Cute laptop work bags that are actually functional, fabulous, and sturdy under $1000?

Cute laptop work bags that are actually functional, fabulous, and sturdy under $1000?


I have a Tumi backpack which I love - it’s smart, versatile and is good for organisation


Another vote for Tumi, I have a leather Carson and love it. It holds a lot for the size.


Yep - one too many work trips with a heavy bag digging into my shoulder while I stood on a train or trekked across an airport, I decided to embrace the backpack!


I’ve seen tumi bags but never knew anyone who got it! Is it long lasting?


My family has owned tumi backpacks and suitcases since the mid 90s. We loving refer to them as our apocalypse bags because they’ve survived just about everything


Mine is a few years old and still looks new - it’s leather so ages very well too


Second this. Saw my friend’s Tumi [Alpha Bravo](https://www.google.com/search?q=tumi+navy+alpha+bravo&rlz=1CDGOYI_enUS774US839&hl=en-US&prmd=sivxn&sxsrf=AOaemvLGLkB7dMacIb7Kn1PxSezQXOp1HQ:1634670849991&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwjB-9m6l9fzAhUlM30KHSXuB9wQ_AUoAnoECAMQAg&biw=390&bih=669&dpr=3#imgrc=Oe3SZsjbIqkA-M) and have been in love since. Very compact and lots of pockets. Does not look that masculine once you put it on. The only reason I don’t have one is because I don’t travel for work anymore and just wfh. Otherwise Navy Blue would be my first choice.


Yes to this! Also check out Tumi leather business totes.


Love my Tumi backpack, definitely one of the best work investments I’ve made. It’s awesome for travel too.


I have [this](https://www.uk.rains.com/collections/backpacks/products/backpack-mini?variant=7675044364345) Rains backpack and I love it. Waterproof, simple design, all I want.


This bag is amazing. I went with the full size even though I’m pretty short and I really don’t regret it. The design goes with everything and it’s super comfortable to wear.


How do the straps on this hold up when you have a coat on? I’ve been looking at this bag for a little while and the straps are my only concern.


The straps are a bit thin but are ok. You can buy extra sleeves for them to pad them out


If I had to put a water bottle in there how well would it hold up>?


My work friend turned us all onto chic diaper bags. Kate spade has [one](https://surprise.katespade.com/products/chelsea-baby-bag/767883220573.html?KSNY=true&ogmap=PLA%7CACQ%7CGOOG%7CSTND%7Cm%7CSITEWIDE%7CSurprise%7Cpla_ecomm_surprise_gg_us_en_smart%7Cpla_ecomm_surprise_gg_us_en_smart%7C%7C13452310698%7C126328435867%7CUS&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI8uLKyZTX8wIVzBmtBh2FbAX4EAQYASABEgJ3wvD_BwE) that I bought. It has internal pockets/organization, is more than roomy enough for a 15" laptop, and is big enough for gym clothes and my barefoot training shoes, and presumably built to be sturdy enough for kid stuff. This one is mostly made of a nylon fabric but I’m sure there are some high end bag companies that make stealthy diaper bags in leather. Another friend swears by Tumi for work backpacks, and it looks like they have leather briefcase options!


Wow that’s a good idea. I’ll look into that! Thanks!


I gotta say, using a stylish diaper bag for this purpose is actually genius. Looking at the one you linked, you'd never know it's meant for kid stuff, but being that it is, it's also ultra sturdy.


I’ve always used diaper bags as work bags, they’re the best!


Literally didn’t know this was supposed to be a diaper bag haha, I just bought the regular “[tote](https://surprise.katespade.com/products/chelsea-large-tote/WKR00562.html)” recently and am using it as a work tote, it’s excellent!! Highly recommend


I can't tell from the picture--does this bag have the internal pocket that holds up a water bottle to keep it from spilling on the laptop? That's my #1 need in a work bag, and the page doesn't specify.


I looked for months for a leather backpack that would fit my 15 inch laptop and settled on the [Cole Haan Grand Ambitions](https://www.colehaan.com/grand-ambition-backpack-british-tan/U04934.html) - a little structured so not a SUPER black hole backpack, but it holds so much while still looking sleek. Also amazing to fly with as it has that slip in the back so it stands up on top of your carry-on. I got mine 3 years? ago now and it's holding up to daily commutes and traveling great. But looks like the current season backpack has cloth straps instead of leather (which mine had), so hoping there are no other issues with quality changing w/ construction over the years. Got it on mega sale around black friday so hold out for a promo and don't buy retail if you can wait :)


I didn't know that I could fall in love with a backpack until I clicked that link.


Lol!! It honestly makes me feel so professional, worth every penny for both style and combating imposter syndrome


Yeah I’m going to wait for the sales but I’ll add this to the list of bags to look at! It has just the right amount of pockets!


How much does it weigh? The Q&A answers vary on the weight.


I’m not sensitive to weight of my bags but that being said I was surprised how light it is given the softness & quality of the leather. I’d be surprised if it weighed over 2 and a half lbs empty (but I’ve never measured it myself). I feel like the huge nylon North Face I carried around in college is heavier.


I can recommend [Tom Bihn](https://www.tombihn.com). I have one of their backpacks, but IIRC they have other styles of bags. They also sell all kinds of accessories for organizing your stuff. Should it matter to you, they’re made in the US and genuinely seem to care about their employees and customers.


I went on a lot of rants about this in the past few weeks because men‘s work bags and backpacks are endlessly more functional than women‘s. I am a teacher and I carry a lot of shit with me. I ended up with a Briggs and Riley backpack from their @work line (the medium Cargo) and while it‘s not the most stylish backpack in the world, it‘s by far the most well thought out one I have had. It looks like a men‘s business backpack though… I wish the design was sleeker. https://www.briggs-riley.com I was considering Tumi before but read about some negative experiences with their warranty (or lack thereof) so I went with the Briggs and Riley.


I have a travel tote from Briggs Riley Doesn’t look too fancy but the quality is amazing


+1 for Briggs & Riley. Their luggage is also fantastic.


Honestly, this type of thing is such a niche item that one person's perfect bag won't be another's. In these situations, I just google keywords into etsy/amazon/nordstrom and go from there... "leather+15 inch laptop+travel+pockets" "leather+travel+cute+briefcase+laptop" Like, this was my [workbag](https://poshmark.com/listing/SALEMichael-Kors-Backpack-5ccd0d67fe19c7c67a920fdf), before I started WFH...but I now some people don't like backpacks.


>Honestly, this type of thing is such a niche item that one person's perfect bag won't be another's. So true! I spent HOURS over several WEEKS searching for my perfect bag -- and I found it! Aaand it doesn't fit OP's description. Sure my bag holds a laptop, notebook, pencil case/makeup pouch, water bottle, and has room for more... but since I commute by car, I sacrificed functionality in favor of style. There's no way I could comfortably carry my bag on a walk/public transpo commute. For the curious, I bought the [Lauren Ralph Lauren Dryden Marcy satchel](https://www.macys.com/shop/product/lauren-ralph-lauren-dryden-marcy-leather-satchel?ID=4342842). I'm pretty positive it's meant to be a dupe of the (much more expensive) Prada double.


And I wouldn't buy that bag (even though it's beautiful :) ) I walk everywhere, so I frequently sacrifice fashion for comfort :)


Yeah I know but I’m just looking for some brands and recs right now and I like backpacks! A nice backpack is always great. I had a really beautiful faux leather backpack throughout college, it eventually wore out which is why I had to get rid of it 😩


I have a topo backpack with a laptop compartment that I love but it’s fairly casual https://topodesigns.com/products/daypack-leather?variant=33394139594805


I love Topo Designs backpacks. I have the light pack, and I don't use it for work since mine is sportier. It makes an awesome personal item for flying or a great bag for hiking though. Quality is also stellar.


Yeah mine was actually a gift from my brother cause he loved his so much. He wound up buying a second in a different color


The trend I’ve been seeing are black Tumi backpacks. I have had several Kate Spade totes because they are affordable. roomy, and sturdy but have been eyeing a Tumi.


What do you think of this model https://vonbaer.com/products/bella-womens-small-leather-backpack?variant=8593338040363? It’s definitely under 1K bucks, and it’s sturdy since it’s genuine leather. Personally, I prefer to use a backpack for my laptop, and also a stylish case. I use a special case to protect my computer from being scratched and damaged. Primarily, it is helpful in case you suddenly drop your laptop, no matter if it’s in the bag or not. While the backpack is just my personal choice. Usually, backpacks are more sturdy than any laptop bag. Besides, your hands are free, and you can carry a cup of coffee or some other stuff. Still, I wouldn’t recommend a backpack if you live in a big city and often take public transport. There is a high probability that your belongings will be stolen when you lose your guard. Luckily, I have a car. So, my backpack is really comfy for me.


The Janice Backpack from Pixie Mood fits that niche for me of being both stylish and functional. Bonus: it's convertible (backpack, satchel, or briefcase), cruelty free, and carbon neutral. I can usually fit my work laptop (15 inch), a bottle of water, a snack, a notebook, my wallet, and a phone all in there without it looking too full. [https://pixiemood.ca/products/janice-backpack-large?variant=40985111527594&gclid=CjwKCAjw2bmLBhBREiwAZ6ugo82E7gcphxbydVmr48SLJ5UmODPS3dthJGBB7s-iw1Puk\_r7fKmVPBoCr7IQAvD\_BwE](https://pixiemood.ca/products/janice-backpack-large?variant=40985111527594&gclid=CjwKCAjw2bmLBhBREiwAZ6ugo82E7gcphxbydVmr48SLJ5UmODPS3dthJGBB7s-iw1Puk_r7fKmVPBoCr7IQAvD_BwE)


Wow thanks!


No problem! I work in the legal field but I also bike to work, and I prefer to buy carbon neutral/cruelty-free, so I needed something very specific and had been searching for a long time. $110 is cheap - I originally bought it for $200 or so. Have had it for about 4 years now and it has held up great. I think you can find it in different colours, too, if you'd like, but I always default to black.


How are the shoulder straps holding up? I had a Mat&Nat bag with the vegan leather that I loved until the straps cracked terribly. They now have a few styles with canvas/fabric straps that I'll look into when my current bag bites it.


They hold up surprisingly well! I find generally that Pixie Mood has much better made/more durable stuff than Matt and Nat. They hurt my shoulders a tiny bit if I’ve loaded my bag up with lots of heavy things and have been walking/biking for more than an hour since the straps are a little thin, but I am always shocked that the straps have no wear to them after four years of continual use.


That's so good to know! I would still stick to wider straps (I'm a constant bag over-filler) but knowing that the straps wear well is a huge plus in Pixie Moody's favour.


I have a Pixie Mood purse and can second the durability!


Thanks so much, have been searching for so long for cute vegan bags!! Now gotta figure out shipping to the UK


This is cute as shit.


Oroton does some really nice [laptop bags](https://oroton.com/bags/laptop-bags/) and [briefcases](https://oroton.com/men/bags/briefcases/). I have [this bag](https://oroton.com/muse-15-worker-tote-black-osfa) and I absolutely love it, it fits my laptop and all the work stuff I need. I actually got it second hand for $100 off eBay. I’ve used it daily and it has held up really well - no scratches or anything. Plus it looks so much nicer than the [ugly bags](https://images.app.goo.gl/Wub2F21omruRuB5eA) my work gave me to use


This brand looks awesome!


I've got this one in charcoal, and it's great! Just leather accents so it might not be exactly what you're looking for but it fits my 15" thinkpad and anything else I want to throw in, with lots of little spaces to keep everything nice and organized. ​ https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/moose-designs-multi-functional-workstation-bag/x/25855254#/


I’m sorry if this is mean - but this is so perfect from a functional perspective, it fits all of my dreams, but it is so aesthetically not what I need. Why can’t we have both!!


No offense taken! I've been function over form my whole life, and I'm just starting to dip into the aesthetic world. Here's hoping we'll get both more often in the future!


That is one really cool case, too bad I want one to cram my computer and notebooks in.


If you're considering Jemma and Dagne Dover, also check out Lo and Sons and Knomo. Both makes great work bags with thoughtful organization at a decent price point. I own a Landon duffle from DD and it's changed my mind about getting a Dakota. Dagne Dover leather totes does feel heavy and imho, not really made for larger laptops- you will definitely feel it. Or consider something from a traditional luggage brand - Tumi or Biggs and Riley. Pricey but usually comes with a great warranty too. Currently, I am using a Bellroy Transit Workpack- it's minimal looking, and have some decent organization. It's also big enough for me to easily do a 2-3 day trip.




This is the answer! Lo&Sons make the best travel bags. I have had two of the OGs and they made full time work travel with many flights per week for 5+ years a complete breeze. I was able to fit two work computers, iPad, change of clothes, shoes (there’s a special shoe compartment!), snacks, a 40 oz insulated water bottle, two decent size zippered pouches (makeup/toiletries and office supplies) ziploc of liquid toiletries, wallet, passport/travel documents, pens, lip balm, keys, and so much more. I could easily lay my hands on exactly what I wanted without looking and extremely quickly. Most organized bag I’ve ever had but still very flexible. I only got my second one because I was ready for a different color. The original one still looks new after ~8 years. Highly recommend Lo&Sons!


Agree on Lo & Sons! I have the OMG from +5 years ago in olive - I think it is renamed to the smaller OG. I love it. It has held up really well, it fits underneath the seat of a plane, I can put it over my roller board handle so it won't tip over, and I love all of the pockets and the key leash. The version I have has a padded laptop section as well as a second, smaller padded section that I put my iPad in. It is such a well thought out design with a TON of space.


Yes, I LOVE my Lo & Sons.... Especially since you can swap out colors really easily! https://www.loandsons.com/collections/womens-laptop-bags/products/seville-tote-saffiano-leather-black-gold-grey


I am obsessed with my [ebags pro slim backpack](https://www.ebags.com/backpacks/laptop-backpacks/pro-slim-laptop-backpack/1177756499.html?productid=117775-6499&country=US¤cy=USD&couponid=94790994&gclid=CjwKCAjw2bmLBhBREiwAZ6ugo5D0_Qtx80IEAlodurGRmMluVQ3izBBuyXHOInX9ikyjLtQY1CBGDBoCYWgQAvD_BwE). It works like a chest of drawers and you can put so much in, but always reach anything without any digging whatsoever. It is genius. I am a discreet luxury, bottega veneta person otherwise and formerly hated backpacks. But I value my spine health, and here we are.


Wow I feel like this is almost too organized haha


As a long-suffering "black hole bag where is anything ever" person it has changed my life, especially reducing airport and meetings stress.


That's exactly what I need. Especially the airport *I just saw it I had it it was in my hard ahhhhhhh!* stress.


The pockets & compartments!! This looks amazing.


I got the transform tote from Pond to fit my 15”Mac! They have another one that will fit that size too! I was looking for something I could turn into a backpack but still felt chic. It felt impossible to find something for that size too! [Here is a link to the Pond LA website!](https://pondla.com/)


I have one and I love it. Two years in and it still looks brand new!


Not OP but this style and it's versatility is what I've been looking for!!!


Thank you! I’ve been searching for a work bag for years. I originally bought the Lo & Sons OG right before the pandemic and just simply hated it IRL. I’ve been eyeing the Dagne Docer Allyn Tote but now I’m in a new job and will be commuting via public transit for the first time in my life (and also carrying my laptop with me for the first time) so I don’t think a regular shoulder bag will do. One thing I’ve been looking for also is bags that are wide so I can fit my lunch containers flat instead of on the side. Of all the packing and review videos I’ve watched, it seems like no one ever packs lunch! Ive been looking for reviews on Pond but could hardly find any. I love that this one is convertible so I can carry it however I feel. I looked into the Modern bag too but it’s so pricey and i couldn’t find many reviews on it either. I reached out to ask about a color restock and they actually said they’re discontinuing entirely once they sell out! Did you find the price justifies the value? I’ve looked into the Jemma (the diaper one specifically) and it seems like the quality just isn’t there for the price


The quality is definitely there. It feels really sturdy and so far looks brand new (probably 10mo old) I have to say the comfort of the backpack mode is not suuuper good but it really does the trick IMO for something that looks a lot better than a backpack but can function as one in need. I have a 15 inch laptop and it is a little fiddly trying to get it zipped over the computer but I’m replacing it soon with a smaller one finally so I’m not too worried. One last thing about the zippers is that while they feel like they’ll last forever, they don’t always zip easily when going past a seam for the front pocket. Kinda gotta give it a little extra tug/ can’t Just do it one handed. I got black to be more practical (ughh my heart says fun colors :[ ) and like it more than I thought I would. To make it more summery I tied a little blue floral scarf on the handle and it worked really well to brighten the whole look up. All in all I would definitely buy again despite the price (I was a pastry chef before now going back to get my masters in nursing so the cost wasn’t something I’d take super lightly) Also! I really wanted the modern bag but couldn’t justify the cost so maybe it’s good that I didn’t get it if they’re discontinued. They wouldn’t just stop making it for no reason, right? Lol


Thanks for this! Do you feel like you can fit a good amount of stuff in it with a laptop? And do you find the water bottle pockets functional at all? I have small but wide water bottles (bkr) and it doesn’t seem like it could fit anything that’s not super slim… also may I ask how much you purchased it for? I swear I thought it was like $189 or something but just went on the site again and it’s $275 so I feel like I’m going insane lol


I’m planning to get a [Tory Burch Perry Tote](https://www.toryburch.com/en-us/handbags/tote-bags/perry-triple-compartment-tote-bag/53245.html?color=406&utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&adpos=&scid=scplp192485745184&sc_intid=192485745184&gclid=CjwKCAjw2bmLBhBREiwAZ6ugo3Mci7tOD5nXg6bg8QdvkXJ-A7uouZSCCjUt5cUp39CHxdn8jReBqRoCdccQAvD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds) for work. It has a laptop sleeve and several colors, including neutrals. I’m probably going to get the [black one](https://www.toryburch.com/en-us/handbags/tote-bags/perry-triple-compartment-tote-bag/81932.html?color=001) during Black Friday.


I had this bag. It’s okay, but I ended up not liking the laptop case being in the middle especially when smaller items would get lost underneath it (it’s not 3 separate compartments - the laptop sleeve is not sewn to the bottom) and the handles frayed very quickly/easily. It’s a good bag but I have the [dagne Dover signature legend tote](https://www.dagnedover.com/collections/classic-tote#Onyx-Legend) now and I like it much better


I looked at that one, too, but wasn’t sure about it because it seemed very stiff. I have narrow shoulders, so thick stiff straps would fall off.


If that’s key for you, then I agree the Tory tote straps are light, long and flexible


Samsonite do laptop bags/backpacks that are definitely sturdy, i'm not sure how stylish you want the bag to be but I think they look smart.


Thanks! I’ll check them out!


You may want to give Basader a look. They make gorgeous, handmade leather briefcases that can also be worn as a backpack. The owner is amazing, you can reach out to her and customize the briefcase to fit your needs. I got an oxblood one a couple years ago and love it. https://basader.com/


I’ve recommended this before on this sub, and it’s been over 2 years and I’m still using this bag. I absolutely love it. I use it for work every day and I travel with it. It’s literally the perfect work bag in my opinion. The Cole Hann Grand Ambition Backpack in black: https://www.colehaan.com/grand-ambition-backpack-black/U04390.html


I have this one too and aesthetically I love it! However, it BARELY fits my laptop and not much else...


What size laptop do you have? My work laptop is 15” and it fits, but I also have an ergonomic mouse. So with those two smushed in it, it can get tight. But it works for me. Anything larger than a 15” laptop would be not impossible.


If you want to go the San Francisco route and get a Chrome or Timbuk2 bag. Extremely durable bags.


I love my Dagne Dover Allen Tote! One thing I was really looking for was long enough straps that I could wear it comfortably with my bulky winter coat. It fits my 15 inch laptop, my iPad Pro, waterbottle, wallet, umbrella and lunch. It also has a ton of smaller funtional pockets that I didn't think I would use but are great for my glasses, badge, keys, airpods, etc. Cannot recommend this bag enough!


I’ve been eyeing this bag for years, but I really wish that there was something to prevent people from peering straight into it or slipping their hand into it to steal things..


Yeah I can see that being an issue ... if I was using public transportation or walking around a city I probably wouldn't feel as comfortable using it. But as someone with a short drive to work and their own work space, it works great!


I had a shoe repair shop add a zipper to a tote that didn’t have one, maybe that could be an option? If you took a photo of the bag to a shop they’d probably be able to tell you if it’s possible with that particular bag.


It’s still in preorder status but the bag [la mansio](https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/la-mansio-the-6-in-1-modular-bag-for-active-women#/) meets your needs.


I want this one so badly! I hope it becomes available soon.


I really want this now that I've seen it >.>


I love the idea of this bag but it just doesn't quite backpack as well as I'd need it to. It's such a long backpack and that would be my primary form for it.


I was looking for something really similar and I found this on Etsy, which I fell in love with (though it is more of a unisex/masculine look) https://www.etsy.com/listing/706823278/leather-briefcase-for-men-full-grain I think the only downside was that when I got it, I didn't realize just how big it was. I'm a small lady, so it looks a bit funny. The bag itself though is beautiful, well made, and easy to organize. I'm looking forward to many years of good use with it. Your preferences may run differently, but I can't understate the great things you can find on Etsy. It's a great place to look.


Also look at the bag and the interior separately. You can get a sturdy and stylish bag and then buy a insert that is organized the way you want it.


I have a Lo and Sons bag that I’ve been using for 4 years and has held up super well. The model (Brookline) isn’t available anymore but they may have similar options now.


I had the same spec and needed to fit my 15 inch work laptop. In Frankfurt airport I found a leather brand from Germany called Picard. I am very happy with the bag I bought. Going strong for 4+ years. Cost about 350 dollars I believe


[Herschel](https://herschelsupplyco.co.uk/shop/backpacks/herschel-little-america-backpack?v=10014-02077-OS) backpacks are designed to fit 15” laptops in plus everything else and not too expensive


I bought a [Beckett Structured Brief](https://www.coachoutlet.com/products/beckett-structured-brief/F72988.html?utm_source=Bing+Rebates+on+non-Edge+browsers+and+coupons&utm_medium=aff&utm_Campaign=981043&utm_Content=1&utm_term=3624890&ranMID=45892&ranEAID=msYS1Nvjv4c&ranSiteID=msYS1Nvjv4c-19wZyArpZYh.AEYfpjaPgw) from a Coach outlet two years ago when I went on the academic job market, and it's great. Holds my 15" Dell, 10" Surface Go 2, planner, wallet, keys, phone, and water bottle no problem. I've been trying to find one in brown but the site only has the slim :(


Recently bought [this coach bag](https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08JCJ9FCS/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_glt_fabc_AY0QB2WV2SR8ARES2C69)—its a great size and I love the vintage-looking clasp Edit: I just realized you said you weren’t looking for a basic tote, but I did get excited when I found this bag so I am leaving it here to share anyway!


I found [this](https://www.reddit.com/r/femalefashionadvice/comments/cilizs/whats_your_favorite_professional_looking_purse/) older thread extremely helpful when I was looking for a professional backpack in 2020. I ended up buying the Rowledge by Lo and Sons in black with gold hardware and I love it.


Dagne Dover has the legendary bag I’ve been wanting for so long! so many compartments and they can hold some bigger laptops


I can't really help because I've been looking for a backpack version of this, but just want to commiserate that finding something for a 15" laptop is difficult!


I have a cheap backpack fromTypo I’ve been using that is really functional but not that pretty


LOVE Dagne Dover. I have a laptop bag, and a purse from them. Both have held up for close to ten years. The purse is my daily purse, so it takes a beating. I travelled for work (including weekly airplane travel) and the laptop bag is amazing. I'm not easy on my bags, but both look nearly brand new after \*years\* of abuse.


I like my leather Cuyana satchel.


I also love my current Cuyana bag but sadly they seem to have dropped most of their "work" bags in favor of their [new system tote](https://www.cuyana.com/bags/totes/system-tote/10010061.html?dwvar_10010061_color=cappuccino). The system tote is big and will fit a 15" laptop (in the bigger size) but I HATE bags that don't have any way to properly close them. I feel like Cuyana really missed the mark with with the system tote having only 2 small magnetic snaps that will never stay shut once you load it with laptops, etc. I don't want to constantly worry that my bag is hanging open when I'm waiting for the train, at the airport, etc. It's sad cause otherwise I really like their bags and organizational inserts.


Just in case anyone is looking for A good bag for for a bigger laptop, I use this for my 16in work MacBook. It has organization inside. It’s not leather or super structured. But it is comfortable and fits everything you mentioned. I travel for work now so I needed a backpack. https://www.dayowl.com/products/lavender-the-backpack In grad school I used and my first corporate job I used this for my 13” MacBook and later 15” windows https://www.dagnedover.com/collections/legend-tote


The Day Owl looks great! Thank you for sharing!


The DD Legend is my everyday work bag. I love it. It fits everything you could possibly need and has a pocket for a water bottle.


I just ordered [this](https://smile.amazon.com/dp/B09B5676KB?psc=1&ref=ppx_yo2_dt_b_product_details) (it hasn't arrived yet) as my current laptop bag (also pink) doesn't fit my laptop and planner (I'm still analog when it comes to my calendar). I purposely got the pink bag because I work in a male dominated field and wanted something more feminine (besides black bags are too boring and neutral for me).


I work in technology and I have pink Ethernet cables in my bag. They don't wander off that way either.


I'd like to recommend an Australian brand, Oroton! My bag is a leather second hand one that I got in great condition - I do see them sold second hand quite a bit since they last well: "Designer Leather Laptop Bags for Men & Women | Oroton" https://oroton.com/bags/laptop-bags/ I think the roomier leather 15" one is currently sold out though. Prices range from AUD 300-700. If you check out their work bags, there's a few more designs there as well (but less like the briefcase look).


Not sure if this fits, but I [have this one](https://www.amazon.com/Briefcase-Crossbody-Professional-Compartment-Ultrabook/dp/B07Q5G9PGK/ref=sr_1_3?dchild=1&keywords=laptop+bag+satchel+women&qid=1634677192&qsid=140-9942644-0233015&sr=8-3&sres=B07Q5G9PGK%2CB08NX8DNZH%2CB08CDCZ4L2%2CB07GXN7P58%2CB07MKM9QKN%2CB075X353VX%2CB01MZ956SX%2CB07XSF7TF3%2CB07PLJ7RF4%2CB07GLN3PRX%2CB075VSR5CZ%2CB07PQ9YBPR%2CB07MFTV9MW%2CB07FPCLBLS%2CB096MGPC5Y%2CB091Q1GCNJ&srpt=HANDBAG) and I love it. It's been a solid three years and it's still holding up nicely!


following because I'm in the same position as you!!


I use a couple Kate Spade leather ones, and I enjoy them! I also saw that Beis has come out with a laptop tote which I like the look of - I have their travel backpack and I'm absolutely in love with it, so I'm sure their interior organization is probably on point for the laptop tote as well


Someone else mentioned diaper bags.. Freshly Picked has some new tote styles that may fit the bill!


i LOVE mine that i got from kate spade, if you look under laptop cases there are a few options, im on mobile so can’t link but it’s just plain black nylon but i love it


I don't know about 'cute' - my style tends to run more towards the androgynous when it comes to satchels and backpacks - but I have absolutely loved my [Frye messenger bag](https://www.thefryecompany.com/products/logan-messenger-34db791-42791-cognac?variant=20381893525558&flow_country=USA&gclid=CjwKCAjw2bmLBhBREiwAZ6ugox0DeyGvbbZB5gbME6T1nD1rzHb5Ln7ptEdnD4pqwT_lXEX8NDQgHxoC4WUQAvD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds). I've had it for years and have carried it to work, school, on trips, etc - very roomy with lots of pockets and places to stash everything. They do have some other options that are a bit more feminine looking if this isn't your style. It's definitely on the more expensive side, but it's made very well and I've had good luck with all of Frye's leather goods in the past. I feel all of their pieces are investments, and well worth the cost. And it holds my 16-inch MacBook Pro, no problem :)


I have [this bag](https://charliefeist.com/products/kai-black-backpack) from Charlie Feist and I love it. It fits a 15” computer, water bottle, pencil case, bullet journal, keyboard, wrist braces, headphones, my lunch, etc etc all at once and is fine. I beat the shit out of my work bags and travel internationally with them regularly and this is by far my favourite one I’ve used.


This is a bit more on the casual side, but I use this bag and love it, and have received so many compliments on it! It can be both a messenger bag and backpack. https://www.amazon.ca/dp/B07G96LT1T/ref=cm_sw_r_apan_glt_i_57J5D7Y7ZM8HAN1EENGX?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1


I have a tote from Away Travel, that has an amazing laptop sleeve and tons of pockets, including a water bottle holder. I would have probably picked the convertible one if I did it again, but I love it and it was $225. I am super rough on my bags and really over stuff, and only noticed some minor wear on the glazing on the handles. https://www.awaytravel.com/travel-bags/convertible-backpack-tote?color=black_nylon


I love my knomo beauchamp backpack- very well designed and looks chic. I think their handbags are also well designed, but for actually carrying weight around I needed a backpack. When I was carrying more I used a tumi which was bigger, but I love the compartments etc of the knomo


I love my Madewell "Transport tote." It's roomy but not slouchy and great quality. I've used mine for 4 years and it looks like new.


[glass ladder and Co](https://glassladderco.com/) Try these :)


Doshi! Vegan, reasonably priced, fits a ton, color variety & the leather is as durable as it is soft. I use mine daily for work for 2+ years and it literally looks brand new. I love it. I have the wallet as well.


I have this backpack in green, and it has held up very well for several years of use. I am notorious for wearing out backpacks (straps break or the bottoms wear through), but I have had no issues with this one. It has a laptop pocket and the front pocket is big enough for all the small black hole concern items. [this](https://www.mercari.com/us/item/m34022764981/?gclsrc=aw.ds&adlclid=d183226f76671e8f598f4300f3a7760f&msclkid=d183226f76671e8f598f4300f3a7760f&utm_source=bing&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=[ADL]%20Shopping%20Retract&utm_term=4576785875366619&utm_content=ADL%20Shopping)


These ecosusi bags are super cute and affordable. They have a classic leather briefcase type look and can be work like a backpack or like a tote with the shoulder strap. Also lots of compartments and can accommodate your 15” laptop too! https://www.ecosusi.com/products/sombre-womens-vintage-briefcase?variant=32283607859284


I will forever recommend the [Pacsafe Citysafe CX](https://int.pacsafe.com/products/citysafe-cx-anti-theft-backpack?variant=32210296897667) mini & full-size backpacks. They look as sleek as the Tumi Voyageur backpacks but without the crazy price tag. I'm not even careful with mine but it still looks brand new.


If you're willing to entertain backpacks, I love my Rains backpack. It's also water resistant to boot!


For durability and value, Crumpler is unparalleled. I paid about $120 for a Crumpler messenger bag in 2017 and used it until mid 2021 and it literally looks new. In the 3.5 years I was regularly carrying a 13" MacBook Air, a water bottle, snacks, loooots of pens/stationeries, a softcover B5 notepad, a hardcover journal, umbrella, laptop and phone chargers, and a power bank. I was taking the bus to uni/work daily, abusing the SHIT out of it (I'd stuff my jackets/scarves in there when it got warm, stuffed it to the gills). And it's waterproof. You'll get the best value if you live in Melbourne, Au because they'll send the bag for repair in the workshop there, but I haven't really found a need for the warranty. I went for a leather tote cuz I felt like a style change, but if you want something that lasts and has lots of compartments, I can't hype Crumpler enough.


Was in this exact position 3 weeks ago. I’ve looked at most of the bags that people have mentioned and I ended up with a Kipling tote in black It is lightweight, has the classic durable water/dirt resistant nylon material, and doesn’t cost a leg.


I try to plug this wherever I can, especially since they've opened an online store, when previously you could only order in person in Kyoto! [Ichizawa](https://ichizawa-kyoto.com/) has canvas bags that I think are exceptional. Not leather, but my first bag lasted ten years and I only stopped using it because I was ready for a new daily bag - it had a little fraying and that's it. Pricey but worth every cent. I used mine daily for *ten years.*


I just ordered one of their bags! You #influenced me lol


Check out timbuk2 totes! They have a few more stylish backpacks as well


I recently bought this [Canvas-bag](https://www.etsy.com/se-en/listing/1048545844/dodos-waxed-canvas-bag-athens-city?ref=yr_purchases) with a zip on top and I love how it fits my laptop, headphones, some fruit, keys, a book, the cables I need and still looks good slung over my shoulder. It's sturdy and waterproof and I chose a color that fits my personal style. I had a laptop sleeve with handles before, and a more common laptop-bag with shoulder straps for a while. Maybe this will stick!


I really love the waxed canvas look!! I’m currently using a super cheap fabric bag from IKEA!!! Lol it’s a huge tote that turns into a backpack. But i realized I love the natural fabric look over leather or standard backpack material. Thanks for sharing this Etsy shop!


I have a Caraa backpack which is 4 years old and not a dent in it. The large size fits a 15” and works as an all around bag - backpack and gym duffel all in one. And the way the pockets work is genius. Black w/ gold hardware, $450. Link: https://caraasport.com/products/studio-bag-large?dfw_tracker=27702-39329093193&utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_term=&utm_campaign=&utm_content=513954567783&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI5vzkm6XZ8wIVmo3ICh3yjQjiEAQYAiABEgL33PD_BwE&variant=39329093193


Came here to recommend Caraa as well! I used the Studio Bag (medium) as my everyday work bag for three years straight until we went WFH.


Yep! I have the medium too and it’s my go-to. I haven’t met anyone else who knows them! That’s another reason I love it honestly, no one else has this bag and I get so many compliments on it, it’s definitely unique :)


have you looked into small businesses that do custom orders? i got a laptop bag for $100 (including a tip) that's adorable, has waterproof canvas, and i was involved in pretty much every step of the design. plus it's tailored to my aesthetic.


Nice! Did you find it on Etsy?


it was actually a friend that made it, their twitter handle is @/chicklette i'm pretty sure


I have a Kate spade outlet structured laptop bag. It fits my MacBook, a notebook, all my Apple bits and more. It comes with short straps but I bought the longer straps to clip on and prefer them. Sounds like what you’re looking for!


I’m just like you and have been searching for a bag for essentially years and my main gripe was not wanting to carry multiple bags. For my everyday bag I usually carry smaller sized ones and that’s what I would use for work and just carry my lunch in my hand. It was no big deal since I drove to work and walked like 2 seconds to my desk but I’ll be commuting via Train soon so definitely need something different. Here are my requirements and what I’ve been considering so maybe these might also help you! I wanted something that can carry my lunch, and preferably can zip close. I don’t like totes myself so a long strap or backpack (convertible would be ideal. Also water proof would be great but not entirely necessary and easy access to things and ample room. I also wanted a padded laptop compartment with a closure, not sure just a small lining that wouldn’t necessarily kept it flat. This has been notoriously difficult to find because most backpacks or tote bags aren’t wide enough to lay a lunch container flat. My containers are circles and squares which I suppose is my own fault but would still be ideal if I could get something that would work with them. 1. Lo & Sons OG (or OG2, can’t remember). I had been eyeing for one for a LONG time and finally took the chance prepandemic during a sale. When I got it though I didn’t even use it because I didn’t like. It was honestly just too big on my frame and awkward to use as a result. Felt really bulky without anything in it although this could be a great travel bag. 2. Dagne Dover: I bought their mini Dakota backpack used as my everyday bag during the pandemic to keep my hands free and I love it! Just wouldn’t recommend for what I’m looking for. Also considered their Wade diaper tote as a work bag but it’s a tote so I probably don’t go with it and isn’t super stylish. The Large Allyn Tote I’ve also been eyeing and seems like it would fit almost everything I’m looking for except that it’s completely open and is a tote. 3. Pond LA: their transform tote drew me in but it doesn’t look like it sits that nicely as a backpack on your back and while not a big deal, I wasn’t a fan of the manual convertible mechanism. Their Modern Bag however looks like everything I’m looking for! It mimics a senreve with the ability to switch from backpack to should easily and it closes and is also a bit more of my style than the Transform. My only qualm here is the price which I wouldn’t have a problem with but I couldn’t find too many reviews justifying it. I was looking at the Jules Diaper bag from Jemma (although the leather bag from them looks like the Modern tote) but I came across some less desirable reviews for the cost so am worried it would be the same thing here. Also as mentioned in a comment, I reached out to them to ask if they would restock their gray color or introduce new lighter colors (I like lighter neutrals in a bag, no blacks really) and they said they won’t because they’re actually discontinuing the bag. The only color left is a graphite gray. Makes me wonder whether they’re coming out with a new version or the Transform will take place as their convertible option. 4. MinkeeBlu: she has a REALLY good design functionality wise and concept but they just seem bulky to me and not crazy about them aesthetically. 5. [LYMIA](https://thesensiblemama.com/collections/diaper-bags/lymia-brand)brand: can’t believe no one has mention this yet but it’s actually a diaper bag and the woman behind it is pretty cool. It just honestly seems to also be just about everything I’m looking for, I’m just not crazy about the exterior design and the shoulder bag functionality isn’t my favorite. Comes in leather and Nylon options and a key magnet instead of a key leash?! Genius. I think I’m between the LYMIA in Nylon Teal or either of the Pond LA bags. If I could find someone selling a used Modern bag in the light gray color I would probably get that one. I also lurk around here for suggestions too which is actually how I found Pond. Hope this helps!


I will be commuting occasionally by transit since moving to a new city, and my big professional purse just didn’t cut it with the surprisingly heavy laptop. To replace it and save my poor shoulder, I bought a [nice wool Fjallraven backpack](https://www.fjallraven.com/ca/en-ca/bags-gear/backpacks-bags/laptop-bags/norrvage-foldsack?recId=1645219841451). It’s well made, surprisingly roomy, comfortable, and fits a 15” laptop.


How does the wool hold up in damp weather? Love the look of the wool with leather trim.


I’ve not had it long enough to know yet, but it’s got an inner lining in one of their more technical waterproof materials. It’s very well-made, so I expect it’ll hold up pretty well.


So, I got a Dagne Dover two years ago and it has not held up. I LOVED the bag when I first got it and it would be wonderful if you’re only carrying a portfolio or paperwork, however the weight of my MacBook Air has crumpled the leather just from transporting back and forth to the office. I recently upgraded to a LV Neverfull and purchased a custom insert for it on Etsy to help with the organization. I like it well enough. I just wish my DD was better constructed to withstand the weight of my laptop. I should also add that the DD won’t hold a 15”, my Air fits perfectly so there’s no wiggle room for anything larger.


I have this one and I love it - stores plenty, real leather, I love the shape, and it fits my Surface Laptop 3 easily (in a padded compartment!) KomalC 16 Inch Buffalo Leather Briefcase Laptop Messenger Bag Office Briefcase College Bag for Men and Women https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01L0EYJB0/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_glt_fabc_88KYW02KWSHRA6J0W9PX


Ohh I love this look.


To carry laptops I personally always went with backpack style bags, and I lived in an area there’s lots of rain so I needed something that’s weatherproof, I went with a Canadian brand called PKG, got it in 2015, used daily for school to haul medical books, laptops, and clothes, also used during travels as a carry on, very durable for what I used them for, customer service also replaced my bag within the first year because one of the side pocket button broke off (the pocket was fine but the button broke half way so they couldn’t just repair the button, but everything else worked fine), cannot recommend that brand enough!


I recommend Jujube, they mostly specialize in nylon diaper bags BUT they do have some vegan leather/leather? (Not quite sure) options. They are super organization friendly and don’t usually have black interiors.


Most bags are under $1,000


CLUCI Briefcase for Women Stylish Genuine Leather 15.6 Inch Laptop Large Pocket Work Ladies Shoulder Bag https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07VSMCBYY/ref=cm_sw_r_awdo_navT_g_52HVFF2AZJ1JBF0RFYQT I love it and it looks super professional.


Dumb question, but how do you find a bag over $1000? Didn't know that was possible...


Pretty much any of the luxury brands like Prada, Louis Vuitton.


I'm confused too and wondering if it was a typo. Especially since most people are recommending like $30 bags.


I dream of one day having [this bag!](https://www.cuyana.com/bags/satchels/messenger-bag/10010544.html?dwvar_10010544_color=light-stone) I think it is spectacular in its simplicity. I have other bags from Cuyana that have lasted extremely well (my first bag from them I had bought in 2015 and it’s still going strong!), so I have no doubts that something like this would be worth it (while also being under $1000!).


I’ve been eyeing this bag: [Creagh Workbag](https://creagh-bk.com/products/nude-workbag). They are small batch/on the higher end price-wise and currently sold out, but taking pre-orders this week.


I bought mine from Amazon for less than $50.


soooo... yo got a link?


Dagne Dover


I have had [this one](https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01B6IX7Y0/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_glt_fabc_BN68VF845EPW240QQP5B) on my wishlist for a long time. But now that we are working from home it seems like a waste to spend the money.


I love Cuyana tote bags! You can get the organizer insert too and it should still be under $500. Plus it’s made of high quality Italian leather. I love mine


I have a backpack similar to this that I really like and get a ton of compliments on. I've carried it on and off for almost 6 years. KINGSLONG Laptop Backpack for Women 15.6 inch for Travel Work Waterproof Red https://smile.amazon.com/dp/B071SGQXXK/ref=cm_sw_r_apan_glt_fabc_0W9268XCJG9B3RARJGYS?psc=1 Edit: Found it but they don't have red anymore: OGIO International Soho Pack https://smile.amazon.com/dp/B0076D08J2/ref=cm_sw_r_apan_glt_fabc_EJNDAW4EDGZEPDVP5XQK


I've had this bag for 4 years. It's held up great and still looks new, though I did take it into a shoe repair place and had them make new strap holders out of the clutch they give you as a bonus. Dasein Women Handbags and Purses Ladies Shoulder Bag Top Handle Satchel Tote Work Bag with Matching Clutch https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07M7M1QCH/ref=cm_sw_r_apan_glt_fabc_4QJ6804W5C7C29K1MFRA?psc=1 When I want more storage (say a change of shoes or my lunch) I have this, which has been phenomenal. Zero complaints, best bookbag ever. Himawari Travel School Backpack with USB Charging Port 15.6 Inch Doctor Work Bag for Women&Men College Students(H900d-LUSB-Wine red) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07D385TNM/ref=cm_sw_r_apan_glt_fabc_dl_9T44PCN00K2QN07VZ313?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1


I love my Pond LA Transform Tote - lots of pockets for organization, zips shut, and has a laptop compartment. It also converts from a tote to a shoulder bag to a backpack. I would love a Senreve Maestra, but I can't justify the price.


I have the Dagne Dover Legend and I really like it. Fits all of my stuff and looks amazing. I will say, if you're going to carry it while walking for miles or lots of blocks, I'd get something that has a shoulder strap because the purse straps can get a bit heavy.


with that kinda cash you could probably make something custom.


A lot of customizations start running above 1000 unfortunately. Maybe on Etsy though!


I am OBSESSED with [Léo et Violette ](https://www.leoetviolette.com/collections/sacs-business-femme/Sacs-business) and will buy one of their business bags or backpacks if I ever stop WFH. They’re absolutely gorgeous.


I have a dagne dover leather laptop travel bag that I love. I used to travel very frequently for work and it was great. The large Allyn Leather tote looks similar. Mine is the Bone color and it’s very beautiful and doesn’t really get dirty and is easily cleanable.


Kenneth Cole Reaction Manhattan Commuter Slim Backpack 16" Laptop Computer & Tablet Travel, Business, Work, School Bookbag, Black, Colombian Leather https://www.amazon.com/dp/B071RY5VXF/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_glt_fabc_6WVQK3PEHADT3QFWWMXS?psc=1 I bought this in black and brown and love it. I carry my laptop, two portable monitors and a tablet along with my tech accessories. It holds a lot and I think it’s a classy looking backback☺️


I use the Doc Marten satchel bag as a laptop bag and get loads and loads of compliments about it. They also do a back pack version if you prefer that.


I have always used Vanessa Bruno, it's a French brand. My MacBook 13 inches in its case, lunch, water bottle, thermos, notebooks, and a bunch of other stuff could fit in it. I was using it everyday until I kept working remotly. There are different style and colors and the fabric is exquisite! I have three of this brand in total and 2 (one in velvet and one in leather) of them are still well maintained and it's been more than 5 years. The only thing is that there's no compartiment as the Diaper bag but you can chose which size (S,M or L) you would like to pick and still be fashionable. I highly recomment the Caba one. [https://www.vanessabruno.com/cabas-tote-bags.html](https://www.vanessabruno.com/cabas-tote-bags.html)


I just ordered this bag the other day! It's large enough to fit a laptop 41cm*35cm*17cm ( the measurements on the website are wrong , I know this because I found the bag in an another website for a higher price and they've got the right info) I'm excited for it to arrive the next week, this is not my first bag from this brand. I have a smaller messenger bag that I got as gift that I like a lot but I wanted a large tote for my ipad and college stuff. This my first trying this website but I have read good things about it.. https://m.modanisa.com/en/black-crossbody-satchel-shoulder-bags-pierre-cardin-canta-7930522.html?ck=34enusdlkfd-2 Here a pics for it next to the model https://yashry.com/products/siyah-omuz-cantasi-05po21y1438-629dee71f4b60f3ffc9a2e5f37d71e1d It looks very chic in black


This might be *way* off base style wise, but I have a large [Chrome](https://www.chromeindustries.com) messenger bag and it's just the right size for my old 15" MBP plus accoutrements. (It's also shiny chrome, too, because Seattle and not wanting to get run over in the winter.) Normally a single strap bag would be a backache nightmare, but it rides up high enough that it's not an issue, plus it's waterproof short of submerging the thing. I spent AGES looking for a bag that hit all the high notes for me, and I'm quite happy with this one.


I looked for years before finding my holy grail in the Sutter tech sling by [Waterfield](https://www.sfbags.com). I prefer slings but they also make briefcase-style bags and backpacks. My partner has the Bolt briefcase and uses it daily. I love the look of their bags and they have a lot of videos on their site showing exactly what they hold. I carry my MacBook, iPad, Rhodia notebook, and all the usual purse things in my Sutter and it has served me well for the last three years. I did have a minor issue with the zipper earlier this year but they repaired it free of charge!


I searched on the older thread and now use the [Anello PU leather mini rucksack](https://anellodirect.com/Japan-Anello-RETRO-PU-Leather-Backpack-Rucksack-Small-Mini-Size-AHB3772) for when I go to the office once a week. It fits my 14" laptop easily but probably not a 15". I really like the structure of it, the laptop is at the back and everything else is in front of it unless using the front pocket, has a drink holder outside which holds my 500ml bottle. YouTube has good reviews on its functionality. Edit: they do have a regular/large size and different styles.


If you’re looking for something unique and are open to a backpack, I highly recommend Master-Piece’s bags. They’re Tokyo based so you won’t see many in the US (I assume that’s where you’re located). They have a bunch of price points. I got mine for about $400 but they had gorgeous backpacks running up to your max if you wanted to splurge. Very stylish, lots of hidden pockets, and definitely fits large computers. They have non-backpack bags too but I can’t comment on them. After 15 years of doing the shoulder bag thing and needing to carry multiple laptops for clients I found this to be an awesome alternative. It also allows me to carry a purse if needed without looking like a packhorse lol


I have a Māden leather backpack that I absolutely love. I think it might technically be a diaper bag, but it’s really cute and looks high end, as well as has lots of space for organization. Great for both work and travel. Looks like they have cross body / messenger bag options as well.


I personally use: 1. My Away backpack. Nylon and a little heavy but sleek. I have the older style 2. Balenciaga city bag, fits my 13 inch laptop. Can find for under $1k on resale sites 3. Cambridge Satchel Co does a briefcase style and a backpack. I have a mini but considering a large style for a work bag.


I would suggest you check out Matt & Nat. Canadian company, vegan leather. I had one of the camel coloured backpacks since 2017 which was a daily use then went on many trips with me and it looks new still.


I wanted the laptop bag from the UK show “The Fall”. It’s a Radley Pippin but naturally it’s no longer sold. I’m thinking about buying the Radley Liverpool Street 2.0 but I don’t know if it will hold a 15” laptop


I've heard that the Senreve bags are really good.


I love the chic look of „Maison Heroine“ bags. They are quite roomy but also well organised. I believe they are a German brand, but ship worldwide according to their website.


I have carried a laptop for work for 10+ years now. I used to love herschels backpacks, but they are bulky and when I’m going to client meetings, don’t look super professional. I bought this bag a few months back and it is hands down the best laptop bag I have ever owned in my life: Calvin Klein Sonoma Reversible Novelty North/South Tote https://www.amazon.com/dp/B084XS5NCW/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_glt_fabc_22H1V12XK72C177KNNT2?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1


I was in the same boat looking for a new laptop bag. I have a Tumi, Briggs & Riley, a Barney's leather tote and Incase bag. I decided I wanted something less business looking and more fashion. I ended finding a pre-loved [Chloe bag](https://www.fashionphile.com/p/chloe-leather-saskia-satchel-navy-54465) (It's the Saskia, but I didn't buy it there). It's big enough for my 13" laptop, small purse, water bottle and some paperwork. I would say if you go this route of finding a designer tote/purse, make sure it's a quality bag and look at the measurements to make sure all of your stuff will fit. I'm very happy with my bag as it was well taken care of and it's a nice leather so I can see using it for many years. Happy laptop bag shopping!


I’ve been eyeing Poppy Barley (based in Canada). Looks like beautiful leather, supportive straps and favoured by teachers, so organization must be good. https://poppybarley.com/collections/backpacks/?loc=nav


Lo and Sons[here’s a link to the OG - have had a previous version for years and it still looks almost new](https://www.loandsons.com/pages/discover-og2-womens-travel-laptop-bag)


I have a Daame leather laptop tote. It's such a crime that they don't get more recognition - beautiful leather laptop tote with a suede lining, multiple suede pockets, and professional design. Also does not weigh 72648 lbs, unlike most leather-lined bags. More expensive than some, but well under $1000. https://daame.com/collections/shop-all


I like KNOMO backpacks for commuting via subway or on planes! They transition easily from one context to another, hold a lot, and are comfortable to wear.


Welcome to the gap in the market. Take a look at Lo & Sons and at Tumi.


A friend of mine founded a company for that exactly: young female professionals. It is called Amelie and was already featured in the Vogue. It’s Europe based though.


Do they ship to the US?


I bought a leather backpack in Florence Italy (known for leather). It has a laptop compartment and various other pockets but looks very chic and classic. No branding. It will probably outlive me.


Check out Bellroy. I haven't bought a bag like this in a long time so I'm not sure of their current offerings, but they may have what you're after. Personally, I use a leather tote from Portland Leather, and its *fabulous* but it doesn't have the organization you're after.