Purple vs Gold for Home Business Network

I am considering buying a Firewalla, and I'm debating between the Purple and Gold models, and possibly the Purple SE model.

I like the features of network monitoring and the potential to block certain domains or sites from certain users.

I have a home business. I have a network that uses both switches with ethernet along with 2 Apple Express Wifi APs. (yes I know they're old tech at this point, but a separate topic.) There is Verizon FiOS internet service. Over wifi I'm getting around 110 Mbps download and upload speeds.

Typically 3 desktop machines and 2 laptops use the network. There are also 2 iPhones, the occasional iPad, along with a Smart TV. A few times a week I upload files with WeTransfer and those uploads can be .5 to 4gb. Backblaze is also backing up my main computer on a daily basis.

Will a Purple or Purple SE Firewalla slow down my network significantly?

Do I need to spend the extra money to have a Gold Firewalla to not experience slow network speeds?


You get 110 Mbps over WiFi but what speed are you paying for? If it's < 500Mbps the Purple SE will be fine. It's got gigbit ports, but is speed limited due to processing power. With seemingly very few devices, I don't think the SE would limit your throughput.


You have 110mb speed, that is the key. FWP is enough, I think even FWP SE is enough but I have never used that one. I have 500m down 30m up and over 60 devices, various switches, and aps, using FWP only as a router with all the features on plus docker tailscale and all is fine.


Agree...both Purples would be more than adequate. I have 300mb speeds and have 30+ active devices, work from home, and occasionally have the family playing games/streaming and have not once had an issue with my Purple. Too often this sub recommends the Gold when a Purple is sufficient. Also note that the original hardware issues with the Purple seem to have been resolved.


Uhhh how have you gone so long with considering 110mbps speeds as acceptable over wifi with fios (assuming you have gig service)... I'd suspect you need more than just a router, but a pretty extensive overhaul. And should consider newer wifi6 APs to really open up your wifi speeds. AEXs were never really super fast or great with coverage, although pretty convenient. It was great for traveling. You do NOT want the FWPSE, as it's a 500mbps device, so you'd by default lose half your bandwidth. While the FWP is capable of many of the same abilities of a FWG, it is a smaller package, and I wouldn't "cheap out" to save the $100 by picking the FWP. There's a known issue, that is inherent and continued from the first production run where the WAN port dies with 0 upload over time; which still hasn't been fully resolved. If you buy a FWP, you're taking your chances of it occurring, as it's a recurring post at least every week in the sub, where it occurs. Get the FWG, as you're not hurting for space in a home install, and will be using it continuously, and the extra ports will be beneficial. Also take some time to plan out what upgrades to your network you may want to update as well. As there are a whole slew of APs and features, that are available at fair prices since the AEX. Also take into consideration things like if you will want to use network segmentation and vlans, as it will likely require you to upgrade to managed/smart switches that support vlans too.


Do we know if the problem with the FWP has been resolved in more recent production runs? In other words, the slow upload issues we see reported could all be from early units that are dying and not new ones. I'm not sure if I've seen anyone posting about a new FWP going bad. I think I'd agree that for most business use the FWG is a better bet.


On the discord server, someone that's somewhat active had gotten one in the late summer 2022 from FW, and had the 0 WAN upload issue appearing over the winter/new year-ish. So it is not contained into the early 2022/indiegogo units As we also continue to see the posts, I try to ask when they get when they ordered theirs... Unless there were far less FWP's sold than we've been led to believe, or FW had an initial run that was extremely large, and all these units are still from that batch... But I'm not aware of FW announcing the build lots/manufacturing runs being started/stopped, other than the pre-production/initial runs like with the FWG+ and FWPSE.


Ok, thanks.


There's no point for a home user. The SE is perfect for him. No one cares about his large bandwidth pipe. He won't utilize it at one given point. Only for a large download here or there. Or the stupid speed test. Both which Don't justify the extra $400. Either way, the SE is the perfect solution for everyone. I Don't recommend the gold or purple, only if you're a small business.


The Firewall Purple SE is good enough for 98% of people on the subreddit. There are people that have one or two gig WAN speed But don't ever utilize the entire pipe at a given moment only for speed tests. Don't spend the extra $400 just to look at your speed test. Get the SE and you'll be very happy.


For business you want Gold. Regardless if purple meets your needs on paper there have been way too many hardware failures talked about here to trust it even for inexperienced home users, let alone business.