If it wasn't for MBS, r/formula1 would have had about 60% less content in the offseason. Hurry up Feb 23rd!


Someone at Liberty absolutely dug this up 😂 Edit: To be clear I’m not doubting that he wrote it, and it’s a super ignorant thing to say. But yeah F1 is not happy with this guy right now.


Have to agree... this has "fuck around and find out" written all over it, with a liberty media letterhead.


Cant wait to see Ben's tweet about it.. he's our version of trump


I have tremendous respect for women.


>Ladies and gentlemen, let me tell you something, nobody, and I mean nobody, loves women more than me. I have the best women working for me, the best women in my family, the best women in the world, believe me. And I will tell you, these allegations that I made sexist remarks about smart women, they are fake news. The fake news media is trying to take me down, but I can tell you, I am the best at this, the best at handling fake news, the best at handling anything. >Let me tell you, I have the highest respect for smart women. I have always surrounded myself with smart women, the best women. And I can tell you, these allegations, they are just an attempt by the fake news media to take me down. They are trying to divide us, but I can tell you, we are united, the best, the best team. >I am the best president the FIA has ever had, the best leader, the best businessman, and I can tell you, I have the best women working with me, the best women, the best. And I will continue to have the best women working with me, because I love women, the best women, and I will continue to support them, the best support. >So, let me tell you, these allegations, they are fake news. The fake news media is trying to take me down, but I can tell you, I am the best, the best at handling anything, and I will continue to support the best women, the best. Thank you. The President of the USFIA


Overall, you got the tone right, but you know what you got wrong? You stayed on message. 4 paragraphs, each multiple sentences long. There is no way Trump could stay on topic that long without diverting to one of his favorite topics (probably the steal) or some idiotic conspiracy theory halfway through.


Thanks for the feedback. I'll let ChatGPT know how to do better.


Here's the revised version: Folks, let me tell you, nobody, and I mean nobody, loves women more than me. Motor racing, it's the best sport in the world, and I have the best women working in it, the best women. And I can tell you, these allegations that I made sexist remarks about smart and clever women, they are fake news. The fake news media, they're trying to take me down, but I can tell you, I am the best at this, the best at handling fake news, the best at handling anything. You know, it's just like what's happening with these migrants, these car thieves, these people stealing our jobs in motor racing. It's a shame, it's a shame what's happening. But I can tell you, we're going to take care of it, we're going to make motor racing great again. We're not going to let these people steal our jobs, our women, our sport. And China, let me tell you, China is taking advantage of us, taking advantage of our sport. But I can tell you, we're going to put a stop to it, we're going to make motor racing great again. We're not going to let China steal our jobs, our women, our sport. And I can tell you, I have the highest respect for smart and clever women. I have always surrounded myself with the best women, the best women in motor racing. And I can tell you, these allegations, they are just an attempt by the fake news media to take me down. But I can tell you, we're united, the best team in motor racing, the best team. I am the best president the FIA has ever had, the best leader, the best businessman, and I can tell you, I have the best women working with me, the best women, the best. And I will continue to have the best women working with me, because I love women, the best women, and I will continue to support them, the best support in motor racing. So, let me tell you, these allegations, they are fake news. The fake news media is trying to take me down, but I can tell you, I am the best, the best at handling anything, and I will continue to support the best women, the best in motor racing. Thank you.


Is this from ChatGPT? Can you tell me what input you put in and how you fine-tuned it? If it is from ChatGPT, it is quite amazing and had me fooled (in the sense I thought it was written by a human).


Funny how we think so little of Trump, we expect basically anything but coherent, intelligent statements from him. But yeah, it sure was ChatGPT. Initial input was this: >Write a speech in the style and mentality of Donald Trump, denying allegations of making sexist remarks about smart women. Use his stereotypical superlatives like "the best" and how he "loves women". Second attempt was a bit trickier, since using the term "Mexicans" in a prompt together with "Trump" appearantly is enough to trigger ChatGPT's censorship filter and I didn't bother circumventing it (though with a bit of creativity almost anything is possible). Funny how China was no big deal though: >Write a new speech by the president of the FIA, Mohammed Ben Sulayem, in the style and mentality of Donald Trump, denying allegations of making sexist remarks about smart and clever women. Use Trumpy stereotypical superlatives like "the best" and how he "loves women". In usual Trump fashion, Ben Sulayem does not stay on topic and starts ranting about people stealing, migrants, migrant women, Chiiina and so on. After that, ChatGPT let Ben Sulayem keep refering to "our country', so I added the following to the prompt: >Instead of refering to "our country", he refers to "our sport", "motor racing" and other buzzwords regarding the FIA.


Absolutely incredible


Why did I automatically read this is a Trump voice


i guess it's the "nobody loves women more than me" whenever Trump got caught saying some bigoted shit, he never tried to just deny it like everyone else would, but instead went for the most narcissistic and obvious lie possible, e.g. being the one that respects XY more than *literally the rest of the planet* lmao


Possibly but what scares me is that I dont even live in the US




Mind casually switches to Trump voice while reading this


"Nobody respects women more than I do, believe me folks."


He's going to say when he grew up he was a ginger and bullied for it.


Yeah someone was definitely paid to bring up anything on him. An archived website from 2001 isn't something you'd just run across normally. Also I'd be *very curious* to hear a lot of F1 management honest thoughts on women, minorities and sexual orientations/identity from way back in 2001. I'm sure they were all for inclusivity, diversity and acceptance.


I mean Bernie was still on the scene and his views are very well known. As was Briatore, however he was exposed worst with only trunks on.


Bernie’s young wife is a FIA vice president for South America region…


Which makes it even worse


The prevailing theory on who arranged Mosley's 2008 sting was that it was a Murdoch response to the FIA sueing the times for Martin Brundle's column.


2001 wasn’t that long ago. Saying women aren’t as clever as men would have been a terrible take then too.


No shot lol, it is definitely a lot more of a terrible take today


It's worse now, but it still would have been shit on in 2001


True, kinda misread his comment


It would have been a bad take, yes. But it also wouldn't have caused the downfall of anyone. Things were starting to work towards more equity then, but 2001 was still pretty bad. I was a teenager then and bagging on people for being a woman/gay was still en vogue


I think Liberty are probably hoping to find a gay nazi orgy in his past, I bet they'll find it.




Yup, super haram. Still goes on though, humans are humans.


We’re witnessing another FOM vs FIA war. Let them fight 🍿


Definitely being used as ammunition (shots fired), but it wouldn’t surprise me if this was being kept on ice for just the right moment.


>Ben Sulayem has previously spoken about encouraging women in motor racing but **an archived version of his old website,** www.mohammedbensulayem.com, shows that he expressed negative views about clever women. Lol someone went digging


Somebody check Domenicali’s browser history.


Nah he’s got people to do that, FOM has henchmen money


They are checking


And they found gold. Just straight up gold. Because we know jewelry are not allowed.


Thats in their secret file, bet there's a few more stashed away... next is gonna be Ben in either Black face or in a Nazi uniform


I think we’ve done the hookers and Nazi thing before…😂


Fucking looool




Max Mosley


Nah, those party fuckups are mild compared to the stuff that you could dig up about a guy who legitimately can't handle a women being reasonably competent.


Seriously - what Mosley did was weird af, but as far as we knowinvolved consenting adults in their spare and private time. As far as I know, he did not make this part of his actual beliefs or ideology (with that father...) or public political statements. Ben Sulayem is way more dangerous to equality and emancipation than some fetish weirdness (of which the weirdest parts have been fabricated by tabloids).


Typing out the website name was the hardest part.


It would definitely shows that fom is scared of a shifting power dynamic with the fia.


This guy really just used his full name as his website's address 🤣


It was actually pretty commonin the 90s/early 2000s to have a website with your name that would be basically an online CV with some blog posts you made.


I, for one, am shocked.


Absolutely gobsmacked.


Positively floored.


Utterly flabbergasted.






Completely dumbfounded.


Entirely flummoxed


Fully astounded


Immaculately speechless


Lool liberty sent the interns off to find some dirt on him


Wayback machine go brrrrr


Where is the 'I was here when the FIA President got cancelled' flair?


Oh! I want this 😬


They really want this guy out, lmao


Can't blame them. When the sport is in its most (commercially) succesful period, he starts to ruffle the feathers to put Sulayem Inc. on the map. At least Balestre did that with gravitas.


Let hope. Guy sounds like a massive asshat from the get go.


This dude needs a team of PR people filtering everything he says. I don't think I've seen a single positive article about him since he took over.


A PR team wouldn't have helped here. He said this in 2001


FIA sure picked a great guy to lead them in this crucial era of F1's popularity boom with new demographics /s


Both FIA and the FOM put two clowns as the leading figures.


They really are a cure for anybody dealing with imposter syndrome at their own job


Domenocali does a really bad job at hiding the fact he's just a puppet for other people's controlling interest.


Well, both the FIA and FIFA are guaranteed to have abysmal leadership no matter what


That's because choosing the person most willing to bend over for money from dictatorial regimes is guaranteed to result in abysmal leadership, and that's exactly what both orgs will always do.


Ya. Exactly. This. Cant think of a worser mismatch in terms of high profile leader vs where the “org” is trying to go.


Well, if they are focusing on the demographics living in repressive countries he’s the guy!


>“I love the desert and I love meeting real people”. But, according to the website, he does not like talking “about money, nor do I like women who think they are smarter than men, for they are not in truth”. Bruh... Man just bring back Todt. I wasn't exactly fond of how some of the things were handled when he was there but at least he kept to himself and didn't embarass himself every other day. Edit: Found it. Didn't take too long but someone was definitely diging up dirt here because you don't just stumble into this. The quote exists on his site only in 2001-2002. https://web.archive.org/web/20020314163854fw_/http://www.mohammedbensulayem.com/upclose_1-new.htm


Let Todt enjoy his life. Now that his wife is set to win an Oscar, I don't think that he wants to be away from her. u/Firefox72


Literally just found out right now that he’s married to Michelle and my jaw dropped. I had no idea! I love her!


I was completely shocked when I found out that they are married a few weeks ago lol. I had no idea Edit: And I really hope she wins, she is an amazing actress


I was surprised, and then after a light google I was more surprised to find out her previous husbands name is Dickson Poon.


I thought there woule be a big age difference between them just looked it up and I honestly can't believe she's 60.


She and Todt actually attended a race to watch Mick drive, the photos of them hugging are so dang cute, I’m not sure how we all Missed it


Everyone talks about Horner being married to Ginger Spice but Todt being married to Michelle Yeoh is even crazier lol




I still remember some fans were criticising her appearance at Chinese GP 2019 posing with the drivers and TPs, asking why was she there since she's "just the FIA Prez's wife".


If that was my wife I’d follow her everywhere! She’s an Icon.


What are the chances his views have changed?


https://www.reddit.com/r/formula1/comments/v71aqp/fia_president_ben_sulayem_on_f1_drivers/ Probably not high given comments like this. After all its his beliefs and we should not impose ours on him lmao.


hahaha why do people with horrible beliefs think their beliefs are morally equal to the opposing viewpoints? I see that shit with trump supporters. They say this horrible stuff and then act like it's simply an "opposing political viewpoint" that you should respect.


Reminds me of people who “objectively don’t like [insert race]” almost like it’s a preference


ah yes, the classic you are not allowed to speak up your mind, because I don't do it. What a piece of shit this person is, reminds me of the Qatar excuses.


What is forgotten in that interview is his point about woman stepping up to F3/F2 > “And when not, we should bridge to make it happen. There is this issue with F2 and F3 and women: maybe it’s physical, maybe the way the cars are built, so we said to our medical commission ‘We would like to remove this barrier’. > “But then if we remove the technical barrier and the lady drivers don’t qualify, there are no barriers. Who is eligible is up to them but there are no more any of these technical barriers … FIA removed the barrier.”


That isn't better.


Oh it wasn't but because most of the focus about the controversy was about his "impose our believes" part this watered down and everyone was overlooking it.


At the same time he employed Natalie Robyn as the FIA's first ever CEO and has two women as part of his regional vice-presidents (One of them is Bernie's wife however). I would say there is a bit of a mix bag.


It would be incredibly amusing if she took him job, with her lady brain


They could have evolved but he's still behind because that 2001 is deeply deeply misogynistic


What are the chances of me winning the 2023 World Drivers’ Championship?


Slim to none. He is an autocrat at heart, rooted firmly in the 20th century ideologically.


Perhaps he is colored by the country he was born in and that culture? I wonder what thoughts he have about homosexual people, which is punishable by death in his country. Big surprise he have opponions about what things drivers should be allowed to speak about and not.


Given how he seems to experience a PTSD attack whenever someone mentions rainbows, we can take an educated guess.


> I wonder what thoughts he have about homosexual people, which is punishable by death in his country. Do we really have to wonder? I guess we know the grim answer, all things considered...


He's from a country where women need permission from men to do certain things, anyone surprised? This is on everyone who put him in place.


Ask him what he thinks about homosexuality..


Hell, ask him how he feels about mental health.




"Sexism is gay"


Same thing with how they treat the LGBT community and yet people are shocked he's banning "political statements".


This can’t be said enough.


He has also attended universities in Washington and Ireland, which are typically liberal even compared to the countries they're in. He's been the FIA Vice President since 2008, a very international position. It's not that unlikely for people like him to change their worldviews. In fact, it is the exact reason why cities and universities are generally liberal and left-leaning. Of course, Ben Sulayem proves that these are averages and not guarantees.


I mean, yeah. Absolutely. I know people are trying their hardest to skirt around the obvious, but this shouldn't be a surprise at all.


I could see this coming from centimeters away…


Someone bring out the Liz Truss lettuce ASAP!


I give him another 6 months


It looks like someone is out to get him at this point; I wouldn't be surprised if he's gone before the start of the season.


I heard that a certain German former 4x World Champion who is highly respected in the F1 community has some free time on his hands. Maybe he can replace Ben Sulayem


Seb doesn’t want the job, Prost though, he did want it and was pushed out if FIA because clearly he’s not a lunatic. Prost would be amazing


If we're being honest; he would be a great fit for the job. I just don't think he wants to deal with all the politics that would come along with it, especially immediately after retiring. Maybe in a few years though; I wouldn't put it past Seb to step in and take a principled approach to how the sport conducts itself.


Seb's way to volatile for the suits in charge. The sport is corrupt af and he might actually try and do something about it and we can't have that


Unpopular opinion: I disagree. Seb is great, has a lot of great ideas, but doesn't have the beaurocratic experience to jump straight into a presidential role. Also, that role basically requires keeping interested parties placated. Any President is going to look like shit, when parties involved are shitty.


100% It's a political style job. Seb is not a politician. As much as people will hate it, if there is any current driver in a world championship series who will do that job, it's Lucas Di Grassi. Would he do it well? I have no clue but he would 100% do it.


Wanting Seb to be the head of the FIA is like wanting Brendan Fraser or Keanu Reeves or whatever celebrity the internet loves that week to be president of the US We get it, they're likeable and we all love them but they would absolutely not be up to the task


Was tempted to make a comparison lol. But yeah absolutely. Good media personality and leadership are two very different things. I would want Seb to do other administrative stuff.


Also, if Seb was to have a full time job, he still would be racing. The main reason he retired was to spend more time with his family. Being a FIA head isn’t going to less demanding than being a driver.


FIA ditches F1 and goes saving the Beeeees!


Yep, this leak basically says "we want him gone asap"


that is generous


Who holds the record for the shortest tenure as the head of FIA? Whatever it is Ben Sulayem is about to crush it.


Someone get the lettuce out


At this point, I believe the lettuce is a magical charm imbued with special powers that accelerated someone's fall from power.


He also has the record for shortest drive in an F1 car.


I should watch that clip again…




Thank you. I always forget he almost took out a Ford GT too.


I don’t understand how he managed that? Did he just throttle too much on limit and spin the wheels? He’s also jamming the throttle well after the crash for some reason


> Did he just throttle too much on limit and spin the wheels? Launching an F1 car on cold tires is really hard. > He’s also jamming the throttle well after the crash for some reason He’s not. It’s an entirely electronic throttle body. Sometimes when the connection between the pedal and the throttle body is separated, the throttle body just gets a wide open signal. Modern cars still do that in some crashes.


It’s a great belly laugh for whenever he’s bothering me, what a mug he is


How many mooches is he up to?


Pulled qoutes from 01-02💀 theyre on a mission


... misson ben,out


But you gotta be tolerant about all cultures and religions equally. Frigging cognitive dissonance here.


What a muppet


Ben Suleyem at the opening race weekend “Today I feel, feminine”


Someone in F1 went looking for quotes to throw back at MBS me thinks


Emirati in 2001 was being sexist, color me shocked. He might still be, but it wouldn't be anything unexpected. They still race in all these sexist, racist and homophobic countries, 5 of which are/were also at war and causing some of the worst humanitarian crisis's in recent history , though, so why would FOM suddenly act like they care?


If true it's an embarrassing comment, there's not much to add.


Dude is on a roll.


You don't fucking say...


Somebody is mad he said F1 is not 20B...


Rich arab is sexist - oh my god that is so surprising


Not supering after some of his comments


He's basically a more outspoken Emirati Max Mosley, except worse.


The irony here is that Max Mosley was a huge donor to the Labour Party in UK.


The son of a famous fascist who allegedly had Nazi sex tapes.


What the hell is a nazi sex tape?


Allegedly, he threw a nazi-themed orgy.


According to British tabloids, an excellent source of unbiased media journalism. Allegedly.


Can you please not cause another FIA PR disaster. for FIVE MINUTES!!?


Wow, someone from the UAE is sexist and think men rule everything. Shocker!!!!


Do we think this is in any way related to being against the "spread of a personal agenda" by drivers or is it just a big coincidence? Hard to tell


If he's still around by the beginning of the season, I'll be surprised. Genuinely.


Walking talking pr disaster


fucked around and found out


"Not smarter", so equally smart, right?


Well the FIFA president has always been a huge piece of shit so at least the FIA is aligned with them as an int'l governing body.


Sometimes people are surprised when I say I'm liberal yet put down other cultures. Sorry but they're not all created equal, any place where women, queer people, and other minorities get treated worse isn't a place worthy of respect. That's the tolerance paradox at work. And that's why MBS isn't fit to lead a Western organization, especially when they're trying to expand their horizons to a younger demographic.


Days without incident: 0


If this is the road to this guy's downfall I hope whoever replaces him is as supportive of Andretti's attempts to make it to F1 as he was while at the same time being more supportive of women


He keeps this up, he'll make Ballestre look like a saint


Has this man ever had a day of not sucking


Get Prost as FiA president


Just fire this clown already.


After reading the headline I expected something like „even women can be clever sometimes, hahaha“ or some dumb shit like that but of course, it‘s even worse


Normally you’d give someone the benefit of the doubt. The comment was 20+ years ago. But he was approaching 40 when he made it. If you had that opinion at 40 years old, chances are you still hold it now. Even if it is internally.


It’d be different if there was some indication that something changed over time, but the comments made last year (seb’s bike, lewis, etc.) remove any benefit of the doubt




Not shocked, but the depth of his ways has definitely mildly surprised me considering he's attended multiple western universities and has an internationally oriented career. Those factors often push people towards more liberal egalitarian views. This factor also makes his views more deplorable for me, since it shows they're actually *his* views and not just effects of the culture he grew up in.


Remember when we all thought Domenicalli was making all those dumb comments about F1 and we thought he was an idiot for it? Well, this guy sure as shit takes the cake for that now. Ben Sulayem is a zero. Shut your trap man


Both are clowns who shouldn't been into those positions, Domenicalli wants to pull a Brian France 2.0 with the sport and wouldn't mind to sale the sport to Saudi Arabia meanwhile Ben Sulayem is too concerned about jewelry, underwear and has a weird feud on especially Hamilton.


While this is from a long time ago it certainly matches his erratic public persona today. Man needs to learn how to mature or just keep his mouth shut.


Max Mosley, Bernie seems as if its business as usual for international motorsport.


I'm already so sick of this loser.


The FIA does have a knack for electing fascists, doesn’t it


The man just makes friends everywhere he goes.


He’s from a country that couldn’t give less of a shit about anyone other than rich heterosexual men, how could this be a surprise to anyone?


An sexiest Arab? Nothing new here


What do they expect with a citizen of a misogynistic nation as their president? He’s only speaking from his perspective but unfortunately much of the world has pivoted.


middle eastern muslim. Who could have thought.


everyday i wake up to new FIA PR disaster


> An FIA spokesman said Ben Sulayem had a strong track record of promoting women. He said: “The remarks in this archived website from 2001 do not reflect the FIA president’s beliefs. I mean, he's in his early 60s now, he was in his early 40s then. Not like we're talking about the past remarks of a teenager. It always amuses me how spokespeople try to spin that shit. He had that shit in his biography, on a website, as a 40 something yr old adult, and now they're like "Oh, he totally doesn't believe that actually".