Meme Dump 5

Meme Dump 5


I agree with the first one


These memes are just too good, the 3rd meme had me laughing! I can totally see Walt telling a fluffy this!


Just so you know We *used* to have a "Meme" flair here. When memes took over the front page, it had to be removed. I hope a few memes won't casacade into the same problem again.


well looks like it's just me right now, guess if it gets too much you can just tell me when ​ or make a separate subreddit for it, which a lot of places are known to do


I miss the days when they were legally classified as soap. I wonder if anyone still holds onto that Headcanon, other than me


It was literally just a single image by Artistkun


And it defined my entire worldview regarding fluffies


Fake. they do not disolve in water, they make you dirty, not clean, and they smell like shit if you not not clean them. So, they can not be classified as soap. :p


I stull hold to it, since they have programming meaning theyre toys.


For the first one I usually like to use robot-logic. Robots posses parts wich function like organs to make it move, they need some fuel (food) maintenance (changing oil might be seen as shit) it can be turned off (sleep) for reproduction robots that make other robot parts might count, they also follow a programations like fluffies are supposed to do. So it brings the question of what exactly is a living thing, a robot with AI and an independient personality is considered alive or just a machine? Same things happen to fluffies, to some are a living being, for other just a thing attempting too hard to look like one.


Let's go biotope abuse


the fuckin cloudy with a chance of meat balls one XD


Its not a biotoy its a potential red smear