Data was compiled over the course of the season. Notes were compiled with the help of the community over the course of the season and are based on team reports, interviews, session commentary, etc. Qualifying Pace - The times from the last qualifying session in which both drivers set a time are taken into account. Race Pace - The first lap, pit in and out laps, and laps completed under Safety Car/VSC conditions are not taken into account when calculating race pace. If a driver DNFs, their pace figures is not taken into consideration unless they did so very close to the end of the race.


Thanks for doing all of these. It must be quite a time investment to compile everything.


Second that.


Should monaco not be noted that verstappen couldnt finish his last run due to perez running it into the wall?


Thinking the same thing.




Verstappen was improving, perez was not


Kinda a what if though - if another driver had brought the red flag would you argue for it?


I would just have noted red flag stopped both second laps, verstappen improving perez not


You don't know if max would've stuffed it though, so that's still speculation


Monaco.. nothing happened there. Haha yeah.


Didn't Verstappen have power issues Q3 Hungary?


Q2 times were counted because Perez didn’t get through to Q3.


Ahhhh, I missed that. Cheers!


Well all things considered Perez was murdered on pace, but at least he got the results the team needed when Verstappen had problems, and his wheel to wheel skills again came in handy, so his seat is probably secure.


Because the car was there for it. These quali gaps are comparable to that of Norris and Ric, the debate about Perez' performance this year would be a lot different if the Redbull had not been dominant for the latter half of the year, but running in the midfield.


exactly, a great car sometimes covers up mediocre seasons case in point Bottas in 2020


~~next~~ This year will be make or break for Perez. If Mercedes and Ferrari catch up to the Red Bull, it is a real possibility that he finishes the season in 6th.


That's Sainz's situation though. With a strong 2nd best car and not that far away from RB's, the guy barely manages to finish in 5th wdc thanks to Ham's retirement in AD Now that's a real make or break..


He got those results because he was in the best car. If the RedBull was performing as it did in 2019-20, he wouldn’t have looked that much better than Albon, especially in the second half of the season.


Yeah, i tend to agree. It also helps him that the drivers that could be better probably wont go to Red Bull while Verstappen is there.


Perez was Less than a tenth better than what albons qualifying average gap was in 2020 for comparison


Albon was on average 0.542 seconds slower in qualifying and 0.794 seconds/lap slower in the races.


Albon basically never ran in clean air because he always qualified in the midfield though.


Yeah this is definitely worse


Very true and the rb16 was also far more unstable than this years car


Interesting thanks for getting that data


and gasly had better quali pace in 19' with a car that was even wilder




No notes on monaco qualifying…


Breathing down his neck indeed..


Perez was a whole **8 tenths** off of Max in Spa and he still qualified 3rd, christ. The RB18's aero efficiency especially towards the end of the season was fucking nuts.


That Q3 was so fucking bad. Watching Sainz and Perez fight for pole while driving like shit was just bad. Both made numerous mistakes. It really just showed the different levels that Max, Leclerc, Lewis, and maybe Russell are at where they drive nearly perfect laps on the limit.


Russell's Q3 lap at Hungary was very nice at least. Not fastest anywhere but easily most consistent across the entire lap which gave him pole.


Oof, being slower than Max while he had DRS issues is painful.


This is the biggest crumbstomping of the season.


[Not quite.](https://www.reddit.com/r/formula1/comments/103lrhk/2022_qualifying_and_race_pace_gaps_mclaren/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=android_app&utm_name=androidcss&utm_term=1&utm_content=share_button)


By percentage, Ricciardo absolutely got beat worse, but Checo never had a better day than Verstappen without a technical problem for Verstappen vs. Ricciardo having 3 better race days on merit. Latifi outracced Albon in Japan, Ricciardo beat Norris on merit Azerbaijan, Mexico, and Bahrain, despite Norris' issues in Mexico.


I disagree. Norris was at a strategy disadvantage in Bahrain and Mexico, and he was still faster than Ricciardo in Baku. Albon retired in Japan due to a mechanical issue, Latifi didn't outrace him.


Dude you're on top of this


I forgot about Albon retiring


How in the hell can you be over 1.6 seconds behind you’re teammate at the red bull ring! Edit the time from the chart is misleading Perez about 4 tenths off but got a penalty not sure where op got 1.6 from


In this case Perez exceeded track limits in Q2 so his lap was deleted, he was much closer when he was in Q3.


As someone else said, he did set times in q3 which were much closer, but then the FIA realized his final Q2 lap exceeded track limits so they removed his best Q2 lap and all laps from Q3. The time is then his best legal time from Q2. Also it’s not 1.6 seconds, it’s 1.6 percent. It’s 1 sec.


Insane how close they were in qualifying at the season start before car development became one sided. Closest qually difference between all teammates in first few races and since then went all downhill for Checo. Smart and correct decision in the end for RB.


Checo just didn’t seem to be able to keep up with the development. And i don’t think anybody expects RB to develop the car so it suits Checo


Yeah, completely agree. However it still shows that nearly everyone who's on the grid can be as quick as anyone else if all cards fall into place. Great drivers adapt to different concepts quicker though, that's the main difference between top drivers like Max, Lewis, Charles, Russell, Norris and everyone else.


It’s just that an understeering car has a very ‘easy limit’, since the car simply doesn’t turn, so there is not much to gain. Atze Kerkhof explains it quite well in an interview last week for Verstappen.com/Redline


For imola, both cars had the aero upgrades but it was Verstappen the one that had the weight reduction parts.


Also weird you add the Verstappen damage on silverstone but not the extra pistop checo did die to damage and he was in a recovery drive.


Because it taking into account pace on track and not in the pitlane and Checo pitted extremely early in the race so his front wing wasn't damaged for long. I guess an "*" could be that Checo suffered from traffic but that's about it.


Kinda have to consider that at the start the car was much more geared to what Checo likes, and then by the end it was more to Verstappen's preferences. Verstappen likes a really twitchy oversteer car while Perez prefers understeer.


This idea is just dumb. Cars with a tight front end are always faster. It's not that Max likes a car with a tight front end, it's that he can control and extract more pace out of a car with a tight front end.


Doesn't change that checo prefers cars with understeer and is thus more confident with them though. If Checo liked understeer cars he would be able to drive closer to the edge.


If he likes slower cars he shouldn't be racing in top teams. that's about it.


So basically, Checo has Max's number on street circuits. Saudi Arabia, Monaco, Azerbaijan, and Singapore.


Keep in mind that in Singapore and Monaco that Max could not do his final quali run


I’m still salty about Singapore. He was a full second up on provisional pole after just two sectors. He would have probably won nine in a row as well without that mistake.


>Singapore Lol both max's laps would have been good enough for pole by quite a margin


Singapore and Monaco dint really count. Also even still Max is quicker on all those tracks in the actual race


Eh thats a stretch, especially Singapore


He’s always been a bit of a street circuit specialist.