This narrative is so strange. Since Bahrain Charles has been telling Xavi to stop talking in corners and reminding the team about being on old tyres in comparison to everyone else near him but they just straight up ignore the guy. It's not Charles being too cowardly or polite to do shit himself it's him being ignored by his own team and once again the issue is communication within the team.


It is really hilarious how everyone just ignore times when he pushed back or challenge the team’s decision as it does not fit the narrative that he is worse than Sainz when reading the race condition or calling strategy. He has done this in 2020 and 2021 and most recently in Abu Dhabi 2022 which he is adamant to do a one-stop that secure his P2 in the championship when nobody from the team was confident that he can do it. Also during 70th Anniversary GP he was the one pushing to do a one-stop when the team was planning for a 2-stop, so he got the P4 which no one expected. He may need to improve but by no means he is as flawed as the media shaping him in challenging team strategy.


It’s been wild. When I see fans run with that narrative, I think okay well most ppl aren’t listening to his radio so I get it but then I see these journalists and commentators continue spouting the nonsense and it baffles me. If they want to lend an expert opinion to something, atleast get the facts straight.


I think Charles can be a great team leader. Like others here have said, he pushes back against the team a lot, there's just a different narrative out there right now. I do think he was a bit defeated last year. I think when he's able to begin to trust the decisions made around him more he'll really shine. Being a leader means pushing back on bad decisions and standing up. But it doesn't mean being put in a position where your on a team with hundreds of people and you have to do it all the time. That's the kind of situation that starts making you question everything, and makes it harder to lead.


It's an Italian team - they lead with thier passion. (But why does nobody deal with the strategy department....)


At this point I feel like the strategy department is so well connected that they can basically do no wrong in the eyes of Ferrari higher ups.




Yes, he just needs to actually stand up to the team’s decision like Sainz.


he does lol. just because f1 tv doesn't show it doesn't mean it doesn't happen. they're just pushing that narrative that he doesn't. actually check out his team radios from the season and you'll see he does the same, but he can't force ferrari to listen to him.


He does a lot. Every race I watch Charles exclusively on one screen and the number of times he pushes back, yet the team doing what they want is baffling. I would love to be his Race Engineer and I wouldn't even ask for a salary. I'll fight the fucking strategists with everything for Charles.


Nope, imho he will leave F1 at the end of this contract without ever winning a WDC.