> make this sport more accessible to- let’s say not [diehard] fans but normal viewers. I mean it's very simple. Accept that in the ever evolving media landscape, F1 is the only motorsport that can afford to put live coverage behind a paywall and get away with it when it comes to new viewers. It has enough reach and a pull that it will get to people who are not yet F1 fans and enough will pay that money to justify it. No matter what changes you make, that situation is not changing. You can do all the changes to the format for the 'casual viewers', all you are going to do is piss off hardcore fans as no casual viewer is going to pay to get past the paywall you put up. You are not F1, you never will be. Put the live coverage on a stream, ungeoblocked for free and find a different avenue to monetise the sport because if you put it behind a paywall you will get nothing. Same goes for Formula E and so many other motorsport which are soon to be fighting their own mortality.


So much this. I'd watch endurance racing, hell, I'd watch most things that go fast with four wheels. I won't pay to watch the majority because my key interest is open wheel and I already pay for that. I don't want the sports to change, I'd just like to watch them.


Over 2020 and 2021 I was so hyped watching YouTube on The-Race (2020) and Red Bull Motorsports (2021) channels that were freely streaming Super Formula. Had English broadcasters (hell The-Race even had Sam Collins commentating). But now SF has put it all on their own streaming service to pay for, which, sure not totally wrong tbh, but I'm not gonna pay for that when my primary interest in F1 and I already pay for that.


isnt their stream on youtube free and has english commentator? or is it geoblocked? cause i remember watching their last race in 2022


I read the title and thought. Surrely this must be a The Race article. And to no surprise it is. Endurance racing doesn't need to be creative. Its freaking endurance racing.


When you are battling for viewership and funding I don’t think the answer is automatically be more like Formula One because endurance racing is it’s own thing and you can attract people by making that interesting and accessible. Credit to the Virtual Le Mans I could watch that so easily and I did between many naps. Also Dakars coverage was absolutely incredible and I watched that breathless.


I have to disagree with the Virtual Le Mans. It’s been a shit show for 3 years running. The server problems that plague that sim every year have made sure I won’t bother next year. Dakar coverage was awesome. I didn’t watch it live but I did watch the extended highlights on YouTube.


The actual broadcast is what I’m saying worked. The rest was a bit how’s your mother but that aspect of making it accessible pretty much everywhere you would want to watch it they achieved that


I’m pretty sure there wasn’t a way to watch Dakar live. The only way I could find to follow it was the extended highlights


Wasn’t the virtual Le Mans one of the worst streamed events in recent history? The server kept on crashing


Did you even read the article? The suggested changes were pretty minor.


Getting a TV deal that actually permits actual visibility in the Americas seems like it would be a good start. Unfortunately that isn't happening until after 2026. There's a lot of investment in those cars and it seems like more races is what they need. I know that they've tried shorter races before to questionable/no success, but that was then, this is now, and there's a whole lot more manufacturers piling money into this than I can recall in many years.


IMSA does 7 shorter races that are around 2.5 hours as well as 4 endurance rounds and it works well. I think it’s something that should be looked at again for WEC.


That’s not a half bad idea. If WEC kept the iconic endurance races - Fuji, Spa, Sebring, and of course Le Mans - along with maybe a couple others like Silverstone or Bahrain; and then punctuate the season with some 2-3 hour “sprint” races that could explore a wider variety of global circuits. Would be crazy to see WEC at Singapore, Sepang, Istanbul, Melbourne, or Gille Villeneuve.


It's F1 which should stop being "creative" for the sake of Netflix drama and social media visibility (in other words, money).




Wait you mean to tell me America & what Americans want is not CONSTANTLY on everyone elses mind?‼️? /s


They could always bring in Amazon to do a drive to endure of their own lol


Know it is not the same, but if you didn't - go watch \`Michael Fassbender Road To Le Mans\` on Porsche YouTube Channel. For me, the story told there is superb to Drive To Survive, and I don't even watch that many WEC Races (it is hard to me to stick for that many hours).