man wtf

this slightly homophobic friend of mine is trying to get me in a maid outfit.

like bruh this mf used to be repulsed at the thought of men wearing anything slightly feminine and now he's actively trying to get me in a maid outfit. obv I have to act like I don't want to do it but still.


Maybe he’s in denial? Some people act homophobic because they’re in the closet to either hide the fact or because they’re in denial


he does say some wildly gay things sometimes so maybe


Maybe is he into you


Like actually this


I had a friend who said he was 100% straight and said some really gay stuff and would always deny himself being gay. 2 weeks ago he told me he has had a crush on me for a while, so ye he may be having thoughts and not be sure how to express them or he’s just messing around idk


Yeah this looks like a closet case if I've ever seen one.


Maybe he’s slowly dropping hints till someone gets it


This is what I thought aswel


And then when they let it out, it is like a dam bursting lmao


Absolutely, not just a river in Egypt.


Yeah back in elementary school before I realized everythin I was *very* homophobic cause I was bisexual and thought somethin was wrong with me cause surely boys can’t be attracted to boys and vice versa. Then one day in 8th grade I heard the word bisexual in the hallway and since I was a nerd I had a vague understanding of it and looked it up. Didn’t even phase me I was just kinda like “oh. So that’s what I am. Cool” and that was that lol. Gayest mf Ik now


I'm glad you realized and accepted that early. I turned down the only guys who were ever into me because I was so in denial even through college. Recently saw a "memory" on Facebook where I said I would date a friend of mine "if I swung that way". LOL, poor stupid past me.


I had a similar experience; I had never heard the term bisexual before, so I went through all of high school thinking I couldn't be gay because I found women attractive. And much like you, as soon as I learned you can just like everyone, it all clicked. The weirdest part is that my attraction to women also went up once I became comfortable being attracted to men.


Sameee! I used to be super attracted to mostly guys but after I got more comfortable with my sexuality and gender I realized that I still like guys but nowhere near as much as I thought before. I mean hell I’m almost not attracted to masc guys at all anymore


I parkoured from homophobe to ally to bisexual femboy in less than 2 years, so it definitely does go that way sometimes.


This seems likely I was pretty homophobic when I was a kid all it did was prevent me from being true to my now much happier self


I was this way. I grew up thinking being gay was wrong but also being gay so to compensate I acted pretty homophobic. With proper self awareness you grow out of it


he is definitely gay but ashamed of it


internalised homophobia is a bitch


He’s probably currently writing one of these I’m not gay but (extremely gay shit) 4chan story


"I'm not gay but... one of my also male friends is super hot and I want him in a maid outfit and to live with him and marry him and we can take turns domming for the rest of our life but again I'm not gay I actually don't like gay people trust me please" is usually how alot of them go from my experience


There’s just room mates just a bro helping out another bro


exactly it's a brojob not a blowjob/balls didn't touch/didn't swallow not gay/didn't make eye contact/has socks on/not gay I swear/didn't touch the back of my throat/didn't use tongue/we've both been single for a while/we didn't mean it like that etc etc every cope imaginable


I think he's repulsed at the thought of wearing something feminine himself but has no issue wanting it from others and probably he sexualizes it. Don't give in but tell him he can dress like a maid himself if that's what he wants.


That's pretty dumb of him


So, yeah, there are people who act homophobic then come out. There are people who act homophobic and hurt people. And then there are people who act homophobic and then are on the DL. I don't like people on the DL. They'll fuck you and then talk shit to their girlfriend about you behind your back. Long story short, I don't fuck with anyone who acts homophobic. If you actually care about this person as a friend, I'd confront him about his homophobia first and say, "hey, dude, you can't be asking me to wear a maid dress around you and be saying this homophobic crap. It's okay to be bi or gay but it's not okay to be homophobic"


DL? He’s on the injured list?


😂 MLB's DL is now known as the IL cuz players "on the DL" didn't wanna be called out every time they got injured 😉


He is imo either sorry at being "slightly homophobic" or was in denial


Congrats, you've made his opinion do a full 180°


This sounds like a shift from edgy conservative middle schooler to the complete opposite. Weird how many times and places I’ve seen it honestly.


Don’t do it. He’s probably trying to blackmail you


Honestly this was my first thought. He might want to get them to put on that outfit and quickly make a photo or even something worse. Stay safe OP and don't do spontaneous non-thought-through decisions on that!


I was the most homophobic person out of everyone as a young kid/early - mid teen because I was surrounded by homophobia as a younger person . Now I’m 19 and man im a changed person and very gay.


It’s a trap!! Seriously tho, this might be dangerous.


it's unfortunately pretty common for homophobes to be secretly gay or into trans folk


It’s a good thing you’re refusing. Even if he is attracted to you, he can also use it for humiliation and things like that.


Tell him you'll put it on if he puts on a virgin killer sweater first. You know, lead by example. 🤣🤣


You changed him lmao


Lots of homophobic people are secretly or not so secretly into femboys


I’d wear the maid outfit, approach him alone and say “Is this what you wanted to see?…” the gauge his reaction. You’ll know for sure if he’s curious then lol. And if he says you wore it for him, say you wore it for yourself to prove a point and walk away. Or don’t wear it at all and let him know where to find one for himself and walk away lmao


I barely see him irl and god knows I am not going anywhere in a maid outfit so the reaction is going to have to be purely in text which is a whole lot harder to determine


Maybe send him a photo of you in it if you’d like and say what I said above (if he doesn’t respond I’d say it’s safer to say he was flabbergasted or speechless) (if he lashes out I’d think he’s a little curious and if he says “cool” then its just that, cool) or just say “here’s a link for that maid outfit you wanted to see me in if you’re interested 😛”


DON'T SEND A PHOTO TO THE HOMOPHOBE. I mean seriously, does this really need to be said?? This kind of shit only works out in movies and pornos. More likely if OP sends a picture, the dude will use it to blackmail and bully him, and likely share it with others.


F'ING THIS!! They might blackmail you with that photo, use it to humiliate you, share it with others to publicly make fun of you or even worse things...


Idk, tbh in this day in age things like that aren’t as common as you’d think. And you can’t blackmail somebody when they don’t care. But what the two above said is right. And he might try to do that. It’s a matter if you care or not and that’s all up to you : )


Also it’s a IF they wanted I stated that in post my guy : ) And in all honesty, I’ve done what I just recommended before.


... get in the maid outfit


Get in the maid outfit shinji. Then crank that Soulja boi


The question is do you like him?


I’d suggest you have a frank chat telling him to knock off his homophobic comments now and into the future. Don’t address this maid outfit, don’t address his potentially fem/gay identity, don’t deal with other stuff, just deal with telling him to knock the homophobic shit off. And then jump to other topics. But he needs to hear it from a friend so he understands how dumb his two-sidedness is.


Sounds like he's in the closet


Homophobe being into femboys, nothing too crazy lol


I used to say homophobic things to keep my cover when I was closeted maybe it is like that


He’s turned on by it at the least but doesn’t think it is an actual part of his person. I would put any amount of money down that I’d you could see what he Googles you would find a lot of gay stuff.


This is always more common than you think, I remember going to a school for mostly Muslim boys (we were segregated by gender and you didn’t have to be Muslim to be a student but you would be separated into a different class durring religious studies and there were like four other guys than myself in that) for 7th grade, not a place you could really be openly gay and accepted, and never in my life had I had more guys ask me to do sexual things with them.


100% in denial. Tell him its ok to be gay 🤷


Some of the most homophobic people I knew in middle school and high school are now INCREDIBLY gay


Honestly he might like you I used to pick on a guy a little (nothing extreme) but it was kind of cause I was so guarded about my sexuality and he wasn't


That sounds sus to me dude.


Sounds like he's playing a prank or something. I wouldn't do it for him


he is fs a homosexual


Maybe he grew up


Well….. people change. That simple


internalized homophobia


Internalized homophobia at the root. But hopefully maybe character development here?


Sometimes people project there insecurities and issues they have within themself onto others. I used to be super transphobic and homophobic (bad parental influence) but I’ve found myself in later years and now much more free in my expression and sexuality, much happier now as well. Usually the parts you weren’t ready to confront within yourself you project your opinion into others, in fear people will see it in you, so you go the furthest thing to it, which would be hating it. I hope he finds himself and chills out about being so stuck up over something that’s really not that big of a deal. Love yourself, love others, that’s all.




he just suppressing that side of himself


So.. in which game do they magicfind and why does this matter here :o


Well not only he’s in denial he wants you


that is a probability


Conversion....started......finally............*Femboy evil laughter*




No Creeping




If you're confident enough, call his bluff. Wear it and ask what exactly he likes about it. He might be in the closet but if he wants you to look more feminine for him, or possibly jealous that he can't wear clothes he wants because of rules in his head.