False The parents are just similar enough because of their chimeric DNA to carry to term, but the crossed genes always lead to mutations and stillbirths. Fluffies being dumb never understand why, so feral couples are forever locked in a cycle of heartbreak


Does this mean it's possible for two regular fluffies carrying the sea fluffy gene two have sea fluffy foals and confuse the hell out of the owner?


Reminds me of the comic where the babies with legs had gills instead of lungs, and vice versa for the ones with flippers. Such tradgedy. Or is it Irony?




Got a link or source for it?


You have no earthly idea how long this took to find. I thought I had it saved, but I didn't. [Anyway, here's Wonderwall (jk not really)](https://www.reddit.com/r/fluffycommunity/comments/kacli1/aqua_fluffy_life_psychosomatic/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share)


False. Any offspring between the two are stillborn 90% of the time and any living ones are sterile and/or mutated.


I agree.


False: When sea-fluffies and regular fluffies mate the result is horrifying calcified stillborn, and aggressive dangerous mutations, plus mating them is impossible shrot of insemination because their reproductive organs don't match at all, precisely to avoid the horrifying mutations.


No it will probably be a case of the babies will be born and the mum will think they are see babies and they all drown


Did you just tell someone their headcanon was wrong?


I didn’t realise that was his head canon


False. They're physically incompatible due to using different genomes and attempts to breed them results in miscarriage or stillborns that look like Rooba.


**False** Breeders have had countless failures in trying to cross breed the fluffy species, just trying to get them to mate safely was a challenge. In some previous attempts the failures would often result in the either land fluffy drowning trying to do the dead or it was pulled into water by the sea fluffy. Other times the sea fluffy would suffocate from lack of water or overheat along with drying out burning as it was out of water for an extended amount of time. In order to recoup costs some breeders often sell the footage of their sea and land fluffies dying to abusers or to fluff-TV's abuse channel. Both species have vastly different coding in their chaotic genetic composition and attempts to breed Sea and Land fluffs (breed is irrelevant) have resulted in abysmal failures. Although a mare be it sea or land fluff will carry the litter to term what comes out is often still born or their horribly deformed fluffies which often die minutes to hours after birth.


False why because I imagine that sea fluffies like regular fluffies can give live birth but if they crossbreed it would end in disaster.


True - with human intervention. Considering some Fluffies can drown by just looking at water and Sea Fluffies don't have the lung capacity to last long enough out of water, feral Sea/Land Fluff pairings will often end with one or both Fluffies dead. And that is if they even have a chance to become "speciaw fwiends" in the first place. Breeding mills and private breeders usually don't bother with the hassle and the few private breeders that do end up with a Sea/Land pair (usually by accident via wandering Land Fluffy) go with artificial insemination, *maybe* with an explanation of what they are doing. Designer breeders that specialize in Sea Fluffies are the most likely to pair Sea/Land in an attempt to get more variety into the Sea Fluffy-pool. Usually if one such pairing results with the Sea Fluff offspring has the desired trait (i.e. sparkly coat) they will then purchase the Land Fluffy and push the pair to become "speciaw fwiends". By now there exists specialized equipment to allow the stallions to breath in the same environment as the mare. ~~Said equipment consists of bubble helmets with tubes attached.~~


I would've thought you'd have fluffies that can swim or at least not drown as easily.


False. They're going to be whichever is the mare's original bloodline. If she's a seafluffy, every foal is hers, visa versa. The mare has the dominant genes, and will have her offspring in her bloodline. This can have cool unforeseen side effects. If a mare is land based, and has fathered by a seafluffy her foals, none of the foals will fear any kind of water, and will enjoy it more than the other foals. They will also be more agile, and rarely become fat, as there metabolism is actually suitable for being in the lake/sea.


I thought the seafluffy was working in an underwater mcdonalds at first. xD


False. The mother determines the subspecies in my head cannon. This was done by Hasbio for efficiency when inseminating mares.


Both. Depends on the breed, and whether the Sea Fluffies exist as a result of fetal ectogenic graft modifications, mutation, or the produced breeds by other companies looking to make a unique product. Graft=true because they will not pass on the modifications. Mutation=false, if they can successfully breed they will produce more amphibians. Breeds=mostly false, the gross simplification of the genetics of modern new product results in unpredictable consequences in breeding, but most traits are non-Mendelian and do not follow simple patterns of dominant/recessive.


False it truly depends on the parents original genetics which one is more recessive


I am gonna get an aquatic mare and just fucking devastate her emotionally aw hell yeah


True! It is the main reason why sea Fluffies are so rare. Though, I have little idea on how a normal fluffy will manage to mate with a sea fluffy...


Possibly false in my headcanon. I’m on the fence about a lot of fluffy subtypes existing in general, but I imagine their genes would be different enough that they’re incompatible to fluffies outside of their own subtype.


fluffy + fluffy = fluffy fluffy + seafluffy = severely deformed monsters wich 90% die before reaching the age of 1


False. In my headcanon the genetics are so different that babies cannot be carried to term if artificial insemination is used, so trying to get a mixed pair like this to mate is only done for filming weird fetish videos.


This could have been so much worse if the mom was the seafluffy.


False. Hybrid fluffy genetics are more complicated in my headcanon. I'd link my post about it but it's only on the FC website. :(


How’d they even do the deed? I wanna believe the mare sat there with their crotch hanging off the edge of the tank waiting for him.