by a bit c'est la vie. The other teams hadn't been that lax then felt affronted at RBR. Basically. people are acting like RB just completely ignored the whole budget cap and was over by millions. But the truth is a bit more complicated: https://the-race.com/formula-1/food-parts-and-sick-pay-key-areas-of-fia-red-bull-dispute/


It was 0.6% hard to say if this was intentional or not. Personally I think this could be miscalculation. Too low gain with too high risk. If I were in position and would like to go over budget likely would go with something like 5-10% build massive gap and take fine. With less than 1% they likely benefited but not in a way that put them in front. In other words: Would 0.6% make McLaren, Mercedes ahead of RB? I don’t think so.


I mean 3 teams were penalized by budget caps. So there's a trend of miscalculating or late reporting with other teams Williams had no control due to third party being late with their reporting. They faced the most lenient penalty of the 3 ($25,000) Aston Martin made procedural breach with 12 counts of "inaccurately excluded and/or adjusted costs in the calculation of its relevant costs" but didn't went over budget. They got hit with $450,000. Then there's Red Bull with *10% reduced wind tunnel time and $7,000,000.


You mean 10% wind tunnel time, right?


> 1.6% reduced wind tunnel time 10% reduced wind tunnel time, based on their Constructor-adjusted figure of 70%.


I mean: Ted and Karun have reported the consensus: A. What I said above B. That it was a good old fashioned *mistake*. But a mistake because they were a lot more gung-ho than other teams were. A slight carelessness, and as Zak has said: all well and good but tell that to the people we fired.


It's the principle of it. Kind of like doping in other sports. It doesn't matter how little of a sample they find in your blood a fail test is enough to get you banned. Redbull got off very lightly IMO.


It’s funny how after AD21 everybody wanted every rule to be followed perfectly yet people constantly get mad when the FIA follows the rules. As per the rules, RB couldn’t have gotten a sporting penalty after they accepted the breach.


Why bring up AD21. The rules weren't followed or slightly bent they were broken to the benefit of only one car on the grid. I don't know why you would bring that up here. The constant gaslighting of RB fans is amazing though.


"VERY lightly" lol what a ridiculous comparison. Doping can be life threatening and the rules in other sports clearly state that if you get caught you get banned. The rules in F1 don't say that. Doping is also done on purpose while that is debatable for RB going over. And the rules in F1 also include that if you go over by a significant amount on purpose that the penalties will be a lot harsher. RB got punished according the rules all the teams agree upon. And even for "minor breach" there breach was small. Like 10-15% of what is considered to be a minor breach. If it was any other team, people would think that the penalty was fair or even harsh. there is no way teams would trade 500k more budget with 10% less windtunnel time. You just think that they got off "VERY lightly" because it is RB and you want to see them fail.


No they really didn’t, you really downplaying the windtunnel penalty here. And all of the teams agreed on the terms of minor and mayor breach of the budget cap. Did Red Bull get off lightly, no. Were they penalized accordingly, yes


They got off lightly.


If you want an incident where a team got off lightly, look up Mercedes Secret Pirelli tests.


Yeah re principle. The point is not the millions, the point is that they took it fundamentally less seriously than the other teams (so Ted suggests), and that obviously riles others who treated the budget as a brick wall.


> The point is not the millions, the point is that they took it fundamentally less seriously than the other teams (so Ted suggests), and that obviously riles others who treated the budget as a brick wall. Honestly can we trust Ted anymore when it comes to Red Bull?


They were over by millions. Just not very many. And they had some mitigating factors so the punishment was less harsh such as the tax credit and the well being of their employees.




Well yeah they were entitled to it, they just failed to do it. They went over the budget cap by 2 million. That is fact. But the FIA saw that they hadn’t gotten the tax credit and acknowledged that the breach would be lower had they gotten it, leading to a less severe punishment.


There is some debate as to whether or not they were entitled to it. In the end FIA counted as if they were but RB were never awarded the tax credit by the UK government as they didn't qualify IIRC.


why would RB go over on purpose? "The FIA acknowledges that had RBR applied the correct treatment within its Full Year Reporting Documentation of RBR’s Notional Tax Credit within its 2021 submission of a value of £1,431,348, it would have been considered by the Cost Cap Administration to be in compliance with Article 4.1(b) of the Regulations and therefore RBR’s Relevant Costs for the 2021 Reporting Period would have in fact exceeded the 2021 Cost Cap by £432,652 (0.37%)." from https://www.autosport.com/f1/news/full-fia-report-on-red-bull-f1-cost-cap-breach-and-penalty/10391617/


I don't think they would go over on purpose. It was clearly what amounts to an error.


No they weren’t. FIA concluded they were over by 400.000


No. They concluded that they went over by £1,864,000 but acknowledged that would be over by £400,000 had they gotten the tax credit. > And further that consequently its Relevant Costs for the 2021 Reporting Period exceeded the 2021 Cost Cap by £1,864,000 (1.6%). RBR has therefore accepted that it has breached: (i) Article 8.2(e) of the Financial Regulations due to its failure to file accurate Full Year Reporting Documentation in respect of the 2021 Full Year Reporting Period, and (ii) Article 8.10(b) of the Financial Regulations due to its failure to keep its Relevant Costs under the 2021 Cost Cap. > The FIA acknowledges that had RBR applied the correct treatment within its Full Year Reporting Documentation of RBR’s Notional Tax Credit within its 2021 submission of a value of £1,431,348, it would have been considered by the Cost Cap Administration to be in compliance with Article 4.1(b) of the Regulations and therefore RBR’s Relevant Costs for the 2021 Reporting Period would have in fact exceeded the 2021 Cost Cap by £432,652 (0.37%). >


Yes, so 400.000


Why wouldn't any team court any sponsor? There's no loyalty in f1- just ask all the drivers you've slotted through redbull


Horner acting like he wouldn’t do the same


Yeah, because redbull is notorious for having a hard time finding sponsors /s


It was more a comment on Horner generally acts like he is appalled for stuff people do but if the situation was reversed he would probably do the exact same and not that Red Bull has trouble finding sponsors.


He would not. Has no reason to ....




The Red Bull sponsors beg to differ your view on cheating


I mean you did it to yourself


Cry me a river, like that's not exactly what Horner would do if the shoe wasn't on the other foot.


So the team that cheated and overspent is complaining about another team breaching rules around approaching sponsors - something very ironic about this


Lmao, this kind of things are expected of redbull but I'm curious to find out which team contacted RBs sponsor.


This coming from a team principal who’s shameless in doing any underhanded thing he can for an advantage is utterly laughable.


“Tory upset when capitalism does capitalism stuff”