Makes sense, although I'd be more concerned that the foal managed to take a crap that big.


It's literally bigger than its body. I know fluffies take massive shits because ha ha poo poo funny, but still.


Unfortunately, yes. This however is a misconception on the breeders part. When the fluffy uses this phrase, it’s trying to let the owner know that it is fragile (part of a preprogramed response to potentially abusive behavior toward the foal from a child that may play too rough with it). It’s anticipating a punishment, ***NOT*** trying to give an excuse. Also, ***HOW IN GOD’S GREAT NAME DOES THE OWNER THINK THAT PILE CAME OUT OF THAT FLUFFY?!?***


You kidding? They crap 3 times their body weight.


Yes, but at a certain point it stops being about the fluffy failing to use the litter box and more about the owner overfeeding them and then acting like it’s unexpected.


True. After weaning and litter training that pass is revoked.


Here's the thing about "Am Onwy wittow bebeh" Originally "Am Onwy wittow bebeh" was a self-preservation phrase that Hasbio preprogrammed on foals so that they could, in as little words as possible, communicate to their owners, they, as foals, are very fragile and aren't capable of doing all the activities an adult fluffy could. However, since fluffies were released before the time that self-preservation phrase tends to glitch a lot, and more often than not the foals don't understand what "Am Onwy wittow bebeh" really means. It's just a thing they scream when they feel distressed. And here's the thing, when a foal gets away with bad behavior by using the "Am onwy Wittow bebeh" phrase, it will think that "Am onwy wittow bebeh" is a phrase to get out of trouble, any trouble, so the fluffy will rather just yell "Im Onwy Wittow bebeh" instead of correcting its behavior or learning essential training such as litterbox training. So you should NEVER let a fluffy get away of trouble with "Im onwy wittow bebeh" Least you get an untrainable fluffy that urinates EVERYWHERE like [Betty](https://www.reddit.com/r/fluffycommunity/comments/oy9t81/am_onwy_wittow_baby_part_1_by_everyconfusion1869/)


True. No explanation needed.


True. If they can make excuses for why they shouldn't be punished then they know what they did wrong and why they're being punished. Spare the rob, spoil the fluffy and all that. That said, don't get angry. This is a teaching moment for them, and it should be explained to them, as well as the other fluffies around them, what series of events led up to this one getting a face full of poo. Have them say what they were doing before they chose not to make good poopies and then explain to them very calmly that that choice is why they're getting a facefull of sorry poopies and they will then standby while you clean it up and then finally clean them up. After all that, ask them if they've learned their lesson and from there either return them to the safe room to continue playing or administer the sorry box/corner as needed.


Partially true for my headcanon. It really depends on the breeder.


If it's old enough to talk I think it's old enough to understand the concept of good and bad poopies ​ that said you still need to show that poopies outside the litterbox are bad somehow


True, most breeders go out of their way to weed bad behavior out as a properly trained fluffy is worth way more than a poorly trained or untrained one.




I'd say it's as soon as they can talk


False In the sense that "am onwy widdwe babbeh" said by *foals* are non-existant in the first place I mean we are talking about children of a species that are meant to be stupid. They shouldn't be *that* smart. What's next? Are we going to have foals learned calculus? Have foals solved complex equation?


True. Every human knows this, and will train foals to understand the "Sorry Box" as punishment. Fearing to be placed in the box, and disobeying the human, they've all learned rather quickly not to run the "am wittew babbeh" routine. Foals who don't learn this are bound to a gruesome fate of being turned into either a handful of "Pals". Common is the Litter, forced to eat and clean after a herd. Enfie is a diabolical Pal, but the most tame. Raped repeatedly by horny stallions, both mares and stallions are going to be in this Pal by breeders and showmanship owners the most. The last Pal is the No Weggies Pal. Paired with a pillowed fluffy, this Pal is not actually a torturing event, it's an actual high honor. Being both legless, they're going to keep each other entertained, and most oftentimes are given special prosthetics to enhance the life of both fluffies. A No Weggies Pal is a hobbyists dream Pal, as you're happy to help a legless Fluffy eventually walk once again.


Depends. Fluffies don't *just* use the "am onwy widdwe babbeh" excuse for litter-related accidents but also when they play too roughly with their siblings and some other behaviors. Litter-related accidents might also still get a pass, *if* and *only if* the Fluffy adds something like "leggies am too smaww" since that can be a valid explanation. The "am onwy widdwe babbeh" response was partially created to remind younger Fluffy owners of how fragile Fluffy foals are and partially to remind owners that they *are* babies and might not know that and why their behavior is wrong. Unfortunately many Fluffies continue to use it even after being told what they did wrong because most breeders are more lenient the first time they use it - and are then confused when future usage gets them harsher and harsher responses. Those Fluffies will usually develop bad habits more easily and many breeders disclose this to potential buyers.


That exuse is never valid. I'm not giving you my sympathy you little rat.


Depends. If the breeders are more responsible and professional, this is about how they deal with foals, but for breeders who are abuse-boxers, that excuse is never acceptable regardless




hehehe yessssssss


True Litter-training might take a little longer on some foals, but once they start eating solid foods they’ve moved in from “little babbeh” to “big babbeh” and should understand what they’re doing, thus necessitating the need for harsher punishments


Partially true, they use this to say that they are fragile and don't know much, some breeders think that after they know somethings they can't give that excuse anymore


False. Engineering specific personalities takes all kinds of behaviors. Some are intended to behave as babies lifelong, including having accidents. Breeders of livestock-grade, or ones meant to emulate real horse behaviors, are not litter trained at all. Some buyers find misbehavior amusing. Catering to abusers means keeping in the responses that trigger anger and cute aggression.


False. Because even human beings when they begin to be potty trained still occasionally have accidents.


Absolutely true




Only Chirpies are "Widdle Babbehs" if we accept that these are biologically Preprogrammed BioToys (no matter how incomplete and buggy that programming may be originally or "now") Once the thing can talk it has reached the threshold of Fluff intelligence and is now responsible for its own behavior, its all downhill from here. :/