Literally look up private pilot checkride oral exam guide. There’s a lot of useful things to read just by that single google search


My girlfriend is a pharmacist and has done her fair share of studying. She made me flash cards. Any time we drove for longer than 10 minutes we’d bring them. As I drive, she quizzes me.


I’ve always found that actually making the flash cards is 75-80% of the learning for me. Just for future reference


Go through the oral prep book and explain those subjects to your mom (or other civilian). If you can explain weather, the fuel system, airspace, etc. to them then you know it well enough for the DPE.


I downloaded Jason Schappert's "Pass Your Private Pilot Checkride" audiobook and had it playing nonstop in the weeks leading up to my checkride. Having Jason droning on in my ears for a couple of weeks was trying at times, but it really was helpful for "studying" when I wasn't able to be heads down in a book. Edit: looks like you can get it for free with an audible trial.


YouTube. Watch mock checkrides. Watch all the ERAUSpecialVFR videos (I know, ERAU gross) but damn if they aren’t good!


ERAU 🤮 hahah just kidding! i will definitely check them out though thank you!


1. Take the ACS and make a colored highlight in the corner of each page that deals with the oral examination questions 2. for the first pass, On each page/task, go line by line trying to identify where in the FAR’s or the various FAA handbooks you can find the answer. Make a note of that (such as FAR §61.113 for the question about private pilot privileges and limitations) 3. After that first pass, do another one, this time creating an outline of simple “Spark Notes” or Cliff Notes” that provide the additional details to answer the question posed by that line. 4. End result #1, you have now created your own study guide similar to this photo. https://i.imgur.com/HIYCoVr.jpg 5. End result #2, you now are much better equipped to be able to find the answer should you suffer brain vapor lock and cannot dig the answer out of long term memory. 6. End result #3... hopefully this process will make you much better prepared for the exam as a whole because you put some good work into your preparation.


Get someone to give you a mock checkride


ASA ppl oral exam guide


I'll PM you a document I give my students.


Could you please send me this doc as well?


Me as well please


Order the ASA Oral Exam guide. Read it. Look up things you aren't sure of.


I second flash card model with a small change. I used a full size notebook and would write the equivalent of 1 to 3 flash cards on the right hand page, leaving the left page blank for added thoughts as I studied. This made it more interactive as the studying progressed and I learned more. Also I really enjoying the MzeroA “pass your private Checkride” on audible. It would always be playing when I drove. Just help cement in different memorization points for me.