What is the most impractical, impossible fashion item you have ever coveted like your life depended on it?

I’m just curious what crazy but beautiful or interesting or impossibly creative stuff is out there.


The baby blue, suede, over the knee platform boots my mum had in the 70s. She told me about them 15 years ago, and I’ve been thinking about them ever since. I was so upset she didn’t keep them. But like, where would I wear them?? And I would only ruin them with all the rain and scuff marks. Obviously I could never wear them. They’d basically be a museum piece. But I still can’t get over the desire to own baby blue, suede, over the knee platforms!! FIFTEEN YEARS. I kept searching online for them lol. Just dreaming. But I did buy a secondhand (not vintage) pair of baby blue, suede (look) knee high, very low heeled boots this month actually. After 15 years of thinking about them. I decided fuck it, I’ll get a “wearable” version and live my dream without looking completely ridiculous. Or breaking my ankle. I haven’t worn them out yet (…rain) but I am dying for it to stop so I can match them with my white pointelle tights and one of my 60s or 70s shift dresses. I’ve got one 70s dress with a yellow print and a blue collar and cuffs. The blue isn’t quite the same, but it might be a passable fit. Lord, give me a reason and a sunny day to wear this next week.


Nothing is unwearable. There is always the grocery store


The grocery store is where fashion truly comes alive!


I love this because fuck it. Why not look beautiful while I make this weeks meat selections 😂


*7-11 cashier* That’s a pretty dress. *Girl who woke up one hour ago and is going to take a nap after this* Oh thanks, I’m on my way to a date.


My Aldi cashier always tells me he likes my sweaters lol. I never mention they're from Goodwill...


The pensioners in my small, Dutch, Bible Belt town won't know what's hit ‘em!


[These](https://www.sezane.com/us/product/anaelle-thigh-high-boots/blue?CHEQ&utm_source=Google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=Hors_Marque&utm_content=&utm_term=&gad_source=1&gbraid=0AAAAADROyDKitCsa5VqcJqk_UT12hbkTP&gclid=CjwKCAiAu9yqBhBmEiwAHTx5p1KmM_z6vbUJSg3YRq3xyRMSW1UHtdqQaML_s8v6uwSU5tr90BixbBoCxNwQAvD_BwE) are pretty great but $$$$


Hit ‘em with a couple coats of Scotchguard.


How much can that withstand? I always waterproof spray my winter boots (usually brown leather), but I'm so scared of staining the baby blue suede with water damage. Right now it’s rained for like a month straight, so it’s very wet and hard to avoid puddles and mud splashes. Even just walking across to the car is a mission.


I have baby blue Uggs. They are scotch guard. The very FIRST time I wore them, I stopped on the way to work to get a hot chocolate. Drove to work, all is well. Lift the cup out of the holder to get out, swing around, and just as I put out my foot to jump down, the bottom fell out of the cup. Second cup was very good about cleaning both my boots and leather gloves. The boots came back like new. Still wearing them almost 20 years later.


Scotchguard is awesome. It coats fabric with a hydrophobic surface. The thing that most people don’t realize is stains can be easily wiped away with a tide pen or oxiclean. Also, it’s like sunscreen and needs to be reapplied periodically. It breaks down over time and also wears away from friction. A fabric chair treated with Scotchguard will need it reapplied far sooner that some fabric curtains that never get touched.


I would 100% find a way to wear these! They basically take the place of pants in fall and winter.


That sounds amazing. Both pairs of boots sound awesome. I’m hoping for a sunny day for you to get to go out and enjoy. 💜


I want a cloak. A full length, flowing, lined, hooded cloak. With pockets and a fancy clasp. No specific brand. “Just wear it!” you say. “Who cares if it’s unusual or what other people think?” Well, if that were the only hurdle I would be a cloak wearing FIEND. Alas, I live in a climate that is such that I am currently wearing a camisole and shorts, in the WINTER, and feel perfectly warm. I own like three pairs of long pants…including a pair of sweatpants lol…I don’t think I even own a coat right now, just a few sweaters for chilly mornings/nights. I have the most gorgeous pair of calf high leather boots and I can’t even wear those most of the year, let alone a cloak 😭


You need to take a trip designed for the purpose of wearing a cloak. Or several cloaks. A place with precisely the right weather and sights.


Neuschwanstein castle trip during winter.


I’ve done that trip, but not with a cape. I did watch my MIL almost slide down the hill because she wore Uggs with no traction. 😂 We all still laugh about it 13 years later.


> Neuschwanstein tour in a cloak how DARE my bucket list come at me like this, on reddit


New Zealand. Lean right into that LOTR aesthetic


If you sew, consider making a linen cloak. I DIYed a cape/cloak yesterday out of a linen skirt yesterday (pic on my profile). It doesn’t look high fashion, but if you had a pattern for a long lux cloak you could make a decent imitation of what you want. I live in the tropics and this didn’t feel overwhelming oppressive and sweaty, especially with something sleeveless underneath.


You look like a really fun person and I would totally wanna be friends if I saw you


Thank you that’s so sweet!


I wanted one since I was a kid but I was afraid of looking silly, and I couldn't really find any I liked. Then a wonderful confluence of things happened: I stopped giving a fuck about other people's opinion of my clothes, and I started buying second hand clothes online. I now own three day cloaks and three night cloaks, and I'm very happy with my life choices. (The day cloaks are all wool/cashmere, the night cloaks are velvet, silver embroidered wool, and sequined respectively.) I'd say if your main obstacle is the weather looks for organza/ linen ones? they will be extra flowy!


I’m also in the lifelong cloak wanting club but haven’t yet purchased or made one. Your descriptions of them sound so pretty - do you have any photos of them??


I second the cloak. Rich jewel toned or black velvet with a bright lining. Reversible, even. The Pyramid Collection used to have some.


Omg! Pyramid Collection! That catalog was utter pornography to me when I was in my early 20s. I completely forgot about it and now I am off to ogle


I have always wanted such a cloak also. I wish I could get over the who cares but be ause we legit do have reasonable weather for cloak wearing here but. Alas. I cannot. I also don't really have the rest of the wardrobe to do it justice


I’m fortunate to have my great-grandmother’s velvet cloak from the late 1800s, lined in satin. It’s a beautiful claret red color and it needs some mending, but I love it so much.


I bought [this](https://www.aran.com/tara-cashmere-blend-hooded-cape) from the Aran sweater market and I adore it. Because it's wool it's warm and water resistant, I take my dogs out wearing it when it rains.


My machine sewing skills are that I made a pillow case once, but I am mere moments away from buying emerald silk velvet with matching silk charmeuse at all times, and making the cloak Taylor Swift wore during [Willow](https://twitter.com/4k_taylorr/status/1700126279226573086?t=IF3_mdVeSN0hHVNm1F2veA&s=19) on tour. Emerald has always been my favorite color, my prom dress was that shade, my winter coat and even car are too. I can almost justify it? I could definitely wear a hooded cloak every day at work, it's always so cold. It's silky inside, so it'd be good for my hair!


This is the most Reddit response lmao. Cloaks used to be constantly requested on MFA too.


Ok yes, I'd live to see that but I feel like there's a reason the cloak died. I live in cold weather and the thought of that open front makes me shiver.


Have you checked out r/TheCapeRevolution yet?


Obsessed with the Victoria Secret Angel wings. All of them. Any of them. Gimme. https://preview.redd.it/gtrs75cvmz0c1.jpeg?width=454&format=pjpg&auto=webp&s=c5b9450e1e0d4561842f5dd65a39c078fb00655a


When I was younger I was determined to be a VS wing designer 😹


I thought "paper doll designer" was a viable and thriving career field.


I mean, maybe if you made mobile games you could still have a side hustle.


Fun fact, there is a category in bodybuilding shows called angels and yes, they wear these wings. The bigger and gaudier the better. It's quite a show


I had imagined male bodybuilders, and was pretty excited. After reflecting, though, obviously it's a woman's category.




If you like wings, you’d like the Covet Fashion game. (Though, tbh, save your money and get some wings from Kyndra Jade. She makes INCREDIBLE wings. Not VS but still amazing in their own right.)




Vixen by Micheline Pitt has some dresses that color that are similar, if that might float your boat


This is gorgeous!


tabi shoes, lirika matoshi, selkie dresses


Selkie puff dress for sure


I’ve heard they’re super uncomfortable, itchy and poor quality but goddamn they’re cute 😭


I have one that’s made of cotton fabric (with a layer of tulle underneath the skirt part for volume) and honestly it feels pretty solid and relatively comfy! I have also worn the regular all-tulle puff dress and it was a lil itchy but not unbearably so for me, even with my moderate sensory issues. Renting them from Nuuly first to try it out was a good option for me, and then I ended up buying the cotton one because it seemed SLIGHTLY more practical lol


I have two Selkie dresses and you sweat like hell in them because the fabric isn’t breathable but they’re not itchy and I wouldn’t say they’re poor quality at all.


Adding Teuta Matoshi. So in love with those dresses


Here to say that when I worked in an office I wore my Tabi boots at least twice a week. The leather is soft to perfection now. 10/10


came here to say tabi shoes, I've coveted them above any other specific item for like 10 years.


I have tabi boots and wear them regularly. Now that I have one pair I want several more. They’re actually fairly comfortable as far as heeled boots go. Follow your dreams!


https://preview.redd.it/wmauudow401c1.jpeg?width=200&format=pjpg&auto=webp&s=0f33b346234d9375afb225a09be6562226099655 i saw these fendi heels once and felt such intense desire i saved up for a year to possess them. i can’t walk in them at all, but they still come out for a bit to delight me and everyone else on new year’s eve. i’d never bought anything this stupid and expensive before, and haven’t since, but they truly make my heart sing


I hope you have them displayed on a shelf when it’s not NYE


Fendi is 💋


My cat would destroy those. She is obsessed with strings and puff balls


I don't know if this counts, but ever since I was a little girl, I wanted a fluffy petticoat. Back then, I didn't even know what it was called, so I called it a "poof-out skirt," lol. That dream never died, even as an adult. I still wanted a petticoat. But not just *any* petticoat. I wanted one made of chiffon and satin, I wanted it tea length. And I wanted it to be *gloriously* fluffy. And as the years passed, this dream evolved into wanting a cherry red petticoat under a black dress, to pay homage to Christian Louboutin. So I began my search for the perfect, cherry red, tea-length, chiffon and satin petticoat. I knew places like Amazon and Walmart wouldn't have anything "high end" enough. So I searched Etsy. I found a lot of contenders and "maybes," but none of them were quite "it." They either weren't fluffy, were made of tulle, weren't red, weren't tea length, etc. And then I *finally* found the perfect petticoat! But it was *so* expensive, and I was *so* poor. But it was *so* beautiful! I dreamed about it for another 5 or 6 years until I finally came into some extra money and decided to buy the petticoat as well as the perfect black dress to go over it. The Etsy shop owner was *super* behind on orders, so it took even longer than expected, which was already a long time in itself. It ended up taking literal months. But I was patient, and she answered every single question and responded to every single email quickly and with the utmost kindness. Then she sent me updated product photos and OH. MY GOD. She was so *fluffy*!! About a week later, the box arrived at my doorstep, and my heart was racing as I grabbed the box and raced upstairs to my bedroom to open it. What emerged was layer upon magnificent layer of silky soft, ever-so-fluffy red chiffon. I did an unboxing video and everything. It was everything I hoped for, dreamed of, and craved. I was absolutely drowning in petticoat, and I loved every second of it. I wore that petticoat and dress to the movies, and again the next day out to dinner. I got compliments from strangers both times. I felt on top of the world as I swished, swung, and sashayed my way all over town that weekend. I absolutely *loved* it! I've been dealing with a lot for a long time, and sometimes it just gets to be too much. But that petticoat has brought me so much joy. To a point, it can be impractical. It's hot, because wearing it is like having a heavy blanket on your legs. It can be hard to sit in because it's so voluminous. Even containing it all enough to shut the car door is a bit interesting. But wow do I ever love wearing it!! And that's my petticoat story, lol. :)


Can we get a pic of this beauty??? I am dying to see how you style it!


Sure! Please excuse my potato-quality, unflattering mirror selfie. But enjoy the pics of the full outfit plus the product photos! [https://imgur.com/a/gKBys2l](https://imgur.com/a/gKBys2l)


Oh wow it looks divine!! I love it with the black velvet dress!


Awwe!! Thank you so much! You're too kind lol. ❤️❤️❤️ Thank you for sharing in my joy!


I need to see this!!! I really enjoyed your story. Thanks for sharing!


Awe, I'm so glad you liked my story! And sure! Please excuse my potato-quality, unflattering mirror selfie. But enjoy the pics of the full outfit plus the product photos! [https://imgur.com/a/gKBys2l](https://imgur.com/a/gKBys2l)


[Irregular Choice Jurassotops](https://1.bp.blogspot.com/-8LYHAiSdp80/XPBfFYkoAoI/AAAAAAAAFHs/7ZRTJOqzMlsokVXJYNMj8q7VpGj2yHGBQCEwYBhgL/s1600/169.jpg)


I loooove browsing Irregular Choice shoes. So fun!


I love odd visually striking shoes and have not been able to find a pair resale


You may also enjoy John Fluvog's designs. A little more tame but damned fun.


This beautiful dress that probably costs more than my entire current wardrobe combined: https://www.alexandermcqueen.com/en-nl/ready-to-wear/deconstructed-trench-dress-768751QEACM6659.html Edit: though it's not really impractical, just incredibly expensive


I love Alexander McQueen. That is a gorgeous dress. People’s average everyday wear where I live in the PNW is soft plaid flannels , jeans and Chelsea boots. Being dressy is considered nice khakis and maybe a favorite blouse. I love this what- if impractical wear exercise.


A silk scarf made to look like a Monet painting. I have zero idea how to style it or what to wear it with, but it’s unbelievably pretty.


I saw a scarf like this in a gift shop in Italy and kind of regret not getting it. Yet, I have never worn a silk scarf in my life.


I have found that I don’t regret anything I ever purchased on vacation - I only regret what I didn’t buy.


I have some I tie to hand bag handles or around hair ties into bows and around buns. The silk holds fragrance from a light mist also so it adds to a finishes look. Also, through the arms and necks of tank tops and lacy vests.


through the arms? can you explain a little more please


Try loosely tying it over your shoulders like a shrug over a nice plain tank top and pair with a skirt and flats - dressy lunch outfit!


I have one from the 1970s. Liberty did some work Monet paintings. Look on eBay


The crystal bodysuit from Britney's Toxic music video.


This bodysuit was my unknown bi awakening, I was like 7


Lmfao the level on which I relate to this comment is unreal


fun fact: it’s not a body suit, each crystal was hand glued on. i saw that in like an mtv countdown once


Yup! It was the Making the Video Episode. They spent a few minutes talking about the process of gluing them on.


and i remember brit saying the lights made the crystals get really hot


Same! I’d add the bodysuits from JLo’s Get Right Video and Shakira’s Shewolf video as well. Love a nude crystal bodysuit.


When I was in high school, I went to a local vintage store called Daughter Judy and my mom bought me an awesome pink and green 1960s/70's wide leg jumpsuit that had overlapping flaps to look like a dress. It fit perfectly, which was extremely rare for me then (and now) because I'm 4'11." I wore that jumpsuit EVERYWHERE. Somehow, it got "lost" after my mom moved (along with a pair of bell-bottoms I sewed from a few pairs of jeans and had my friends draw on). I think they got "lost" because I insisted on wearing them to church all the time and people were probably asking her if I owned any other clothes. For years, I tried to find one just like it because I missed it so much, even though I never wear jumpsuits any more. Somehow I was able to find one thanks to searching for the union tag details I remembered grill the original. And it's a better color! https://preview.redd.it/tci4vo2ktz0c1.png?width=1848&format=png&auto=webp&s=602b29b7372ddbdbac7bd33e664f93fc76777837


Oh i am glad you found another!


The super classic Burberry trench. It's not even impractical, unless you spill a lot of coffee and hate dry cleaning fees like I do. At one point it was going to be my undergrad gift to myself, then a postgrad gift, annual bonus, in lieu of an engagement ring, a wedding present, 30th birthday, push present... And then eventually I felt spending more than a month's mortgage payment or 3 months' childcare fees on a piece of clothing was too much for me. I still dream. I now wear a trench from Hobbs that was 10% of the price (aka still pricey enough, considering).


Same except beige/light tan does not suit my colouring. I went as far as to try them on to buy for my 30th but one size was too tight across my shoulders and the size up meant way too big around my waist etc.


Banana republic had/has a black one and it’s gorgeous. I feel like such a badass when I wear it.


I bought a coach trench coat instead, and I love it. I know it's not as classic as the burberry but it was a lot cheaper.


Mine is from Michael Kors, single breasted and dark tan that suits my dark skin. I love it.


My Burberry replacement is from Express 😅


I finally got one, after lusting over them for decades. I got it for myself for my 53rd birthday. Worth it.


This was also on my wishlist for years. I got the Sezane double breasted trench this year and I love it. I no longer dream about the Burberry haha




Realistically, if I ever get a Burberry it's going to be a vintage one. My dad got one in England in the '80s and the quality is impeccable. But I did the same thing of going into the store and was unpleasantly surprised.


the fucking cookie bag.[https://puppetsandpuppets.com/collections/bags/products/small-cookie-bag-1](https://puppetsandpuppets.com/collections/bags/products/small-cookie-bag-1) edit: maybe i kind of misunderstood the prompt - this is relatively wearable, but the price makes it impractical. at least for me. however, understand this: i covet the cookie bag. i covet it.


I have never found a pair of thigh high boots that actually fit, but oh how I try. 🥲


I spent an entire weekend going from shoestore to shoestore and mall to mall looking for knee-high boots that fit. I must have tried on fifty pairs. Only a handful fit and most of the ones that fit also did this annoying thing where they sagged at the ankle and dug in as a result. It's like they don't even design boots for the human body.


Wide calves? I’m desperately trying to figure out why the fashion industry doesn’t want my money


If you got enough c’s in your thicc even this doesn’t work, cause you don’t really need it for calf but do above and it’s a whole thing You almost need like a specifically stretchy fabric one, which for me at least isn’t the vibe I want It’s always driven me absolutely nuts


(I don’t see any thigh highs BUT!) Vince Camuto makes amazing wide calf boots. Even some styles in extra wide. Sold at DSW, also a bonus.


Naturalizer has never let me down!!!


Hear me out but this is going to be weird; check out some fetish shops or online (not Adam and Eve or other generic sex shop) because kinky folks are size inclusive and you’d be surprised to find that some of them even have low to flat heels.


I love this outside of the box thinking


Try Stuart Weitzman. I’m 5’2 and found some that fit my short legs and big feet!


I have big feet but narrow calf and stuart weitzmans are the only ones that are fitted on ankles and stay in place. All other boots I had/tried were unsuitable for under skirt.


One of the saddest clothing-related moments of my life was when my patent laced up thigh-high stiletto boots wore out beyond fixing. I'd had them reheeled about three times and glued the soles back on with heavy-duty contact cement, but eventually, they were beyond repair, and I had to accept that they were gone. I still miss those boots. Especially when the sole fully came off for a third time at an Alestorm show. I was in full pirate gear and had to stuff the sole in my handbag.


I once saw these Blueberry pie shoes when this was a whole month's rent. I could, technically, make this happen for myself, but at this point the dream of blueberry pie shoes is better than the reality. https://shoebakery.com/products/limited-edition-blueberry-pie-wedges


Shoe Bakery is exactly what I was thinking of when I opened this thread!


My 4” stiletto Louboutin heels…. It was a gift to myself. And I can barely wear them now post pandemic (that and every other heel that I had)


I second this. Louboutins look so good but they are murder on your feet.


Now I’m just going to put them on and hobble around my kitchen just for old times sake. 😂


These [frog shoes](https://www.jwanderson.com/se/shopping/jw-anderson-x-wellipets-frog-loafers-19755480) are ridiculous and I love them! I would wear them literally everywhere, just for the sake of it.


i need these like i need air




Anything by the Japanese designer Eiko Ishioka. Though definitely impractical for daily wear, her costume designs are [provocative](https://www.juxtapoz.com/media/k2/galleries/67302/661b2d680bd15334c21aa845f9e4658f.jpg), [opulent](https://asearchhistory.weebly.com/uploads/8/8/0/3/8803722/488445896.jpg), [powerful](http://www.scarlettandgiselle.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/10/drac-1.jpg), and [gorgeous](https://www.juxtapoz.com/media/k2/galleries/67302/1792_078179_trans_NvBQzQNjv4BqA7N2CxnJWnYI3tCbVBgu9eB8VXEHCs73yexWqFsf2H4.webp).


The Dracula costuming is next level


Agreed! It lives rent free in my head, absolutely beautiful and impactful


I always look at the dresses from teuta matoshi but have nowhere to wear them to. I’d love one of her floral designs


[this coat](https://miramikati.com/en-us/collections/coats-jackets/products/ombre-double-breasted-coat) and basically all of her stuff


See I think this coat is insanely practical. You can wear it in all white. You can wear it with all black. You can wear it with all yellow, you can wear it with a yellow shirt and a black pants. You can wear it with a blue shirt, black pants, black shirt, blue pants. Just about any variation of green blue, purple, red or pink. Frankly, I’m salivating, and I think you might’ve just sold me on this damn coat.


Agreed, I think I need this coat now…


I hate coming onto this forum and getting influenced 😂


Love the colours, hate that it has polyester. I'd totally want it if it was 100% wool.


Agreed! For $1500, it should be all wool.


That’s my main comment too. Why would a coat that price have so much polyester yikes.


I would design my wardrobe around that coat.


It would make me so happy to see someone wearing that coat. It would be a public service to wear it.


Oh my god that is a thing of beauty and I need it.


A Roberto Cavalli floral print bomber jacket that I came across in TK Maxx when I was a teenager, it was something like €50 which to teenage me was a lot of money, so I left it behind, like an idiot, I went back to get it a few days later and it was gone.


I was shopping with my mum at a market and I found a vintage cape made of rooster feathers. They were black and shiny and had that gorgeous oil slick iridescent glow. It sat just on my shoulders. Mum thought it was pretty vile, so I didn’t buy it. I think about it all the time! I don’t know how I would have styled it, but it was definitely very glamorous and made me feel a bit like the black swan in the ballet. Actually I might have done evil things, like drink too many espresso martini’s in that cape. Probably for the best that it stayed there and my alter ego did not emerge.


Mine is an Amsale wedding dress circa 2008. When I first admired it, I didn’t even think I would get married in the future. When I did eventually get married, I had a city hall wedding and wore an inexpensive dress that I already had. There would be no reason for me to own this dress besides outright lunacy, but man it was gorgeous! I still kind of want it. Edit: I just found a very similar dress on TRR, and I'm so tempted to buy it. I need ice cream or something to shut down this impulse.


A vow renewal party so you can wear it? 👀


Anything white. Or beige. Or any light color really. I'm a mess magnet and live in dark colors. When I see someone confident in something pale I kinda hate them, ngl. How?!?!?


The strawberry dress. You know the one. I still wish I had it, but I'm kinda glad I never bought it. What extravagant tea parties I could have hosted wearing that. However I don't at all have a friend group that would be into such tea parties 😂


The [Fashion Brand Company Sex House](https://www.fashionbrandcompany.com/products/sex-house-sweater?_pos=1&_sid=cc3e33771&_ss=r&variant=18865748607033) sweater. I don't even consider myself a prude but I'd just feel inappropriate wearing it anywhere except at home, and although it's priced fairly I would need it to have some more wearability to justify the cost. I actually bought her Sex House face mask during the pandemic to see if I could use it to ease myself into getting comfortable wearing a garment that says SEX HOUSE lmfao but I couldn't, so the sweater will remain lusted after forevermore.


I love that you found the perfume tester version of sweaters and gave it a go.


LMAO that's a great way to think of it! ironically, while it didn't make me comfortable enough with suggestive clothing to justify the SEX HOUSE sweater, it did make me feel more comfortable wearing [another "suggestive" shirt](https://palmtreat.design/products/bdsm-business-development-sales-and-marketing-ringer-t-shirt?_pos=6&_sid=e67fb7557&_ss=r) that i own that has a little more plausible deniability than the sex house sweater does. so the effort was not wasted!


I had no idea what to expect but it wasn't that and I kind of want it now.


I fuckin’ LOVE Fashion Brand Company and own 4 articles of clothing from them but have only mustered the courage to wear 1 out in public so far. My dream article of clothing from them is the Choked by Satan/Choked by an alien dress. Or maybe the bedazzled tank that just said “SOUP”


yessss they are the best!! i actually just snagged the LAST sack dress from the recent Cute Fish drop (deep sea terror creature print, shit sold out in like 3 hours!!) and wore it to a doctor's appointment the other day and the whole office LOVED it. everything is a winner and excellent quality, i will simp for Fashion Brand Company all day every day


I have a FBC egg sweater, eight-armed dress, Dr Evil monologue dress, and word dress. I love them all and have worn the eight-armed dress to my boring office job a few times. Do it. Get the sweater.


Haha yes I love this company. I’ve been window shopping the [nipple sweater](https://www.fashionbrandcompany.com/products/nipple-knit-top) for over a year.


https://preview.redd.it/77okyha2401c1.jpeg?width=1170&format=pjpg&auto=webp&s=0f93f2c64c038dcf066f7673c018c3615ae74047 This howling wolves sweater Gina wore on B99. I’ve wanted it for YEARS. I’ve scoured every secondhand site. I’m hoping one day I’ll be like 90 and come across it in a thrift shop for $1


There’s a few, but this a recent one that I just adore for how ridiculous it is https://www.ysl.com/en-gb/take-away-box-in-vegetable-tanned-leather-812816307.html?gad_source=1&gclid=EAIaIQobChMImcb0sYvMggMVTJCDBx1nCQWTEAQYAiABEgIzMvD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds


I want to wear a hat like people do at the Kentucky Derby. I have always loved them…I don’t want to go to the derby, but I want to wear the hats.


And I still have them. I'm 55 now. Los Angeles native here who lived in England in my teens. There were these boots when I was 17 in a market stall in Rugby. White leather, spike heels, solid metal SKULL buckles at the top of the zipper. I HAD to have them. They made my feet bleed. I wore them twice out for a full day. I still can't get rid of them.


The [Dolce & Gabbana "Byzantine"](https://www.vogue.com/fashion-shows/fall-2013-ready-to-wear/dolce-gabbana) looks. The colors. The crowns. My Roman empire. I tend to obsess over things with that kind of Western antiquity feel. Not practical for me because it's not at all my personal style though. A specific piece I've wanted was an old Celine trench coat I saw on an archival resale page. It was incredibly rare, never went to runway and only existed as a sample apparently, [but look at the buttons.](https://imgur.com/a/CeRhe6J) It also had a floral panel in the same khaki tone iirc. I wish I'd saved more photos of it.


I became absolutely obsessed with capes at some point haha and found the absolute coolest cape coat that I absolutely had to have. I’ve never even worn it.


Maison Margiela tabi boots. They live rent free in my head and I keep having to tell myself that I will only wear them once.


I’ll make it worse; they’re surprisingly comfortable and versatile and I have zero regrets


Kim Kardashian’s “wet” dress/look from the Met Gala a couple of yrs ago. It lives rent free in my head. And that’s saying a lot cause I cant stand her lol


God, I’m boring. The only thing I can think of was back in 2018 I was obsessed with a vintage BR trench coat that made no practical sense in my life because 1. It never got that cold in Los Angeles and 2. The length and structured fit was awkward for my long drive commute. I basically only wore it from my car to my desk, at which I immediately changed into my lab coat. But man, I still love that coat.


A cheongsam. Impossible because I'm not Chinese and wouldn't feel comfortable wearing one for that reason, but man have I loved those dresses ever since I first saw one on Lindsey Lohan in the parent trap


I think Shanghai Tang is often ridic overpriced for quality, but some of their CS office dresses are beautiful and subtle. The Singaporean brand the Missing Piece also have lovely modern CS dresses and jumpsuits that I wouldn't look oddly at a non-Chinese for wearing https://iwantthemissingpiece.com/collections/cheongsams (but I'm from HK and probably don't get local sensibilities toward these things still 😅)


Lace up converse pants. So dumb and yet I wanted them so badly.


I have four: one dress and three pairs of shoes. The dress is Keira Knightley’s green dress from Atonement. First pair of shoes: thigh high black leather lamb skin Chanel stiletto heeled boots. Second pair of shoes: Jeffrey Campbell spiked Litas in black with silver spikes. Third pair of shoes: Lady Gaga’s Alexander McQueen armadillo heels from the Bad Romance music video. I can never wear any of these shoes because I’m an old lady with foot and ankle problems and I can’t bring myself to wear shoes that my custom orthotics don’t fit in lol


The green dress!!!! Shit yes


[this](https://www.farfetch.com/ca/shopping/women/chanel-pre-owned-2007-penguin-intarsia-jumper-item-14635799.aspx?lang=en-US&size=17&storeid=15201&utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_keywordid=278346934&utm_shoppingproductid=14635799-17&pid=google_search&af_channel=Search&c=873976073&af_c_id=873976073&af_siteid=&af_keywords=pla-870127343412&af_adset_id=46880937754&af_ad_id=204907747109&af_sub1=278346934&af_sub5=14635799-17&is_retargeting=true&shopping=yes&gad_source=1&gbraid=0AAAAADsmKHQlgG6BmJ_VqiPG3LtcIqhd7&gclid=EAIaIQobChMImpHqqbvMggMVQ9nICh0OQQdWEAQYASABEgJYYfD_BwE) Chanel penguin sweater that my best friend and I were considering financing and sharing together in high school


[These insanely gorgeous Sailor Moon/Scouts heels](https://mayla.jp/SHOP/sha2457.html)


Open toed booties, I mean what even? Invented by someone where it never actually snows


Winter clubbing lol can't feel your feet after a few drinks


I live in a place where it doesn't snow and barely rains but I still don't understand these. If it's cold enough for boots why would you wear something that's open toed.


Artycapucines from Louis Vuitton. Especially the black paint splatter in the 2021 collection. https://www.theblondesalad.com/en/fashion/louis-vuitton-unveils-the-artycapucines-2021-collection/


A 3/4 length cream cashmere coat. The redheaded doctor on ER when I was in college had one and I coveted it so much. Never mind that it would look terrible on me, would get dirty and look terrible immediately, and would be entirely cost prohibitive. I so wanted one, as well as to be the kind of person who could wear one and look good in it.


I want to wear over the elbow gloves with a really classy dress but who wears them anymore?


Really cool people, that’s who!


I would love to wear a ball gown one time in my life. Like a big poofy skirt ball gown. But I’m 5’ and don’t go to balls so IDK.


When I was in high school, I was on polyvore a lot. It was like a mood board site for fashion. I put those [Jeffrey Campbell Lita boots](https://paperdollybird.blogspot.com/2011/08/jeffrey-campbell-lita-ankle-boots.html) on like every set I made ~2007. I wanted a pair so badly, and I still do. Unfortunately, my lifestyle is to go to work, go grocery shopping, and maybe hit up yoga a few times a week. I'd absolutely never wear them. But wow, I want them lol.


I had a pair of knockoffs in university and they had a hollow plastic heel that was blissfully lightweight. I got a pair of “real deal” platforms recently and they’re sooooo heavy. I guess it should show the quality but really it just means I’ve worn them once compared to those lil knock offs I clomped around the university town bars in :’) I will say, as a short/average height woman, it’s really fun being that tall for a night.


I agree wholeheartedly but also chase around a toddler all day. I still want them so bad too!


Those big red boots by MSCHF.


The sequin boots from Sam Edelman. Got them and was like, uh, okay. I can’t even find them in my house now so I must have lost them.


Free People has some sparkly rhinestone western ones that I would 100% NEVER wear but I desperately need them.


The black sheep sweater from Rowing Blazers that Princess Diana made famous. It's not super out there, but I can't justify the price in my frugal mind.


https://preview.redd.it/2k1t9el8l01c1.jpeg?width=1125&format=pjpg&auto=webp&s=917a9d2fa8a8df089bdb3be524bcb49400e72187 I have the vintage Chanel top on the right. Lace and silk. I wear it with a white button up shirt but it is very impractical.


The [sex and the city pigeon purse](https://www.jwanderson.com/us/shopping/pigeon-clutch-bag-18382592). I don’t even watch satc and I’ve been obsessed with it ever since. It can’t even fit my phone


Bright white cowgirl boots (from Thom McCann’s- aging myself) with stars hanging on the side. I was 8 and it was all I ever wanted. I’ve never been drawn to another clothing item like that since. Close, but not close enough. Edited to add: I also wanted, for a long time, a red or black petticoat. Got one from Modcloth and hated it. 😬


One of those “glass” or plastic corsets that look like they’re molded to your body. I would have no where to wear it and I probably couldn’t do anything in it but it looks so beautiful. https://preview.redd.it/3f66widmh31c1.jpeg?width=735&format=pjpg&auto=webp&s=d8538e94e9b9862eaaaae0ecba8063933e1041d1


The Loewe fw22 cardigans that look like there's pillows wrapped around your wrist. [Looks 31 and 32.](https://www.loewe.com/usa/en/stories-collection/fw22-women-runway.html) Between the wrist restriction and the dragging tails I imagine they're not practical to wear anywhere but on a runway, but I'm in love and I think about them weekly.


Madonna's whole iconic outfit from Desperately Seeking Susan- the jacket, the boots, and especially the train case.


Maybe not that impractical, but one time I found a pair of baby blue cowboy boots. Doesn't sound that off beat right? But wait!!!!! By the outer ankle of both boots was a tiny leather tuxedo cat. I wanted them so bad but they were from a random vintage boot store in Austin and a size 6. I still think about them. If they were my size or close enough, I would be wearing them all the time, even up in New England.


I found a GORGEOUS, chocolate brown old-fashioned hat - almost a mix between a hat and a fascinator, on Etsy. I will not ever have an occasion to wear it, but I just pull up the page to admire it from time to time.


I have at least four pieces of clothing with feathers. A cami from Anthro, black satin pants from Karen Millen, a Lanvin sweater with feathers on the sleeves and one with a feathered neck. I live in South Florida where I only wear a long sleeve shirt 5-6 times a year. I do enjoy looking at them in my closet but sadly not much reason to wear them. Still looking for the perfect open toe booties lol.


When I was in highschool a friend thrifted a penny lane style shearling coat in a burnt umber colour with black leather trim. Fit her like a glove I have been trying to find a similar one for the past 20 years


I found a gray "leather" heart-shaped purse with detailing that made it look like a rooster in a thrift store and snatched it up. While looking it up to see what brand it was and add it to my clothing app, etc, I found [it's a dupe/inspired by this guy](https://www.therealreal.com/products/women/handbags/crossbody-bags/mcm-rooster-leather-crossbody-bag-f342b) and now I NEED that ridiculous and totally impractical "real" version of the bag. I also want the [Diesel Smile](https://www.google.com/url?sa=i&url=https%3A%2F%2Fglobal.diesel.com%2Fshoulder%2520bags%2Fplay%2520shoulder%2FX09100P6019.html&psig=AOvVaw1oNj50N27es-iIocWdrLKS&ust=1700357289100000&source=images&cd=vfe&ved=0CBMQjhxqFwoTCNiCqtOyzIIDFQAAAAAdAAAAABAE) purse and if I can find it anywhere on an upcoming trip to Vegas I will be buying it, I guess I like aggressive bad taste items?!? But you're also talking to someone who purchased a Cabbage Patch doll lamp on purpose and has #noragrats about that.


Super impractical little clutch bags shaped like weird things. I absolutely love [Judith Leiber bags](https://imgur.com/a/ursUq9y) but they cost about as much as my rent for a year, and look like they could *maybe* fit a pack of gum inside them. [Moschino](https://imgur.com/a/mWeXu72) has some cool ones too. But I'm the type of person who has my whole life in my purse, so I could never carry one of these tiny bags.


An authentic, vintage Hermes Kelly bag. If I had one, I'd be terrified to use it. But I dream of having one, wearing it with baggy worn jeans, a tank, deep maroon flats and a triple strand pearl necklace. And in my dream, my hair is to my waist and black, kept in a casual up-do, instead of the white blond pixie it is now...... sigh. ;)


A beautiful, gorgeous red saree I wanted to wear for my wedding. It was way out of my budget :/


vivienne westwood rocking horse ballerina platforms


I wanted jelly shoes SO BAD in about 1986. My mom absolutely would not get them for me. She was right, of course, they were ridiculous.


I present to you [Grown up Jellies](https://www.shopmelissa.com)


I've always wanted the Prada cleo bag, it's so simple and beautiful and it's probably quite practical too but alas I can't justify spending 2.500 € on a bag. At least not for now


It’s got to be either my purple iridescent platform boots or leather moto cape. https://preview.redd.it/eien9mun611c1.jpeg?width=4000&format=pjpg&auto=webp&s=a12370e289361e5c5bf442bd028a4e7eefb5c489


Turquoise sequin flare pants. I found a pair that were striped turquoise and brown and silver from nasty gal and they live rent free in my head. They were sold to some other lucky, daring individual. But i keep dreaming. https://preview.redd.it/7ul1qpsn321c1.jpeg?width=828&format=pjpg&auto=webp&s=e2dc921cdcb6a12d7ec7e5b77fb97982535ea8ea


The pink dress Charlotte from Sex and the City wore, inspired by Elizabeth Taylor. It's so perfect, and I can't find it anywhere! [https://fq.co.nz/wp-content/uploads/2021/12/charlotte.jpeg](https://fq.co.nz/wp-content/uploads/2021/12/charlotte.jpeg)


[DVF cowl-back gown](https://3.bp.blogspot.com/_pzGzZ_Bbucs/SKGzjeUaTSI/AAAAAAAAB9c/2SNvopixXVg/s1600-h/Rainbow+Room+Amore+back+DvF+website+close.jpg). I saw it in a [TV commercial](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ANSNybBzJio) and couldn't stop thinking about it. I never go to any events that would necessitate owning a gown like this. The back is way to low to wear as a wedding guest ,which is one of the few times I get dressed up. Although half of the weddings I've been to I was a bridesmaid, so I didn't even choose the dress. So yeah, It's a good thing I never bought it, but I came close to splurging.