TL:DR - We changed things, we think we'll be more competitive, I'm outta here. Not like I was expecting any details so par for the course for off season news on team car work.


Toto: In 2023 were going to turn the engine up to 9. Lewis' eyebrows hit the ceiling " ... up to 9 "


Ah, the Scooty Puff Sr. mode.


Do it Toto, drop the sandbags!


new steering wheel confirmed.




George Russell is the kind of man who would just use last years steering wheel to win anyway.


Further backwards hopefully


Why? Isn't it more fun to watch races when more teams are competitive? I'd love it if RB, Ferrari, Merc, Mclaren and Alpine were all actually competing for wins.


Yeah. The 3 way fights and the 5 man dash at the end of silverstone were amazing


I'm slightly biased against Merc =p


We all dream of a time where Max starts every race from pole and holds the lead for every lap. Sounds *exhilarating*.


It’s telling that you automatically think it’s a Redbull/max thing to prefer to see teams other than Mercedes doing well


I think it's a safe bet RBR will be a contender, so removing Merc from the list is putting all our hopes in Ferrari this coming season to make a fight of it. I would love to see McLaren, Alpine, and even Aston make the leap, but I don't think it's right now. So yes, Mercedes dropping off is more or less conceding a Vettel-like dynasty to Red Bull.


Two schools of thought, what people want and what people can expect. There was also absolutely no mention of Ferrari in your comment about how it must be max/Redbull, either. With that now in consideration, your original comment could look a lot different with an additional 3 drivers in the mix. It’s not really that outlandish to hope a team that has enjoyed 8 consecutive constructors titles in the last 9 years isn’t put in the same position to do it again. People were already absolutely sick of it when it was Michael/Ferrari and that wasn’t even for as long a period.


Likewise, I think it's reasonable to want Mercedes to be back in contention - with two title-capable drivers in tow - without them having the definitively best car in the lineup. The best thing, from a fan perspective, is for (at least) all three of the top constructors to have a car with strengths and weaknesses that ebb and flow throughout the season. Just having Mercedes drop off from here on out is ignoring how the rest of the field just doesn't have the organization and/or resources to compete with Red Bull.


As I said, two schools of thought. If Ferrari’s PU issues are gone, I don’t see any reason why they can’t sort themselves out. It’s not a thing isolated to a single year either.


Eh perhaps, but their collapse after the mid-season mark signaled other major issues with both the car and the paddock. Maybe I'm biased or buying too much into memes, but I just don't trust the Scuderia to maintain winning form for the entire season.