Need the all caps "insane" adjective or the title will sound too much like a dusty physics paper abstract.


This was a very decent video that would have taken a lot of work finding the archival footage. Don't just write it off even if you're correct about the title.


You kinda have to play the clickbait game to survive on youtube. It is annoying and I hate it, but such is life. Video is great anyways.


Yeah unfortunately, that's the name of the game unless you have a decent following or Patreon or something. I wouldn't even call this "clickbait" in the traditional sense since he delivered on the content in the title. More of a clickbait to get you to click on vs another F1 video you were about to watch in suggested. lol


Don't forget the red arrows, in case you don't know what a wing is


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Yeah, the fast development from cigars to insane aero creations at the turn of 70's just fascinates me.


It is fascinating to see rapid development like that in racing. Specially in F1 when someone finds a loophole or gray area in the rules to see the teams try to follow suit as quick as possible. The short span of 71 to 74 was basically the rapid evolution to the basic recipe we see in modern F1 cars. Had to look up a chart of the profiles to confirm, but looking at it is always crazy to see. I don't think it fit into the video as much but the current wings are pretty cool in design with no endplates. Even a mention of the really clever AM "endplate" wing from last year would make sense.


Despite the title, it’s a very good video from Scotty.