People would complain that drg would lose its only edge if Skyshatter isn't as dumb as it is now.


just make the one from your team very obvious and keep the enemy one as it is


Just add overwatch sound cues since it's still awful to see a tiny aoe circle in this games spell effect overload. That's not including that drg can get skyshatters possible weaknesses removed on both map design and luck of the draw comps in matchmaking. This game needed a draft system if they take 4 months to barely balance jobs and have the possibility of a team getting fucked by blind matchmaking both in casual and ranked.


Nah dude its real skill testing to look at 10 ground AOE effects and being able to distinguish which one is your teams and which one is the enemies /s


Real talk, the only reason I still die to Sky Shatter is because I can never tell if that's _my team's_ DRG who did that or the enemy team's-- and it only ever seems to get used when there's a DRG mirror match going on in my queue.


Differences in shape and form in the vfx instead of just different colors would also be great, if differentiating enemy and ally vfx is something that ends up being done. So instead of like, just making Bahamut red, they could maybe reuse the >!Lunar Bahamut!< model for enemy Bahamuts. Then again, just adding a red Bahamut would be that sort of "oops we forgot about colorblind people" mistake that CBU3 has made several times before, so eh.


Slipstream already has different coloring for allied/enemy Summoner. Enemy slipstreams have some red in them.


This is like saying that status effects you put on something are distinguished from those put by others because the countdown timer is in a green so pale it's almost white, rather than just in actual white. [ insert "...I GUESS" meme image here ]


it's very true, my favourite is when people start spamming bahamut's or Jumps and it's always a guess which side it is coming from.