Fallout 76: 796 hours (not sure if it tracked the time played before it moved to steam) Fallout 4: 3,581.50 hours, and I've only beaten the game twice, and gone through Nuka World / Far Harbor once each. ... Damn settlement building!


You just made me realise Iv only been to Far Harbor once..... I need to go again with mods and see what its like \^-\^


Glad I'm not the only one who's put hundreds of hours and haven't even played a DLC, it took me over 1000~ hours to get into them lol




That really is the dream though. Multiple Commonwealth sized locals to travel to, or at least ones the size of the Island, all in the base game.


your pc/ console will cry


Far harbor was actually good. Like I actually wanted to do the quests. More than can be said for the base game and nuka world


Yeah I wasn't too much of a fan of Nuka world, too much walking/fetching with not much else going on. Was worth the play through but prob won't do it again.


Far Harbor is a solid enough DLC that there isn't much mod content to improve it (that's saying a lot). Nuka World on the other hand has several large mods that either add content and/or new ways to play through the main quest.


if fallout 4 is prophetic, i wanna be in your universe


Any tips to farm a lot of steel? Or should I keep buying it from traders?


break down weapons and armor with scrapper perk


Make sure your settlements all have resource stations and someone assigned.


I have like 1700 hours and I never started Nuka World or the mechanist ha.


Over 2000 hrs in fallout 4, thanks mods.


Yah with all the mods it's just a whole different game!


Damn right! I'm about to start a new game with Wolverine's mods, including Hugh's preset just to feel more immersed into it.


11 playthroughs at over 10k hours between PS4/PC


do you not get bored?


No, but I'd say more than half of that time was spent building settlements


how do people spend thousands of hours building settlements?


You do what you love i guess


I might get into it, on my main playthrough I have 3 Settlements but it's expensive to build. how do you have all the caps to keep buying mats?


I picked up everything. And I mean *everything*. Junk, aid, weapons, ammo, armor, clothing. Sold or traded everything I could't convert into raw mats myself, cleaned out all of the vendor's material shipments and caps, waited 48 hours, cleaned them out again, repeated until I had thousands of raw mats. Then mods came into play and made it so much easier to build settlements. Didnt have to scavenge or trade anymore.


don't you get weighed down tho?


Sometimes, but I had all the Strong Back perks, so i could still fast travel


There are mods for that. It’s one of the few I’ll use because I like to build settlements so much. There’s one that gives you infinite resources and you just place it then store it.


Personally? God mode, a build cap increase mod and a settlement junk cleaning mod. I like to wall off everything and put turrets along the walls. then build housing and whatever else I need for that specific place to fit my purpose. And ADHD. That's the key.


4,967 hours since its release in 2015 for me. I still enjoy this game very much.


It does not get old. And you can replay 100 times and discover something new.


On my latest play through I ran into [Parker Quinn](https://fallout.fandom.com/wiki/Parker_Quinn) for the first time, not sure how I missed him on all my previous play throughs, what a great random character.


131 hrs..I have it since a month or something like that xD


Lol “yeah, I’ve heard of it.”


Around 1500 hours on Fallout 3, 1000+ hours on Fallout NV, 400+ hours on Fallout 4 and 70 hours on Fallout 76, just begun. Easy to know my favorite


Hey, sorry for offtopic, but is 76 fun to play solo? It's on sale on humble bundle and I wonder if ut"s worth it


I've about 600 hours on pc. Much much much more on Xbox.


On steam I have 1,538 recorded hours, but since steam doesn't count hours from mod launchers I'm guessing I have about 2,2-2,3k hours in total. Not sure if I can look up playtime on my launcher (Vortex) since I can't even open it up for some reason, it says I'm missing the .exe or something. Edit: forgot to say this is all FO4, don't actually own any other FO games.


Huh I launch f4se through vortex but it still launches and counts my playtime on steam.


My Top 5 on Steam based on hours played? 1. Fallout 4: 2546.7 hours 2. Fallout 76: 872.6 hours 3. No Man's Sky: 765.9 hours 4. Metal Gear Solid 5: 563.7 hours 5. Borderlands 2: 402.5 hours FNV is way down there at #24 @ 50 hours. Looks like I need to turn in my trans-card


Now thats a very nice top list.


8,747 hours for FO4, mostly through settlement building. To anyone who wants to know how you can spend so much time doing that, about all I can say is if you have to ask, you probably won't understand. I'm not sure about the other games. Steam says 373 for FNV, but that includes FO3, since the only way I could play it without crashing was through TTW. Steam doesn't record the earlier games' time. I have not played 76.


"Okay I'll just do a little bit of building" ....aaaaaand it's October


I got Fo4 for Xmas and have nearly 100 hours


Keep it up!


I will


*1700~ hours* Yeah, Fallout 4 is okay I liked it.


Maybe about 5000


Across Playstation, PC, and XBox I think have about 1500 hours in total. And I've still never finished Nuka World.


Steam says 3000, but I'd assume closer to 5000 because I also play on Xbox


Falllout 4 = 1034 h Fallout 3 = 960 h Fallout 76 = 355 h Falllout New Vegas = 248 h Fallout Shelter = 84 h Fallout Tactic = 9 h Fallout 2 = 9 h Fallout 1 = 8 h Fallout Brotherhood = 3 h


How do you like fallout shelter? I played it at release and it was quite fun. I remember you could get daily rewards and once in a while you got some legendary gear or settlers. I found out if i put my phone time on manual and just fast forward a couple days i got all the rewards at once haha. Rinse and repeat i sucked the fun out of it in like 1 day


Its much more fun now that i figured out how to hack the mobile game and can spawn limitless caps or lunchboxes. However for fun i only do nuka quantum spawns now to be able to do missions fater and let the vault economy develop its self.


1,600+ last check. I'm currently building a fleet of murderbots as my provisioners, sending a lot through Boston so they will hopefully murder all the random shit there. I'm on Xbox 1 so anything I can do to help with crashes... and it's fun to watch.


Oooh, I read that wrong. I'm right at 4,300.




805 hours here. I've not finished the game, mainly because real life happens and I don't play for months and forget what I was doing, lol. Plus I enjoy the build up phase, so I'm happy doing my own thing. Haven't been to Nuka World yet and I've just dabbled in Far Harbor. Eventually I want to complete a game with each faction, but for now I tend to side with Minutemen and the Railroad and mainly bypass power armor stuff. BOS playthrough will be heavy on the power armor, so I'll get my fill then.


Around 400 on fo4


1600 on PS and 600 on Xbox on Fallout 4 alone.


Same, round 1040h but still keep playing with mods and stuff


Probably around 800 hours


I think I have upwards of 35 days played, so I'm a little experienced


1173 hours of fallout 4, without that much of settlement building (not a fan of the mechanics)


Currently on 480H with my main dude


2043 in fallout 4. Probably twice that in fallout 3 on Xbox 360. Main save had over 960 hours before it died to bloat :(




1,500 hours


2000 Hours?


Getting close to 900 hours.


At least a thousand. I've played it on PC, PS4 and the Xbox One


Fallout 4 - 114 h New Vegas - 469 h Fallout 3 - 67 h


Only a modest 400


I only have about 80 hours logged and still haven't beat the game. I've restarted it like 4 times and every time I find something that makes me go, maybe this game ain't for me. But I keep coming back, and now that I've restarted for like the 5th time, I'm really enjoying it. Couldn't tell you what changed, i just know I get it now.


895 hours, haven't beaten the game yet, trying to finish up far Harbour for the first time at level 40 on the character I've had for about a year lmao


I haven’t really played it in 2 years but got up to around 3k before I split


It’s hard to tell. Because Xbox doesn’t track your hours if you have mods installed. It’s not Xbox it’s just Bethesda’s method of making sure you don’t get achievements with mods, they turn off the club (which is the Xbox word for the place with all your stats on the game).


Almost exactly 2741 hours


Dude I thought my 100 hours was good


Just lost ally recent save files on the Xbox after an update. Kinda killed my desire to go back.


Probably 350-400 hrs with 3 playthroughs that made it to the End Game


Fallout 4: 802 hours I don't know about the others titels, but at *-least-* the same amount for Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas each.


I've been playing since it came out, beat it on three different systems more than 50 times on PC at least, the others two or three times each. And not just the main quest. Those playthroughs include half the companion quests and a third to half of the side quests each game. Generally lost count tbh. I've also played on someone else PC, and my own so it's confusing for steam hours.


7 Days in Fallout 4. "I swear that I'll have way less in Fallout 76" 12 Days in Fallout 76. "I guess I was wrong". Lol. Nearly at 100%, including dlc in both games and they will join 100% including dlc in Fallout 3 and Fallout New Vegas


i am 140h in and still on my first playthrough. As soon as i am done i will start installing mods.


Steam says - 920 hours. But when I factor in my time spent on the PS4 - I'd say well over 2,000 hours. I spent a lot of time playing Fallout 4 and Skyrim when I was taking care of my mom. I mean a lot. It was my coping mechanism.


Well over 1000 between all the platforms I’ve played it on. Finished it once lol


Comin up on 200 hours on pc, not sure how many I’ve put in on the Xbox


Fallout 3 (GOTY): 124 hours Fallout New Vegas: 388 hours Fallout Shelter: 85 hours Fallout 76: 5 hours (lol) Fallout 4: with today, I have just reached 1306+ hours


nearly 1,500 hours, some of which was spent trying out mods to see what I like, the rest is spent wandering around shooting enemies. Hardly ever progressed in the story, made the teleporter to the Institute at least once.


Ummm 1000s of hours, spent playing. Probably getting close to 6000 hours across all 8 games. Maybe 6100 if you include fallout shelter.


2.4k hours about


Just finished building my first gaming PC, so only 100 hours on that so far. But with my Xbox, probably another 650 hours


I've got 722 hours rn


So far 23 days. Most likely 24 with all the rewrites. I only recently got a good computer.


Fallout 76: Just about 700 Fallout 4: Just about 900 Also, not fallout, but you made me curious as to how many hours I had on Apex Legends (3000 hours actually, I’m both impressed and horrified)


2,268 hours. Mod are almost entirely responsible. I'm gearing up for my fifth journey. Just got to upgrade my venerable RX-480.


I have 200 hrs and still haven't completed the game (side missions and building LMAO)


Around 850


About 1.2 k I believe


I’m afraid to admit the amount of hours I have in fallout 4 alone


No judging here. We have people with 6k+ hours.


Around 900,most of the time I’m just screwing around with mods.


Between Xbox and PC, around 1000-1500




Im not really sure since I played in consoles too, but my guess im about 2k hours


51 Days And 7 Hours


I have over 6k hours in fallout 3, a bit under 2k in New Vegas, and around the same in 4. I do not have the number where I am currently sitting to be more precise with 4 right now. How do I have these numbers? Disabled war vet and my wife constantly buys me games. I play more than my children lol.


4 on PC? 833. 4 on Xbox One? 635.


about 1k in fallout 4 2.2k in new vegas 140 in fo2 60 in 3




Only around 300 hours. I would love to play it many more times if I had a good enough pc to run 4k mods and knew how to use nexus. I have completed fallout 4 around 5 or 6 times now, 2 times with all dlcs. Though the first 4 plays were on ps4 so I didn't use many mods and just wanted to complete all endings.


How would I know. I got a PS4 and I bought it and played it Day One.


According to my Xbox I've played for 183 days and 3 hours, roughly 4395 hours all together.... Oops. I've literally played Fallout 4 to death, mainly because I'm always messing with mods to change up the gameplay. Though I've started getting back into New Vegas lately.


i'm afraid to see


2000 hours here aswell XD ive only gone threw nuka world once but far harbor many times so i could finesh nicks quastline :3


I only just got my copy on Steam working after over 3 years of errors thanks to poor modding on my part. Turns out I've only got 80 hours invested prior to the great collapse buy I'll catch up to you soon enough


900 hours


My last full runthrough clocked in at around 6 days, 23 hours, and 53 minutes. Around this time, I downloaded a bit of creation club content and then proceeded to have the 0kb error occur (thanks PS4). Thankfully I had already completed everything I wanted to do and all that was really left was to keep building settlements. Overall, and combining the playtime across consoles, that puts me somewhere around 2,000+ hours (427.2 just on PC) for fallout 4, and about the same for NV and probably only half of that for 3. 76 only has a few days of playtime, though.


Between XB1 and PC, I’d have to guess around 700 lol. I took a long break when it started crashing on Xbox but got a PC that could run it and have been having a blast


Tbh across the whole franchise I only have about 1500 hours, which is shockingly low (as an avid fallout plan). 1500 hours well spent though, and here's to another 1500 hours!


I bought Fo4 on day one. I’m at a little over 6600 hours. I’ve really got to play something else…


I wish I had any idea the hours I spent on FO3 and NV back on my old xbox. On my PC: FO3: 260 hrs FNV: 774 hrs FO4: 1174 hrs F76: 134 hrs




I literally have to fight the urge to play it a 3rd time


i have 111 days in fallout 4, most of it is settlement building


600 ish


1 play through 36 days and 16 hours, beat it vanilla then mods came in


Well I finally got a computer I could play on like a month ago but I think I already have like 40hrs new Vegas I have like over 1000 I think


On my steam account Fallout - 13.6 hours Fallout 2 - 37.1 hours Fallout tactics - 7 hours Fallout 3 - 67.8 hours Fallout NV - 106.6 hours Fallout 4 - 611.8 hours Fallout 76 - 127.4 hours I don’t know the hours for nv on my old Xbox Or the hours for 76 or 4 on my ps4


Pretty sure I've left the game sitting on the title screen for days at a time with my monitor off, racked up a lot of hours that way!


On fallout 4, currently sitting on 1588.5 hours but that was mostly the first playthrough. I recently started a new save with mods so maybe I need an intervention.


~750 hours last year on my ps4 alone


too many.... [5595.6 hours](https://imgur.com/a/W0LnyUi). and i just started coaching my child in it. i will say i think that number is inflated. i leave the game on when i go to bed/work then resume playing it once i get home. but still...thats a lot


Total hours played? I'd rather not say. I rather keep the illusion that I go outside.


Many many.


1500+ between PC and PS. Currently on the PlayStation side only as an excuse to keep playing to "get Trophies". God I miss 60+ fps and mods so badly...


167 hours. And counting




About that much






Around 45 days


7932 hours on many play troughs. By far my favorite game.


I can't see on my ps4 sadly


If we’re talking PC only it’s around 170, but if we bring my Xbox’s playtime into account it’s a total of 536. Would’ve been more if I didn’t have on and off times of me playing


Got Fo4 last November and I’m currently at 276 hours. FNV currently has the most for me at 2452 hours




If the ps4 had this feature it would be great, but I'd say maybe 4000+ no joke, iv been playing this game ever since it came out in 2015, Its my favorite game of all time


How do you see that info on ps?!


1973 hours apparently.


Just clocked in at 700 hours


701 hours (gotta put the one) I think over the course of 4 playthroughs? Second and third were the longest


I can’t even count the hours I played because I have it on console only. But it’s definitely in the dozens by now


About 1100 so far. I keep restarting. It's an easy game to jump into and just shoot some things without thinking.


Probably around 800 at best. Now if it was Skyrim? I’m ashamed to say probably close to 3k…if not more…


Only 95 ish hours on Fallout 4, and 50 on New Vegas! Only 3/4 of the way through my first fo4 play through though - I'm sure I'll replay it several times in the future


Fallout 3 on console I estimate 750 hours. Fallout new vegas on console I estimate 1000 hours. Fallout new vegas on pc 200 hours. Fallout 4 I'm just about to break 1000 which is my highest playtime on steam. Fallout 4 VR 200 hours. Fallout 76 400 hours.


Id have to check but it's way more than skyrim.


1,664.4 hours, and currently actively playing though another bunch of mods I installed.


In fallout 4 I've only got maybe 200-300 hours but SKYRIM, now that a different story. I have easily 2.5k hours on that


On PC probably 100+ hours, but for crash and mod fixes probably 500+ hours total


Only about 730- but I also bought the game in October so not too shabby lol


Think it's about 2,100 or so but I'm only on my second play through.


Fallout 4 - 2878 hours I've finished the main story twice


I have over 3600 hours in Fallout 4


1252 hours on F04 and 340 hours on new vegas.


5000+ hours on Fallout 4 300+ on Fallout 76 not sure home many hours on New Vegas but it has to been at least 1000+




More than 2.000... Settlement decorating and exploring mods, basically.


On Xbox, I have 1200ish hours on Fallout 4. Then some odd 70 on pc.


As of right now 4326 hours. So a little bit of time.


About 250 I only started 2 years ago


fallout 4 almost 5k hours its the only game i play without internet with 15 fps max


3: 10 hours New vegas: 750ish 4:1500 76:150


FO3: 397 FNV: 816 FO4: 2,216 FVR: 217 F76: 2,118 Total: 5,764


Hours? Idk, it's registered as 13 days on my one playthrough, and that wasn't even the first one, it's the one I decided to build a city on Spectacle Island.


Somewhat similar hours as you, I don't remember the exact number but it's the early 1000's for sure. Probably most of that time has been spent on settlement building and trying out various mods.


About 2.2k-2.5k hrs in Fo4 on ps4, so no mods. Can't wait to get my pc finished xD F76 about 200 hrs. After I finished the story/stories there wasn't much more to do.




Well over 4,000 hours all vanilla baby c; only like 40 of those hours with mods added. Never modded my FO4 until this year and I’m looking forwards to another 4,000 hours with it modded!


Over 700+ hours already, but i played through the main storyline like... 2 times? XD


13,657 :’) i blame it on the ‘tism lmao


I'm not entirely certain, but I estimate that I have played atleast 300 hours non consecutively.


I’ve probably played FO4 more than any other game and I started playing the series back in 1999 and have been gaming since the 80s. Funny thing is that it’s the only entry in the series I’ve yet to finish. I’ve been playing through again on survival (up to level 132) and think I may beat it this time but I haven’t even done the first brotherhood quest yet.


Yah... when you know and love the lore the hours just don't matter.


Idk. Fucking PlayStation won’t show me!


3 Playthroughs. 1,056 hours. It’s the building!!!


I have over 8000 hours play time, currently went back to Skyrim tho


Hmmm i would have to estimate at least 4000 hours total


I played about 600 hours of Fallout 4 then sat my controller down to do something when loading up a save, come back to my cat laying on the controller and I no longer had a save...


Across 2 separate Xboxs and my PC, I'd say a solid 1,400 hours. Certainly not as large as some of the others, but it's still something I'm proud of.


Damn dude I've only got half that playtime


May not be good as RPG, but is as Sandbox. If I only had a decent machine for it... 😟




Before Xbox stopped showing hours played, I had over 1800. That was several years ago, so I have no idea what it is now, but it's definitely a hell of a lot more than that.


On Steam 169 hours. I wish I knew how long it was on Ps4 though.


6700+. I’m retired


Oh it's in hundreds