I'm thinking about starting play again and I'm 21. And about going pro, you never know. But you don't have to go pro to enjoy the game. To go pro you have to play and train 10 times harder than anyone you know. All the pro players were the best players in their towns and childhood clubs growing up. Like someone else said, only one stopping you is you.


It depends on your motivation. Matt Turner (Arsenal Backup GK) didn't start playing football untill he was 14 years old. It all depends on the effort you are willing to put in, luck and dedication.


Wasn't a serious player until 16.


Exactly my point, 13s not a bad age to go pro, all that matters is the time you put in.


exactly ong


Ong exactly, age is just a number


You're a kid--not too late to start football, but maybe too late for pro. Those people are a different breed that don't do anything else BUT play football. Unless you are a prodigy, you may be out of luck for pro, but it also depends on how much you want it and your work ethic.


Don't think so. If you're good enough in high-school and can further yourself onto a college team then yeah you have a definite chance. You have to show you're good enough to get scouted though by 17.


Wrong. There’s people who got into academies so much older who achieved professional level football. Some as old as 18, 19, 20. All that matters is that you know the basics and then everything is possible with enough determination.


thats what i said


I didn’t agree with the “maybe too late for pro” part. 13 is just such a disgustingly young age to get back and up your game. Especially given how players only become eligible to sign professional deals at the age of 18. Kid has got 5 years ahead of him at least until he becomes “less desirable” per se.




You seriously can’t believe that there’s some magical thing called “talent” There’s simply no such thing as that. That is unless by “talent”, you refer to unwavering dedication and disciplined training, both physically and mentally. Practicing certain areas of your role in the field. Training your technical abilities. Confidence and optimism through hurdles along the way. Etc. Which is something that any physically and mentally capable human being can instil into their arsenal. Therefore, no. “Talent” per se doesn’t exist, you create it. It’s not something magical you’re born with that determines whether you’ll get to play football professionally or not. Take it from someone who’s been in the game for 13+ years.


Im thinking about going back to football at 27. You have all the time in the world! I wouldn’t focus too much on going pro and just try to have fun while you can! Good luck


I'm 16 and just started, I've been struggling with my mental health and a genuine injury so I struggle to stay consistent but trust me, give your all and you're 3 years ahead of me mate


Possible is anything. Likely? Not very. Sorry but be realistic. ​ >the most importmant part was that i had fun Play it for fun, maybe something comes out of it. But don't dream it will.


It is not too late but you have to start NOW. Like, this year. If you haven't devoted yourself entirely to it by the time you're 15, then it will already be too late for you.


No. Start right away and give your best


its not too late at all. i was rubbish at 13, but i worked really hard to become better in my late teens, it was too late for my development and i also became injury prone. but the amount skill and dribbling i had by the time i was 20 was as good as anyone, i could dribble past 4 or 5 people like a pro, it was just other parts of my game were not developed. if you want to be pro here is what i would do. 1. look at sports science to maximise your potential. like cristiano ronaldo and erling haaland who focus on strength, recovery, diet, sleep, etc. there are so many things you can do at home even as a kid that will put you way ahead of everyone your age. some examples: foam rolling (recovery), explosiveness training like plyometrics/agility drills, strength training that is relevant to football like lunges, squats. dont look at your phone one hour before bed also for good sleep. 2. practice practice practice. most importantly you need to practice by yourself even when its cold, wet, snowing. the best players with highest levels of skill or technique practiced thousands of hours. set yourself goals, like max kickups - aim for 100 then 1000, dribble top speed, dribbling around cones, shooting accuracy, pass practice against wall. if you want dribbling tips, i can help as i was very methodical and still remember how i got to a good level. 3. play in as many games as you can. the ability to do the right things at the right time or position yourself perfectly becomes instinct from playing many matches, so you need to be playing. also watch alot of football, you will pick up on tactical and technical skills. 4. surround yourself with players who are better and/or older than you so you can learn quicker. this goes for anything in life. if you are the best in the room, you are in the wrong room


Thanks man, and by the way i could really use some dribbling tips.


the way i think about dribbling there are two types of style. skills and tricks like cristiano ronaldo, ronaldinho or running at people like messi or maradona. practicing the first is helpful to improve your control and should atleast do some of this BUT the second form is far more effective on the pitch (i transitioned from the first style to the second). so i will try and give tips on dribbling at speed. 1. if you look at messi, maradona, robben, kaka, bale, etc there are similarities to being successful at running fast with the ball. make the ball part of your running stride rather than seperating it into two different things (running + touching ball). if you watch them dribble they touch the ball out infront of them, they flick it when they touch it, while their leg is in full extension, so that the ball is part of their running stride. this allows full momentum as you can maintain natural running stride/speed more easily. IF you do what bad dribblers do, then keeping the ball under you will mean that you kick the ball too hard when you try to extend/lengthen stride. 2. by doing the above, you do not need to keep your head/eyes directly down, as the ball is not directly under you, instead infront of you. But dont keep your head fully up either as you cant see the ball so clearly. Look at videos/pictures of the players i mentioned when they dribble...their head position is somewhere between - this allows them to move their eyes up to see pitch and down to see ball, while keeping their head still. Keeping your head still is an important part of many sports 3. this one may sound odd, but instead of running into spaces when you have the ball, run at the player directly. if you run into the space you allow the opposition to gain running speed/momentum so it is easier to stop you/ or push you into areas that they want. instead run at them, that way they have to stand still or backtrack so when you get closer to them, they will be more static and it easier to go past them. 4. the closer you get the opposition, reduce your stride length while increasing you foot speed. look at prime messi he does this perfectly. when he gets close to defender, his feet are moving really fast even if he is not actually moving through space. when your feet are moving really fast it will be easier to accelerate past a defender when the time is right. you can try this as an example with a friend. do a 20 metre race. one person is standing still, the other person is running fast on the spot. then race - the person standing still will lose. an example also some goalkeepers hop around alot during freekicks and penalties to do something similar


Maybe too late to go pro, but definitely ok to play it recreationally


Its never too late to start something. Just keep on fighting and improving man...cheers. Sending my support to you🤝👍


If you want it, go for it! The only person in your way is you.


Considering Matty Cash was working in River Island at 17, he went to the biggest tournament in football (the World Cup) and is a full pro at Aston Villa I'd say anything is possible. Train hard, watch the basic techniques and use good opportunities to develop your understanding of the beautiful game... I play hockey, I was a ok goalkeeper who could cope at County Div 4 or 5... then I started getting specialist coaching for my position and can play well in County Division 1 now! Desire and passion go a long way


You could but it would mean you cant stop training.


Maybe playing pro at a low level is possible. To get to the top, especially as a goalkeeper since there are so few per team, extremely unlikely. Just play if you enjoy it. I’ve played amateur for 20 years now and still love it.


depends on how good you are, but unless youre a special case im sorry no, just play for fun ig


Man you can absolutely nail it if you commit to it. Go for it! But be serious about it.


99% chance of not going pro/elite pro but it’s never to late to start again.


You aren’t going to be a pro, I can almost guarantee it. If you enjoy football then you should absolutely pursue it and play as much as you can.


13 isn't late to start as new and you said "again" which means you have a prior experience as well so that's good


warm up your skills, then compare yourself to others, if you are as good then why not, even if you was 17


Dennis Rodman didn’t start playing basketball until he was in high school and didn’t take it seriously until college. You can do anything.




True but it isn’t impossible. Hard work can achieve anything


Forget about it you will never succeed


If pro just means 2nd or 3rd team and actually getting paid to play football then yeah there's still a good chance to succeed when you're only 13 and start training and get scouted into a good college.


No not too late. You could possibly go pro but at the very least try to join your high school team. If you can get good enough to get a scholarship for a college team, you might have a chance. I would say 16/17 though yeah it's too late.


It's never too late to start and 13 isn't even too late. Provided that you are not completely new to it, 13 is definitely not too late.