Molotov in survival, the strongest weapon in the game when held by anyone but you. ​ but seriously though why do npcs always dome you with a Molotov and kill you instantly from long range


I FUCKING KNOW RIGHT! Even on Very hard, molotovs are absolute bullshit. Practically every humanoid enemy after the common raider has them. They onehit, have aimbot and a massive radius. The NPC’s also toss them nonstop. I’ve died so much to that bullshit in the past. Just seeing the molotov in this vid got me a little upset.


I realized within like 20 minutes very hard was literally just insufferable. I'd rather play survival or hard.


Only reason I play on V. hard is because I heard the loot is better


I've heard that too. I like the idea of survival but it's too much of a faff. I just wanna build my settlement and kill shit. Probably an unpopular opinion...


I like the damage system in survival. Everyone's health is low so u can pretty much one shot everything but they can also one shot you. Sealth/crit builds are super fun to play in this mode. I normally add a mod to enable quick saves thou to avoid the rage quit


I would play Survival but I can’t save and fast travel. It makes it so that crashes and boredom are my main enemy lol. I’m currently going vanilla so I can 100% the achievements but on my next modded playthrough, I’m definitely giving survival another chance


Vertibirds are very necessary for my sanity in survival. When you do a modded run, there is a mod that allows you to craft a reusable signal instead of using the grenades to summon them.


I mean the grenades aren't all too expensive tbh but yeah, crafting them is easier


It makes like a single button thing, so you only have to carry one item instead of like 20lbs of them.


I mean if you’re gonna do mods then just get one that lets you fast travel. I do this but only travel on settlement supply lines, still leaves you with enough walking around.


I have only one achievement left to get. Then I'll jump in the mod scene. That said, it's incredibly satisfying to pop smoke and wait for EVAC on the vertibird. Too bad their isn't a Huey mod or little bird.


That's pretty much the main issue I had with it, since some quests will have you running back and forth between places two or three times over. For certain places, like Goodneighbor, with performance issues and tons of random enemies, it just isn't fun anymore.


That’s my main problem, too. Some people were acting like Survival’s a godsend last I mentioned it. Like look at the Virgil quest. It sends you all the way from Goodneighbor to Virgil’s cave, over to Greentech, back to Virgil’s cave, and then to your factions HQ. That’s like an hour of walking.


Survival mode you need to get access to Vertibirds through the BoS or Railroad quest lines. Then the fast travel becomes a non-issue, which indirectly solves the save issue.


Or you use vertibird grenades and build your own fast travel. It's not that bad tbh but I've also only done one very long survival mode play through.


Irgils cave wouldn't be so bad if you could could just sleep somewhere there or nearby within the glowing sea. The radiation stopping you from resting meant it took me so many tries to complete the round trip.


Achievement enabler is a mod. Games are supposed to be fun, dont feel like u cheating.


Sadly, I play on xbox


You can mod on Xbox.


I love the idea of survival - and all the survival mods - but when I actually play them it’s just so tedious. Tried playing and had nonstop infections, couldn’t leave sanctuary.


I use a mod that uses smokable cigarettes to save. You still have a bit of a negative effect do to addiction penalties


only at the start. Unless you have a no-bullet-sponge mod then around lvl 40 common raiders start having 500 HP and feral ghouls go up into the thousands.


Downloading the ability to quicksave on survival made it 10 times more amazing to play. The saving only at beds is Bull.


Worse yet, you HAVE to sleep to actually save. And every time you sleep, thats a dice roll for a potential disease.


Yea I found that out quick when I slept when I arrived at sanctuary and got an infection with no antibiotics between Carla or Drumlin Diner. Searched up a survival quicksave mod 15 minutes later.


If survival had fast travel then i would play it but half way through the game and you have to walk back and forward from the glowing sea to railroad can just get to fuck


The only loot related change is that legendaries have a higher chance of spawning


Very Hard turns every enemy into a fucking bullet sponge. Playing that mode is kinda like simulating the Battle of Verdun. It was the same in F:NV and, if my memory serves me right, also in FO3. The difficulty setting doesn't make the game hard, just way more annoying.


It's insane. Never thought a video of a Video Game could get me upset.


So toss more at them! But for real. Yeah, I feel ya.


Yeah that's why I installed you only grenade once. Npcs nonlongerbhave infinite throwables.


I’m guessing I’m lucky? Because every time an NPC’s throws Molotov’s they either miss or it doesn’t instant kill me, it’s always been rare for me to see them throw Molotov’s they usually throw grenades anyways. The only ones throwing anything would be my companions as I give them the stuff.


They're very strong when held by me...especially when I toss one and it fucking hit Piper who ran right in front of me and I died.


*attacking some low level raiders while strafing through dead trees* *a lvl 1 strong-arm quarterbacks a molotov at you between a ton of tiny trees and you die instantly* Wow thanks Bethesda, so realistic. And then: *reload last save miles away, find same raiders again* *they start unloading molotov but you found a space up high they can't headshot you instantly with a throwable* *many molotov later they are all dead, loot time* *Expecting 5-15 grenades on this one guy* *1 molotov*


Haha including you! I learned very quickly even with a throwing arch that I am trash with molotovs


Sorry, worst fuckers are cars... That moment when you think the combat is over, we made it! you exclaim while suddenly a red icon is displayed on your HUD... "USonOfa..." *^(Distant Groaning across the neigbourhood)*


Oh, I thought this was gonna be something like dying of starvation in the middle of a conversation that makes it look like you died of boredom.


Ha lmao. I haven’t actually starved yet surprisingly. Almost died of an infection once though 😂


Wait, can we starve on Fallout 4? But I never ate anything...


I take it you’ve never attempted a survival mode play-through.


Paper delivery straight from Diamond City! You've got to read this story, its on fire!


*Hot off the presses!*


*Sees bloody body* "They'll print anything these days"


Lol ... That sucks... I got a mod that lets me save normally on survival for that reason. I know it defeats the purpose a bit but between game engine stability and circumstances like these it's definitely necessary. Edited sure to autocorrect


I might add that one to my playthrough, cause it's hard to stay motivated when you just can't find a friggin bed and lose all your progress.


Or walk near a car.


Fucking cars gave me ptsd.


Yeah I have a quicksave mod for this type of thing, but moreso to prevent losing progress to surprise CTD.


Survival can be incredibly fun but also terribly frustrating


I tried playing without mods in survival in order to get achievements on the xbox, but the amount of crashes is unbelievable. Boston is impossible to play at without quicksaving, it crashes or freezes each step you take):


Well Piper, maybe people don't want to talk to you because there are Molotovs to dodge.


No place is safe to chat in the wasteland!


cartoon moment


That is why i never open that door. Only allow access from the road to diamond city.


That’s a very good idea in hindsight. I might just build a wall there


I don't open either door. First access is from the rooftop of the building where the DC guards are fighting mutants. Then I build unconnected stairs on the river side so I can jump the fence. I also don't use settlers there.


Smart thinking


Concrete foundations all around!


One time I had macready’s talk at the crater of atom and died of radiation in the middle of it 😂


That’s brilliant 😂


Let's ROCK!


Just the timing and the way he screams it while Piper’s carrying on and on make this absolute gold


Right. The Molotov coming out of nowhere is pretty funny, but LETS ROCK has me dying


I didn’t know whether I should cry or laugh when I heard “LETS ROCK”


Gives me Leeeeeroy Jenkins vibes.


I’ve never played survival but if you accidentally kill a faction member Will you die immediately and start all over.


If you have never slept in a bed to save, yes you will start over.


A test of your reflexes


I failed ):


Head shot


This is why we have settlement defenses


Lmao yeah. I’d just been informed by one of my settlers that the gunners had been around and was about to improve the defences when Piper grabbed me 😂


Last nite Wolfgang blew my head off mid convo with Trudy when he knew I was gonna side with her. Idk how the game even allows this cause you literally can’t do shit about it but it’s hilarious 💀


I just shot the two of them the second I saw what was happening. Realised later it counted as 2 acts of murder :/




God damn. Right in the chops


That man should join the baseball league for the best pitch


remember kids always use YOUR power armor (i think)


I left it is sanctuary. I’m definitely gonna get it when I fight the courser though! (And go to nuka world)


thats a good way to use it


You can also hook up Mama Murphy with some drugs to get out of that fight if you were so inclined.


Oh god, I feel this. Probably been like hours since you slept.


I last saved at fort Hagen, I walked straight to hangman’s alley but it was a good half an hour trip . I’ve made all my progress back though :)


Also love how Piper takes a fastball molotov to the head and drops into a combat stance where you get knocked into next Tuesday.


The main reason why I don't play on survival mode. Raiders and gunners love to spam those as well as grenades.


Yeah, makes things very difficult. It’s a rewarding challenge though (for me at the moment anyway)


Heads up Nuka World is **HELL** with out Power Armor.


Yeah I can imagine. I’ve played fallout 4 on many other difficulties (mainly normal) and even then, the gauntlet was unthinkably hard


As a sneak build it wasn't too hard, it was the nuka galaxy that made me tear out my hair.


[....Which is why I always disable the dialog camera]( https://www.reddit.com/r/Fallout/comments/8rrqfr/you_can_turn_off_the_dialogue_camera/)


Might have to check that out. Thanks man! Edit- or woman


I always forget how much of a pervert I am until I see somebody playing FO4 without a busty mod.


Lmao. We’ve all been there


I do not play video games to see average people. I want my men to be huge and muscular, shirtless, and hairy AF. I want my women to look like galactic supermodels. Fiction is way more fun than reality.


Remember kids, its not sexist if everyone is sexy


I get you completely. I don’t like to play with mods though , probably because the selection is very limited on Fallout 4. When I do a ‘sandbox run’ (where I run around killing countless raiders in god mode’ I do usually use the busty mod lmao


At least you understand where I'm coming from, that is more comforting than you know.


They've still got Piper in little more than a harness and bare leather Armour ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


This reminds me, somewhere there is a probably mod that stops npcs from having infinite grenades. Anyone know one?


This one? Haven't used it, just found it https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/20720/?tab=description


Game Configuration Menu lets you set how much time needs to pass before npc can throw something again. Default intervals are something like 2 or 3 sec thus grenade/molotov spam.


I'm sorry for your progress but it's really funny.


Yeah I couldn’t help but laugh through the pain


"Is this a good time for that talk? "




There's a spawn point by the dumpster there. Safer to leave that back door chained. Put two turrets looking down the alley that goes out towards the river, they'll cover the only entrance. Add a stair and platform inside the chained back door so that you can run up and jump over the barrier if you need to.


Too late to rechain the door sadly.


Understood. Have wished many times for the ability to rechain doors from the inside.


After twenty minutes of talking with Piper about “what are we exactly?” the Molotov came frankly as a relief.


Ha lmao




Perhaps so


Awesome accuracy.


That made me laugh hard.


I find your choice of attire for Piper…. …acceptable ☺️


you just have to laugh sometimes


What i do is stock up on jet and use it anytime i even think i see a molotov. Then in slow time shoot it out of there. This does use a lot of jet but diamond city blues and infinite caps from purified water means you shouldn’t have any problems getting it past the early sections.


Thanks for the advice :)




Hangman’s Alley moment


Meh it's not as bad as crashing 5 times in a row after trying to approach Faneuil Hall.


Sounds very frustrating




Rest in yeast, or any other bacteria, mold, or other organism that eats dead bodies.


That's why I always use power armor in wild


I love how you get fuckin' GLASSED with a molotov and she still is talking to you like nothing happened.


I had her comment previously in a similar situation “good to see you still in one piece” or something like that. They don’t seem to recognise death


I had a situation where a detective follower from an Dues Ex Mod for FO4 saw me get downed by 2 explosions going off and stopped before my body and looked down and said: "This one was killed recently"


Lmao. Companions are kind of broken. I still love them though


That’s a very costly conversation! Hope piper was worth it!!!


So i was about to bone my girlfriend then this molotov came out of now where and as me and my gf where on fire she said there was no way.


Instead of the pipe you both got the bottle instead


I still haven't gotten to level 30 before wanting to change my build...


This made me laugh! Thank you 😊


No problem (:


I love almost everything about survival mode except the difficulty. Hangman alley is the furthest I've even gotten after meeting Piper on survival. Those instakills are just too annoying. I like the food and water needs. They make a lot of common useless items more than valuable.


I think when you get used to the saving mechanic it gets somewhat easier. If you die once and you saved nearby, just lob a grenade into the room you were in. Still definitely infuriating though


they really dont want to talk


Even if I’m modded the fuck out , super OP and have my own squad (FCOM) , Molotovs got mi timbers shiverin




People sure don't want to talk alright.


Molotovs. Fucking. Suck.


This is why I can't do survival. Losing tons of progress because of a wayward molotov thrice a night isn't immersive for me, it's just frustrating lol.


It’s definitely annoying that considering I’m a killing machine who has killed over 200 people (in game), the weakest explosive in the game instantly kills me


God I hope you slept 5min before this.


About 30 minutes before ):


Piper's apparel?


It’s a harness with leather armour


Yup, that seems about right for surival mode




Pipers tiddies lookin good in that harness


Knew someone was gonna say it


“Let’s rock” 😂😂😂


I was pissed off when this happened but it was so funny I couldn’t stay mad


…tbh it kinda makes sense. Like half the time they choose to speak with you, it’s out in the open in some random city or field. What raider wouldn’t take the shot? Kinda makes me wish that there was a mod that made it so the conversation would only trigger in safe places, like cities. Maybe even cleared buildings for privacy’s sake? They talk about some heavy stuff for any random passerby to hear :P


Yeah. I was actually in a settlement though, although it was hangman’s alley (which can get raided frequently)


Ah. Still, the inside thing applies :P I personally wouldn’t want to have my heart to heart in the middle of some dingy alleyway, kinda ruins the mood


That’s a good point :)


A Family Guy reference? Nice


People didn't wanna talk


I'm more surprised people still play this game