I think it depends a lot on the kibble quality. Fluffies are really cheap so most people don't care about the nutrient value of the food and just buy another fluffy if it gets sick. There is good quality kibble but it's a lot more expensive than the regular one.


Was going to say this. Expensive, high quality kibble probably has what they need, but the low quality stuff probably just has what it takes to keep them alive enough to breed.


True. Kibble was developed as a way to ease the stress of fluffy owners over healthy diets. Most kibble brands market it as an all-in-one product, easy to use and safe for children. Taste is either bland or like mild dogfood, which is why fluffies don't like it very much. For additional nutrition, fluffymarts also sell made-for-fluffy snacks, fruit based, all vegan.


Yes, that is it's purpose. There are many variations, with some tasting better and some enhancing some aspects of the fluffy (i.e, sex drive, milk production, behavior), but they all contain the basic needs of a fluffy, even the cheap-ass garbage that tastes worse than actual feces. The good-tasting stuff is quite expensive just for what is essentially aesthetics, so most owners just get mid-quality kibble that is mostly flavorless but not disgusting. Fluffies generally don't complain unless they normally eat high-quality food and aren't used to the lack of flavor in kibble, and even then they aren't particularly bitchy about it unless they are smarties


For the most part, I'd say true. Personally I think the nutritional values depend on the brand and type of kibble you buy. That, like regular pet kibble, there are different types such as foal, pregnant mare, and elderly fluffy kibble. Since fluffies are biotoys and plenty of abusers "take care of" fluffies, there are likely kibble types that have as much nutrition as cardboard aswell.


True A Fluffy can essentially live on Kibble since it’s specifically designed for their unique digestion. Although some owners will include treats like fruits and spaghetti to keep their Fluffy from getting bored There are also different variants of Kibble with different effects, from spaghetti flavouring with a fattening content, to improving milk yields, to lower-brand paste with no nutritional value as a way to starve a Fluffy whilst feeding it.


Partially true, just like in reality pet food has different quality depending on brand, price , etc... But like rabbits and turtles fluffies get a necessary part of their nutrients from GOOD kibble and another necessary part from vegetables


True in my headcanon.


True, and there are types of kibble specifically made to be both nutritious and taste terrible as punishment.




True. It also factors in that fluffies are omnivores and even has animal protein (mostly chicken) in it.


True but it is also high in sodium and low in essential fibers (hence why the shit from an average one is so much.)


It has complete nutrition but getting fluffies to eat enough to get everything they need is hard though. Most owners who are deadset on feeding their fluffs only kibble will use pasta sauce to make it more palatable or even fooling them into believing that it's a kind of spaghetti.


Kinda True. Decent kibble typically contains all the nutrition a fluffy needs, but you could feed them fruits and veggies with some supplement powder for calcium and protein and they'd be just as well off. Probably a bit better, in fact, since the added fiber keeps their poo more solid.




I feel like all of the nutritional needs can be taken care of with just the kibble. I mean, dogs don't get sick from just being fed dog food, and cats from cat food


**True** When feeding your pet fluffy, there's a plethora of options with several brands and types of fluffy kibble or "f-kib" as Fluff-Mart workers call it, all for each breed and age of fluffy. However all this feed is derived from the same basic formula that was used to feed test fluffies at Hasbio labs, **this kibble contains all the basic nutrients to sustain a fluffy, the taste is rather bland and lacks any real flavor** so nice owners will often throw in cut up a fruits or flavored milk to add some flavor. Affluent fluffy owners and breeders, however feed their Fluffies the highest grade of fluffy Kibble, the taste is vastly superior to anything sold in stores. There's a clear difference in your average house pet fluffy and rich owner pet fluffy. Their coats will be shiny, mane's flowing, and generally be more healthy along taller than the average fluffy. This is due to the kibble being created just before HASBIO dissolving, research techs that created this feed planned to sell it as the premium meal for official product release. When the company was defunct these techs stole the formula and went into business for themselves.


True. Several studies have placed kibble as the cheapest, yet nutritional meal for any Fluffy. For $5, you can take home a 50 pound bag of kibble for the herd. Don't worry, it has a long shelf life of 10 years, so pass along any un used kibble to any new "parent" whenever you grow tired of your shitrat.


True, depending on the brand. HasBIO has seven kinds of kibble, owners are supposed to circle through throughout the week to give the Fluffy all of the nutrients needed but most more reputable brands will have an all in one kind that rarely needs to supplement with additional nutrients. A handful of these brands also offer kibble in different flavors and dried snacks for variety. A kibble free diet is actually inadvisable for Fluffies, too. HasBIO developed a nutrient Fluffies *need* but isn't found in nature ~~which totally wasn't inspired by Jurassic Park, we swear~~ in yet another money grab. Thankfully for other brands, it isn't overly hard to manufacture but it has led to shorter life expectancy for ferals outside of cities. Because of that, breeders don't bother trying to get rid of this kibble dependency.


True but tricky: you see fluffy kibble is actually perfect for fluffies a fluffy could live it's whole pointless life eating nothing but kibble and it wouldn't have any defficency..., or at least it would be like thet if PETA hadn't free them before they where finished, you see fluffies intestines where on the equivalent of a very early beta test. So much so that there are huge secctons of the intestines that do absolutely nothing for digestión, so it's not the kibbles foult.


Depends, some kibble may be better and some worse ussually people feed their fluffies the worse kibble tho




False. Hasbio does not produce Kibble, it sells other brands and leverages its high end dried zucchini chip recipe to try to keep pace with breeders and dominate the mid grade Foal market. There isn’t even a standardized recipe among the third parties. Its anything sourced cheaply seasonally in varying degrees of edible product like Fluffy meat, rotten fish, molds, and algae. Though the various breeds of Fluffies have different nutritional needs and dietary capabilities from the hardy Nurgle breeds that can consume several actual poisons safely to the Oregon Fairy which can only safely consume certain root vegetables, most brands of kibble at most times of the year can only barely be charitably called safe to eat in any sense of the word. The only unifying factor to all kibble is a seasoning which designates to the Fluffy’s programming bulb that it is food, but even that is almost always simulated rather than the cheap dried tomato flakes that they were programmed to recognize. Fluffy kibble aversion is often caused by a greasy fried product with bareky disguised mixed and unidentifiable inconsistent ingredients seasoned with chemically treated ginger root to stimulate the food recognition programming in at least 30% of starving test Ferals. Higher end brands exist, some going so far as to market their kibble as edible for other kinds of animals which triggers regulatory testing from the government, the closest thing there is to a reliable seal of approval, though government inspections of facilities and practices processing even human food are barely a thing in this deregulated and privatized day and age as it is. Only ‘Mad Maude Murphy’s’ brand is marketed as edible for humans as well and is formulated to reduce the softness of feces to make them more viable as pets, though at its prices cheap spaghetti for children is far preferable, despite the gastrointestinal distress it causes Fluffies. As always, indoor gardens to produce zucchini for zoodles are recommended as at least a supplement alongside kibble if not a complete replacement. Several Hugbox breeder organizations list kibble-only diets as a form of abuse, and amateur organic chemists release reports on the composition of the formula of some brands month to month, though frequent name changes of brand and product to fool owners who realize the misery one brand causes renders any kind of consumer-side grading useless.


True for the high quality brands of kibble. Other brands tend to forget the nutrient part